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by Joseph DeMaio, ©2020  

Screenshot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_wlQZ5N_2k

(Sep. 11, 2020) — OK, faithful P&E readers, we are now within fewer than 60 days – and approximately 26,455 political campaign ads to go – away from the general election on November 3, 2020.  By the time you read this, many “early-voting,” “absentee” and “mail-in ballots” may have already been cast.

For those who have already done that: shame on you; big mistake.  Unless and until you have seen everything bearing upon a candidate’s suitability – and constitutional eligibility – for office, your actions might very well be, at minimum, premature or even colossally wrong.  And are you not already salivating over the prospect of watching the live debates between Donald Trump and Joe Biden?  Or Mike Pence and Kamala Harris?

Moreover, for example, what if it is ultimately determined within the next 45 days that Kamala Harris is, in fact and in law, ineligible under the 12th Amendment to serve as Vice President and Joe Biden is forced to pick a new running mate?  Picking a new running mate has happened before, so it would be imprudent to bet that it could not happen again.

Would your vote remain the same?  What if it were to be revealed that Mr. Biden – as well as the Democrat National Committee and the Biden-Harris Campaign – knew all along that Kamala Harris was constitutionally ineligible, but decided to “roll the dice” anyway because Biden’s former boss, the Second Usurper in Chief (“SUC”), got away with it?   Hey, since the goal is to remove “Orange Man Bad” from office by whatever means necessary, legal or not, why not go for the whole enchilada?

And, speaking of the SUC, do not forget that Politico.com – a partner of CBS News and thus no friend of conservatives or Donald Trump – last year reported that the SUC confided in other Democrats while that party’s primaries were still ongoing that the one candidate who “didn’t have an intimate bond with the electorate” was: Joe Biden.

More bluntly, Politico also reported – just last month – that the SUC confided in another Democrat regarding Joe Biden’s capabilities.  The SUC concluded his advice to the unnamed Democrat that people should never “underestimate Joe’s ability to … [foul] things up.”  The SUC reportedly used a more colloquial verb, but it is replicated verbatim (reader alert: very blunt verb) in the foregoing link.

Given the recent obvious decline in Joe Biden’s cognitive capabilities, it is difficult to take issue with the SUC’s observations regarding Mr. Biden’s abilities to… foul things up.  Oh, and note that Politico has not yet scrubbed that article from its website…, the critical term in the first part of this sentence being “yet.”

It is no secret that your humble servant will not be casting a vote for either Joe Biden or Kamala Harris.  Even the thought of those two Democrats getting within twenty miles of the nuclear football is enough to keep one awake at night…, all night…, until dawn.

Visualize this hypothetical: It is noon on a Wednesday, and “President” Biden sits alone in the Oval Office behind the Resolute Desk, feet on the floor, unlike his predecessor.  He is hungry for lunch – maybe a heated submarine – and not wanting to bother the White House kitchen, decides to call out for delivery food.

There are two phones on the credenza behind the desk: a black one for general use; a red one for imminent nuclear attack emergencies.  He picks up the red receiver (mistake #1), is immediately connected to the leader of an adversary nation and announces: “I am ordering a hot sub launch,” (mistake #2).  Click.  OOoowwieee….

Think it couldn’t happen?  Think again; and again; and again; etc., etc., etc.  Faithful P&E readers, forget about slowing the spread of the Wuhan/COVID-19 virus.  Instead, concentrate on stopping the spread of the Biden-Harris 2020 nightmare.

Whatever else you think of President Trump, are you prepared to place the nation into the hands of (a) a person who mistakes a black phone for a red phone and can easily confuse the word “lunch” with “launch,” or (b) a person who is very likely ineligible to occupy either the office of the President or the Vice-President?


Give those questions some sober, serious, rational thought.  I’ll wait.

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  1. And we all know how Fair v Obama went/worked out, don’t we.

    Judge Stansfield relied on Ankeny v. Governor of State of Indiana to determine that Obama was a “natural born Citizen”. However, Footnote 14 of Ankeny v Governor of State of Indiana says: “We note the fact that the Court in Wong Kim Ark did not actually pronounce the plaintiff a natural born Citizen”.

    1. Not as far as I am aware. And the most likely reason is the obvious same reason no judge or election official determined that Obama was ineligible.

      For the past few days I’ve been trying to find out how to challenge Harris’ name being on Maryland’s general election ballot…Maryland’s Board of Elections web-site has been futile.

      1. I’m not sure I follow. Is the most obvious reason because no one challenged their eligiblity, or is the most obvious reason that they are eligible?