by Joseph DeMaio, ©2021 

(Nov. 28, 2021) — As we approach the one-year anniversary of unquestionably the worst president and worst presidential administration in the history of the Republic – and with the likes of Presidents Harding, Buchanan, Nixon, Carter and Clinton behind us, that is saying a lot – let us briefly recap how the lives of Americans have been impacted by the Goofball at 1600. 

The term “impacted” is used instead of “affected” to convey the reality that, not unlike the impact of a speeding locomotive with a comatose engineer at the controls and a stalled Prius at an unmarked railroad crossing, the driver of the car cannot be deemed to have “benefited” from the event.  And recall that these impacts have taken place in less than eleven months.  Yikes.

First, there are the continuing questions surrounding the 2020 “election” and the still-unresolved issues regarding its legitimacy.  And please, spare me the adolescent bromides about “misinformation” and “Pence properly certified the Electoral College votes.”  The fact that a fraudulent result may have been ratified does not retroactively “cure” the fraud; and a pretty good argument can be made that Mr. Pence could have avoided the calamity now spreading across the realm, discussed here, here and here,  His Jan. 6, 2021 “Dear Colleagues” letter is pitiful.

With each passing day, additional evidence mounts that the potential for election fraud was real in 2020 and has not been eliminated in 2021.  As but one example, we now see, as reported by The Federalist, a lawsuit filed in Delaware County Court in Pennsylvania contains a whistleblower’s allegation – backed up with undercover video – that election records and voting equipment were destroyed in violation of both Pennsylvania and federal law in order to make sure an audit would reveal no irregularities.

One video in the suit shows a conversation between the Delaware County Voting Machine Warehouse Supervisor Jim Savage and one “James Allen,” the county Director of Election Operations, discussing the “disposing of pads and scanners.”  After Allen refers to those materials targeted for disposal, Savage says: “We can’t talk about it anymore.”  And when Allen asks him why, Savage replies: “It’s a felony.”

And yes, Virginia, this is but one example of the dozens of continuing challenges proceeding across the nation seeking answers to the persistent question: was the 2020 general election – ultimately resulting in the installation of a comatose septuagenarian at the controls of the national locomotive – tainted by election fraud? 

The potential fraudulent results of the 2020 general election aside – a yuge aside – the malevolencies of the Goofball Regime stretching from the inauguration to the present are as varied as they are outrageous.  Among many other misdeeds, the Goof:

● has de facto eradicated the Republic’s southern border, forbidding the enforcement of immigration laws passed by Congress, inviting and incentivizing millions of illegal aliens to invade the nation, essentially unchecked;

● has turned the nation from being energy independent to being an energy slave to foreign countries, mainly in the Middle East;

● has implemented policies which have caused inflation to rocket to levels not seen in decades and accelerating – neither slowing nor “transitory” – at Weimar Republic rates;

● has abandoned American citizens in Afghanistan – after solemnly declaring that would never happen – in a precipitous, deadly and completely insane surrender of weapons, equipment and, oh yeah, a huge functioning air base to the Taliban hyenas;

● has maniacally genuflected at the feet of Herr Anthony (“What-gain-of-function?”) Fauci, demanding that Americans (but not illegal aliens) get Covid-19 vaccinated, despite the Nuremberg Code of 1947 enacted after the inhumane and ghoulish edicts and practices of Adolph Hitler’s Third Reich “physicians”;

● has engendered such deep admiration and respect from his fellow Americans that the most popular chant now at public gatherings, both indoor and outdoor, is: “Let’s Go Brandon,” with even open-source websites establishing pages explaining its curious and amusing etymology (reader alert: earthy language ahead).

The bottom line here, faithful P&E readers, is that the Goofball at 1600 constitutes not only the worst and most embarrassing chief executive in the nation’s nearly 2½-century existence, he presents a clear and present danger to its continued survival, if any, into the future.

Stated bluntly, this 79-year old buffoon – who refuses to submit to a cognitive capabilities examination – has access to the nuclear missile launch codes.  Recall the words of the Second Usurper-in-Chief (“SUC”): “Don’t underestimate the ability of Joe to … [foul] things up.”  End of quote.

It is one thing to flatulate in the presence of the Duchess of Cornwall; it is quite another to do that repeatedly – day after day, week after week, month after month – in the faces of American citizens. 

The Goof’s removal from office, ideally by impeachment rather than the 25th Amendment, has become an existential imperative.  It is now up to the few patriotic Democrats in the House of Representatives to take action as described here…, or get set for more of the same – and potentially far worse – in the upcoming months.

You’ve been warned.  Again.

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  1. The former vice president’s certification of the electoral vote count signaled the end of the 2020 election. Lawsuits filed a year after the election will not undo it.

    1. The 2020 election may well be cast in stone but the laws and policies resulting therefrom are subject to being undone at any time.

      Oh yeah…election fraud just might come home to roost.

    2. Response from the author:

      “Lawsuits filed a year after the election will not undo it.”
      Unlike the mirage objective of some, the goal here is not to retroactively “undo” the 2020 election. The goal is to bring to an end as soon as possible – and well before 2023 – the catastrophic “results” of the 2020 election, which grow worse with each passing day and try to make sure, as they say, that “it never happens again.”