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(Jun. 1, 2022) — “Hard Times in the Country” (4:16)

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘The Pulse of the Nation,’ the place to hear it here first. To start, let me say that Mitch McConnell is a dirty RINO, a stinkin’ Deep- Stater and a traitor to his constituents of Kentucky. One of these days we’ll have a show on McConnell so I can tell you what I really think about the good-for-nothing sorry excuse for, well now, there’s a good question: what is McConnell good for?”

“I take it that’s a rhetorical question.”

“And here he is, our featured guest, Professor Zorkophsky. Welcome to ‘Pulse,’ the most- watched information show in its time slot.”

“And I agree with you about McConnell: he must go, and the sooner the better. But why I wanted to be on your show today is to remind people that you can’t rely on others to protect you; you must be able to protect yourself. Our country is paying a high price indeed for being ‘woke’ and steeped in ‘political correctness.’ What we’re witnessing is the end of what the Greatest Generation fought and died for. We are in the throes of despair with only one way out: by an overwhelming consensus of agreement that our courts are, in fact, not enforcing the laws but rather, enforcing the mechanisms that ensure our country’s destruction; there’s no better example than a bunch of our fellow citizens who have been locked up for no other reason than peacefully protesting the fraud of an election* on Jan. 6.”

“The so-called ‘insurrectionists.’

“They should be talked about every day on every talk show and maybe, just maybe, we’ll get so riled up to get them all released and, better yet, put those who put them in jail in jail themselves.”

“Excuse us while we take a short break.”

Simple Man” (3:26)

“Now that I agree with. Put the real lawbreakers in jail. Round up Biden and the rest of the rats. You have had a guest who says, ‘Give me a company of Marines and a destroyer with a 5” mount.’ I like that attitude, and we need more people to articulate the overthrow of this rogue government.”

“The sooner the better.”

“Here’s the thing: all we need are judges who are willing to enforce the laws already on the books, and that’s it. All we need is one judge to put one election fraudster in prison; one judge to deport one Muslim; one judge to deport one illegal immigrant; and one judge to send one judge to jail for acting on the Deep State’s behalf rather than on our Constitution’s.”

“It always starts with one.”

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.’

“What’s on your plate today: a screenplay, a play, a new book?”

“A new bestseller, my 75th or so; who’s counting? It’s about the secret checklist that the Deep State has that a whistleblower gave me. And guess what’s number one? Guns, that’s what. Reminds one of NAZI Germany or Cuba and Venezuela, does it not?”

“Straight out of the ‘Tyrannical Handbook,’ page one: GET THE GUNS. And here’s the deal. Because the motto of our police is ‘GET HOME SAFE,’ if there were citizens out there who would fight to protect their Constitutional rights, the cops would maybe be afraid and not go into a situation where they suspect a possible ‘active hooter.’ It’s rather convoluted, I know; makes ‘SERVE AND PROTECT’ an oxymoron.”

“Now ain’t that the truth.”

“And to this day they still haven’t figured it out. Here, let me ask you a few questions. Active shooter in a building: what do you do?”

“I’d send in two men to take the bum out.”

“Same scenario but with two shooters.”

“The same: send in two to take them out.”

“Okay, then, how about two or more active shooters?”

“Send in two, always two to act as a team and leave everyone outside to protect the perimeter.”

“Roving, you just got yourself an ‘A+.’ Congratulations. You just figured it all out when there’s not a police force in the whole country who could’ve passed that one simple test. Why, wherever you live they ought to make you the chief of police or sheriff.”

“No way. The first thing I’d do is fire everyone who wasn’t a Veteran.”

“No, the mayor wouldn’t let you. Imagine the mayor of Baltimore ordering the cops to ‘stand down’ while the losers looted and burned up the place and the cops shot the mob? Oh, that reminds me: in our scenario of the good guy going after the bad guy in the building, do the cops yell, ‘Stop or I’ll shoot’ or just shoot?”

“Oh, now that’s an easy one: just shoot. BANG-BANG. End of story.”

“What about the FBI?”

“Fire them all and hire BLM to burn the building down; make them at least do one good deed. Which reminds me: You have an inside on those paratroopers from somewhere in the Adirondacks; what are they up to these days?”

“Sorry, Professor Zorkophsky, my lips are sealed.”

“’Zork,’ please call me ‘Zork.’ Gosh, but you should know by now. And I won’t ask any more about the paratroopers.”

“Good. And that’s all the time for this episode and so, on behalf of Zork, this is your Roving Reporter wishing you all a goodnight. But before I do, our Republic can’t take much more of Joe Biden, Mitch McConnell, Chuck Schumer and all the rest of the traitors in Washington who sell our country down the river for money from China: Goodnight.

“Good show. Burger time: my treat.”

[*Fraud of an election: See the movie 2000 Mules.’]

[Note: The paratroopers are bivouacked somewhere in Maryland or maybe at Manassas National Battlefield Park in Virginia.]

Heartland” (2:23)

Roving Reporter

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  1. “Our Republic” WILL survive Biden. As Ben Franklin said “We have a republic IF we can keep it”. It may very well become necessary to take up arms soon against an illegitimate government. That is not insurrection. That is one of our duties as citizens of this American Republic. That is why we have the Second Amendment to begin with. Will the People be brave enough to defend their freedoms and rights? “Freedom is not free” reads the sign in front of my local VA Medical Center. Many people WILL reach their boiling point IF Biden and his cabal continue to take actions to erode our rights. We very well may be close, not to Civil war II but to American Revolution II. I saw things going south in 1987, when I founded Society for the Preservation of Democracy and Human Rights (Now named Society for the Preservation of our American Republic”).

    NEVER give up your weapons against tyranny. NEVER. Die if you must defending YOUR country. Don’t surrender your guns for ANY reason. I mean ANY reason. The Second Amendment IS a firewall between remaining free and being subjects of a tyrannical despot.