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(May 7, 2021) — “I Believe in the Man in the Sky” (2:14)

‘Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to  ‘The Pulse of the Nation,’ the place to hear it here first. I requested to be on ‘Pulse’ because I want to set the record straight about the phrase ‘turning the other cheek.’ Many think that being a Christian means we have ‘to take it,’ but that would be categorically wrong. That old saying about ‘turning the other cheek’ means, basically, to not fly off the handle without due process, meaning just give it a minute or two and then make your retribution tenfold.

“The Good Book is a ‘lesson book’ on how to behave, and going around murdering others is not the way, even to the point of ‘saying to murder’ to behave. Our country, and the whole of Western Civilization, is based upon the Golden Rule, and I am sick and tired of our politicians bending over backwards to push a narrative that is not only wrong, but self-destructive as well.

“To make my point, I’m going to set the stage which, in this case, is an island. There are living and thinking creatures on this island that, for many millennia, have gotten along reasonably well. Then one day a boatload of different creatures arrive on this island. The island creatures didn’t want them but the politicians and bureaucrats overrode the will of the island creatures and allowed the new creatures to come in, where the new creatures immediately started a murder campaign upon the peaceful creatures of the island.

“The island creatures complained to the politicians, and do you know how the elected officials responded? They told the island creatures that getting murdered was the price they had to pay for being ‘accommodating’ and ‘enlightened,’ and that to complain would be ‘wrong’ and ‘un-island-like’ and not to display some kind of ‘phobic’ against the new guests.’ Meanwhile, the original island creatures were getting murdered, for no other reason than that’s what these newcomers did: murder. Matter-of-fact, that’s ALL the new creatures did: murder, including their own. ‘Looking at a boy creature’ made the mother and father behead their daughter; a little eight-year-old daughter, wandering out on the balcony without a hijab, gets beheaded for ‘family honor.’ And the politicians still insisted on not deporting the repulsive creatures but welcoming even more of them on a daily bases.

“Sound familiar? Does it sound as if our politicians don’t have a handle on the problems that we face? Does it occur to anyone that Congress doesn’t have a clue about what’s going on in the real world, not even a hint of understanding?

“Ever do a little research of Rep. Eric Swalwell‘s world view? Reminds me of Hitler, but then so do many of the Democratic Socialists of America. They continue to support importing those who not only wish to murder us but are murdering us. From the Middle East to south of the border, murderers are arriving even while we’re broadcasting this show, and even while you’re reading the transcript. Excuse us while we break for a quick commercial*.”

When I’m 64” (3:32)

“Lately a colleague of the ‘Pulse’ family, Professor Wert, has taken up storytelling of which the underlying theme has been ‘time,’ and so I’d like to join the trend, if I may. Time is something we all have and none more than any other. We all share time the same. Each of us is given a certain amount of time and that’s it. One cannot extend time; can’t buy time; can’t save time. All we have is time: it is our prized possession: take it away and we’re dead; our ‘time has run out.’

Professor Zorkophsky, the eminent expert on PTSD, once wrote, ‘The object of marriage is to spend time together, and when one partner breaks that trust to spend time with another, then the marriage dissolves irrespective of a court order.’ If you ever wondered why judges force community service upon wrongdoers, it is to teach the lesson of ‘time,’ as in, ‘What would you rather be doing: picking up trash alongside a road or being at home with your loved ones and friends?’

“When a person is convicted of a crime, they (usually, at least it used to be) went to jail where time for them to do things of their choice is taken away. It is a sad day when a young man or woman gets sentenced to years behind bars, to live in a cage (it has bars, doesn’t it?) for doing something very stupid. Whenever I hear of some Saturday night knifing or bar brawl, I always say to myself, ‘Maybe somebody should’ve stayed home and read a book.’ I guarantee you, if you would ask the inmates at any penitentiary, if they could live that day over again, and given the choice to do what they did to be thrown in the clink or stay home and read a book or watch TV, I’d bet they would’ve chosen to stay home.

“The good people of India have had it; the good people of the Philippines have had it; and the good people everywhere have had it up to here with the constant kidnappings, suicide bombings, premeditated vehicle maiming and murder. This has got to end and end today. I’m not going to make that speech, First they came for the union members and I didn’t say a word, I didn’t lift a finger to help my neighbor when they raided his condo in the early hours of the morning’; no, I’m not. I’m not going to recite that speech because that speech is outdated: today they are coming for EVERY ONE OF US NOW.

“There’s nothing ‘to wait for’: it’s here; it is staring us in the face: Biden-Harris kowtowing to Iran and China, all the while throwing Israel under the bus. You know that China is making nice with Iran? The Biden-Harris team is accelerating the time that Iran gets a nuclear device to use on, heck, why not us? After all, we’re the Great Satan, aren’t we? I’m telling you, and I’m telling these so-called migrants, that there’s a way to live on planet earth; going around acting as a psycho doesn’t cut it; never has and never will.

Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib are just the tip of the MIGRANT INVASION NIGHTMARE, and the sooner we stop ‘turning the other cheek and fight back**’, the better we, and the rest of the world, will be. Starting today, and not waiting for another kidnapping or random murder, no matter where in the world it may be, we need to take some serious proactive and not just reactive action, especially since we really haven’t done one darn thing to set the record straight. We’re all in this together: each one of us is just as likely to be a target as anyone else.

“In conclusion, I’d like to thank ‘Pulse’ to have given me this opportunity to speak on such an important issue, and I hope next time I can address you from our church down on Hawthorn Street. A good lesson to teach children about time is to plant a flower and watch it grow; even better, plant a tree. An open invitation is extended to you all to our church, that is, to those of you who don’t go around murdering others, or want to go around murdering others. If we were at my church I’d be saying a prayer and we’d all sing a hymn as we exit, but allow me to wish you all a goodnight just the same: Goodnight.

“That was fun. Anybody feel like a burger? My treat.”

[*commercial: for those of you who aren’t familiar with ‘Pulse,’ since our satellite contract was discontinued, we have been operating on a shoestring and then the mayor of one of those big northern cities allowed our studio to be burnt to the ground, so we used the General’s shortwave set to continue to get the word out. Then, thankfully, a small television studio in Atlanta gave us a time slot in which to broadcast (3:00 a.m.) and then our publisher took pity on us so we’re back on track, although getting sponsors isn’t as easy as one may think. The political log, The Post & Email, posts the transcripts of the show and whenever a commercial is broadcast, Molly, our secretary, inserts a song of her choice since it is physically impossible to run the actual commercial and not get paid for it. I hope that was clear. If not, please comment and we’ll give it another shot to set the record straight.]

[**fight back: meanwhile, the silence of our military is truly deafening. When I took the Oath to protect our Constitution from domestic enemies, I took it seriously, so if I could, what’s wrong with our fighting men and women of today? Did the wording somehow change to ‘allow a fraudulent election of the Commander in Chief stand?’ Does the Oath now say, ‘Don’t tar and feather Mike Pence for acting like a Judas; let him slide?’ I don’t think so; I don’t think we should let any one of them slide, and that includes those of the Fake News.]

Good Time Charlie’s Got The Blues” (3:05)

Rook Dunkin

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  1. Jesus said turn the other cheek. Fact is, counting the cheeks on my face I have two of those. I have two alternate “cheeks” also. My point is that humans only have (4) “cheeks” (if you want to count the lower “cheeks”). They are of a limited number. Once I “turn” all my “cheeks”, I’m gonna kick butt!!