by Dr. Major Roving, ©2021

“Witchcraft at Salem Village,” Wikimedia Commons, public domain

(Mar. 18, 2021) — “The Battle Cry of Freedom” (4:21)

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘The Pulse of the Nation,’ the place to hear it here first. Back by popular demand our own soothsayer, Madam Shylock, will be our featured guest. Glad you could make it on such short notice, Madam Shylock.”

“And so very glad to be at the TV station at 3:00 in the morning. I know why you asked me to be on your show: I am, after all, a fortune- teller, but I’m afraid my suggestion of a cure may upset a few of your viewers.”

“Trust me, our audience is used to shocks. We lived through the Obama/Holder race-baiting era; the Obama/Hillary free rein on murdering American Ambassadors and invading foreign lands, notably Libya, and murdering foreign leaders, notably Muammar Gaddafi; and we have, so far, survived the coup of Biden-Harris ousting our duly-elected president, Donald. J. Trump.”

“Well, then, let me say from the outset that my cure for those who have been deranged by the Trump Derangement Syndrome will be in for the shock of their lives.”

“In what way?”

“Expose them to the truth; that’s my suggestion. Why, just the other day the parents of a young college student brought their daughter to me: she was crying uncontrollably.”

“No way. Why was she crying?”

“She couldn’t get over Hillary losing to Trump, poor girl. She kept on uttering ‘Energy Independence’ and ‘record numbers off Welfare and Food Stamps,’ poor girl. She was a real mess, I’ll say that.”

“So what happened?”

“I’ll tell you after this commercial.”

When the Saints go Marching In” (3:24)

“So what happened was that, well, let me put it this way: ever hear of someone reading the ‘riot act?’ I read her the ‘truth act.’ I told her that we’re still waiting for Barry Soetoro’s, aka Obama, BIRTH CERTIFICATE, then I moved on to Hillary getting Ambassador Stevens murdered, and finished with the ‘Trump Russian Collusion Hoax.’”

“And that did it?”

“Not quite. I had her read some of The P&E editorials, notably those by such luminaries as Chief New LeafProfessor Trash the masks’ Zorkophsky, and others, and by the time she was finished she was cured of her ‘derangement.’”

“Are you putting us on?”

“Not at all. I think what cured her was the ‘Russian Collusion Hoax’; I mean, three years of investigation by governments, including our own – remember Sessions? — trying to find one little tidbit of dirt on Trump and the Russians, but couldn’t dig up any; that’s what did it.”

“Anything else to add?”

“Matter of fact there is. These delusions by the Left, avoiding the subject of a coup, remind me of theSalem Witch Hunthallucinations, which in turn reminds me of the Aztecs and their unquenchable thirst for human blood sacrifices, just like Islam‘s insistence to make non-believers’ blood run in the streets. Is that clear enough?”

“Plenty. So what’s your outlook on our failing Republic?”

“To start, we must publicly acknowledge that the last election was a coup, then fire or incarcerate everyone who had a hand in the deception, and, last but certainly not least, trash the Dominion voting machines, and unless you do that, you might as well kiss our Republic goodbye.”

“Golly, but can’t you tone it down a notch?”

“Not when time is of the essence, I can’t.”

“Okay, it’s time for us to stop anyway. Thank you, Madam, for such a candid explanation of the shambles that Biden-Harris has turned our country into. Now it is time for us to say goodnight: Goodnight.

“Good show. Burger time: my treat.”

If You’re Reading This” (3:57)

Dr. Major Roving

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  1. yes, 2020 was a coup against a duly elected president, Donald Trump. the satan worshipping devildemocommiecrats will seemingly have their day to rule but will be cast into the Lake of Fire for eternity then their seizure of personal power and wealth will cost them forever!!!!!!!!!!