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by Ron Ewart, President, NARLO, ©2021

(Jan. 10, 2021) — When the government violates the people’s rights, insurrection is, for the people and for each portion of the people, the most sacred of the rights and the most indispensable of duties.”  Marquis de Lafayette, French aristocrat and military officer who fought in the American Revolutionary War  

Many politicians, both Democrat and Republican alike, were aghast at the rioters assaulting that most sacred of all government buildings (according to them), the U.S. Capitol, the alleged seat of representative government.  How dare these Trump supporters attack the “People’s House?”  Apparently it’s OK for Democrats, Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA to riot, burn and loot private businesses in cities all over America because an armed-robbery black man felon, who served eight separate prison terms, was killed by an over-aggressive cop.  The Democrats and the media were silent and only the Republicans denounced the Democrat-Black Lives Matter-incited violence of the summer and fall of 2020.  Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi quipped, “That’s what people do.”

But the fury of the Congress, Republicans and Democrats came down hard on those who dared to riot at the Capitol Building.  Why did they riot? you might ask.  Because the Congress has abandoned them, Republicans and Democrats, as well as abandoning the Constitution and allowed socialism to fester, grow and prosper in America.  The protesters’ 74,000,000 votes in an unconstitutional, fraud-laced election for Trump meant nothing.  In their frustration and anger, what were they to do?  They started out peaceful enough, but were probably egged on after ANTIFA and other inciters hijacked the peaceful protest.

This isn’t the last of these events.  There will be more and they will get increasingly ugly as Joe Biden and his Democrat-controlled Congress start implementing their socialist agenda, a devastating agenda we delineated in our “Challenge” to the Biden-Harris Administration.

Given what happened at the Capitol on January 6th, it is apparent that the Democrats have ignited a powder keg in America that is about to blow up in their socialist faces.  Although we hope not, the protests on January 6th could very well be a precursor to civil war, or outright revolution.

Yes, the Capitol was breached, but worse than that, in the election of 2020, the federal and state Constitutions were breached as well, which seems to be mostly ignored by most members of Congress.  In their pursuit of one-party rule, the Democrats have so badly trashed the Constitution it is hardly recognizable anymore.  The US. Supreme Court has done little to hold the Democrats to the Constitution.  And the Republicans haven’t done much to stop the Democrats, either.  Are Lisa Murkowski, Pat Toomey, Susan Collins, or Mitt Romney friends of conservatives?  Hardly!

People forget that when the Democrats held both houses of Congress and the presidency in 2010, they dumped a blatantly unconstitutional ObamaCare on all of us, with Chief Justice John Roberts’s help.  In the ten years since ObamaCare has been in effect, it has defied any attempts to repeal it.  Remember!  We have learned from ObamaCare that whatever the Democrats do in the next two years cannot be undone.  Their socialist policies will be set in stone, even if they violate the Constitution or the Republicans replace them in 2022.  The damage they will inflict on America and Americans in the next two years, including bastardizing the three branches of government, will be devastating and irreversible unless they are stopped.

Given this inevitability, do the Democrats think that free Americans would simply roll over now that the Democrats have taken back the Congress and the Presidency again?  Do they still think that 75 to 100 million freedom-loving, heavily-armed Americans are going to sit idly by and allow the Democrats to fundamentally transform America into a socialist, globalist nation?  If they are of that mind, they are barking up the stupid tree.

Kevin McCarthy, House minority leader, came out and called for calm and then asked “why we can’t respect one another and our differing opinions.”  Differing opinions are one thing.  Dismantling the fundamentals and foundation of individual freedom by inserting globalist-socialist policies into the mix is quite another.

We do not advocate or condone violence or the overthrow of the United States of America.  Our goal is to return America to its original foundation of individual freedom and unalienable, God-given, natural rights under a Constitutional Republic, by peaceful means.   But as we watch and predict the path that America is on, we are well aware conservatives are bucking serious headwinds.  It appears that the Democrats (government-dependent city inhabitants) are determined to take America in a direction that will dismantle our Constitution, our individual freedom and our Constitutional Republic.  They want total government control of everything and everybody.  They want massive government handouts to buy off their government-dependent city voters to remain in power and they want the rest of us to be docile, compliant robots (slaves), dutifully paying our exorbitant taxes and complying with crushing regulations.  The question is, will Americans bow down to this treasonous ruling class?

But let’s get back to the election of 2020.  Even if we conclude there was no election fraud in any state and neither any state or the federal constitutions were violated, the interference in the election by billionaires, social media, academia and the mainstream media on behalf of Joe Biden and the Democrats eclipsed all foreign interference by several orders of magnitude, with no consequences to the perpetrators.  Besides the hands-off approach to Biden’s criminal son Hunter and Joe’s numerous flaws, gaffes and outright lies and the glowing accolades heaped upon Biden and Harris, Americans were barraged with the unrelenting attacks on Trump in four or more years of character assassination, attempts at the non-judicial implementation of the 25th Amendment and the groundless impeachment by other means.  No president in the history of America has been treated so viciously, all because he dared to challenge the Establishment, the bureaucratic swamp and the status quo.

Added to that was the blatant disregard and duty of the press to be fair, accurate, objective and non-biased.  On top of all this came the hostile social media suppression and censoring of anything and everything conservative.  Even if there was no election fraud, Trump didn’t stand a chance of winning re-election.  Social media, the Establishment, the Deep State and the news torpedoed Trump from the start.  In short, the deck was stacked.  Trump and his supporters have every right to feel indignant and angry, which led to the January 6th March on Washington, DC and the subsequent rioting and violence at the Capitol.

Facebook and Twitter have shut down the President of the United States permanently.  They have effectively silenced him, at least for now.  Google and Apple have dropped the conservative Twitter-style platform Parler.  Is this author or you next?  The face of Nazi fascism has raised its ugly head again, here in the United States, except it isn’t the government; it’s corporate high tech aligned with government.  What next, “Kristallnacht,” or the national demonization of all conservatives on a massive scale by Democrats, as they did to the Jews in Germany?  Could conservatives become persona non grata in their own country?

No, wanton violence is not the answer.  However, as we said in our previous article, “The hard truth is, socialist Democrats cannot be defeated without millions of conservative Americans rising up in unison, with force if necessary.  But long before force becomes necessary, conservatives have peaceful means at their disposal.  The constitution is still in force.  The law is still functional even though Democrat corruption, collusion and judicial activism are in blatant evidence.   Peaceful protests and Redress of Grievances are still protected by the First Amendment.   The trick is for all conservatives to peacefully speak with one voice in one single action at a time.” If not, the 2nd Amendment might end up being the final arbiter.

What can that one “single-action-at-a-time” look like?

  1. A list of demands signed by no less than 10,000,000 conservative “We The People” Americans and delivered to the president, congress, state legislatures and governors of every state.
  2. A single, well-thought-out response by at least 10,000,000 Americans to a problem caused by government, like illegal immigration, an over excessive burdensome regulation, virus-induced lockdowns, etc.
  3. Civil disobedience executed by freedom-loving Americans on a grand scale of an egregious law, policy, tax, or rule.
  4. The establishment of citizen-patrolled, sovereign autonomous zones in cities, towns and rural areas, all over America, where ALL government agents and law enforcement are denied access, punctuated by our powerful, legally intimidating No Trespassing signs.
  5. Or how about 10,000,000 conservative Americans closing out their Facebook and Twitter accounts and dumping the Google search engine in favor of Bing or other search engine.  That will hit social media right where it hurts the most, in the pocketbook.

Ladies and gentlemen, you have already discovered that your conservative vote doesn’t count, either because of fraud or majority Democrat votes.  You either fight back with concrete actions or accept the inevitable slavery and the hostile dismantling of our Constitutional Republic.  That hostile dismantling of our Republic is already well under way by the Democrats and has been for many decades.  We are being forced to relive the FDR years ….. for our own good, of course.

Once again, as we wrote recently, “There is very little time left to save the Republic from disintegration from within by Democrats.  If you don’t want to see America turn into a socialist regime; if you don’t want to see American sovereignty dissolve into mediocre, corrupt globalism; if you don’t want to see America descend into riots, chaos and anarchy like what happened in Washington DC on January 6th; if you don’t want to see the permanent take over of the American government by top-down authoritarian socialist Democrat oligarchs in a one-party rules all; if you don’t want to see the destruction of the U. S. Constitution; if you don’t want to witness individual freedom fade into some old aging history book never to rise again; then we urge you to take that “one single action” and log onto “The Challenge” today!

If American conservatives want to win they’d better be smart, not violent.

Or, perhaps it is time to employ the “Encirclement.”

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Ron Ewart is a nationally known author and speaker on freedom and property rights issues and author of his weekly column, “In Defense of Rural America.”  For 14 years Ron has been the president of the National Association of Rural Landowners (NARLO) (www.narlo.org), a non-profit corporation headquartered in Washington State, acting as an advocate and consultant for urban and rural landowners.  Ron can be reached for comment at the following e-mail address: mailto:r.ewart@comcast.net?subject=comments

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  1. Conservatives are trying but when they try to protest, rise up, George Soros’ scum comes in to either murder them or cause serious harm to them while democRATic/liberal politicians cheer them on. It’s hopeless, I think the sooner this country collapses, the better. We will face a worse fate than the Roman Empire, so let’s get it over with. The Children of Satan that are behind the stealing of America, have no shortage of shabbas goy. We can’t beat them.

  2. Why is the investigation of Kamala Harris not yet completed? It is very plain in the
    Constitution that a candidate for President & Vice President must be a natural born
    citizen to be eligible for those offices in our government. Her parents were citizens
    when she was born, therefore, she’s not eligible period. Nuf sed

  3. I agreed with much of what you wrote but if you think a petition of demands brought forth by ten million or ten gazillion billion would make the slightest difference to human scum like Lindsey Graham, who LAUGHED in the faces of those asking him questions, you are deranged. Sometimes WAR, armed to the teeth, hunting down the criminals and making them suffer type WAR is the ONLY way. The time for petitions and acting like ANY of them adhere to the LAW has passed. Stop being so naive

  4. This article is right on.I have been afraid this was going to happen for a long time .My own kids think I am close to the loony bin they have said to me this will not happen now it has.It is time to do something and do it now the longer we wait the faster the dem/communists will have ripped up the constitution and came closer to total control.This past week I call the week of the long knives its the same thing that happened in Nazi Germany Hitler purged his own followers only here the dem/communists purged the Trump supporters along with our President.Who could blame Trump if he just threw up his hands and said to hell with it of course thats what they want him to do .I have never in my life seen such a vicious old bat from hell as Nazi Pelosi she has gone completely nuts.along with a bunch of republicans .I am done with all republicans we need to dump them all and get down to taking the country back by what ever it takes.How can the black people support these dem/communists is beyond me they the communists are putting them back in slavery.I know a lot of the black people do NOT support them but if one does that is one to many.

  5. The beginning of the Declaration of Independence:
    In Congress, July 4, 1776

    The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America, When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

    A quote from Mao:

    “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.”

    Yea, I don’t want violence either. But it’s always there as an option.