by Joseph DeMaio, ©2022

(Apr. 24, 2022) — Soooo…, this offering presents – yet again – the question for all who “actually” voted for the Goofball at 1600: Are you happy now?  The same question is also posed, rhetorically, to all of the “phantom,” “fake,” “actually dead” and “brain-dead” others who “elected” him, including some high officials on January 6, 2021: Are you really happy now?  Seriously? 

The people who in actuality voted for this addled and incompetent buffoon – who, BTW, takes directions from the Easter Bunny – must now either confess that (1) they are giddy over the destruction of virtually everything that once made America great, including the southern border of the nation, or (2) their participation in elevating this dangerous clown to the Oval Office was without question the worst voting decision they had ever made in their lifetime.  No other options exist.   

And for those who did not vote in the 2020 general election at all…, they should be ashamed, because their omission contributed to the catastrophe now demolishing the country. 

From the completely avoidable debacle in Afghanistan to the murderous consequences of ignoring immigration laws to the crippling of the nation’s energy independence achieved under President Trump – to identify but a few – the Goof has been one catastrophe after another. 

And guess what, Virginia: unless he is removed from office via impeachment or invocation of Section 4 of the 25th Amendment – since it looks as if he won’t resign – we are in for another 2+ years of this…, and worse.  Yikes. 

The New York Post – founded in 1801 by one Alexander Hamilton – noted that Democrats “are in dreamland” if they think the Goof can run and again “win.” Memo to P&E readers: dreamland is where really bad nightmares happen and the Democrats apparently love really bad nightmares.  Oh, yeah…, and remember what Obama said.

Memo to the FHDP: do something.  If you want to be remembered by historians as among the statesmen who saved the Republic, do it now.   

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  1. America can be saved if, and only if, every able bodied patriot steps up to the bar and volunteers to work polls and monitor ballot boxes. There can be no Midnight deliveries of boxes of ballots. No Democrats only ballot counting. No internet connections to voting machines. There must be both political parties represented at any election function. Make sure that there is unbiased law available at all polls. Volunteer. Give every minute you can during the election process. Primaries and midterms. It is America’s last chance. Without winning 2022 there will be no 2024.