by Joseph DeMaio, ©2021

(Sep. 10, 2021) — Introduction

Faithful P&E readers, Joe Biden and the apparatchiks of his administration – including the marionette-masters and Deep State operatives who “instruct” him on what to do and say – have become, in every sense of the words, “existential threats” to the survival of the Republic.  Accordingly, Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. must be impeached and removed from office. 

The world has become far too dangerous for this, the last remaining superpower constitutional republic, to implode.  Such an implosion must at all costs be avoided lest tyranny, totalitarianism and dictatorships masquerading as popularly-elected democracies sweep across the planet, bringing the fictional super-states of Oceania, Eurasia and Eastasia of Orwell’s 1984 to sinister and dystopian life.  Ominously, Biden and his administration have planted the seeds of just such a crop of dictatorships in Afghanistan. 

The following proposal, concededly long and a “long-shot” to boot, may be impossible to implement and by some deemed even delusional.  But given the gravity of the situation and the lack of obvious non-violent alternatives, your humble servant asks: does anyone have a better idea that does not involve simply crossing one’s fingers and waiting for the arrival of November, 2022?

With each new dawn comes additional evidence that Biden is utterly and completely unfit to serve as even a Wal-Mart greeter, let alone as president and “commander-in-chief” of the armed forces of the United States.  Remember, this is the addled Goof with access to the nuclear missile launch codes.  Imagine, hypothetically, him picking up the wrong (red) phone in the Oval Office, thinking he is ordering a cheesesteak sub for lunch, and instead telling the answering voice on the other end that he is ordering a “hot sub launch.”  Click.  Think it couldn’t happen?  Think again.

The mid-term elections in November, 2022, are too far off.  The serial catastrophes of merely his first eight months in office demonstrate, beyond any rational or reasonable doubt – the contrary propaganda of the Gray Trollop, The Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, the Taliban (still) on Twitter and the majority of Democrats in Congress aside – that action must be taken now. 

The Backdrop

Unless one has been dwelling under a rock on the ocean floor for the last eight months, the list of mounting calamities, catastrophes and “high crimes and misdemeanors” has metastasized every day since January 20, 2021.  These include, among a wide spectrum of others:

●          he has attacked and eradicated the nation’s southern border, thereby directly undermining the sovereignty of the nation, and facilitated tens of thousands of Covid-19- impacted or infected illegal aliens to be spread weekly across the land, confirming that he has intentionally failed – and continues purposely to fail – to “take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed…” under Art. 2, § 3 of the Constitution;

●          he has advocated the packing of the U.S. Supreme Court to facilitate a permanent liberal character for the Court and has ignored Supreme Court rulings against him;

●          he has favored the creation of statehood for the District of Columbia and the perpetual control of the Senate by Democrats which such statehood would engender;

●          he has killed the nation’s prior energy independence in the name of a “Green New Deal” and returned it to dependency on Middle East countries – quasi-allies, for the moment – for oil, once his handlers informed him that an all-electric Air Force One cannot fly;

●          he has burdened untold future generations with unsustainable debt, sentencing them to lifelong tax slavery, ordering the printing of pieces of paper backed by nothing more than the “full faith and credit” of a nation teetering on the brink of bankruptcy;

●          he supports the federalization of elections and the abolition of states’ rights under the Constitution regarding same, ensuring continuing voting irregularities and incentivizing election fraud into the future as a matter of federal law;

●          he has stranded and abandoned United States citizens and Afghani interpreters supporting our military in Afghanistan, precipitating the entirely-foreseeable post-“cut-and-run” hostage situation now unfolding.  

●          he has abandoned and gifted to barbaric fifth-century hyenas billions of dollars’-worth of military equipment, ensuring that the Taliban could “Build Back Better,” and enabling it to more effectively propagate its terrorism worldwide, thereby unquestionably providing to them the precise “aid and comfort” to a wartime enemy proscribed by the Constitution;

●          he has forfeited to the enemy the Bagram military air base, which now may be on the verge of becoming the newest airfield for Communist China’s air force;

●          he has figuratively expectorated on the coffins of thirteen military personnel who were assassinated at the Kabul Hamid Karzai International Airport, all the while checking his watch to see if the transfer ordeal was over and extolling the “historic” evacuation airlift precipitated by his inconceivably disastrous, yet completely avoidable “all contingencies considered exit strategy” in that forlorn corner of the world;

●          etc., et al., ad infinitum.

This partial “bill of particulars” might well serve as a template for the bill of impeachment which this offering posits as having become not merely advisable, but categorically imperative.  

Accordingly, against the foregoing indictments, and with the fate of the Republic at stake, how about we play some hardball?  Batting helmets in place?  Shoelaces tightly tied?  Let us begin.

The Proposal

That which follows, again, is concededly far left-field “warning track” material and, in addition, highly unlikely of coming to fruition.  But as an alternative to other options, to not consider it would be foolish.  

Moreover, faithful P&E readers (and occasional commenters), know this as well: that which is hereafter suggested as an optional solution to the existing problem is not – repeat, not – advanced as an “implied’ or “implicit” call to unlawful alternative options.  Indeed, that which is proposed – while complicated and extraordinarily unlikely – is offered as a way to avoid far more unpalatable options. 

It is far less than advanced rocket science to realize and acknowledge that when catastrophic events precipitated by governmental officials go unchallenged and legally unpunished – and even linguistically camouflaged by the responsible officials as stunning or “historic” successes – the repeated serial lack of accountability may tend to invite drastic and extra-legal responses, a situation, as noted, to be avoided. 

When it appears that no accountability in the president or members of his administration will even be sought or attempted for the horrific decisions they have made and implemented, and their disastrous consequences, people may on occasion take matters into their own hands, usually with bad results.  Not good.  An attempted impeachment – even if a conviction by the Senate is doomed – laying out the sordid details of Biden’s sorry performance since inauguration day, is better than doing nothing.  Doing nothing translates to tacit approval.

Turning to the details, first, this left-field proposal cannot proceed at all before 2022 arrives unless and until perhaps as few as eight (8) current Democrats in the House of Representatives immediately – and ideally, simultaneously – re-register their party affiliation as Republican as discussed here.  They would be in good company, as that is exactly what President Ronald Reagan did when he realized the folly of remaining a Democrat. 

This would set the stage for the immediate election by the new GOP majority of a Republican replacement for Speaker Pelosi.  This will result in two extremely salutary effects: (1) a bill of impeachment of Biden could proceed expeditiously; and (2) a person dedicated to the preservation of the Republic, rather than to its accelerating demise, would become second in the line of presidential succession after the vice-president.

In this regard, note as well that the impeachment and removal of Biden from office does not necessarily mean that Kamala Harris would automatically replace him.  Specifically, there is substantial empirical evidence – the sad indifference of the Supreme Court aside – that Harris is ineligible to serve as either vice-president or president, as she is likely not a “natural born citizen” as contemplated by the Founders and mandated by Art. 2, § 1, Cl. 5 of the Constitution. 

And please, spare me the bromides that the constitutional eligibility issue is “settled” under the decision in United States v. Wong Kim Ark; under the conclusions peddled by the Congressional Research Service; and under the thin reasoning of professorial law review offerings. As a matter of constitutional law, unless and until the U.S. Supreme Court addresses and directly resolves the issue in the context of a sitting president and/or vice-president, the issue remains – let us all join hands and say it together – “not settled.”

While Biden should be removed for any one of dozens of “high crimes and misdemeanors” committed under the counterfeit imprimatur of his presidency, Harris should be removed as vice-president because she is very likely constitutionally ineligible.  

If she refuses to resign because of that defect in her bona fides, she too should be impeached.  Yes, Virginia, this is hardball on steroids: the time for tiddlywinks has passed since, after all, it is only the survival of the Republic at issue…, right?

Furthermore, while the Supreme Court remains insouciant on the issue, a GOP-controlled House of Representatives need not be so intellectually constrained.  It is those “standing,” “political question” and “separation of powers” things in play which could remove Harris from office on an impeachment.  Stated otherwise, while the Supreme Court may not have the stomach for political or perceived jurisdictional reasons to address the issue, a GOP-controlled House would not be similarly constrained.  It can and, if necessary, should determine on its own whether Harris should be impeached on the grounds that she is not a “natural born citizen” as required by the Constitution.

But “Wait!” you say: the person next in the line of succession – Speaker of the House Pelosi – would be a cataclysm even worse than the aggregated disasters of a continued Biden-Harris administration, so is it not necessary that Pelosi be deposed as Speaker of the House first? 

Absolutely correct.  But, as noted above, the first step in the multi-step process is to replace Pelosi with a GOP leader in the House of Representatives.  This might not be as difficult as at first glance thought.  As discussed here, it would take perhaps as few as eight or ten current House Democrats to flip the House to majority Republican.  And that could happen now, not in a distant 2022.

U.S. House of Representatives in session, 2017

Accordingly, an effort must be undertaken to impeach Biden and perhaps vice-president Harris as well.  In addition, even if a bill of impeachment is not pursued, the current Speaker of the House must be replaced by a Republican sooner rather than later because a “President Pelosi” would constitute a cataclysm to be, once again, avoided at all costs.

Moreover, if for whatever reason, Kamala Harris were also to be successfully impeached or if she determined to resign, unless she had previously selected her own vice-president – who under § 2 of the 25th Amendment would need to be confirmed by both the House and the Senate – the new Speaker of the House would become president.

Given the Supreme Court’s present indifference to the potential that Kamala Harris may well be constitutionally-ineligible to the office, some additional basis other than her questionable “natural born citizen” bona fides under the Constitution would likely need to be identified for her bill of impeachment. 

Finally, before this concededly “far-out-of-the-box” proposal is dismissed outright as impossible – even delusional – consider the perils of waiting until the 2022 mid-term elections for the GOP to regain control of the House (almost a certainty) as well as the Senate (a real possibility). 

Moreover, given the track record of disastrous events and policy decisions which have emerged in only the first eight months of the current president’s term, ponder what additional catastrophic policies or events might transpire before the general election in 2024.  The Republic as we have known it might not survive until November, 2022, let alone the next general election in November, 2024.  Not kidding.

Quite apart from the continuing questions surrounding the legitimacy of the 2020 general election, in only the first eight months of the current administration, the Republic has witnessed the most radical, incompetent and dangerous presidency in its history.  Biden, congressional Democrat leadership and the marionette-string operators are in a race against the clock to try to complete their “fundamental transformation of the United States” promised by Barack Hussein Obama back in 2008 while they think they can, because they know that come the next mid-term election, they likely will be neutered…, perhaps forever.

And again, please, spare me the ipse dixit clichés that the 2020 general election was “fair,” “fraud-free” and the “most secure in history,” because the evidence continues to mount that it was none of those.   Remember what Joseph Stalin said: “The people who cast the votes decide nothing.  The people who count the votes decide everything.”  

While Biden campaigned as a “centrist” and “moderate,” promising that he would unite the nation, he and his handlers have accomplished exactly the opposite.  Not “somewhat” the opposite, but a full, diametrically-opposite, 180° breach of promise…, not unlike the broken promise he made that no Americans would be left behind in Afghanistan.

To lapse into one of your humble servant’s stock observations, a blind Martian could see that this president has in his thus-far brief tenure as “commander-in-chief” demonstrated – and each day continues to demonstrate – that he is, without legitimate question, unfit for office.  He now constitutes an existential danger to the Republic.  Accordingly, it has now become imperative that he be successfully impeached.

The Likely Outcome

Alas, Virginia, for a variety of reasons, he likely will not be successfully impeached.  First and foremost, as noted, the House possesses the “sole” power under the Constitution to impeach.  With the current Speaker still reigning over that chamber, on a scale of 1–10, the likelihood of a bill of impeachment even reaching the floor for a vote is approximately a minus 1776.  This is why “Job 1” is to remove her as Speaker.

The fact that an impeachment might fail, however, does not mean that it should not be attempted, if for no other reason than to confirm that there are still a few House Democrats who are prepared to put patriotism – and rational, mature thought – above party politics, as discussed here.

This call for impeachment is not new, but increasingly, it appears to be the only viable one.  It is beyond obvious that this president is cognitively impaired, the Herculean efforts of the mainstream media and his White House apparatchiks and flaks to conceal the truth of his condition  notwithstanding.  He can barely stumble through a teleprompter-assisted speech; he is “instructed” by unelected assistants to call on certain reporters in a certain order lest he wander from the prepared script; and he falls asleep during meetings with the heads of allied – for the moment – foreign nations. 

Plainly, the “fundamental transformation” of the United States promised by Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. back in 2008 is well on its way to fruition…, and that doesn’t even address the impact of the Wuhan, China pandemic on the country, let alone the world community.

Ironically, just last night Biden announced a blindingly unconstitutional plan to address the China-origin pandemic which would mandate that private companies with over 100 employees require their workers to “get the jab” regardless of their personal choice or freedom.  True to the nature of the plan, it will be called the “Path Out Of the Pandemic.”  In D.C.-speak, this can be abbreviated as: “POOP.”  Rumors circulate that Biden personally selected the plan’s title.

And we still await Mr. Obama’s assessment of how badly the nation and the electorate have underestimated this president’s ability to “foul” things up.  The same goes for Bill Clinton’s wife, Slick Willie himself having become somewhat of a meaningless “blue stain” on the office in the history books, apart from his “extreme mentoring” activities and convoluted explanation of what the meaning of “is” is. 

And, by the way, where is Susan Rice in the mix?  Rumors continue to circulate that the marionette strings just got a little tangled when the president went off the rails in Afghanistan and that, given a bit more time, they will be “disentwined” (again utilizing D.C.-speak) and everything will be fine.  Jen Psaki counsels us to move along…, nothing to see here….

And with a military apparatus crippled under woke-chieftain Secretary of Defense Austin and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Milley at the Pentagon – who either poorly advised the president on the Afghanistan strategy, or wisely advised him only to have the advice ignored – the potential for a future disaster should be evident, even to your humble servant’s blind Martian.

Ideally, a heavily-detailed impeachment proceeding against the president could begin, with a bill sent to the Senate later this year or early next year.  The charges under that bill could include all of those bullet-pointed items above, plus any additional ones arising from additional defalcations undoubtedly to occur between now and then. 

Indeed, there might even be a big enough “there there” to convince 67 current members of the Senate – Republicans and Democrats – to actually impeach and remove the president.  It is, after all, the “world’s greatest deliberative body.”  People, people…, do your jobs.

And, assuming the evidence supported conviction, if they did not so convict, that vote would follow them into their next election “back home” and, with any kind of luck, end their careers as Senators.  Loathe as your humble servant is to quote radicals, as 60’s head of the Black Panther Party radical Eldridge Cleaver noted: “You’re either part of the solution or you’re part of the problem.”


Faithful P&E readers, there are some very rough seas ahead for the ship of state, with a maelstrom rotating on the horizon…, and getting closer.  It is time to play a little hardball…, or as they say, take our bats and go home.  As Jen Psaki would advise: “move along…, nothing to see here.”

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  1. I believe Biden, having been the V.P. for Obama, the Soros funded, Brennan and the CIA created total fraud will be protected from being impeached, no matter what. No one knows what Biden might say, including Biden, and the chances of him telling the truth about Barry is too high for both complicit parties. What are they complicit in? For starters, violating their sworn-oath to protect the Constitution by doing/saying nothing to stop the total fraud Obama from being sworn-in as America’s putative president and commander-in-chief in 2009. Both parties effectively gave America’s government and her military to her enemies when John Roberts swore-in Barack Hussein Obama in 2009. From that day until today that mother of all criminal acts has been covered-up by both parties. Obama being both race and ineligibility protected prevents anything from being done to save America. Trump posed a treat to reveal the truth about Barry and that is why he was kept under siege for his entire term and removed in a stolen election……As long as this is all ignored……..America loses and there is little to no hope for our future. Hillary, the planned and promised in 2008 after Obama cover president was not suppose to lose………….

    It ain’t even complicated…………

  2. There’s no indication that eight Democratic House members will leave their party or otherwise support a Republican Speaker of the House.

    There’s no indication that 67 Senators would vote to convict and remove Biden.

    There’s no indication that any court would rule Harris isn’t a natural-born citizen.

    But, other than that, solid plan.

    1. Response from the author:
      Monsieur Hendricks is correct that, at present, “there is no indication” that any of the three situations would come to fruition.

      As to the first “GOP conversion” event, and as frequently noted by your humble servant, the only way to ensure that 8 Democrats would not do the “Reagan epiphany” would be to forego any attempt at all.

      As for getting 67 senators to vote for conviction on an impeachment, when did that stop Pelosi and her cabal of automaton House members from cobbling together two…, repeat…, two bills of impeachment seeking the removal of President Trump, then transmitting both to the GOP-controlled Senate?

      Finally, as for the comment that “[t]here’s no indication that any court would rule Harris isn’t a natural-born citizen,” a careful re-reading of the proposal is that in the context of an impeachment trial in the U.S. Senate – not in a judicial court – the Senators, not the Justices (it’s that “separation of powers” thing), possess the authority to decide for eligibility and “high crimes and misdemeanors” purposes the issue of whether Harris is, or is not, a “natural born citizen” as intended by the Founders.

      And, BTW, any better ideas out there besides continuing on the Biden-Harris roller coaster to oblivion?

      Other than that, solid comments from Hendricks.

      1. Again, there is no indication that any Democratic House member is even interested in ushering in a Republican Speaker.

        That no impeached president has ever been convicted and removed from office should be an indicator of the folly in believing this Congress would do so with Biden.

        There is no indication that any member of Congress believes Harris isn’t a natural-born citizen, so expecting an impeachment, conviction, and removal on that basis is especially fanciful.

        Wishful thinking doesn’t carry the ball across the goal line. And believing any effort is better than none is an indicator of too much free time and too little practical experience.

        1. “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” — President Ronald Reagan.

          Believing that nothing should be done to remove Pelosi, Biden and Harris indicates you don’t deserve freedom.

        2. Believing the leaders of the political party elected by a majority of the voters (both popular and electoral) should be removed by a dissatisfied minority indicates you don’t deserve a constitutional republic.

    2. Response from Joseph DeMaio:
      “Only if the proprietor of the space permits such expressions.”

      Censorship is a two-way street: if the expression of uncomfortable ideas can be censored, so too could be the fate of the expression of contrary comments.

      1. Of course the site’s proprietor can censor any comment.

        But it is a mistake to confuse an uncomfortable idea with merely an unrealistic one.