by Sharon Rondeau

(Feb. 6, 2018) — In an interview with CNN’s Brianna Keilar on Monday about the Republican-authored “FISA memo” released on Friday, Rep. Tom Garrett Jr. (R-VA) likened the allegations into Trump/Russia “collusion” to a hypothetical politically-motivated investigation into Barack Hussein Obama’s “birthplace.”

The four-page memo, authored by Republicans on the House Permanent Subcommittee on Intelligence (HPSCI), reports that high-ranking officials within the Justice Department and FBI knowingly submitted incomplete and misleading information to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) in Washington, DC in 2016 to obtain a wiretap warrant on then-Trump campaign informal foreign-policy adviser Carter Page.

According to the memo, there were four FISC applications signed off by top officials at the FBI and its parent agency, the DOJ.

Trump said after the memo’s release that its contents completely “vindicated” him of any alleged wrongdoing.

Garrett responded that he has read the Democrat response memo which has not yet been approved for declassification and would like to see it, too, released to the public “with appropriate redaction to protect sources and methods.”

The interview touched on whether or not the FISA court was informed that Trump “dossier” author Christopher Steele “was paid by a political operative.”

Steele was commissioned by the political research firm Fusion GPS to “investigate” Trump’s alleged ties to Russia during the 2016 campaign.  Funding came from Hillary Clinton’s campaign and Fusion GPS through the Democrat-allied super-law firm Perkins Coie, which also defended Obama in a number of lawsuits challenging his constitutional eligibility and seeking release of his original birth certificate.

Despite conflicting narratives dating back to 1990 regarding Obama’s background and/or birthplace, anyone questioning Obama’s claim that he was born in Hawaii has been labeled a “birther” and became the target of unceasing ridicule from the media, political pundits, and Obama supporters.

Interestingly, Perkins Coie was also the law firm which reportedly dispatched Judith Corley, Obama’s then-personal attorney, to the Hawaii Department of Health (HDOH) on or about April 24, 2011, in order to obtain two certified copies of his original birth certificate. Three days later, an image said to be a scan of one of the certified copies was posted on the White House website but quickly declared a forgery by a number of analysts.

Garrett said he also wants the FISC court application released.  “Imagine if political money – $9 million from the Clinton campaign and the DNC to Fusion GPS were levied to do an investigation against President Obama as to his origin of birth — that would be ridiculous and un-American, and this is, too,” Garrett said.

“Why do you equate the two?” Keilar asked.  “President Obama was born in the United States…”

Keilar presented Garrett with a clip of HPSCI ranking member Adam Schiff contending on ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday “that the court was notified a political actor was involved,” while also stating that the “FISA application” was “misleading.”

On Monday night on “Hannity,” HPSCI Chairman Devin Nunes said in an exclusive interview that there was a “footnote” on the FISC application alluding to possible “political” motivation on Steele’s part but that the reference was not sufficient to provide the court with full disclosure of the dossier’s origins.

Just before the 5:00 mark, Keilar said that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is attempting to find whether or not  members of the former Trump presidential campaign possessed “nefarious intent” or carried out “obstruction of justice” in their alleged contacts with individuals associated with the Kremlin.  “I guess I don’t understand why you’re equating ‘birtherism’…with this Russia investigation…” she concluded.

Garrett responded that Page and others may have conducted legal business interactions with Russian representatives and pointed out that former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort was indicted for an unrelated alleged offense.  Manaford has pleaded “not guilty” and filed a lawsuit claiming that Mueller has overreached his authority.

“I’m confident that Adam Schiff is being less than forthright,” Garrett said in regard to Schiff’s claim about the FISA court application.

Neither Keilar nor Garrett mentioned the 5+-year criminal investigation into the birth certificate image conducted under the authority of the Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) which found it to be “definitely fraudulent” made public “with the intent to deceive.”

Contrary to that which CNN and others in the mainstream media have reported, the investigation did not focus on Obama’s birthplace.

Neither a congressional nor FBI investigation of any stripe has been conducted into the conclusions of former detective Mike Zullo, who stated at a final press conference on December 15, 2016 that two well-known forensic analysts concurred with his conclusion that the long-form birth certificate image posted at is a “computer-generated forgery.”

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  1. Tom Garrett Jr.(R-VA) is a shameless demagogue likening the totally invented stuff on Trump with the ineligibility and fraudulence of Obama flying into face!

    Garrett Jr.(R-VA) keeps the treasonous obfuscation of Obama’s ineligibility by repeating the deceiving catch phrase “born in America” (as though it sufficed to constitutionally fit). No! Presidential candidates must be born to citizen parents (and on the American soil) – the language of the 2008 Sen. res. 511 on McCain repeating the Law of Nation!

    Obama didn’t fit since day one of 2008 by his official bio, Mr. Garrett Jr.(R-VA) – plus he stole his SS number, produced the coarsely forged BC in 2011, and rid of Ms. Fuddy in 2013 which hand delivered it in 2011.

    Garrett Jr.(R-VA), just as his treasonous party, kept silence on all that during all 8 ugly years – and now he has an arrogance again to misrepresent the very real disgrace and shame of America – see

  2. Re: [Rep. Tom Garrett Jr. (R-VA) likened the allegations into Trump/Russia “collusion” to a hypothetical politically-motivated investigation into Barack Hussein Obama’s “birthplace.”]

    What these guys say “On Air” perhaps can also be interpreted as different than what they mean, as they are Politicians.

    For example – this could be construed as a shot-over-the -bow that if the Dems fight this keeping the Mueller Investigation alive in the direction of Impeaching Trump, its going to cause an Investigation on Obama’s Qualifications and I.D.

    Both the Dossier and Obama’s I.D. Are Fraudulent. We know that. So, comparing the two ties them together in a twisted irony.

    The thing that might hurt President Trump the most would be if the Dems in Hillary Clinton take a right turn and finger Trump as a “point man” in calling for Obama’s Birth Certificate to be released on The View for Favors of the Old Post Office.

    We have to consider this is Leverage against Trump the Dems have but are withholding and Trump doesn’t like it one bit. To out maneuver Dems he declassifies Nunes Memo to paint the Dems in a corner.

    BUT we must consider the totality of the leverage. Who does it implicate, and how long is the leverage “Good for”.

    Current events suggest Hillary is toast reaching her date-of-expiration and Obama’s ” Legacy” isn’t holding up.

    The underlings of the FBI and VIA are being trashed by Trump.

    See recent Tweet of Trump’s trashing Brennon, Clapper, and Comey.
    [Little Adam Schiff, who is desperate to run for higher office, is one of the biggest liars and leakers in Washington, right up there with Comey, Warner, Brennan and Clapper! Adam leaves closed committee hearings to illegally leak confidential information. Must be stopped!]

    This is an Amazing Tweet because it brings in the CIA… Officials and what Trump knows they did w Obama”s Docs in the McCain-Clinton-Obama Passport Break-in.

    Also the black out of Air Transport for the week Obama was born.

    The names on Trump’s list far exceeds the Dossier and FBI mental.

    We should consider the Leverages may start a race to release and investigate first. If Trump doesn’t START it and Dems do, Trump loses advantage even though he was a part of it.

    If he starts it first, he may have a “Out” saying he didn’t know until being Elected. But if he waits, these folks could place a pinch on him that will HURT bad in the American Public Eye.

    It could be the straw that breaks the second term protocol. Guess we sit back and watch it unfold. .. and see who gets the tables turned on them faster.