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(Jan. 10, 2021) — Not satisfied that he and his puppet-masters have succeeded in stealing the 2020 election, Goofball Biden now compares two United States Senators – Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley – to Third Reich Minister of Propaganda, Josef Goebbels.  Great way to promote “healing” and “unity,” Herr Biden.  If that comparison holds, then one might ask: can the soon-to-be Goofball-in-Chief legitimately be compared to Third Reich Führer Adolph Hitler?

Biden made the comparison of Cruz and Hawley to Goebbels in connection with a misguided – from Biden…, really? – attempt to analogize the GOP senators’ constitutionally-authorized and historically-premised actions regarding the Jan. 6, 2021 Joint Session of Congress and counting of electoral votes to Goebbels’ frequently mal-referenced statement that if one tells a lie repeatedly over a long period of time, people will come to believe it as being the truth. 

For example, one is reminded of the assertion that Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. purportedly was (and remains) a “natural born Citizen” under the Constitution, a claim that has been repeated over…, and over…, and over…, and over… for more than a full decade and, up until now, bought hook, line and sinker by the vast majority of the electorate.  It appears that Goebbels may have been right.

Now, even the Houston Chronicle has piled on, urging Cruz to resign.  The editorial board blamed Cruz for contributing to the mayhem at the Capitol as he “stood on the Senate floor Wednesday and passionately fed the farce of election fraud even as a seething crowd of believers was being whipped up by President Trump a short distance away.”  Really?  The “farce of election fraud?”  Seriously? 

With mountains of evidence pointing to widespread fraud and election chicanery in the battleground states – from piles of unfolded “mail-in” ballots; to ballots pulled from under shrouded tables after GOP observers left counting rooms; to massive, mathematically impossible Biden vote dumps in the dead of night; to purported “voters” living at post office boxes and registering to vote after election day; to unmonitored and unsecured “drop-off” ballot boxes; to mention but a few “anomalies” – the Houston Chronicle’s call for Senator Cruz to resign because he pursued his constitutional prerogatives gives new meaning to the term “yellow journalism.”

If the Houston Chronicle’s editorial board is looking for an example of farce, it should install full-length mirrors in its boardroom.  And, by the way, your humble servant still believes that Senator Cruz is ineligible to the presidency, but as a U.S. Senator trying to preserve the Republic, he is doing a bang-up job, the fevered, moronic ramblings of the Houston Chronicle aside.

This, Virginia, is what has become of “journalism” in this rapidly disintegrating “republic.”  Your humble servant recently noted that Benjamin Franklin’s warning was coming true.  Who knew that the truth of his prediction would blossom so soon after the 2020 election?

Senator Cruz had the temerity – the gall – to suggest to the Joint Session and Vice-President Pence the consideration of an alternative which would have averted entirely the mayhem in the Capitol: the establishment of an electoral commission to perform a ten-day audit and assessment of the “irregularities” and unexplained “anomalies” characterizing the popular vote counts in various “swing” or “battleground” states.  The 1887 Electoral Commission could have served as a template for a 2021 commission and, if Vice-President Pence had so directed and recessed the Joint Session for the ten-day period, the mayhem at the Capitol would have been altogether averted.  As in “completely.”

Yet, perhaps fearing that actual fraud to an extent requiring rejection of electoral votes might be uncovered, Pence instead overruled Cruz and set the proceedings on a course that will likely radically change the nation.  As in “forever.”  It is much easier to “go along to get along” in The Swamp.

As noted here, the Jan. 6, 2021 “Dear Colleagues” letter which Pence sent to everyone in Congress asserted – as part of the justification for his refusal to even consider examining the underlying manifest anomalies infecting the electoral votes spawned by the “purported” popular votes in several swing states – that “no Vice [-] President in American history has ever asserted such authority.” 

Memo to the Vice-President: not only did Vice-President Thomas Jefferson find the courage to specifically assert precisely that authority – and with respect to defective Georgia electoral votes, no less – in doing so, he positioned himself to become the third President of the United States.  See “Thomas Jefferson Counts Himself Into the Presidency,” 90 Virginia Law Review 551 (2004). 

Had Pence (or his advisors and aides) done a bit more research, the precedent of Thomas Jefferson might have supplied Pence with the needed backbone to actually consider Senator Cruz’s proposal.  Moreover, had that happened and the Joint Session gone into a ten-day recess, (a) the manifest need for an examination of the 2020 electoral vote count’s legitimacy would have been satisfied; (b) the breaching of the Capitol’s interior likely would have been avoided (although there are indicators that a number of Antifa agitators and instigators had infiltrated the crowd, masking their identities, intending to riot regardless; and (c) the continuing demise of the Republic might have been avoided.

But because Pence apparently thought it better to “go along to get along,” we now face the prospect of a government led by (a) a cognitively-impaired septuagenarian; (b) a constitutionally-disqualified Vice-President; and (c) a cadre of Obama-era bureaucrats and lawyers intent on moving the nation ever-closer to a radical socialist landfill.  Think Venezuela.  Thanks, Mike…, thanks a lot.

Finally, the truly ruthless and vengeful nature of Nancy (“Let-them-eat-Jeni’s-ice-cream”) Pelosi, in her advocating a second impeachment of President Trump, merely underscores the depth of the chasm that now splits the nation.  Pelosi understands full well that even if she extracts a bill of impeachment out of her sheep in the House, the Senate will never convict.  She is doing it purely out of spite and mendacity, malignant characteristics which she has distilled to near-perfection.

And for any House of Representative members who support such a stupid and vengeful move, just remember: the 2022 primary elections are now less than 18 months away, and voters can seek vengeance, too.

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  1. nutty nan and her EQually satanic party cohorts, along with a lot of republikrat deep state TRAITORS know he won the election and may just find a way to reverse this travesty perpetrated on We the People!!!!!

  2. Reminder 1: US Senator Ted (Canadian) Cruz, representing Texas, attempted to circumvent the US Constitution Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 natural born Citizenship requirement during the 2016 general election.

    Reminder 2: US Senator Ted (Canadian) Cruz has never publicly presented any US citizenship naturalization documents to-date, only a Canadian birth certificate.

    I compare US Senator Ted (Canada) Cruz to a sail ship with no rudder and a massive political sail in full bloom. At times, Cruz publicly presents with words his political whims in favor of the MAGA agenda, but as with the majority of the republicans proves that he too is an empty suit with zero results.

    Perhaps Cruz has “seen the light” that he was not Constitutionally-smart to attempt what the aka Zer0Bama “pulled-off”. Maybe that’s why he attempted to propose a working solution to Vice President Pence.