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by Roving Reporter, ©2022

(May 7, 2022) — “Family Reserve” (3:59)

“The fallen Christopher Columbus statue outside the Minnesota State Capitol after a group led by American Indian Movement members tore it down in St. Paul, Minnesota, on June 10, 2020”, Wikimedia Commons, Photo by Tony Webster, CC BY 2.0

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘The Pulse of the Nation,’ the place to hear it here first. And here we are, back in the balcony at the little church down on Hawthorn Street about to listen to a sermon from Rook Dunkin. Take it away, Rook.”

“Thank you, Roving, for broadcasting The Word near and far. Here’s the thing: the whole concept of Jesus Christ is timeless: if He didn’t happen then He could have just as well happened now, and in a very special and positive way, He is.

“Allow me to explain: if, let’s say, Jesus was among us today preaching the Golden Rule with millions of die-hard followers, what do you think the government we have, on this day, would do? They would arrest Him, incarcerate Him and murder Him. Maybe murder by way of ‘accident’; maybe murder Him in public, right there on TV for the world to see.

“See, what we do to those who believe in the Father and the Constitution is crucify them. We replace the church with a godless government where honesty, integrity and truth are the enemy. And to prove it, we have a Ministry of Truth where there is no truth, and the truth must be quashed ASAP because that’s the only way a rogue government can endure.

“So where does a rogue government find the goons to carry out their ruthless agenda, an agenda based on the falsehood that a free and honest election was, in fact, nothing but a sham, a purposely staged event that pushed a lie as the truth? Where do the guards and the judges come from who back a belief that the human condition cannot be left alone to flourish but must be trampled on until the whole world is in desperation and fear?

“The church used to be the cornerstone of our Republic, but along came the statue-topplers, and the police were as responsible as those who toppled, for they had the power to interject reason into unreasonable behavior but stood around and collected overtime that they themselves paid for through exorbitant taxation.

“The government prints paper money that has no intrinsic value: our money used to be Silver Certificates, but all it is nowadays is ‘Promissory Notes’ backed by a Federal Reserve that has avoided any public audit for almost a century. Imagine that: they get away with making ANTIFA, BLM, Nation of Islam and all the rest of us labor for them, the Ruling Class, and we buy (no pun intended, I assure you) into it. The end result is our worthless judges, politicians and the rest of the Biden-Harris regime that have given us the United States that we have today: “Putin is responsible for the higher gas prices.

“Yet another lie. Meanwhile, our Military Industrial Complex is doing well at the expense of our worthless military. You want proof? Twenty years in Vietnam and the Communists are in charge; another twenty years in Afghanistan and the Taliban is in charge. There are no ‘hearts and minds’ being changed; the only thing that’s happening is our tax dollars are causing more widows and orphans, more coming home maimed or in a box.

“We continue to have unqualified people as our Secretaries of Defense who think that CRT is somehow a meaningful pile of, well, let me say garbage and be done with it. It all comes down to our education system, a system that encourages TV and the Internet over the library and reading; being the audience rather than a participant.

“The fact of the matter is that the library, rather than being the center of learning for a community, exists for a mistakenly-held belief that we still maintain a free exchange of ideas. Better stop and look around: the last time I looked, the recruitment center in Chattanooga was the scene of four deaths.

“The truth of the matter is that our government isn’t ours anymore; the truth of the matter is that we lost what ‘the greatest generation’ had, and if we don’t get it back, our democracy will just turn into another worthless Third World country right before our eyes. Face it, to paraphrase Shakespeare:

The first thing we do is get rid of all the judges who are unconstitutional wimps.

“Thank you for being such an attentive audience. Bit of advice: be armed at all times, and that includes mowing the lawn and walking the dog. Thanks to incompetent and traitorous judges; thanks to worthless Generals and Admirals; thanks to on-the-take politicians and the Fake News, we are going downhill at an accelerated rate and before you know it, we’ll be standing on the sidewalk stoning Jesus as He carries the cross to His death, mark my words. The cock will crow for each of us.

“People say, ‘It can’t happen here’ while it is happening here. Home invasions are up, going up and the judges let the guilty walk. If you complain, the FBI will put you on the ‘Domestic Terror List.’ The monetary price of survival is going through the roof, but what can we do about it? Well, besides voting the bums out, be armed. You know there’s a derringer out there that shoots shotgun shells? Point and shoot: no aiming involved. Get one for the wife and maybe one for yourself.

“I’m often asked if I think Trump will deport the illegal immigrants and the Muslims, and I always answer, ‘Get used to the losing side.’ Fact is, the United States that we once knew is gone forever and it’s a whole new ballgame out there, more dangerous than ever before, more corruption than ever before and more lies (Biden-Harris) than ever before. Goodnight.”

“And that does it for us, too: Goodnight.”

Protest over the death of George Floyd, July 22, 2020, Mark O. Hatfield federal courthouse, Portland, OR (Wikimedia Commons, CC by 4.0 International)

[The price of the fraudulent ‘election’ is worldwide* famine around the corner; the price of the ‘Russian Collusion’ and ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ by the Fake News, The View and the other deductive-reasoning-challenged people is replacing freedom with the thought processes of Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden; the price of your not being armed at all times is death because, as we have seen throughout our country, the police do not protect property and life; they are but the ‘goon’ arm of the Deep State by following orders such as ‘stand down’ as their city burns.  Do we need law enforcement? Of course we do, but not by those who would be the guards of those prisoners who are illegally locked up in Washington, DC, for peacefully protesting VP Mike Pence backstabbing our president and our country.

{*Worldwide: You better believe it, every two-bit dictator is doing what he wanted to do but didn’t long as Trump was president, but now look. And that’s the operative word, isn’t it? WORLDWIDE, our fraudulent election has caused WORLDWIDE upheaval and none of it is good.}]

Heartbreak Hotel” (2:08)

Roving Reporter

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