by Sharon Rondeau

(Apr. 5, 2021) — On Wednesday, MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell released a new one-hour video titled, “Scientific Proof” featuring an interview with Dr. Douglas G. Frank, a widely-published physicist who reported having analyzed the November 3, 2020 election returns in several states and concluded that the outcome of the presidential election declaring Democrat Joe Biden the winner is fraudulent due to an “algorithm” utilized to skew the results.

Frank claimed that the 2010 census data was used to program voting machines to inflate actual voter turnout to exceed, in many cases, the number of registered voters or even residents in the counties and states he analyzed, which included Pennsylvania, Ohio and Colorado as depicted in the examples he provided.

At Lindell’s urging toward the end of the presentation, Frank pledged to undertake an analysis of Wisconsin, a “swing” state whose highest court ruled, the day the Electoral College cast its votes for president, that election clerks across the state misinterpreted state law when they accepted tens of thousands of unverified absentee ballots on which voters claimed to be “indefinitely confined.”

During the presidential transition period, Lindell claimed to possess information acquired from attorneys Sidney Powell and Lin Wood, both supporters of then-President Donald J. Trump, showing that Trump won the election. Lindell further predicted that Trump would serve another term and that he had conducted his own research to verify his claims.

Just days before Trump left office in January, Lindell was photographed at the White House with documents he reportedly shared with Trump and/or Trump’s inner circle appearing to have originated with articles written by Mary Fanning and Alan Jones of The American Report claiming foreign “cyberwarfare” as having altered the presidential election results from Trump to Biden.

Without explaining his earlier erroneous prognostications, Lindell in early February co-produced, along with Fanning, Jones and Brandon Howse of WVW-TV, a two-hour video titled, “Absolute Proof” claiming to present conclusive evidence as to how the election was “stolen” from Trump. During the video’s last 24 minutes, Fanning relates her narrative of vote-switching allegedly perpetrated by from China, Russia, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq and other nations, to which Lindell gave obvious credence as the overarching explanation of the presidential election results.

As with Howse, Fanning and Jones are profiting monetarily from their association with Lindell when MyPillow customers enter a particular “promo” code while making a purchase.

“Absolute Proof” also featured Michigan constitutional attorney Matt DePerno, who brought a case against Antrim County for alleged election irregularities and faulty recording of votes which remains active. Another guest was Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney (Ret), whose frequent commentary on Howse’s show and other platforms after the election garnered wide reportage and speculation.

Unexplained in “Absolute Proof” or subsequently are Fanning and Jones’s shifting claims as to why Trump lost the election to Biden. As The Post & Email has reported, Fanning and Jones first wrote on October 31, 2020 that a government mega-computer dubbed “The Hammer” and software allegedly invented by former government subcontractor Dennis Montgomery, “Scorecard,” were responsible for vote-switching in six key “swing” states plus Florida and Texas sufficient to “steal” the November 3 election for Biden.

The states of Florida and Texas, however, were placed decisively in Trump’s column on Election night.

On November 23, Fanning, Jones and McInerney appeared on Howse’s show advancing the “Hammer/Scorecard” narrative along with the claim that a CIA facility in Frankfurt, Germany was the subject of a raid tied to the November 3 election.

A partial synopsis of the show reads:

3-Star General Thomas McInerney, National Intelligence authors Mary Fanning and Alan Jones. Topic: General McInerney joins us to explain how the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) aided the Marxist Democrats in stealing the 2020 Presidential election through a CIA cyber facility in Frankfurt, Germany. Topic: General McInerney discusses the CIA cyber facility center from which he says servers were confiscated by U.S. special forces and in possession of the good guys now.


Mary Fanning and Alan Jones join us to respond to and add to the exclusive report by General McInerney on Brannon’s program.

On their website, Fanning and Jones state of the broadcast, “The conversation covers THE HAMMER and SCORECARD cyberwarfare attack on the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election…”

McInerney’s claims about “The Hammer,” “Scorecard,” and the alleged clandestine CIA operation drew the attention of numerous bloggers and secondary news services, with the latter strongly refuted by The Military Times.

Beginning in March 2017, Fanning and Jones claimed that “The Hammer,” according to Montgomery, was used to spy on American citizens, including Donald Trump, as allegedly directed by Obama-era officials John Brennan and James Clapper.

Early in January, Fanning and Jones altered their election narrative to say that foreign “cyberwarfare attacks” were responsible for the outcome, sourced to unnamed “cyber security experts” formerly in the employ of the U.S. government. China, they said, was the main instigator, along with Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Russia, and other countries. Further, Fanning and Jones claimed to have proof showing the origin of the alleged cyber attacks, the IP numbers involved, and the U.S. election systems targeted which Howse displayed in a January 13 broadcast in the form of a spreadsheet with multiple columns of data.

A single “source” Fanning and Jones referenced for the new information was undoubtedly Montgomery.

Some analysts claimed a number of the IP addresses in the spreadsheet misidentified the locations and cautioned that Montgomery’s history contains numerous promises to produce evidence which were never fulfilled.

Fanning and Jones have responded to detractors of their purported election-tampering evidence by claiming those individuals to “have CIA connections.”

A lawsuit filed February 22 by Dominion Voting Systems and affiliated companies against Lindell and MyPillow alleges defamation and loss of income due to Lindell’s accusations that the company’s voting equipment altered ballot tabulations. Quoting extensively from Howse’s interviews of Fanning and Jones, the lawsuit also references articles from The American Report and invokes Montgomery’s history, thereby deeming Lindell’s sources of information on election-tampering to be unreliable.

The lawsuit clearly attempts to discredit Lindell both professionally and personally and points out that neither Fanning nor Jones has a background in “cybersecurity or intelligence” (p. 35).

Fanning and Jones’s last article on the alleged “cyberwarfare attack” on the election is dated February 19, 2021.

During a March 31 interview with Stephen K. Bannon’s “War Room” just prior to the release of “Scientific Proof,” Lindell said he plans to countersue Dominion.

While clearly embracing Frank’s analysis of election anomalies in “Scientific Proof,” Lindell also attempted to connect the narrative of foreign “cyber” interference, claiming he had the evidence to prove it.

On Wednesday evening, Howse interviewed Frank, Lindell and Fanning about Frank’s reported findings. When Howse introduced Fanning after the 6:00 mark, she expressed her support for Frank’s work, stating it demonstrated “that an algorithm was put together that reflected the 2010 census and that that algorithm was used to steal votes.” She did not invoke her earlier claims of “cyberwarfare” or of “The Hammer” and “Scorecard” having altered votes. Rather, Fanning posed a question to Frank related to his conclusions and again lauded him for having “brought forth scientific proof that shows that algorithms were created in order to steal the election.”

“These are neural networks that most people don’t understand,” Fanning said. “Dr. Frank not only understands it but can explain this to the American people, and if we let this election remain stolen, we will never have another fair election; we will lose freedom in the United States of America.”

Links to the broadcast were “blocked” by Facebook, Howse said at the 8:15 mark.

Frank told Howse that a plan existed before the election to ensure the “right number of paper ballots” would match any audits or recounts that might take place afterward. The scheme required the “inflation” of registered voters, he said, and utilized the 2010 census since data because the 2020 census was not yet available.

“There are so many ways to cheat that they’re using them all,” Frank told Howse. “…So by spreading out the cheating, which my algorithm shows how to do that, by spreading it out, you essentially make it — it makes everybody sound like it’s not going to matter if you find the votes anyway…”

Following the pattern of the 2010 census, Frank said he could “simulate the whole election.” He then said he would “teach every citizen how to do this,” meaning identifying election fraud to bring to the attention of the proper authorities.

The “experiment” conducted after discovering the algorithm, Frank said, was that of “knocking on doors” numbering “1,600” to verify voters’ reported residences. In one case, Frank said, there were “eight people registered” to a residence, seven of whom reportedly voted, where two “Europeans” visiting the U.S. on visas answered the door and acknowledged they could not have legally voted in the U.S.

At the 38:30 minute mark, Howse introduced Lindell. Approximately seven minutes into his remarks on Frank’s findings, Lindell again connected the alleged “cyber” interference and “spyware, the IDs of the computers” as “validation” of Frank’s work. At that point speaking for Frank and his reaction to “Absolute Proof,” Lindell said, “It had to be a master computer or a mega-computer that could do something like this. But then when he seen ‘Absolute Proof,’ he’s going, ‘Aha!’ So one complements the other; each one would prove it in an absolute court of law.”

At 54:00, to Howse’s question as to whether or not the preset algorithm required adjustment during vote tabulation based on Trump’s performance, Frank said he does not have “direct evidence” of an algorithm change but that “somebody I know with the initials ‘ML,’ I think, has the evidence that that took place.”

Howse then asked Lindell if he wished to respond. Lindell characterized Trump’s alleged garnering of an overwhelming number of votes sufficient to defy the algorithm as “the first miracle” stemming from the election. “That actually exposed a lot of things out there that they had to do…it’s still going on today,” Lindell said, referring to an ongoing election investigation in Maricopa County, AZ. “It’s astronomical, the cover-up,” he said. “In fact, we’re going to come out with ‘Absolute Cover-Up’ down the road here just to show you the magnitude of that.”

Just after the 57:00 mark, Howse asked Lindell to elucidate the audience on his apparent recent claim that Donald Trump will return to the White House in August after it allegedly becomes clear that the November 3, 2020 presidential election was fraudulent. “That’s the third miracle,” Lindell responded to Howse. “…it was all an attack on our country by China, mostly China; and then you had –it’s all done through these machines through cyberattack, the biggest cyberattack ever…”

Lindell said he will begin to “dump evidence” daily of election fraud on the new social-media site he is launching, “Frank.” “It’s going to get before the Supreme Court in about six weeks,” Lindell asserted. “When it gets there, it’s going to be nine-nothing; they’re going to pull down this election; now what they do with it, I don’t know…By the time this all plays out, it’ll be August; Donald Trump’ll be back in; that’s my prediction….”

With 2:10 left in the broadcast, Howse asked Fanning for a closing comment, to which she responded, “Yes, it just shows that artificial intelligence [inaudible] the algorithm was defeated by Donald Trump’s landslide.”

In early 2014, Mike Zullo, a former detective and private investigator who spent more than five years investigating the Obama “long-form” birth-certificate image posted by the White House in 2011, was assigned by then-Maricopa County Sheriff Joseph Arpaio to oversee the work of a confidential informant to the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO). The informant was Dennis Montgomery, who had come forward to say he possessed evidence of government intrusions into the bank accounts of more than 150,000 county residents. Believing the claim merited an investigation, Arpaio hired Montgomery to produce the evidence he claimed to have but which ultimately never materialized.

Zullo spent more than a year in the supervisory role, arranging for pro bono legal representation for Montgomery as well as for Montgomery testify to a federal judge as to his claims of government spying. Shortly thereafter, suspecting Montgomery would not be providing evidence of his claims, Zullo contacted three former high-ranking NSA officials who agreed to analyze the data Montgomery had placed on 47 hard drives for the MCSO. The results of their analysis, as The Post & Email has reported, relegated Montgomery’s data to no more than an elaborate “con.”

Of Lindell’s latest release, Zullo told The Post & Email, “The video actually poses a problem for the Montgomery narrative. Fanning has claimed that Montgomery developed the Scorecard program. If that were the case there would not be a need for the revelations of this physicist and his description of how the computer algorithms worked and tampered with the election results. Montgomery, being the purported creator of the software program should have easily been able to disclose how the software program worked.”

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  1. It is never too late to overturn a fraudulent election ! It would be like saying the man who robbed the store has been on the run for two months so we can’t prosecute him !

    1. Crimes have statutes of limitations; most old crimes cannot be prosecuted.

      Similarly, election challenges have tight deadlines. Nothing in the U.S. Constitution, for example, would permit the former vice president’s certification to be challenged.

      It could remedied by impeachment, conviction, and removal. But there’s no indication that will happen.

  2. Thank you for telling me about this new video by Lindell. I’m traveling and not able to keep us with much. Lindell is amazing to keep going in spite of the massive strikes against him after the election. All the best, April.

  3. Thank you so much Sharon for your objective reporting.

    Lindell, it appears, has been blinded by his claim that the election was stolen. He doesn’t even question the ever-changing narrative of how it was accomplished.

    I know how local elections are stolen in California, but statistics and graphs are not proof. It requires demonstrating that the scheme actually affected the results.

    Since Lindell claims that down-ballot elections were stolen too, he should produce evidence of even a single election (the smaller, the better) where the result was affected.

    I’m an expert on election contests in California, having actually participated in taking 12 election challenges to court, the only place where an election contest can be resolved.

    All states have legislated election challenges called election contests. The law in every state is uncannily uniform. In order to overturn an election based on illegal votes, the contestant must challenge a list of illegal ballots or votes. Each ballot or vote is considered.

    In the alternative to the illegal ballot approach, the contestant must prove that a scheme affected so many actual ballots and was so pervasive that the election must be set aside because it is impossible to determine the number of affected ballots.

    The Clark County (Nevada) Commission District C election (November 3, 2020) would be an excellent example, since the elections officials refused to certify the results due to inexplicable discrepancies with 139 ballots.

    1. OPOVV here;
      It seems to me if Mike Lindell can prove if even ONE vote for Biden-Harris was counted fraudulently, say, by an underage, illegal, someone not registered as in dead, from California, or any other imaginable reason, and some not, then why not throw ALL the votes out and do it over, honestly this time?

      1. Because that would be illegal.

        California law required the Secretary of State to certify the election back in December. And no member of Congress objected to California’s certification.

        The legally permitted time to challenge the election has passed.

      1. Most likely time and money: audits cost money and attention is better spent elsewhere.

        Also, the person wanting an audit has to present, to the proper authorities, proof to justify an audit.

    2. Richard Michael= Typical California liberal lawyer dancing around the US Constitution . A Dr . In Physics doesn’t do it for you ? or hard evidence of pages and pages of IP address showing thousands votes being transferred from Trump to Joe Biden ? There are people in jail today with far less circumstantial evidence then Mike Lindell’s hard evidence . Too many lawyers looking for ways around the US Constitution and the rule of law !

      1. How does a doctorate in physics make someone an expert in elections?

        “Pages of IP addresses” are just pages of IP addresses. IP addresses can’t change votes.

  4. I still haven’t seen anything to refute the vote dumps from vehicles covered in bide-harris placards, boxes of ballots being pulled from under tables and run through machines after observers had been sent home, monitors being led oout in handcuffs by police and huindreds of affidavits claiming cheating, many from democrat operatives, and state bureaucrats changing vote procedures in violation of the Constitution. The election WAS STOLEN whether Dominion was involved or not. joe biden is illegitimate and corrupt, karris is ineligible and corrupt. Donald Trump is still my president

  5. Ir sounds like the impenetrable cover of the IMO clearly stolen 2020 election is maintained by inserting, “Dennis Montgomery”, into any attempt to reveal the truth about what did or and/or did not happen. If Montgomery is working for Brennan and the CIA to discredit any and all claims of election fraud he’s doing a great job……………

    Everyone walks free because there is no provable truth…and anything even close to the truth will eventually be rejected by corrupt courts and judges………….The perfect setup to reestablish the after Obama cover, put in jeopardy by the loss in 2016 of Hillary Clinton to the “birther” Donald Trump. The Obama/Hillary 16 year plan to destroy America from the inside is back on track using Obama/Biden/Harris as the “Deep State” puppets……………

    Finding hope for the future is getting to be a very difficult thing as blatantly, “in your face”, criminality continues unabated……….