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Former U.S. Rep. from Hawaii Tulsi Gabbard (Twitter)

(Oct. 11, 2022) — Former U.S. House of Representatives member Tulsi Gabbard has announced that she has left the Democrat[ic] [sic] Party. Citing the long and critical list of failures of the “cabal of elitists” now commanding the party, she urges other members of her former party to join her in escaping the toxic landfill now destroying the nation.

Wow.  How’s that for an “October Surprise” for the Goofball at 1600?  Let us examine more closely what is happening here. 

To begin with, full disclosure: your humble servant has previously posited that while Gabbard is a U.S. citizen – and is to be thanked for her military service – she likely is not a “natural born Citizen” eligible to the presidency. One does not, however, need to be a natural born citizen to understand that everything she states in her announcement of leaving the Democrat party is true. 

From border security to inflation to race relations to law and order to the weaponization of the FBI and Department of Justice to freedom of speech and religion…, the cabal of elitists has commandeered the Democrat Party and metastasized it against the very nation hosting it.  Moreover, one does not “negotiate” with cancer but instead fights it and does whatever can be done to remove it as a threat to the body.  Here, that body is the United States of America.

The real question, however, is that although she has left the Democrats, her announcement said nothing about whether she would be joining the Republican Party.  After all, while most of the elitist cabal members are Democrats, there are also more than a few Beltway “Republicans” who share many of the same views of their across-the-aisle counterparts.  Liz Cheney comes to mind.

Stated otherwise, the likelihood is that Gabbard will remain unaffiliated or, at most, an Independent…, but if this humble servant is wrong, it would not be the first time.  She is not likely a rabid (or even moderate) Trump or DeSantis supporter or for that matter even a “conservative.”  But at least she no longer supports the political party that seeks to undermine the very foundations of the nation and nudge us closer to a nuclear confrontation with Russia.    

It is, of course, one thing to leave a political party because it no longer aligns with your conscience and principles.  Gabbard has done that and she is to be applauded for placing principle above political expediency.  But it is quite another thing to actively strive thereafter to repair the damage that has already been done.  Part of that effort must necessarily involve stopping any further damage from taking place.

Not to beat a dead horse, but this is similar to what your humble servant has been advocating over the past year at The P&E here; here; here and most recently here.  If but only a few Democrat members of the House were to leave the Democrat Party, as Tulsi Gabbard has just wisely and bravely done, and thereafter register as Republicans – which Gabbard has not yet done – a lot of the damage wrought by the Democrats since the Goofball occupied the presidency, chiefly economic and inflation-related, might have been avoided.

In addition, articles of impeachment seeking the removal of the Goofball could have already been introduced, passed and sent to the Senate well before the mid-term election.  That might have been just enough to alter even the composition of the Senate to secure a conviction on the impeachment bill and – mercifully, and better late than never – remove Brandon from the office.  Yes, that might temporarily install Harris, but even having a purveyor of word salads in the Oval Office is better than the excuse for a chief executive presently there.  C’mon, man….

The Democrats now dedicated to the destruction of the nation have forever forfeited any claim to either the competence or the right to govern a free people in a Republic such as ours.  They should never again be allowed within two parsecs of the levers of governmental power, whether at the federal, state or local levels.  Period.  Full stop.

Tulsi Gabbard did the right thing.  It remains to be seen if enough Democrats – across the entire electorate as well as both in and out of governmental office – accept her invitation to follow her lead.  They should, because, as already noted, there is still a lot of damage that could be wrought by Brandon and the cabal of elites now in charge. 

And do not forget where the nuclear football sits.  Yikes.

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  1. Neither Gabbard or Harris are NBCs of the USA. Gabbard was not born in a State or alternatively in a “fully incorporated territory” of the USA and is only a “Citizen” of the USA. America Samoa is not a “fully incorporated territory” of the U.S. Gabbard therefore is not an NBC. Harris was born to two non-citizen parents and is therefore also ineligible. Indeed, at birth she had more claim to being a citizen/subject of Great Britain. BOTH her parents were born in commonwealth nations and were citizens of
    India (Her Mother) and Jamaica (her Father) respectively. This made Harris a Brit under the British Nationality Act of 1947. The same act made Obama a Brit at the time of his birth in Hawaii (if indeed the circumstances of his birth as purported are actually true). Hawaii was formerly under British control. BTW, Hawaii was illegally annexed by the US, in any event. This is a fact that was admitted both by Grover Cleveland AND Bill Clinton. See: “The Apology”. President Clinton, while in office, apologized for the illegal annexation of Hawaii by the USA. Hawaii is not actually a State. As a matter of fact, The “Kingdom of Hawaii” still maintains to this day, an embassy in NY State.

    1. Gabbard fraudulently ran “for President”. She was not born in the USA. American Samoa is NOT a “fully incorporated” territory of the USA and therefore, for article II purposes, does NOT meet the criteria for being an NBC., “One born IN the United States to parents who are BOTH U.S. Citizens themselves”, See: Minor v. Happersett, USSCt., (1874).
      Gabbard does not meet the Jus Soli (of the soil of the U.S.) portion of this legally established definition of the term of art “Natural Born Citizen”.

        1. And many ill-advised people keep praising Cruz and Rubio by rewarding them with a voted seat in the US Senate for the same fraud of representing theirselves as eligible for Article II jobs.

  2. Joe, frequent contributor to P&E as am I. I have long admired Tulsi, a Lt Col, US Army Reserves, and think this is a great move for her. Question: Did she leave the Democrat Party or did it leave her?

    1. It left her. It also left me. I became a Republican the moment Barack Obama was allowed to usurp the Presidency, by fraud, during time of war. Then I discovered that McCain was also NOT eligible. The 2008 election was a TOTAL fraud.

      1. Reminder – Senate Resolution (SR) 511 was the wool-over-the-eyes lie that duped the nation to believe that both McCain (by action) and Obama (by inaction) passed muster of being a natural born Citizen.

        1. McCain was NOT born in the United States. He was born in Colon, Panama which was NEVER a part of the Panama Canal Zone. The PCZ was also never fully incorporated territory. Neither Obama or McCain met the NBC definition “One born IN the US to parents who are both US Citizens themselves”-Minor v. Happersett,USSCt. (1874).