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(May 23, 2023) — “Just to be with You” (2:24)

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘The Pulse of the Nation,’ the place to hear it here first. Chief New Leaf returns with some down-home American Indian common sense, is that right?”

“You speak with straight tongue, that you do. So very glad to be on ‘Pulse,’ the most-watched information show in its time slot. Our Little Indians read your transcripts in all our schools. It is good to know what’s going on and we trust you to give us the real news and not the lies from CNN, MSNBC and all the other Fake News outlets.”

“Well, Chief, we thank you for the vote of confidence.”

“We catch Indian cheating on the tabulations of an election we do stuff to them that is not fit for print. As cruel as you white people can be, as so aptly demonstrated in the past, we are quite surprised and disappointed that you let the guilty just walk around as if nothing happened.”

“Well, you got me there, Chief. There are many of us who feel the same way.”

“You let the guilty just walk out the door. Remember Lois Lerner? She just got up and walked away after doing irreparable harm to our Republic. And she is not the only one. You have the Biden crime syndicate to consider.”

“You are so right.”

“My son-in-law just became a lawyer; did you know that? He wants to practice in front of the Supreme Court, bring Biden and his family to trial; have it ALL hang out and let’s see how the Fake News spins their lies. They’re still spinning the ‘Russian Collusion Hoax,’ except for the ‘hoax’ part.”

“Good time to take a break, and when we come back, you can tell us about the funding of the Trump opposition.”

“Yes, more than glad to. I mean, Trump (2:24) has the ‘Ace-in-the-Hole,’ ‘the Joker’; he’s holding a ‘Royal Flush in Spades.’ In other words, he can’t be bought off, paid off or bribed off. He’s holding the winning hand, period. Imagine Mike Davis and Henry in Trump’s cabinet?”

“Which means?”

“Only Trump (3:30) can be trusted to get rid of the Deep State and expose all the traitors who stuffed their bank accounts with money from China, from the cost overruns in Afghanistan to the payoffs to Ukraine. He doesn’t need the 30 pieces of silver, okay?”

“Okay with us. Now we’ll pause for a short break.”

“You know, before we take that short break, the Deep State will do any and everything to keep Trump from saving our Republic. No voter ID; non-citizens allowed to vote; the same lying traitors will count the 2024 votes who ‘counted’ the 2020 votes.”

“We believe you.”

“And if any Tom, Dick and Harry should pop up against Trump, thousands of dollars will suddenly flow into the campaign coffers from — gee whiz, who has that kind of money to throw around these days?”

“The government?”

“That’s right. Ron DeSantis has posters and flags galore, and so does each and every candidate running against Trump. Thousands of flyers, hours of TV ads and radio advertisements attacking Trump, and it’ll never end. You know our so-called ‘Intelligence Agencies’ – more like ‘REALLY STUPID AGENCIES’ (let’s get real, our government let us down by allowing 9-11 to happen, and they’re just as worthless today as then)– have ‘black accounts’ that are not subject to audit, any audit, so maybe they contribute to Trump’s opposition.”

“But what if any candidate except Trump wins?”

“So what? The Deep State doesn’t care who wins as long as it’s not Trump.”


“Not Trump. Take that break.”

“I’m sorry, but our time is up so we’ll be signing off. Goodnight.

“Good show. Burger time: my treat.”

The Unicorn” (3:21)

Roving Reporter

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  1. Right again. Obama has been exposed as the lead in the weaponization of alphabet agencies…but nothing seems to matter. Of course Obama used those agencies to go after Trump to protect himself. Trump is the only person who as a private citizen offered Obama’s favorite charity 5 million dollars for Obama to show his real passport and school records. Obama did not, and the charity got nothing. Trump is also the only person who, after sending detectives to Hawaii to investigate Obama said…”you won’t believe what they have found”. That was more than enough to get Obama and all complicit in The Obama Fraud busy to keep Trump from being elected and when he unexpectedly, (inadequate Democrat cheating), defeated the planned after Obama cover President Hillary Clinton in 2016 to remove Trump from office as quickly as possible. This is all about Obama’s installation as America’s president by enemies of America and all who could have but did not stop that from happening. It’s very easy to follow and understand all the way back to 2009….but it worked anyway mostly due to Obama’s race protection and once he was sworn-in his ineligibility protection and of course the Obama media. Both parties must protect Obama to protect themselves from charges of treason for giving America’s government and her military to her enemies.

    Easy to see and understand but so-far too big to prosecute. Obama and those who installed and protect him are successfully destroying America……this is common knowledge, but still nothing happens except more “fundamental change” from the de facto president in his third term, as Barack Hussein Obama pulls the strings of Hillary’s emergency replacement after Hillary lost in 2016 to Donald Trump, Joe Biden, who defeated Trump in a stolen election in 2020, Obama also picked Kamala Harris as Biden’s V.P., in my opinion because of her ineligibility. It looks right now like game over for America……..Of course I hope I am wrong……………A fair question now is will Trump ever use what he said his detectives uncovered in Hawaii…..or was it just bluster? Will Trump be sent to jail on a trumped-up change and still not use his Trump card? Time will tell………….I ask, how much time?