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by Monique Haen, ©2011

Front Cover of M.L. Haen's new novel, "POTUS"

(Apr. 17, 2011) — Everyone loves a good yarn. It’s thrilling to slip our skin and dive into the life-pulsing world calling to us from the characters of our alphabet arranged on the pages of a novel. But a good yarn does more than entertain. It uplifts or enlightens or emboldens or somehow harnesses the thrill of adventure for the good of friend and neighbor.

POTUS is a novel such as this.

It is a fresh wave washing onto the birther shore. It is a Christian political thriller with the potential not only to entertain, but also to enlighten fellow Americans who remain unaware of Obama’s eligibility problems.

I owe much of the credit for my own “birther awakening” to Attorney Leo Donofrio whose lawsuit, Donofrio v. Wells, challenged the eligibility of Barack Obama, John McCain, and Roger Calero. But unlike many birthers, Donofrio focused on the British citizenship of Obama’s father, rather than on Obama’s birthplace, as disqualifying him for the office of president.

As Donofrio points out, Barack Obama’s website admitted that, “As a Kenyan native, Barack Obama Sr. was a British subject whose citizenship status was governed by The British Nationality Act of 1948.  That same act governed the status of Obama Sr.‘s children.” And Donofrio asks, “How can a person whose birth status was governed by the United Kingdom be considered a natural born citizen of the United States?”

According to Donofrio, he can’t.

My novel, POTUS, tackles this dilemma as President Louise Campbell, whose father is a British citizen, battles the birthers to hold onto the reins of power. Joining the fight against the illegitimate president is state representative and family man, Joe Renfro, who takes up his slain brother’s mantle to prove that President Louise Campbell is ineligible to occupy the highest office in the land. Soon the country is rocked by a chain of terrorist attacks stretching from New York to California, and in the chaos following the attacks, Joe stumbles across evidence that President Campbell’s administration orchestrated the destruction. Now he must risk everything in order to expose the president before she unleashes war on the American people.

But why a birther novel?

Call it a stealth attack. Sometimes fiction has a way of penetrating closed minds in a way raw facts cannot. It also has the potential to reach individuals who have little time for or interest in things political but will carve out time to be entertained by a good book. POTUS is a flight under the radar of the media’s propaganda machine, which brainwashes our unsuspecting friends and family into thinking the birthers are quacks and that Obama’s birth certificate has been released when the image released was actually his COLB.

But in spite of the media’s spin, the relentless march of birthers with bloodshot eyes is paying off. The pendulum is swinging, and the ranks of those who question Obama’s eligibility are growing as we wield our pens and bide our time.

Now comes POTUS, one more foot soldier joining the struggle, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the legion of bloggers, investigators, attorneys, and patriotic Americans who refuse to be silenced by the mountain of ridicule and scorn heaped upon them because they dare to question whether Barack Obama is a natural-born citizen.

To learn more about POTUS and to read the first chapter online, be sure to check out my website, birthernovel.com.


Editor’s Note: This editorial has been published in conjunction with the advertisement which now appears on the inner pages of articles under the “Subscription” button.  The book trailer is now on YouTube.

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  1. I too join the camp never to trust the government. While a draftee in the Army I was stationed in a Washington DC area military base where “volunteers” were recruited to enter a drug experiment program that included LSD, marijuana and other drugs. Later a director of the program had written a book that defended and explained how the program began and operated. To my knowledge the media only brushed over the topic during the Vietnam era and since Johnson was in charged probably protected him as we see today with Obama. Suggest readers contact their public libraries to order the POTUS book which further increases readership.

  2. Just finished watching “The CIA’s Secret War In Laos” on the History Channel. I highly recommend catching it if you’ve not seen it yet. You will be astounded at what the Executive branch’s CIA is capable of… and this was 40 years ago.

    What I learned most from watching, besides the atrocities on the Laos people by the US government, is that you can NOT believe ANYTHING the US government tells you when it comes to its war policies/practices and covert role(s) in foreign conflicts. This latest “humanitarian effort” in Libya comes to mind.

    The US government kept the CIA’s war in Laos, it’s base and operations completely secret from Congress and the public for over 7 years until 3 US investigative journalist infiltrated the base and exposed it. Where are these courageous journalists now?

    In the documentary they explain how the CIA recruited “case agents” from our colleges to participate in the covert operations in Laos. There is a theory that Barry Soetoro was recruited by the CIA from Occidental College in Los Angeles, California in 1980 as a foreign student to participate in operations in Pakistan. The evidence (and lack thereof) lends serious credibility to the theory. Most have probably read it already, but here’s the link…


    Is Soetoro still working as a CIA agent? Could this be why he is overly protected by the media and why he comes off as untouchable? Given that everything about Soetoro’s past continues to be kept secret makes one consider the possibilities.

    1. Unfortunately, many people have the mindset that government will do no evil. But goverment is no more righteous than the individuals in power at any given moment in history. One of the shocking things I came across while working on POTUS was Operation Northwoods.

      During the Kennedy Administration, the Joint Chiefs of Staff hatched a plot, signed by Chairman Lemnitzer, in which the government would have committed a series of terrorist attacks against the American people and then pinned the blame on Cuba. The stuff of fiction… only this one was real. Thank God, it was never implemented.