by Sharon Rondeau

(Feb. 22, 2021) — On Monday morning, “US DOMINION, INC., DOMINION VOTING SYSTEMS, INC., and DOMINION VOTING SYSTEMS CORPORATION” filed a $1.3 billion lawsuit against the MyPillow Corporation and its CEO, Mike Lindell, alleging defamation and loss of contracts resulting from Lindell’s very public claims that Dominion voting equipment was pre-programmed to alter votes from Donald Trump to Joe Biden in the November 3, 2020 presidential election.

The 115-page complaint filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia claims Lindell knowingly and “with actual malice” disseminated the “Big Lie” that Donald Trump won the election but was deprived of his victory by an “algorithm” in the Dominion machines which “flipped” votes from Trump to Biden.

The Dominion attorneys referenced their similar lawsuits filed against former federal prosecutor and former Trump legal-team member Sidney Powell and Trump’s then-personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, the latter of whom led the legal team’s ultimately unsuccessful efforts in the aftermath of the highly-contested election.

The lawsuit attempts to eviscerate Lindell’s credibility as both a businessman and individual, citing his company’s history of consumer complaints which Lindell chose to settle out of court “rather than defend.”

Beginning on page 35, the suit focuses on “Mary Fanning” and “Alan Jones,” who, as The Post & Email has reported, have claimed on their website, The American Report, that a government mega-computer called “The Hammer” and “Scorecard” software were used in eight states to alter the outcome of the election from Trump to Biden.

Two of those states, Florida and Texas, declared Trump the uncontested winner of their respective electoral votes. Six other states, known as the “battleground” or “swing” states of Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Nevada, Georgia and Michigan, were hotly disputed by the 2020 Trump campaign’s legal team, which alleged that hundreds of thousands of mail-in ballots were never verified; that votes were cast by individuals no longer residing in the state, by underage individuals or by excluded felons; or clandestinely transported to polling places after the legal deadline, among other irregularities.  

Fanning and Jones’s only source on the “Hammer/Scorecard” narrative, former government subcontractor Dennis Montgomery, has a history of failing to produce any evidence to support his claims, of which The Post & Email has been committed to exposing and as the Dominion suit stresses.

On February 11, 2021, The Post & Email published recordings obtained from Mike Zullo, a former police officer and former detective who provided oversight to Montgomery’s work for the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) in 2014 by assignment of then-Sheriff Joseph Arpaio. Contrary to Fanning and Jones’s echoing of Montgomery’s claim to have “built” “The Hammer” and designed “Scorecard,” the recordings depict Montgomery stating he played no role in constructing the alleged government computer and that he had no knowledge of vote-altering software employed by the government after Zullo and then-Detective Brian Mackiewicz asked the questions directly in their professional capacities.

As the lawsuit recounts, Fanning and Jones later shifted their narrative of election-tampering utilizing “The Hammer” and “Scorecard” to the claim, citing unnamed “cybersecurity analysts,” that various countries led by China conducted electronic interference in U.S. election systems sufficient to change the outcome.

During a January 13 interview with WVW-TV’s host, Brannon Howse, Fanning and Jones referenced an unnamed “whistleblower” who purportedly provided evidence years earlier of U.S. election vulnerabilities to the FBI which undoubtedly is Montgomery based on their own writings.

On February 19, Fanning and Jones published a new article claiming that “China’s Cyberwarfare Attack on [the] 2020 US Election [is] Tied to Mitch McConnell’s CCP-Connected Wife Elaine Chao.”  In that article, Fanning and Jones refer to “forensic data analysis” they allegedly “exclusively obtained” after the 2020 election pointing to vote-switching in “Pennsylvania, Nevada, Michigan, and Georgia” on the part of China, Russia, and other countries.

Included in the article is a link to Montgomery’s website, “”

As the lawsuit cites in footnotes, Fanning and Lindell appeared on Brannon Howse’s February 2 “Worldview Weekend” (WVW) Internet broadcast to herald a “new documentary” produced by Lindell to be released that Friday. 

On February 5, Lindell released a two-hour video, “Absolute Proof,” purporting to detail various forms of election fraud allegedly taking Trump’s victory and delivering it to Biden.  At the 1:36:00 mark, Lindell turns to Fanning, who appears by audio only and purports to explain how a “cyberwarfare attack” altered the outcome of the election and includes statements about “Dominion voting system” and “software.”  Fanning also claimed that “cyber security experts” collected “documentation of foreign interference in the election” in “real time.”

According to Howse in a text message to The New American, his unveiling of the video resulted in 30 million views by February 9.

Lindell has recently claimed that 100 million people have watched the video with an average viewing time of 1 hour, 53 minutes. In an interview with Steve Bannon’s “War Room” the day after the video’s release, Lindell said he has evidence proving his claims about Dominion and that he welcomed a lawsuit to exhibit it or, alternatively, a public discussion with Dominion representatives to air it.

Last week, Zullo informed The Post & Email that a colleague told him he attempted to warn Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney (Ret), who has advanced the Fanning-Jones-Montgomery narrative since the election in frequent media appearances and on Howse’s show, but that his warning was rebuffed. 

After Powell expressed the possibility in a November 6 interview on the then-Fox Business show “Lou Dobbs Tonight” that ”Hammer and Scorecard” might have played a role in denying Trump re-election, The Post & Email submitted information of Montgomery’s unproven claims through her website with full contact information. 

Zullo told The Post & Email he can confirm independently that Powell “was warned.”

In addition Zullo reported that he personally or has knowledge of individuals who attempted to warn Fanning, Jones, “Operation Freedom” host Dave Janda, and Howse in late October 2020 to “stay away from Montgomery as he is unreliable and non-creditable.” Those attempts were consistently met with “absolute rejection,” Zullo said.  Lindell, according to Zullo’s understanding, was advised only after the documentary was released and the Montgomery connection was made. Zullo said he does not believe Lindell had prior knowledge of Montgomery’s difficulties.

Months ago, The Post & Email notified the office of L. Lin Wood of Montgomery’s history, who is also pilloried in the lawsuit against Lindell.

In a January 12 conference call hosted by “The 2020 Panel” during which Fanning promoted Montgomery’s claims without naming him, Wood appeared to vouch for Montgomery as a credible source of election information.  Last week, we submitted to the group a link to our work on the subject, which as of this writing continues to promote The American Report, Lindell’s video and Montgomery’s website.

The Post & Email can confirm through a trusted colleague that Howse was warned but soundly rejected the advice and reiterated talking points conjured up by Fanning in yet another calculated attempt to smear Zullo and falsely represent him as working on behalf of the “deep state.” As of the release of the lawsuit against Lindell, it would appear that Zullo is anything but a “deep state” actor, having made great endeavors to reach out to Lindell by those closest to him to warn him. It was relayed to The Post & Email that Fanning has “done a good job of poisoning the minds of those with whom she has collaborated against Zullo.”

In her book, also referenced in the lawsuit, Fanning made a number of outlandish accusations against Zullo. Among them was her claim that Zullo was intoxicated on two occasions during phone calls with her and that he stated to her he took his orders from former CIA Director James Woolsey. Zullo told The Post & Email that those calls never took place. Zullo, who has been married for 24 years, told us that neither he nor his wife are drinkers. “If anyone would know if I was drunk it would be my wife, and that would not play out well in our house,” Zullo said. “It is just an outright  lie.”

Fanning also claimed Zullo tampered with the evidence Montgomery provided to the MCSO which Arpaio authorized be evaluated by three former NSA officials to determine its investigative value.  Zullo made the alterations, Fanning claimed, in order to reduce the impact of Montgomery’s evidence prior to the review by former NSA program developers J. Kirk Wiebe, Thomas Drake and William Binney, who all have deemed Montgomery a fraud. Zullo also said that “this as well is just another defamatory lie purposely fostered by Fanning to paint me as a crooked cop and assail my character and reputation.”

In Fanning and Jones’s book published last August, Wiebe claimed Zullo was sent by the “deep state” to deceive Binney, Drake and him about Montgomery.. Zullo was, in fact, the investigator who caught Montgomery in defrauding the Sheriff’s Office which U.S. District Court Judge G. Murray Snow affirmed in a 2016 opinion.

Zullo also told The Post & Email that Fanning has been “spreading vicious lies” about him, claiming he works for no fewer than three “three-letter agencies” as a contractor and that they have “signed employment contracts” to support their claim. To that Zullo said, “It’s just another outright lie. Produce them; I would love to see them.”

“Mary Fanning has a very bad relationship with the truth,” Zullo said. “I fear that this time she has gotten a good man tangled up in a deceitful mess of her own creation. Mary Fanning is responsible for the propagation of this deception; she knows better and she knows the truth about Montgomery.  

“By her own admission she, Alan Jones and Brannon Howse brought the Montgomery tale to Lindell’s doorstep.  Neither Fanning nor Jones has any bona fide credentials or expertise in investigative journalism, national security or geopolitical issues.  Fanning is an enigma; she popped up out of nowhere a few years back and has billed herself as a ‘national security’ journalist. Mary Fanning has no traceable past and plays games with her name trying to hide her true identity. She does not display a single photograph of herself. Other than being a homemaker married to a successful lawyer, you don’t find much information to support her credibility.  Mary Fanning chose to ignore the truth about Montgomery.”

Finally, Zullo said:

“She hid the facts about her source and lied outright about others to harm them to defend the indefensible.  I believe this deceptively-fabricated evidence proffered by Montgomery through Fanning will do irreparable damage to Mike Lindell and the entire effort. Fanning and Jones have known the truth about Montgomery all along, yet they chose to ignore it, not report on it and hide it from seeing the light of day. As a result 100 million Americans will not only question the entire documentary, but Mike Lindell will be left holding the bag because of Fanning and Jones playing “national security journalist.” Mary Fanning and Alan Jones’s playtime is over; it’s time to stop messing with people’s minds and lives, because you both may have just cost Mike Lindell his entire fortune and reputation for your own self-serving purpose.” 

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  1. This actually goes against Dominion, and for Lindel; here’s how:

    The Mary Fanning story is very ‘convincing’ on its surface. Notwithstanding numerous warnings by you, Larry Johnson, and others, Lindel continued to believe the Mary Fanning story. A very convincing story. I almost fell for it, until I got further information from you, emails from Larry Johnson, etc.

    Consequently, this vitiates the “malice’ requirements. He’s not including the Mary Fanning stuff because he’s malicious, Lindel’s including it because he believes it’s true! Not malicious if you believe it is true, and he does. The debunk is too involved to follow for most people. It’s not reckless either, as most people seem to have fallen for Mary Fanning’s story too.

    Moreover, the actual evidence of other Dominion fraud is evident (see the Antrim report, the evidence the CEO lied about Dominion not capable of being hooked to internet, etc.) Just the Mary Fanning evidence is bogus.

    Somewhere along the line, I expect Lindel will learn the truth, and drop the Fanning stuff, but keep the rest.

    An easy defense for him.

    I’m waiting on the AZ report myself, they sure have been fighting to keep the Dominion machines from audit.