by Professor Zorkophsky, ©2021

(Mar. 15, 2021) — “Hello Darlin’” (2:30)

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘The Pulse of the Nation,’ the place to hear it here first. Today’s guest is someone well-known to us all, Roving Reporter (RR), who joined the show the other day having been on an extended vacation. Welcome back to civilization, Roving.”

“You got to be kidding; you call this ‘civilization?’ I was camping out in the North Woods; at least there you know what to expect and none of this backstabbing that we see from every city hall to the swamp in D.C.”

“Sounds like you really had a chance to decompress; to really wind down; to relax and be at peace with the world.”

“You know the General promoted me the other day?”

“Back to Major?”

“Yep, a ‘Battlefield Commission,’ he called it.”

“Well, that seems about right since we’re in the fight of our lives. It was the Dems’ turn and now it’s ours.”

“What do you mean?”

“The Dems would’ve all gone to jail had Trump won, is why. He was about to expose them, like all the crooked deals that made the politicians in the swamp millionaires.”

“Why, he should’ve done that in his first year.”

“Not with Sessions as his Attorney General, and then there was Barr.”

“But what difference anyway with a sleaze like Roberts as the Chief Justice?”

“Good point, Major. So what’s your take on the gist of it all?”

“Besides we’ve been had? They gave an election but no one showed up; that is, if you don’t count the 75+ million Trump voters who trashed Biden-Harris; stomped on them; ground them into the dirt, into the slime from whence they emerged to disrespect the most sacred aspect of a Democracy: counting the people’s votes honestly by choosing who to represent us in our nation’s capital and, thanks to the Fake News and our military, by their inaction, allowing the coup to take place.”

“What do you really think happened, Major Roving?”

“I think that the military took control, Eisenhower’s warning of the Military Industrial Complex just became a reality and it would behoove us to call a cat a cat and a rat a rat, is what. The National Guard from all over was overtly obvious, even though it wasn’t reported as such.”

“Young troops following illegal orders?”

“And not one LTC Terry Lakin among them, Zork. Mind if I call you ‘Zork?’”

“Not at all. Let’s break for a commercial.”

Starting Today” (2:05)

“And we’re back with Major Roving of, what, the Army? What do you do, by the way?”

“Stay out of sight, to tell the truth. No, really, me being a Major is like Colonel Tom Parker, Elvis Presley’s agent, being a real honest-for-good U.S. Army Colonel. The General tasked me to raise a few good and trusted patriots to put a wrong right, but to find people who aren’t bent in some way is a lot harder than I first suspected.”

“How’s that?”

“A number of reasons, the first being the majority of people are not necessarily dumb, but not aware enough to recognize danger when it stares them in the face. Take, for instance, the subjugation by Islam of Western Civilization.”

“Say what?”

“See, that’s my point; the Muslims even wrote a manifesto and, even though it has been widely distributed, few people have read it and even fewer have given it any credence.”

“Say what?”

“They’re under the delusion that our Republic is forever when, in fact, it started its downward slope the day JFK was murdered; when Barry Soetoro (aka Obama) was allowed on the ballot in 2008 and then again in 2012; and then the final straw was the Biden-Harris fraud of 2020.”

“You mean the election of 2020.”

“Look, for the last time: there was no election. It’s like I buy a frozen meal, zap it in the microwave and take the credit for being the cook; it’s like I robbed the bank and take the credit for making the money; it’s like I played Santa Claus for distributing the toys that were stolen from Toys for Tots.”

“I think I’m beginning to understand.”

“Good, then understand this: our fellow citizens are being used, from Biden-Harris, Pelosi-Schumer, Romney-Murkowski, Pat Toomey-Susan Collins, and every Dem and RINO across the globe by people who wish to do our country harm, real harm, as in death camps and killing fields.”

“No way.”

“Death is just as prevalent today as it was three hundred years ago; just as common as it was in 1918 and 1945; just as common as it was on 9-11: nothing has changed. Matter of fact, those who did the killing on 9-11* have been empowered by too many dumb people not paying attention.”

“Name one.”

“I can name thousands, millions, but let’s start with those who supported the European Union and go from there.”

“How so?”

“Simple: by lowering border restrictions it made the ‘migration’ of Muslims into Europe that much easier. It’s the — wait— hold it a minute: I’m sick and tired of going over the same old story about how Islam is a political philosophy, such as being a NAZI, and has nothing to do with people.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Maybe a person is a doctor of surgery and you’re a Jew. Would you want a Muslim or a non-Muslim to operate on you? It’s your choice, just check the box: Muslim or any other. Say you are a Christian: same question. Which is it? I rest my case, which is why, even as we speak, the DHS, our Department of Homeland Security, is stabbing us in the back not only by welcoming more Muslims every day, but failing to deport any, starting with Omar and Tlaib.”

“But they’re US citizens and members of Congress; you can’t deport them.”

“See, I’ve been trying to explain to you why it’s an uphill battle to take our country back. You just said that the two Muslims are US citizens. Well, I disagree with what you believe: I believe that they want to force Sharia Law down our throats – trash the Constitution – and behead us while you are concerned about breaking some law. Let me tell you: the notion that we are a nation of laws ended when Biden-Harris ousted Trump. Forget ‘he who supports “late-term” abortions’ VP Mike Pence, okay? At least I hope we’re clear on that.”

“We are, we certainly are. Mike Pence opened the door, lowered the drawbridge, unlocked the last gate to give the abortionist free rein on killing a newborn, and if they can do that, and they are, at what age do you draw the line? One hour, one day, one week?”

“It’s complicated.”

“No, it’s not complicated, and that’s the point. The point is that the Constitution** is the law of the land, but we’re not living under the Constitution anymore because our land has been stolen.”

“You mean like the Indians?”

“Let me give you a piece of advice: don’t mention about any ‘takeover’ in front of Chief New Leaf. I’m sorry, but out time is about up so I’ll give you the last word.”

“Thank you. It’s as simple as pie: in order to have an election, something, or someone, has to be elected. In the case of the last election, Trump won by a landslide. I’m not going to go into the whys and why-nots’ of what ‘could’ve and should’ve’ been done: all I want to say is that Trump got more votes than anyone in the whole history of voting; that Trump won every State; and for Biden-Harris masquerading as the winners is pretty darn hard to swallow, especially that the planned end-game is the end of our Republic.”

“Sounds pretty convincing. But who is left to trust? The military are a bunch of cowards, so too the FBI: little people all too eager to do the dirty work, to follow illegal orders, to do the bidding of their masters; the very people, in the end, when it’s all over and done with, will do them in, just as they themselves are doing us in. Who then, the police?”

“No, not the police, those who follow their paychecks and the orders to ‘look the other way’ while BLM and ANTIFA are looting, burning and attacking peaceful citizens. No, you don’t want to be calling the police when they’ll be the ones to confiscate our guns, our only means of defense.”

“So what do we do? Who are we to rely on?”

“We do exactly as our forefathers did: trust no one, least of all the police and the military.”

“And the Fake News.”

“Especially the Fake News. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight. Good show, without the masks. Burger time: my treat.”

[*9-11: FITNA, the movie about Islam by Geert Wilders, has been removed from the Internet. So much for free speech. It was a movie about truth.]

[**Constitution: It has been, and shall always be, about the Constitution. Nothing, but nothing, else matters, and the Second Amendment is our only saving grace, something to keep in mind, seriously in mind because it is our last form of defense from an out-of-control tyrannical government, which we are ALL facing at this time in our young country’s existence.]

Light My Fire” (3:10)

Professor “Trash the masks” Zorkophsky

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  1. Welcome back to civilization, Roving.
    Excellent title for your editorial, Professor. No matter if all voted, or if no one voted, the outcome would’ve been the same: Trump ousted, replaced by two Deep State puppets. It was a foregone conclusion and our law enforcement, judicial and military just sat by and watched it all unfold, day after day, starting in November and culminating with the farce of a play on Jan. 20th, when the fix was in and Biden took the Oath on the stage.
    Meanwhile, the Fake News did their part in bamboozling the population to the point where we are addressing Biden as “Mr. President”, as if that alone legitimizes the coup.
    The next step is for the Left/Biden-Harris/FBI to manufacture an incident where they make-up an excuse to confiscate all the guns the population has, excluding the cops and robbers, two entities that make-up the same coin.
    The Biden-Harris ticket is following the playbook of Hitler/Mao/Castro/Pol Pot/Maduro used: confiscate the weapons of the citizens so the Deep State has a free reign to run roughshod over all, straight to jail and the death camps, as in Venezuela: let the people starve to death right where they live, heck, they’ve already eaten the animals of the zoo, their pets and stray dogs and cats. You’d be amazed what depths people will go in avoiding starvation.

    Rook Dunkin