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(Sep. 13, 2021) — As a follow-up to a prior post addressing why the impeachment of the Goofball–in-Chief has become a national imperative, and in addition to the insightful post of Jeff Crouere here, your humble servant offers the following “variation on the theme.” And remember, Virginia, we’re playing hardball now, not tiddlywinks. 

It is time for a fastball, the “long-shot” chance of success aside, because to do nothing in the face of the perils now confronting the Republic is to lie back, munch some chips, sip an adult soda and just watch the disintegration of the Republic.  The Founders would definitely not approve.

While the Crouere post is on target and may yet prove to be the roadmap in the event that the following proposal cannot attract enough support from certain Democrats in the House, the following zinger fastball seeks to effect real change much sooner than contemplated under proposals dependent upon the results of the 2022 mid-term elections. 

Given what we have seen in barely eight months of the cabal now controlling the government, a lot of additional damage can be wrought by the Goofball, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi between now and the swearing-in of the new 2023 class of Congress.  Yes, Virginia, even if the GOP retakes the House in the 2022 elections, that group will not take office until January, 2023.  Too long to twiddle one’s thumbs and hope for the best.

As discussed here, starting with the premise that, in order to “flip” the House of Representatives now, well before the results of the upcoming 2022 mid-term elections are known – and assuming those results would be fraud-free, for now a highly debatable assumption – somewhere between eight and ten current House Democrats would need to experience a political enlightenment. 

This would be the same as experienced by Ronald Reagan, and necessitate a switch in their political party affiliation from Democrat to Republican, as did Reagan.

A long-shot?  Sure.  Likelihood of success?  Close to zero…, if never attempted.  Necessary?  Absolutely, if anything close to accountability in the Goofball, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi is to be pursued before the mid-term elections in November, 2022. 

The as-yet unidentified Democrats who, deep down, still possess the strength of character, patriotic vigor and love of country to do the “Reagan epiphany” can, in fact, pull the nation back from the abyss that the Goof, Schumer and Pelosi all now pursue.  They deny, of course, that the abyss is their preferred destination.  Yet their actions – from celebrating the eradication of our southern border; to advocating for D.C. statehood; to packing of the Supreme Court; to federalizing the process of elections at the expense of the States’ rights under the Constitution; etc., etc., etc. – merely highlight their mendacious hypocrisy. 

And the foregoing brief summary doesn’t even address the “aid and comfort” the Goofball just delivered to a wartime enemy in the form of operational military bases in Afghanistan and billions of dollars’-worth of military equipment and weaponry.  This gift, of course, has already allowed these fifth-century hyenas to “Build Back Better” in order to more efficiently re-introduce and propagate worldwide Islamist terrorism.  All part of the “every contingency considered” panic Afghanistan exit strategy.  Nice work, you idiots.

But I digress.

The most likely candidates for a “Reagan epiphany” would be those Democrat House members who have today already decided that they will not be running for re-election in 2022.  They may not have made any formal announcement of that intention, but deep in the recesses of their minds – right next to those secret cranial crevices protecting their senses of patriotism, morality, conscience and love of country – they already know what they will be doing.  That group may not aggregate to the necessary eight to ten, but it is likely more than just one or two candidates presently exist.

As for the rest of the needed “converts” who have, instead of resigning, decided to run for office again and not retire from the House, a recent Zogby poll showed that fully 20 percent of Democrats – also known as one-fifth of Democrats –who voted for the Goofball now regret that decision and would take it back. 

Given that statistic – which can only grow more problematic for the Democrats’ 2022 hopes – the chances of re-election as Republicans for those representatives who have re-registered would seem to be improving.  Moreover, that previously-cited Zogby poll was taken before the catastrophic – and for thirteen U.S. military personnel, deadly – “historic” exit from Afghanistan conceived and orchestrated by the Goof at 1600 and facilitated by his apparatchiks.

Screenshot: PBS Newshour, August 31, 2021

If 20 percent of Democrat votes in the 2020 general election were to be shifted over to the Trump column, “45” would have “authentically” won the 2020 election in a combination tsunami-landslide.  And we can only guess at this point how many more disaffected Democrats will express their “buyer’s remorse” when the post-Afghanistan debacle polls start coming in between now and the 2022 mid-terms.

But returning to the “hardball” aspects of this offering, assuming for the moment, that prior to the end of this year, ten Democrats ended up formally doing the “right thing” for the nation – flipping the composition of the House to a GOP majority – the first act would be the election by the members of a new Speaker of the House.  Whatever else happens, removing Nancy Pelosi from her current position as Speaker – second in the line of presidential succession after Kamala Harris – remains crucial to the survival of the Republic.  Stated otherwise, if returning the House to GOP control is “Job 1,” ridding it of Pelosi as Speaker is “Job 2.”

Now comes the fast-ball in the newly undertaken game of D.C. hardball.  While a proposal has already been floated to have President Trump run for the House in a newly-created Florida congressional district arising from the addition of entitlement to another congressional representative due to the new 2020 census figures, that would not happen until 2022 and, even if he won, would not result in him entering the House until 2023.  Too long to wait.

But there is an alternative.  Enter the zinger fastball.

Hypothetically-speaking, of course, what if there were a Florida GOP member of Congress in a red, pro-Trump Florida congressional district who, for the good of the Republic, determined that he/she would resign from the House in, say, October, 2021, creating a vacancy? 

Under Florida election law, if a vacancy occurs in the office of a Florida representative in the U.S. House of Representatives, the Governor is required to call a special election to fill the vacancy.  See F.S. (2021) Ch. 100, §§ 100.101(4) and 100.111(2).  After compliance with Florida rules regarding the filing of nominating papers, payment of required fees and the holding of a special primary election, the special election is held. 

If President Trump ran for that seat and won that special election, he could be in the House as its newest member by, say, January 2022, fully one year sooner than if he had to wait until the results of the 2022 November mid-terms.  While he would likely need to run again in that election, as the vacancy he would fill would constitute the remainder of the resigned member’s term, he would be running for re-election as an incumbent House member and, if all went well, as Speaker of the House.

Is that fastball over the plate?

Moreover, Art. 1, § 2, CL. 2 of the Constitution requires only that a Representative be a minimum of 25 years old, have been a U.S. citizen for seven years prior to being elected and, when elected, be an “Inhabitant” of the State in which the representation is sought.  There is nothing in the Constitution or in federal law which requires that the Representative be an “inhabitant” (i.e., a “resident”) of the congressional district being represented. 

Indeed, the Supreme Court has confirmed that these requirements in the Constitution are “exclusive” and that additional requirements effectuated by statutory action or parliamentary rules are void. See Powell v. McCormack, 395 U.S. 486 (1969). 

Stated otherwise, any claim that President Trump – who presently resides at Mar-a-Lago in Florida’s 21st Congressional District, a deep-blue district represented by one Lois Frankel, a liberal Pelosi automaton – would have to reside within the as-yet-to-be-identified resigning-GOP-member’s congressional district in order to run to fill the vacancy of the current representative following a special election called by the Governor would fail.  As long as he maintains a residence in Florida, that is all that is required under Powell v. McCormack.

Carrying the hypothetical to its logical conclusion, if President Trump were to be sworn in as a member of the House of Representatives, that could occur perhaps as early as January, 2022.  Following that event, again carrying the hypothetical forward, there is a pretty good chance that, but for the votes of perennial anti-Trump Republicans like Liz Cheney (R. WY), Adam Kinzinger (R. IL) and perhaps one or two others, a majority of the newly-constituted GOP-controlled House of Representatives could elect him Speaker of the House. 

In fact, there is an argument to be made that President Trump would not even need to be a member of the House in order to be a candidate for Speaker of the House.  As long as he received the majority of votes from a now-Republican controlled House, he could serve as its Speaker. 

However, the safer course of action would be to become a member, considering that no speaker has ever been elected to the post who was not already a House member.  And, for example, if you think the idea of making another non-member Speaker of the House instead of Pelosi has not been considered by the Democrats, think again.

Underscoring the Democrats’ concern over the issue, a House Resolution was introduced last July by Rep. Brendan Boyle (D. PA) to restrict the post to only actual members of the House. The resolution has languished in the House Rules Committee since it was introduced.

So the bottom line of the hypothetical is this: If – concededly not a small “if”:

● (1) eight to ten Democrats would soon undergo the “Reagan epiphany;”

● (2) a patriotic Republican member of Congress in a solid “red” Florida congressional district would decide to resign, thereby creating a vacancy;

● (3) Governor Ron DeSantis would proceed under Florida law to call for a special election to fill the vacancy, with President Trump running and winning that election; and

● (4) a majority of a converted GOP House of Representatives would thereafter elect President Trump as Speaker,

the beginnings of a process of holding accountable those who are seeking to destroy the Republic might begin.  As they say, the longest journey starts with a single step.

Plainly, one of the first actions that could be taken would be the drafting of a bill of impeachment against Monsieur Biden and perhaps Kamala Harris as well.  Then let the chickens come home to roost and let Nature take its course.  As noted, the Goof’s impeachment has become not only a desirable action, it has become a national imperative even if fewer than 67 senators would vote to convict.  And, by the way, when did the “long-shot” nature of a Senate conviction dissuade or detain the Democrats when they subjected President Trump to two such ordeals?

Finally, who out there would not pay big bucks to see the tortured look on Nancy Pelosi’s face as she was forced to hand over the Speaker’s gavel to Congressman Trump?  She would no doubt appoint some surrogate to take her place, as the humiliation and indignity of the occasion would likely be something she could not mentally or emotionally survive.  She’d probably be back in her district in San Crapcisco spooning up some ice cream.

In closing, once again, your humble servant asks: any better ideas out there, other than watching from the sidelines as the nation crumbles before our eyes?  Huh?

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  1. It would be helpful to identify the 10 Democratic House members who are most likely to defect from their party .

    It would be similarly helpful to identify the 17 Democratic Senate members who would vote to convict and remove the president and vice president.

    It similarly would be helpful to identify the Florida Republican House member who would be willing to relinquish a seat in that chamber.

    Without these kinds of details, the proposal is long on wishful thinking and short on practical realities.

      1. The rebuttal is straightforward: The most likely method to remove Biden will occur on November 5, 2024. Prepare for that.

        Relatedly, the most likely method to hamper his administration will occur on November 8, 2022. Prepare for that as well.

        And don’t waste time and energy daydreaming about technically possible but utterly improbable scenarios.