by Professor Zorkophsky, ©2021

(Feb. 2, 2021) — “Quantum Leap Theme” (2:08)

[The following is the speech that Professor Zorkophsky gave at last year’s PTSD Symposium on Dec. 16.]

“Good evening, and what a good evening it is. First I would like to thank the committee for selecting me to, once again, be the keynote speaker for this — what is it? — I believe it’s the eleventh annual convention for the nation’s premier authorities on the treatment of PTSD. Before I begin, at no time do I minimize the severity of PTSD sufferers. I myself have had some pretty harrowing experiences caused by PTSD, which my track record of failed relationships proves beyond a doubt.

“Let me start by going down the checklist to actually pulling the trigger to suicide. The first symptom to manifest itself is one of a diminished self-worth. Long-term goals are discarded. An example would be the goal to obtain a college degree with the basic plan to end it all the day of graduation or shortly thereafter. Another example would be a positive response to a marriage proposal: objective achieved so now it’s time to end it all.

“So many times have I heard ‘I just don’t understand it.’ Well, I’m here to clue you in so you do understand the classic indices and can, hopefully, thwart them. After self-worth is diminished, all kinds of bad things can take place, usually resulting in acute self-destructive behavior. Examples would be to suddenly change behavior patterns in alcohol intake, reliance on pills and vein abuse, otherwise know as ‘shooting-up,’ and lying to those who are close.  

“Theories have been set forth on the use of the needle: is it ‘symbolic’ in some way or is it just a means to deliver whatever it takes to escape or to ‘block-out’? I adhere to whatever stops the nightmares. I do not advocate drugs of any kind by whatever delivery system to achieve that goal.

“Once a person convinces himself he is ‘worthless,’ then the next box to check is the ‘taking-up space/squandering resource’ box. This box is not checked because of altruistic reasons; on the contrary, the box is checked from selfish reasons, as if they have a grandiose self-worth, which, unreasonable as it sounds, is actually just the opposite of what they are thinking.

“People are not born with PTSD; they are introduced to it from whatever they consider ‘irrational behavior,’ such as killing by napalm, a possible reason for nightmares to occur. Nightmares are a manifestation of the conscious mind communicating with the unconscious. Yes, the mind communicates with itself, which is why the phrase ‘sleep on it’ is a universal problem-solving technique.

“When the equilibrium of what is right and wrong is turned topsy-turvy, then problems arise that can’t be resolved by sweeping it under the rug, such as getting zonked-out by drugs. Self-worth and a sense of belonging are not achieved by a government that continually turns its back on not only those on active duty, but on the whole population, as recently demonstrated by the fraudulent election of Biden-Harris.

“I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I’m afraid one of the many fallouts of a government turning its back on the people they purportedly claim to serve is to raise the rate of Veteran suicide. The Joint Chiefs of Staff has lied to both its troops and the government they are supposed to serve, reference the Pentagon Papers. Furthermore, the Joint Chiefs could have stepped in and seized the fraudulent voting machines and conducted the election themselves if they wanted an honest outcome and, sadly, because they didn’t uphold their Oath, it shows what side of the fence they are really on, and it sure as heck ain’t our side.

“Not only does the government lie to us about the military and its procurement methods, but the government has lied to us about the latest Chinese biological warfare weapon: Covid-19, otherwise known as Chinese Flu or China-19. It’s not as deadly as first anticipated. Masks are not a necessity; rather, masks are a symbol of conformity, the Democratic Party’s dictate to conform or else you’ll be exposed as a Constitutionalist. You see, it was never Trump, and it still isn’t Trump: it’s always been about the Constitution. It’s not hiring Veterans as cops; its about not reinstating the Draft; it’s about cheap labor in the form of illegal immigration; it’s about bashing Jews and Christians; but mostly it’s about the double standard of the judicial system that is as corrupt as it comes; just look at how the Supreme Court has molded our Republic into a fledgling Communist satellite.

“Perhaps I didn’t live up to the billing as a consultant for PTSD sufferers, but if we don’t get our country back, if we don’t adhere to the Constitution and allow the takeover of our country, PTSD will be regulated as an everyday occurrence for the whole population, and not just Veterans. We have the blessings of the Federal Government bestowed upon BLM, ANTIFA, Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, SPLC, Planned Parenthood, and judges who have zero knowledge of the law but ample knowledge of payoffs and trading favors, at the people’s expense.

“In conclusion, if we keep on fighting foreign wars, for no other reason than to get our kids maimed and killed, and printing money for government contractors, we will continue to slide down the slippery slope to oblivion. The Constitution is the most perfect document ever conceived for a people to live in harmony, but all it took was a ‘murder of crows,’ a conglomerate of liars and cheats to bring it down. It didn’t happen overnight, but it did happen, culminating in such morally underhanded people in government as Harry Reid, Paul Ryan, Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris and Joe Biden. The list of turncoats goes on and on, from the first padding of the first bill to the Continental Congress, from the first lobbyist offering a ‘favor,’ to the present-day bowing to the Chinese.

In 1776 in Philadelphia, 56 men pledged their “lives, fortunes and sacred honor” to form a Republic
based on the concept of self-governance

“What are we doing? Are we to sell out Taiwan, Israel and all of our allies only to reward those with greed in their minds and avarice in their hearts? The weak link are those who should have been the arch-enemy of the betrayers of the Constitution and of the Judeo-Christian ethics of our heritage but are not: the judges. Those who wish to destroy our country start by toppling our statues and denying the past. A people cannot survive without paying homage to its roots.

“Thank you for letting me speak, and so I’ll end my speech as Roving Reporter (RR) would end his broadcast by wishing you all a goodnight: Goodnight. Burger time.”

[Professor Zorkophsky was once employed by the VA treating PTSD patients but was dismissed for his refusal to treat his patients with drugs, namely ThorazineProfessor Zorkophsky is a believer in positive thinking and positive reinforcement, such as a devoted spouse and an emotional support dog.]

I’m Leaving on a Jet Plane” (3:56)

Professor Zorkophsky    

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  1. Professor Zorkophsky:
    Excellent article. The 2020 election was as illegitimate as the election of 2008 which put the Soros funded, Brennan and the CIA created total fraud, Barack Hussein Obama, in office as America’s putative president. In the 2020 election the vote didn’t matter because the number of votes for each candidate was adjustable as required, insuring a Biden “win” no matter how badly he lost. In 2008 I am not sure how much voter fraud there was to insure an Obama win, but the beauty of Obama’s win in 2008 was once Obama was sworn-in by John Roberts in 2009 both political parties had effectively given America’s government and her military to America’s enemies. Hard to imagine a bigger criminal act against America citizens and her Constitution. That meant Congress and all complicit in the Obama fraud locked themselves into protecting Barry for as long as he was in office….and after, no matter what. When Obama left office the planned in 2008 after Obama cover of Hillary Clinton was, they and she believed, certain to be elected. When Hillary lost to the “birther” Donald Trump we all watched a panic occur as the many complicit in the Obama fraud, both parties, kept President Trump under siege and then removed him from office in the stolen 2020 “election”.

    All complicit in the Obama fraud and its still on-going cover-up now believe they are safe and the 16 year plan which was supposed to have included Hillary as the after Obama cover is now back on track with Obama/Biden/Harris, and likely ahead of schedule…………………The courts, 99% of the media and both parties treat what I said here as if it never happened….and they have, apparently, won the battle which I and millions of others thought and hoped would be won by President Trump and his supporters…………..