The Obama Eligibility Question – Part III

The Obama Eligibility Question – Part III

BARACK OBAMA’S CITIZENSHIP STATUS by Paul R. Hollrah, ©2016 (Oct. 13, 2016) — In Parts I and II of this series we discussed the meaning and the purpose of the presidential eligibility clause in Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution.  Specifically, we discussed the Founders’ fear of foreign influence in the executive branch […]

“Truth and Justice Must be Upheld”

CITIZEN FROM THE HEARTLAND SPEAKS TO U.S. SUPREME COURT CHIEF JUSTICE FROM THE HEART by Michael D. Jackson (Nov. 28, 2011) — The following letter was sent by certified mail, #70110470000241170944, to U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John G. Roberts, who administered the oath of office to Barack Hussein Obama on January 20, 2009.  Because […]

Are All Members of Congress Alike?

ANOTHER “NON-REPRESENTATIVE” IGNORES REPEATED LETTERS ON OBAMA’S INELIGIBILITY AND OTHER CRIMES by Michael D. Jackson (Nov. 1, 2011) — The following letter was sent by certified mail, #70110470000241166824, to Rep. Aaron Schock of Illinois’s 18th Congressional District on October 31, 2011: 10-31-11 Congressman Aaron Schock U.S. House of Representatives Peoria District Office 100 NE Monroe, […]

The Three Most Significant Obama Eligibility Hurdles

FROM THIS WRITER’S PERSPECTIVE by Sharon Rondeau (Sep. 15, 2011) — The three major reasons why Barack Hussein Obama is not eligible to the U.S. presidency are: 1.  Obama’s father was a foreign national and not a U.S. citizen.  Extensive research has shown that the citizenship of the parents, or at least the father, is […]

Barack Hussein Obama Has Not Produced Anything But a Forged Document

AND OBAMA’S FOREIGN-CITIZEN FATHER PRECLUDED HIM FROM BEING A “NATURAL BORN CITIZEN” by Creg Maroney (Jul. 7, 2011) — On June 29, 2011, Adobe expert Mara Zebest stated at a WorldNetDaily press conference at the National Press Club in Washington, DC that Obama’s Certificate of Live Birth is “unequivocally a forgery.” An Article II natural […]

Birther Novel by M. L. Haen

“A CHRISTIAN POLITICAL THRILLER” by Monique Haen, ©2011 (Apr. 17, 2011) — Everyone loves a good yarn. It’s thrilling to slip our skin and dive into the life-pulsing world calling to us from the characters of our alphabet arranged on the pages of a novel. But a good yarn does more than entertain. It uplifts […]

Has the Military Usurped Power as well as Obama?

THE ARMY HELD A “TRIAL” WITHOUT ALLOWING ANY DEFENSE, THEN CONVICTED January 20, 2011 Dear Editor: The following letter was sent to Mr. Jonathan Blythe, Chief of Staff for newly-elected Congressman Allen West representing Florida’s 22nd District. As Chief of Staff for LTC West, I felt that there might be some interest/concern from the Congressman […]

Are There Traitors Among Us?

WHY OBAMA CANNOT QUALIFY TO SERVE AS PRESIDENT by 1 Dragon, blogging at Socialism is not the Answer (Jan. 11, 2011) — When History details the Obama Presidency, how will it be written? If it’s written by Liberals, they may refer to him as the Great Hope of our time. If it is written by […]

Blogger Explains the Eligibility Issue to Fox News Anchor Megyn Kelly

IF KELLY NEEDS AN EDUCATION IN THE CONSTITUTION, WHAT DID SHE LEARN IN LAW SCHOOL? January 3, 2011 Dear Editor: The following letter was sent to Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly in response to her recent report on Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin’s court-martial and the underlying issue of the “birthers.” Megyn; I sincerely hope that […]

Should These Officers be Arrested for Treason?

“THIS IS NOT A POLITICAL QUESTION” January 2, 2010 Officers: This is my second letter to each/all of you on this matter and if you’ve not read the First Letter (dated Dec. 22, 2010), it is included as an attachment that should be read in toto prior to this one, as […]

Where was Obama’s allegiance at age 18-23?

DID OBAMA CHOOSE ALLEGIANCE TO A COUNTRY OTHER THAN THE U.S.? by Sally Vendée (Apr. 28, 2010) —  Most Americans now understand the Obama eligibility controversy to be much more than about a Birth Certificate—that the Constitution in Article II requires a candidate for the Presidency to both be born on the soil of the […]

Who is Barack Obama?

ALL THREE BRANCHES OF GOVERNMENT HAVE FAILED US BY REFUSING TO ANSWER  THIS VERY SIMPLE QUESTION by Kathleen Gotto (Mar. 26, 2010) — It is astounding that more than a year into Obama’s presidency such a question is still without an answer. The specific issue that has been largely kept under wraps by the mainstream […]

Birthright Citizenship-ers, Dual Citizenship-ers, and Birth-ers

THE MARCH OF “ER” by Sally Vendée (Mar. 10, 2010) — Going with the new trend of adding “-er” to the end of terms describing groups of people with similar beliefs ungrounded in commonly-accepted reality, we need to add Birthright Citizenship-ers and Dual Citizenship-ers to the mix, along with the Birth-ers. The reason to group […]

British Law declares Obama a British subject!

THE FACTS, THE LAW, THE INESCAPABLE CONCLUSION Legal Analysis by John Charlton (Dec. 24, 2009) — Barack Hussein Obama has written 2 biographies about himself and has publicly spoken of his origins in many public speeches.  He claims as his biological and legal father, a man who went by the name Barrack Hussein Obama.  That […]