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by Sharon Rondeau

Greta van Susteren earned her J.D. from Georgetown University Law Center in 1979. She has worked as an adjunct professor of law and journalist on CNN and the Fox News Channel.

[Editor’s Note:  The following letter has been mailed to Greta van Susteren, anchor of “On the Record,” which airs weeknights on the Fox News Channel at 10:00 p.m. Eastern.  This article is open access and may be reproduced in full with a link back to The Post & Email and the author’s name kept intact.]

October 25, 2012


Ms. Greta van Susteren
“On the Record”
1211 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY  10036-8701

Dear Ms. van Susteren:

In your interview with Donald Trump on October 24, you appeared uncomfortable discussing Donald Trump’s public offer to Barack Obama to give $5,000,000 to a charity of Obama’s choosing if he released his college applications and records as well as passport applications and records to Trump’s satisfaction.

You attempted to make the case that Trump’s offer of $5,000,000 was inadequate because Trump is “a very wealthy man.”   Regardless of how wealthy Trump is, to most people, the amount he offered is more than magnanimous for any cause.

On the webpage featuring your show, Fox News asks “Why are so few news/media organizations covering the Libya/Benghazi/US Consulate Story?”

My question to you and all of the handsomely-paid anchors at Fox News is:  “Why is no news/media organization covering the Obama eligibility/identity story?”

A law enforcement investigation conducted by the Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff’s Office and Cold Case Posse has determined and announced formally, on two occasions, that the “long-form birth certificate” to which you referred in your interview with Trump is a “computer-generated forgery,” yet you indicated that you are “satisfied” with its release.

To its credit, Fox News reported on the first and second Arpaio press conference online, but still failed to report the revelations on television and claimed that questions about Obama’s birthplace had been “debunked.”  Exactly who debunked them, Ms. van Susteren, when Obama himself claimed that he was born in Kenya before he was born in Hawaii?

Members of the Kenyan Parliament have stated “on the record” that Obama was born in their country.

The posse also found that Obama’s Selective Service registration card is a forgery.  Selective Service Director Lawrence Romo, who reports directly to Obama, will not allow access to the “original” application, if one exists.  Instead, he referred Mike Zullo, the lead investigator, to the FBI, which has also failed to take action on the charges of forgery and fraud put forth by the investigative team.  Numerous graphics and computer experts have gone “on the record,” some staking their reputations, in declaring the “birth certificate” a poor forgery.  Even an “expert” quoted by Fox News at the time said that he was misquoted and could not vouch for the authenticity of the document.

A licensed private investigator has staked her reputation and filed a lawsuit in Ohio on her claim that Obama is using a stolen Social Security number.

So what is Fox News hiding?  Why would you not want to be the first and only mainstream media outlet to report on these findings in the same way in which you are covering the Benghazi cover-up?

While it is unfortunate that most attorneys are not familiar with our founding documents, particularly the U.S. Constitution, to make the assumption that a digital image of a birth certificate already deemed to be a forgery by many qualifies Barack Hussein Obama for the presidency is ludicrous.  Simply being born in the country is not what our Founders intended when they included Section 1, clause 5 in Article II of the Constitution.  They wanted the person holding the office of president and commander-in-chief to have sole allegiance to the United States, which involves the citizenship of the parents, or at least the father. Were you aware that in 1916, Democrat Breckinridge Long, who served under President Woodrow Wilson as Third Assistant Secretary of State, correctly questioned the eligibility of Mr. Charles Evans Hughes because he was born in the United States but to a British-citizen father?

Obama claims to have been born to a foreign-born, non-naturalized father; therefore, it makes no difference where in the world he was born, nor did it make any difference for Mr. Hughes.

Obama’s own statements have conflicted with accepted “facts” about his childhood.  While he originally claimed that his parents were married when he was born, he now says that he was “born to a single mother.”  Moreover, Investigator Zullo has expressed doubt that the life story Obama has made public is accurate, including his birth date.  During an interview in early September, Zullo said that Obama’s memoir, Dreams From My Father, was written “to give him a cover story for a life that never happened.”  Is this matter not newsworthy?

Is it not worth investigating when a researcher who has published a myriad of articles about Obama states that “There is no Stanley Ann Dunham?”  Why would no one within a large news corporation such as Fox be even the slightest bit curious about such a claim?

A hearing took place on October 22 in Indianapolis, IN initiated by Atty. Orly Taitz, of whom I am sure you have heard, during which a Superior Court judge heard testimony from two witnesses specializing in website development and typesetting, respectively, regarding Obama’s alleged long-form birth certificate.  One possesses 57 years of experience, and both declared the image a forgery.

By failing to report on what could be the worst fraud ever perpetrated on the American people, you, too, are complicit in the conspiracy which has kept an unvetted, unqualified person in the White House who now is responsible for the deaths of four State Department employees, including an ambassador, and hundreds, if not thousands, of military members who have been maimed and killed under his watch.  Everything about Obama’s past has been obscured and “fraught with problems,” yet the media is silent or derisive toward the messenger.

Glenn Beck, who some believe Fox wished to “control,” has now uttered the word “treason” in regard to Obama because of reports that the U.S. is arming Islamic insurgents in the Middle East.  Beck is not the first to accuse Obama of treason; it was done by a retired member of the military on March 17, 2009.  Since then, thousands of people have signed petitions, written letters and filed formal complaints of treason against Obama and Eric Holder, but Fox says nothing.

If Obama has presented forged documentation to the American people in order to deceive, is he guilty of treason?

It is not the amount which Trump offered that should gain your attention; it is the obfuscation which Obama has committed and the lack of vetting by “media/news organizations” that is to blame.  You must surely know that the large media companies control the information which reaches the people.  Since 2007, Fox News has failed to verify the “facts” Obama has issued about his life which he himself has now contradicted.  Other networks have also gone out of their way to provide cover for Obama’s questionable birthplace and life story.

As a trained attorney, like Trump, I am surprised that you would not be more circumspect about the image which Obama purported to be his birth certificate.  As a journalist, one would expect you to want to investigate the matter, but instead you have demonized the messenger.  Could it be that you are uncomfortable that the truth is about to become public and Fox News will lose all of its credibility?

While no major “media/news organizations” have followed this story, those of us in the internet community who have worked hard to pursue it will be the ones to break wide open the biggest fraud in all of American history.

Very truly yours,

Sharon Rondeau, Editor
The Post & Email
P.O. Box 195
Stafford Springs, CT  06076

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  1. Greta also insinuated that the Hawaiian Newspaper birth reports satisfied her. Some attorney she is! The fact that the newspapers in Honolulu got their birth announcements from a registration log book at the Health Dept. is an established fact. The fact that in 1961 any resident could walk in to the Health Dept. and register an unattended birth in that log book is an established fact.
    Still, Greta Van S. states rhetorically ‘what about the birth announcements?’ as if they are incontravertable evidence.
    When lead detective of Sheriff Joe’s volunteer Cold Case Posse walked into the Health Dept. to inspect the registration log book he was met by monster-sized, weight lifting goons in uniform and told that he would have to leave. That’s right, an official from the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office was virtually threatened, though after having met the man, I’m sure he was not intimidated.
    People: imagine the gravity of this situation. An enemy agent of Islam has fraudulently represented himself as eligible to be president and subsequently presented forged documents in a cover-up of unparalleled magnitude. Obama is a Muslim practicing taqqiya. Why do you suppose all the countries he has assisted to achieve “Democracy” are now ruled by the Muslim Brotherhood–the same ‘brothers from the hood’ who Obama entertained in the White House and wrote a check for $1.2 Billion US taxpayer dollars! Why do you think Osama received such a reverential burial at sea off of a US Navy aircraft carrier? Why do you suppose Obama was in Pakistan in 1981? Why do you suppose he is wearing a ring adorned with an inscription of the first part of the Islamic Shahada? Why do you suppose the Iranians were able to bring down a US drone? Why do you suppose Obama has strangled American big oil? WAKE UP! We have an enemy agent of Islam illegally occupying the Oval Office. And do you really think he is going to relinquish his control of the most powerful nation in human history? Obama’s criminal usurpation represents the most sinister crime in American history and the single greatest achievement by any Muslim for the advance of Islam in the 1400 year history of the murderous cult.

  2. Navy Pilot, outstanding! In 70′ I was at Whiting Field for three years and we had 300 T28 “Trojans” there, VT2 (140 aircraft) & VT3 (160 aircraft). I was at VT3 and IAMD there. Vt-3 received the highest award then from CNATRA for 145,000 accident free flight hours. I had a good friend LTCDR Ron Honaker-flight instructor who lived at the BOQ. I never got to hook up with him to go flying. Many pilots went through there. You should come to the Navy Seal Museum Muster on November 10 this year in Fort Pierce, Florida. I have been helping with their Memorial Service for about 8 years. I have had the privilege to meet and know many active and retired SEALS and I do everything I can to help them each year. They are a great bunch and a real shining example of what the Navy can do. I cannot believe how this administration has treated them and has no respect for them or anything they have done or the military in general. Every Veteran worth anything has to be sick to their stomach to see what has been done to the SEALS, LTCDR Walt Fitzpatrick, Lakin, Wood and others that have tried to stand up to this dictatorship, usurpation of POTUS and trying to stand up for sworn duty to the Constitution. “Rocks And Shoals” for all the guilty in DC for Treason, Perjury, Election Fraud, dereliction of duty, misprision of felony, murder of our troops with “Rules Of Engagement”, murder and cover up of our Ambassador/SEALS/CIA operators in Bengazi, murder of border agents and civilians from the cover up of “Fast And Furious” from Holder. This is a criminal organization not a Presidential Administration. Too many people are now to be investigated for being associates to all the theft, crime, misprision, lies, fraud, murder, looting, Command Racketeers and others that are hiding behind the curtains. It will cost millions to indict and prosecute all that were involved in this looting of our Treasury and destruction of the economy by Communist Operatives and Muslim Operatives who were trained years ago to pull off this sham on the American people and Military. Navy Pilot contact at gigclick@comcast.net. We all have to stand behind LTCDR Fitzpatrick to see him win this battle against the total corruption and dereliction of authority and abuse of our Constitution. Hats off to SHARON RONDEAU for the most direct and to the point truth in journalism and pointing out the facts that ALL of us on the internet community that have followed this whole scandal for years and have watched as no Criminal Presentments against this or any attorney’s attempts at prosecution against these criminals has gone anywhere, have been ignored, obfuscated or laughed at by a corrupted Judicial at all levels. Much of this we know was ordered by Hillary and Obama. All it would take would be ONE Judge to accept a Criminal Presentment to get to Discovery and for all of us to reach a court numbered case document to start actual prosecution to get these people in jail or a death sentence for what they have done but no satisfaction has been delivered. They are too busy covering up for themselves and all the corruption. These people are cursed and will pay a price for their crimes against America and our Military! Treason, Perjury and Election Fraud are the charges! The charge for Treason is execution! What’s the holdup!

  3. Who has “freedom of the press? Is it the press? Or “We the People”? Maybe I am tilting at windmills here but I believe that the answwer is “We the People”. Therefore, I also believe that it would be within We the People’s right to bring a lawsuit against all of those within the mainstream media for their failure to be truthful and for denial of our civil right to freedom of the press. Though such is a right, we certainly do no appear to have it right now.

  4. From my understanding The Saudi’s are the majority stockholders in the Corp. that owns Fox. Do you think that anyone at Fox is going to break the story of the millennium? NO WAY in hell. The ‘pretty faces’ that sit in front of the cameras and out-right lie to the American public are nothing more than media prostitutes. That includes Greta and ALL the rest at Fox…freakin’ cowards. Anything for a paycheck, eh Greta? I guess her Scientology beliefs won’t let her conscience interfer with her obfuscation of the truth.

  5. Kudos to all of you. I watched Greta too and was very, very disappointed in her. Makes you wonder why she even bothered to interview Trump on the subject unless it was to purposely make him look stupid. Well, it made HER look stupid. I doubt I’ll watch her again.

  6. Greta herself is a fraud and a phony. She seems so pure and unblemished, but in reality, she is a taker and she is taking the American people who watch her for a ride. I quite tuning in to Faux News many months ago. I just couldn’t take the mis information and lies any longer. I hope the whole network craters along with CBS, NBC, ABC, MSMBC, & CNN.
    I get the real news online.

  7. Hats off to Navy Pilot. I was an Airdale 69’to 73′-GO NAVY! Sharon, you went over the top on this one! Well done and you took the words right out of my mouth. As with Navy Pilot, I have sent multiple information, emails, etc. to FOX and NEVER received ANY notice or response. They have tried to turn these mike jocks into movie stars and it’s getting beyond illusions of grandeur, just rediculous, while people are losing everything and millions of jobs are gone. Have you ever tried to contact ANY of these people? You could probably get Santa Claus easier, they are hiding behind layers of voice mail, email boxes, blah blah blah, so important that you almost throw up at the greatness of their self love! Their program writers and management follow a format and will not allow any of the above. FOX hires attractive intelligent men and woman to work on their set but it’s still a news/mike jokey job and they always stay on the edge of truth but never tell it. I’d sure like to know the “salaries” of those lawyers that work the set. Hiraldo is has beaten Lettermen hands down for being a dry creep and weirdo. Why they have some of these people on their set I can’t tell but they should ship them to MSLSD or some other way out network from the left where fairy tales come true. Thank God some of us can remember when broadcasting was real and professional. Fast food is still fast food no matter how much spice you slap on it. The networks are so competitive that it has all become about the numbers and everything else is secondary. FOX is the cleanest and most honest network compared to all the others but the pumped up hype on all these networks is getting sickening. It’s a 24/7 money maker for advertisers and spinners, the people will hear what is allowed by format and writers and the legal word has to be followed at all times, fearing lawsuits. All these networks have ignored American Grand Jury, The Post Email, Martha Trowbridge, LTCDR Fitzpatrick, Officer Lakin, Officer Wood, Orly Taitz, Sheriff Arpaio, the murder of Jim Miller Republican Commissioner in Tennessee, all the other lawyers that are involved in telling the truth about Obama and the criminal activity that goes on daily and total ignorance of the Constitution. Have you noticed the blank stares when anything is mentioned about any of the above. The entire press is in it for the money and glory and they don’t care anymore than the crooked judges, LEO’s, politicians, Command Racketeers in the military chain of command, or other criminal assistants that are running roughshod over our country. It’s all about the money. We have never seen theft like this but we know who they are and have to always wonder why they are never prosecuted even when the entire nation looks on in wonder as they shovel billions of taxpayers money into parties, pork barrel programs, slash the military, give away billions to illegals, ignore the deaths of our military and border patrol like they were pawns on the chess board to get more for themselves while laughing behind closed doors. I am a Vietnam era veteran and would like to hang them all in front of the White House like an old western movie for the Treason, Perjury and Election Fraud they have carried out and for the disgrace they have brought on the citizens, military and future generation. The death of all the brave men and woman that fought to keep America free will not have been for the gain of these low class criminal thugs that have robbed America for 4 years. We can only hope that Democrats will die off and leave the world at peace and never gain power or an unvetted POTUS again. The veterans have taken a lot of their trash but we will not see our military gutted for these scum. Check out Obama’s new $35 million dollar Hawaiian Retirement Mansion on http://www.wnd.com. Who paid for that? How about the $30 million for 77 gala festive Democratic hotel parties while Rome burns? How about showing Obama’s records from the DNC Law Firm Perkins Coie in Seattle that taxpayer’s have been charged $4 million to keep “sealed”, what is he hiding? How about Obala’s and Rahm Emmanuel’s standing membership in “Man’s Country” in Chicago- a gay men’s club for over 50 white males? Check it out on http://www.wnd.com. or Dr. Manning’s original report on same at http://www.atlah.org. We got some real cheesy folks running the show fans and if we don’t get them in jail, we won’t want to know what is in store for the next 4 years of their dictatorship. Why did Glenn Beck leave FOX? He has his own network and does the same thing FOX did but baits you with a little more drama, keeping you hanging on the edge for more, just near the truth but not quite there! At times, Beck seems to have the mentality of a spoiled 9 year old and listening to him for any period is a challenge unless you think just like him. The only thing missing is his Sherlock Holmes hat with the Mershaum Pipe and accent. WC Fields movies are a good medical treatment for such corny showing and they should take some lessons from Fields. He was making $1,000 a week during the depression doing shows,comedy,tricks and juggling. Not bad for old school.

    1. Thanks for your service. Also, thanks for the effort in trying to get the info out. In 69 I was CAT& A/G on the FDR and then in CINCPACFLT Command Center. I just wondered if our paths had crossed. These people are all traitors. They mave zero moral character and have sold their soals for a fat paycheck. In the long run, they will be judged.

  8. Many must have been ASTOUNDED that Greta, an attorney, would state that she was “SATISFIED” that Obama was “eligible” as she had “reviewed the documentation” and was “confident” that Obama “fulfilled Constitutional qualifications.”

    It was the poorest performance of any FOX host to date (unless one counts Alan Colmes who daily sounds undisciplined and rhetoric-centered).

    Greta owes all of her viewers, no matter their political bent, an explanation concerning WHICH documents she viewed, WHAT her understanding is of “natural born,” and how she explains the SSN number, the Virginia Sunahara angle (which she seemed to tell viewers “COULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED,” and his travels to Pakistan in an era when American citizens were NOT able to travel there.

    Greta has never given the impression she is a push-over, but either she secretly supports Obama, has been threatened or told NOT to “go there” with Eligibility issues, or is weak in Constitutional Law.

    In any case, Trump deserves another round with Greta, where he should question HER for America.

    America and the World need Greta ON THE RECORD, as she was OFF HER GAME with Trump, and an embarrassment during that segment of the interview.

  9. “FAUX News” is NO different than the rest of the “LAMESTREAM Media” that has abandoned their responsibilities to the Constitution and the Citizens of this Republic. The fact that there are Millions of words written that pertain to the present Debacle that this country is now facing, and the reasons are as many as the words~the “Long and the Short”, simply is “WHEN HELL FREEZES OVER!” will the “DEAF EARS and BLIND EYES SYNDROME” cease and by then America will be a SOCIALIST, COMMUNIST GULAG!!

  10. Sharon, Great letter. The truth is that FOX will not pursue the truth. Previously I have written and provided the same information to all the major talking heads and upper level management at FOX. I have never received a reply and they continue to spin the lies that the other news media have been telling. If things turn sour and we eventually have a revolution to take the country back, the pundits at FOX will go down with all of the other broadcasters that will not do their jobs as journalists and continue to support this massive fraud.

  11. Wow! Well stated, well intentioned, and well received by thousands of committed citizens who want our country back! We want the truth! And, yes, we can handle the truth.

    Mr. Trump and all the truth seekers on this issue are the only hope this Republic has. TV Media has failed miserably to the American people. Networks including Fox should hang their heads in shame. Fair & balanced? What a joke. New media will take over the entire news industry in very short time. The discerning thinkers can’t take the stuff dished out as newsworthy.