by Joseph DeMaio, ©2021

“A Republic, madam, if you can keep it”

(Sep. 30, 2021) — Once again, with each passing hour, day, week and month, the incremental disintegration of the nation under the metastasizing tyranny of the Goofball Regime continues.  The latest news comes via a Border Patrol whistleblower to Congressman Jim Jordan. 

The whistleblower has informed Jordan that Customs and Border Patrol agents have received notification that a “significant portion” of their ranks stand the risk of being terminated if they are not fully C-19 vaccinated by November 1, which is approximately 30 days from now.

Representative Jordan fired off a “strongly-worded” letter to Department of Homeland “Security” [sic] Secretary Mayorkas (ooooo…) urging him to not follow through on the termination threat.  This is a particularly pressing concern now, in these times of an unprecedented invasion of the southern border by hordes of illegal aliens drawn from across the globe by the Goofball’s policies.  Not only is the Goof advocating an “open borders” policy, he has intentionally morphed it into a “no border” policy. 

Tell me again how this squares with the Goof’s obligation to “take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed…” under Art. 2, § 3 of the Constitution.  And please, spare me the nonsense that all of these invaders are seeking “asylum.”  They are not.  The vast majority are seeking a better quality of life in what used to be a strong and vibrant capitalist economy, now being gleefully destroyed by the Goof, his marionette-masters and the malignant Left that now infects the Congress. 

That is not asylum: that is economic self-interest.  And there are lawful ways to meet those interests.  But why would anyone consider pursuing lawful paths when under the Goofball Regime, there are zero consequences for bypassing them and tangible incentives to do just that: violate the law?  Heck, the bypass option actually will get illegals free health care, free ground or air travel to a destination of their choice and maybe even a driver’s license to be used in the mid-term elections.  As Rahm Emanuel said: “Never let a crisis go to waste.”

Faithful P&E readers, watch and see what happens to the flow of illegals when hundreds – if not thousands – of Border Patrol agents are fired for insisting that their “bodily autonomy” be observed.  If you think that the flow will either dry up or even diminish, you are indulging in a controlled substance. 

On the other hand, if you think that the next potential outrage from the Goof will be an order commanding U.S. Navy ships to being ferrying illegals from around the world who cannot afford sea passage to be delivered to Mexican seaports so they may more easily slip into the United States…, you may be prescient.

There are a host of cogent reasons why people should not be forced, coerced or blackmailed into getting “the jab,” not the least of which is the growing body of scientific evidence that (1) the “vaccines” are not safe and should be pulled from even voluntary administration, let alone mandatory administration; and (2) the CDC’s own “VAERS” database (“Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System”) shows an alarming increase in reported adverse reactions to the C-19 “vaccines” over historically minimal adverse events from true “vaccines.” 

In particular, the CDC/HHSA (Health and Human Services Administration) governmental website requires one to download files to review the data, but a particularly good non-governmental website graphically and stunningly displays the truth of the skyrocketing instances of adverse reactions to the C-19 “vaccines.”  And even those totals, based on the CDC data, may be low.

Against this backdrop, the Goof, through his lackey Mayorkas, is threatening those charged by law with defending the nation’s borders with termination if they do not submit to the jab by the end of October.  Submit, ye insolent border guards, or suffer…, oh, and all you illegal aliens backed up in Mexico…, c’mon in… the welfare’s fine….  And the jab?  Purely optional.

As noted here, the failure of certain Democrat House members to heed the call to assist in ending this unfolding cataclysm is contributing to making the Goofball-in-Chief’s border catastrophe genuinely apocalyptic.  Memo to the FHDP: as 60’s radical Eldridge Cleaver warned: “You’re either part of the solution, or you’re part of the problem.” As of today, the FHDP are most certainly not a part of the solution, placing them, of course, in the latter category. 

If they are not willing to lend a hand here, the sad truth is that come the 2022 mid-term elections – assuming, of course, that elections are still even allowed by then – there may be no remaining Republic to save.  And this will be true even if both the House and the Senate are recaptured – a better term might be “rescued” – by the GOP.  That, Virginia, is the sad, unvarnished and truthful reality. 

Soooo, faithful P&E reader, if you know one of the FHDP members, you might want to alert them to this hypothetical.  At this point, what, exactly, do you have to lose?

Oh…, mea culpa…, my bad: Ben Franklin already told you what you had to lose.

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