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(Jun. 8, 2022) — “Clair de lune” (6:11)

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘The Pulse of the Nation,’ the place to hear it here first. As you know, we strive to bring you the news as it happens, or at least a different slant on current events. With us today is a well-respected guest, one who has been with us many times, and each time has been an enjoyable experience for me and our audience alike. So, without further ado, let me present Henry, the Ambassador of Zyklon. Welcome to the show, Henry.”

“And what a treat it is. You know, since I arrived, I have been very impressed with how you people stifle facts; it really is quite amazing. Take the concept of Socialism, for example. Even though it has never been successful, you people bring it up again and again. You’d think it would get old after a while, but no, you keep on beating a dead horse. I must tell you; it is a wonder.”

“Isn’t it, though? I think we can thank our politicians, who would rather have a failing student pass than allow a student to fail.”

“That’s because you don’t teach your kids to think as much as you teach them to mechanically arrive at erroneous conclusions.”

“You mind giving us an example?”

“Well, just because something is ‘legal’ doesn’t mean it must be consumed or tried. You see, the government wants the population to be as ‘dumbed-down’ as possible, which is why the illegal drugs of yesterday are legal today. You should have a mandatory Draft, but you don’t. You have voters who have never studied your wonderful Constitution, who have no idea of the history of your country and don’t have a clue what the freedoms they have cost; Magna Carta, anyone? Probably think it’s a mixed drink.”

“No doubt. Go on.”

“But before I do, as you say, ‘Go on,’ let me say one word: Nuremberg and what the trials were all about.”

“How about reminding some of our college students?”

“The Nuremberg Trials were conducted to prosecute anybody giving or carrying out illegal orders. The mayor of Baltimore instructing the police to ‘let them loot; it’s only property’ is a good example of what idiocy looks like. If I were a cop then in Baltimore, I would have arrested the mayor and shot the looters, and because the cops didn’t, they are just as guilty as the mayor. Same in all the big cities: New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle; even Rochester, NY, and on and on down the line wherever you have marginal mayors coupled with morally corrupt district attorneys directing incompetent police forces.”

“You seem to have rather strong opinions.”

“This, my friend, may very well be the only written record of your country’s demise: not only do the spoils go to the victor, but the victor can write the history in his image, a place where truth has no standing. But the ending hasn’t been written yet, so pray on.”

“Seems a little crass.”

“You know what would work, don’t you? All you need is one example. Want to stop voter fraud? Want to stop one illegal from crossing the border? All you need is one example, and it would stop in a heartbeat. One hangman’s noose would do it.”

“Let’s take a break.”

What Becomes of the Brokenhearted” (2:58)

“And we’re back with Henry, who was telling us one possible future among how many?”

“Two: you either figure it out or you go by the way of what the Chinese are doing to Tibet (3:05), a once-peaceful nation that changed into a world of despair without hope. You’d best be paying attention to what McConnell and Schumer have planned for you, I kid you not.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I’m talking about no one is afraid of Trump winning the election in 2024, that’s what I’m talking about. What, want more swamp critters like his Secretary of Defense and Attorney General? Give me a break. Women on submarines and, well, a red-blooded American male sure as heck doesn’t need any unwelcome distractions while in a firefight, speaking from experience.”

“You got me there.”

’Come on in, we’ll give you free stuff’ is how you’ll give it all up. Not prosecuting the bad guys is yet another way. Bending over backwards because you’re afraid of offending someone. Why, you people care more for the criminal than you do for the victim. You don’t execute murderers; some you deport and then welcome back. You haven’t figured it out, and by the time you do the world will have moved on and left you all behind.”

“You just might be right.”

“Like giving Colin Kaepernick the time of day. My gosh, man, the guy’s a bum, a lowlife, a traitor, a kneeler. What more can I say? The NFL died when Kaepernick knelt and was buried the day Roger Goodell didn’t fire him: end of story; end of the NFL. Doesn’t anyone listen? Don’t you people pay attention to anything?”

“I’m sure we do.”

“You know what? You’re hampered by Deep State judges who hate America as much as the rest of them, like Omar and Pelosi. They want to disarm all the law-abiding citizens, that’s what. They call anyone who believes in the Constitution a ‘domestic terrorist,’ in their convoluted way of thinking. It’s true; why else would they want to abolish the Second Amendment and then go after the First with a vengeance never seen since the days of Thomas Paine.”

“Well said; and once freedoms are gone…”

“You got it; only blood and sacrifice will ever get them reinstated because people are, at least in the USA, dumbing-down, it seems, daily. Case in point: you people took the abolishing of unreasonable searches and seizures without a whimper at airports when they trashed your Fourth Amendment, which is why your government imported millions who bow at the altar of death: Muslims. No wonder so many of your Veterans are committing suicide: they go over there to kill the enemy and then your government welcomes them in: ‘Kill the Jew and Christians whenever Ye may find them.’ But what’s the point?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, simply, that you people talk the talk, but you don’t walk the walk. You speak big but all it is is hot air. People say they’re going to kill you, to make America nothing but a Third World cesspool Caliphate and you just don’t get it. You don’t deport the very people who want nothing better than to kill you one and all, but you bend over backwards to accommodate them, fly them in First Class and, when they arrive, bestow citizenship and money upon them.”

“Yes, how stupid are we?”

“You’re not going to make it. You have no idea what they have hidden away in mosques. Let me clue you in: every mosque is an armory; now do you understand? Every Islamoville is a killing field. Your FBI is one worthless organization that is supposed to protect you.”

“Like they did on 9-11?”

“Precisely. Getting back to Trump: if he would actually do his job to protect you by deporting each and every illegal alien and Muslim, each and every so-called ‘anchor baby,’ maybe I’d give you a chance but, sorry to say, he doesn’t have it and you don’t know any better. Hey, I tried to tell you, but it’s not my fault if you can’t listen. Maybe he’ll get on board and fix your problems, but I wouldn’t bet on it. Women at sea, on a bird farm*? You want ‘woke?’ Look in the mirror.”

“You don’t sound very encouraging.”

“Be a lot of blowback for Trump to stand his ground, about deporting the illegals and the Muslims. The courts will say the Muslims are citizens but let me ask you just one simple question.”

“Go ahead.”

“What kind of citizen would want to trash the Constitution and replace it with Sharia Law? What kind of citizen would have a different set of rules and laws for men and women? What kind of citizen would expect boys and girls to be separated in school? I’ll tell you what kind of ‘citizen’: ONE WE DON’T WANT.”

“What are the chances of any Muslim being deported?”

“None, which is why your ‘AMERICA FIRST’ is doomed from the start. Guess what? The Muslims you have in your country are out-birthing you by a thousand to one. You don’t stand a chance in Hades. They’ll out-birth you and then they’ll out-vote you because they’ll have the majority, and there’s NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT. Good day to you and your ‘America First cause’ while Veterans are blowing themselves away every darn day.”

“You could be wrong.”

“And I truly hope I am, for all of your sakes. Let me ask you: when did Hillary go to jail? Ever see Obama’s BIRTH CERTIFICATE? Goodnight.”

“Alright, have it your way. Meanwhile, I’ll hope for the best.”

“You do that.”

“Okay, we’re not getting anywhere so, on behalf of Henry, this is your Roving Reporter wishing all of you a goodnight: Goodnight.

“Depressing show, I’m afraid to say. I guess Henry is right after all: we’re afraid to deport the enemy; it’s as simple as that. Either we do what needs to be done during Armageddon, the 2024 election, or, well, you figure it out. Burger time: my treat.”

[*Bird farm: Aircraft carrier.]

[Note: Off-camera, as Henry was hopping away, I asked him about the innocent US citizens, the ones that the government calls insurrectioniststhat they have locked up in the Washington, DC gulag. He said that the so-called ‘patriotic members of Congress’ have been quiet as a mouse while on the floor or in the hallways of the Capitol, which ‘kind-of says it all.’ He means that they’re all afraid of saying anything for fear of being on ‘Hillary’s wrong side’ (a rational fear of waking up dead, usually by suicide with two shots in the back of the head).]

[Little People report: No change.]

Get It On” (4:25)

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