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(Nov. 11, 2020) —

Greig Lyric Pieces Book I, Op 12 – 1” (1:13)

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘The Pulse of the Nation,’ the place to hear it here first. Today we’re going to explore the mind of a military Veteran who went through the wringer for our country. Hello, and welcome to the show. Now please tell us your name and what made you go over the edge?”

“No, sorry, no can do. Just call me ‘Mr. A Little Bit Ticked’ and we’ll get along swell.”

“Did you just say ‘swell‘? Did I hear that right? Okay, moving along, mind telling us what made you become a casualty of war?”

“Are you calling me nuts?”

“What do you say we break for a commercial and start over?”

Gina” (2:44)

“We’re back with military Veteran Mr. A Little Bit Ticked who has a comment or two about the Dems falsifying votes, is that correct?”

“Correct-ah-mundo. The day of my eighteenth birthday, I raised my right hand and took the Oath — that has no expiration — to the Constitution. Now I see blatant in-your-face manipulation of the votes, votes that were, for the most part, cast honestly and the ones that weren’t shouldn’t have been accepted and then, to add insult to injury, counted. Thousands upon thousands of votes were changed from the continuation of capitalism to the North Korean information lockdown, a Venezuelan food shortage and a Cuban non-health system.”

“We understand that the PLO and Iran backed Biden.”

“Oh, that’s right: foreign influence for Trump is a no-no while for Biden it is encouraged. No double standard here, is there?”

“So is it your opinion that there was voter fraud; is that right?”

“To tell the truth, Trump won every state.”

“Even Minnesota?”

“Yes, even Minnesota. Look, 30,000 show up to support Trump, and Biden is lucky to draw a dozen; get real.”

“What do you think should happen to anyone convicted of voter fraud?”

“Ten years minimum and then up from there, with no possibility of parole; none whatsoever. Let them slowly twist and maybe they’ll have time to read the Constitution for the first time in their worthless lives.”

“Yes, that is probably true.”

“Look, this attempted overthrow of our president started back in 2008, when each and every Secretary of State authorized Obama’s name on the ballot that was supposedly vetted by Pelosi and Howard Dean, but they lied to us, didn’t they? And Pelosi is still lying to us. And then three years ago every state voted to accept mail-in ballots, which would’ve been the end of our country had the Dems not been so cavalier about stealing the vote. The truth is that Trump, the Constitution and America won by a landslide and the Dems are going apocalyptic because they got caught with their hand in the cookie jar.”

“Do you see any other connections to our sliding down the slippery slope?”

“Now that you mention it, yes, I do. The NFL couldn’t handle Tim Tebow being a Christian, for one, and no mention of bringing back the Draft, which I think is paramount to keeping our country. Look, we came this close to kissing freedom goodbye because we’re saddled with a bunch of idiots who swallowed the Kool-Aid dished out by Biden-Harris.”

“You don’t think much of Biden, do you?”

“Look, Hunter’s laptop should be front-page news nonstop. Biden sold the USA to the CCP, right down the river.”

“You mean ‘up the river,’ don’t you?”

“The point is they sold us out, Biden and Harris, two who supposedly took the same oath I did. A slap across America’s face, in public, no less, and they’re not in the least bit ashamed of themselves. Greed wins over integrity.”

“So what do you think about it?”

“I’ll tell you exactly what I think: I think that this cheating on our national election will accelerate the suicide rate of our Veterans. I mean, they’re thinking what the heck did they kill for America if America doesn’t give a hoot about America; see what I mean?”

“I think so.”

“Than let me make it crystal clear: our troops wear the uniform and salute the flag and then they get spit in the face, that’s what. These low-life sorry excuses falsify votes, put paper up over the windows to cover up breaking the law, and law enforcement sit on their duffs and watch it happen, stuffing themselves at the donut shop while stores get looted and torched, not to mention anyone with a MAGA hat getting pummeled.”

“Calm down.”

“Last statement: meanwhile, we have judges who rule in favor of a political party over the Constitution, and if there were true poetic justice, the first to be blindfolded would be the judges who turned their backs on the Veterans who have fallen for us. I would like to think that the first question St. Peter would ask is this: ‘Were you a good citizen and not like Biden or Harris and all of the others who pushed the Russian Collusion and tried to steal an election?’”

“Well, I guess that’ll do it, so thank you, ‘Ticked Off,’ for being so forthright.”

“Anytime; glad to be on your show, Professor.”

“Please, call me ‘Zork.’ Well, folks, that’s it so we’ll be saying goodnight: Goodnight.

“Good show. So you think that because so many of our citizens don’t give a hoot about our country it’ll put some Veterans over the edge, so to speak? Gosh, I hope not. Burger time: my treat.”

Mr. Lonely” (2:36)


Professor Zorkophsky

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