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(Sep. 23, 2021) — Earlier this month, your humble servant offered this “out-of-the-box” zinger hypothetical proposal.  It was posited as an alternative to waiting until the 2022 mid-term elections for the GOP to retake the House, as will undoubtedly happen.  But November 8, 2022 is too long to wait for changes which were overdue day before yesterday.

The zinger hypothetical posits that if 8-10 House Democrats would undergo a “Reagan epiphany” and switch their political allegiances to Republican now, instead of sentencing the Republic to another 16 months of hard labor with Nancy Pelosi in charge of the House, meaningful change could take place.  And this assumes, of course, that there are no GOP defections beyond House members Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger.  That is why the hypothetical suggests 8-10.

The perils awaiting the Republic between now and then – as evidenced daily through the continuing defalcations of the Goofball in Chief – cannot be allowed to continue and further metastasize.  January 2023, when a GOP-controlled House could finally, with “inside-the-box,” thinking, depose Queen Pelosi as Speaker is way too far in the future.

In response to that prior post, commenter Hendricks posed several rebuttal questions aimed at demonstrating the folly of the proposal.  Those comments precipitated your servant’s submission of this “surrebuttal” offering. 

There have thus far been no additional comments made to either post, suggesting that (a) no one is any longer interested in the hypothetical because other issues – mask and vaccination mandates; the Del Rio, Texas illegal alien tsunami; Joint Chief of Staff Mark Milley’s potentially treasonous call to Communist Chinese General Li Zuocheng – have bumped the “zinger fastball” issue to the sidelines, or (b) it is too far “out in left field” to be given serious consideration.  Or perhaps both (a) and (b).

Respectfully, your humble servant brings the matter back to your attention.

One of the questions posed by Hendricks suggested that “it would be helpful to identify the 10 Democratic House members who are most likely to defect from their party.”  While your servant’s surrebuttal offering explains why disclosures of that sort would be imprudent – even if the identities of those Democrats were known – it turns out that the “risks” of such disclosures might be moderated. 

Those “risks” include, of course, a burning pyroclastic flow of invective and criticism from the Goofball, his marionette-masters and their Goebbelsesque propaganda tools at CNN, MSNBC, the Gray Trollop and the WaPo.  No one ever said the defense of the Republic would be easy.

Specifically, there presently exist five (5) incumbent Democrat House of Representative members who have already announced that they will not be running for reelection in 2022 and, in fact, will be retiring from public service altogether.  While this is short of the 8-10 Democrats needed under the hypothetical, it is a good start. 

The Ballotpedia website lists these retiring members, along with their congressional districts, as (1) Cheri Bustos (D. IL, CD 17); (2) Eddie Bernice Johnson (D. TX, CD 30); (3) Ron Kind (D. WI, CD 3); (4) Ann Kirkpatrick (D. AZ, CD 2); and (5) Filemon Vela (D. TX, CD 34).  For purposes of discussion, let us call them for now the “Five House Democrat Proto-patriots” (“FHDP”).

Heard of any of them?  Neither has your humble servant.  They exist as part of the faceless mass of members of Congress virtually unknown to voters outside – and in some instances, even inside – of their own congressional districts.  In the normal course of events, their names would be forgotten as soon as their replacements are sworn in when January 2023 arrives.

Yet hope springs eternal:  Because each of these House members has decided not only to forego seeking reelection to the House, but apparently to leave public life altogether – and who could blame them in the current era of Beltway toxicity, incompetence and mendacity – why not go out in a blaze of patriotic glory? 

Stated otherwise, they could decide to go down in history as virtually unknown political ciphers except, of course, when their automaton votes were needed by the Wretch from San Crapcisco to pursue her lunatic objectives.  Or, if they experienced the “Reagan epiphany” and placed nation above party, their names would undoubtedly go down in history as patriots who helped preserve the Republic from the ravages being wrought upon it hourly by the Goofball regime.  It would be a “win-win”: they are remembered in history and the Republic is preserved.

Moreover, if the FHDP members were to all announce their realignment with the Republican Party now, it is a safe – although by no means slam-dunk certain – bet that several more House Democrats might see the “handwriting on the wall” regarding their own chances of reelection in 2022 and join now with the FHDP members to effectuate the needed ten-member switch to change the makeup of the House and elect a new, GOP Speaker.

This action alone would do wonders to bring to a halt, or at least moderate and restrain, the intemperate and dangerous impulses of the current Speaker.  And the transfer of the gavel would occur well before the results of the 2022 mid-term elections are effectuated in January, 2023.  As your humble servant has noted multiple times in past posts, replacing the current Speaker of the House with a sane person sooner rather than later is essential.

Your humble servant does not reside in the congressional district of any of the FHDP members.  On the other hand, if any of the faithful readers of The P&E are actual constituents of any of the FHDP members, there would be nothing to prevent bringing to their attention this hypothetical proposal. 

In closing, and as noted here, while the Constitution operates to protect individual rights, “it is not a suicide pact.”  That observation was made by Supreme Court Justice Arthur Goldberg – a Democrat appointed by President Kennedy – in Kennedy v. Mendoza-Martinez, 372 U.S. 144 (1963).  The Democrats in Congress, spearheaded by their malevolent leaders in the House and the Senate, are doing everything in their power to prove Justice Goldberg wrong. 

In their view, suicide in pursuit of their goals is not a bad thing.  They consider it to be something akin to “collateral damage.”  The country is plainly on a wrong and dangerous trajectory, a fact confirmed by nearly 60% of those recently polled.  As evidenced by the Goof’s calamitous Afghanistan withdrawal; his catastrophic border “non-enforcement” policies; and his divisive and unscientific pandemic masking and “vaccine” mandates, his impeachment has become a national imperative.

Wikimedia Commons, public domain

In the classic noir-comedic film “Dr. Strangelove,” actor Slim Pickins (yes, Virginia, that was his stage name) played the role of an Air Force officer, Major T.J. “King” Kong, flying a B-52 nuclear bomber on a rogue attack against the Soviet Union.  In a macabre finale, Kong, mimicking a rodeo bull rider, rides a released H-bomb down to his death and incineration …. not a lot unlike the current trajectory of the Republic under the present regime, but hopefully with a much different ending. 

And, speaking of nuclear bombs, do not forget that the same Goof who cannot remember the names of foreign leaders – even when in the same room with them – has access to the nuclear missile launch codes.  Yikes. 

As noted by 60’s radical Eldridge Cleaver: “You’re either part of the solution, or you’re part of the problem,” so if ever there were a time for the FHDP to step up, it would be now.

Not tomorrow or next week.  Now.

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