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by Professor Wert, ©2021

Image credit: OpenClipart-Vectors at Pixabay, Free-Use License

(Apr. 17, 2021) — “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘The Pulse of the Nation,’ the place to hear it here first. Due to my blockbuster play, The Emperor Was A Fraud,’ ‘Pulse’ has asked me to guest-host. What am I supposed to do now? Answer the phone? This one? Hello, you’re our first caller. Please tell us your name and what’s on your mind.”

“Whatever happened to Roving? We really miss him a lot.”

“Do you, now? Well, Roving isn’t here right now so I guess you’re stuck with me. Please tell us your name and what’s on your mind, besides feeling sorry for yourself because Roving is taking a well-deserved break from people just like you.”

“My name is Ted and you’re just as rude as Roving, which is why I watch the show in the first place, so I guess I’ll ask my question.”

“Ted, let me tell you something about life. You just wasted three minutes of it by not taking the bull by the horn and telling me your name and asking your probably stupid question.”

“Okay, smart guy, here’s my question: what is the meaning of life?”


“Depends? Depends on what?”

“Depends on what you consider to be the truth. Here, I’ll give you a for-instance. There are some people who believe that today’s humans are somehow ‘better’ and, therefore, ‘more advanced’ than, say, the humans of ten thousand years ago when, in fact, we may have dumbed-down a notch or two since then.”

“I don’t understand.”

“And you’re not alone. Tell us how the Egyptians could move heavy stone blocks five thousand years ago, or cut granite blocks so precise. The catastrophe that wiped out the dinosaurs could conceivably happen to us tomorrow, and if any of us are left standing, to start the cycle of civilization all over again.”

“So what is civilization?”

“Civilization is the realization that you don’t go around killing people who are passing out polio vaccines, as a for-instance, but not an isolated one. Civilization is not to use all the brainpower at your disposal just because the other half is of the opposite sex. Civilization is not to murder anyone who doesn’t believe in a world view exactly like your own.”

“You don’t sound like you’re buying into this ‘One World Order,’ sometimes referred to as a ‘New World Order.’

“The problem with that type of philosophy is that it tends to limit one’s options, which is the danger of ‘groupthink.’ It’s like using that website Snopes exclusively to check facts, and if you did that you’d end up voting for Barry Soetoro (aka Obama), Hillary and Biden.”

“That bad?”

“Think of a person who only watches the Fake News; now wouldn’t you think that their world view is, to put it mildly, skewed?”

“Yes, I suppose they would think cockeyed-like.”

“Would you go as far as to describe them as ‘Looney Tunes?’”

“Of course; that goes without saying, but what does that have to do with the meaning of life?”

“Everything. Let me explain how it all works. Each of us has a responsibility, not only towards Giant Sequoias, but to each other as well, including complete strangers, even to people living in the middle of the Amazon Rainforest. And it’s to each of us to shoulder the responsibility to do the best we can, without doing additional harm.”

“I’m not sure I’m following you.”

“Then let me put it this way: say you have a grudge against mosquitoes; do you continue to sell DDT to countries where it isn’t banned, knowing the harm it causes to wildlife and humans alike?”

“Well, no, of course not.”

“Wrong: you do, not you personally, but the companies who manufacture and market the poison still do.”

“Why, that’s horrible.”

“But what if you’re a stockholder of one of these companies that spread destruction? Do you sell the stock or blissfully collect the dividends? Look, the answer of the meaning of life is what each individual makes of it; it’s that simple.”

“So what you’re saying is that each person has a different meaning?”

“Yes, but sometimes we can all get together and agree on something, like a ban on burning the Amazon Rain Forest to the ground or outlawing strip-mining here in our own country, maybe stop pouring acid into salmon and trout streams from gold and other mining operations.”

“You seem to fall back on the environment to make your point.”

“Think Easter Island.”

“What does that have to do with it?”

“Because the theory of why they abandoned the island was because they over-cut, over-fished and over-exploited the natural resources until it could no longer support the human population, that’s why.”

“So you think the same thing is happening here, I mean, on planet earth?”

“Sooner or later the Piper must be paid; the Piper always collects. Thank you for calling and now we’ll be taking another caller. Hello, Professor Wert here and you’ve reached the ‘Hotline of Pulse.’

“Yes, I know; that’s why I called. I’m Henry, the frog that you went camping with in the Adirondacks last summer.”

“How could I forget; you ate a Little People. Bad frog.”

“I thought it was an insect; can’t blame me.”

“You’re lucky they didn’t roast you.”

“I said I was sorry.”

“That you did, but you didn’t have to comment on how, what did you say, ‘absolutely delicious,’ and then smack your lips.”

“Anyway, the reason I called was to make a comment on your answer to the first caller’s question: you know, about the meaning of life.”

“Okay, Henry, speak your mind.”

“Oh, I agree with you. I think that, not only is it possible that past civilizations may have been more advanced than us in certain areas, but it’s maybe likely as well. We’re finding that humans have been around a lot longer than first imagined. I remember asking my Anthropology professor the chances of any past human civilization acquiring the atom bomb and he immediately answered, ‘Impossible.’ Maybe so; we keep saying we’re so far ‘advanced,’ but we kill a lot of unborn – and born – babies; and when was the last time you took a drive through South Side Chicago or East St. Louis?”

“And your point is?”

“My point is Western Civilization talks the talk but doesn’t walk the walk. People say they’re for freedom but welcome people who are against your Constitution, where everyone, including women, is equal in the eyes of the law. You say you’re a nation of laws yet allow illegal immigrants to molest children, rape your women and kill you. That, Professor Wert, is my point.”

“And well-taken. So, how to get rid of Biden and the Deep State?”

“I understand that the Little People are going to convince the Joint Chiefs of Staff to honor their Oath*; anyway, that’s what I heard.”

“Did you hear how they’re going to do that?”

“Some sort of persuasion; I think a company of Marines is the answer but don’t quote me. Anyway, I came across that Vietnam Vet and he said that the National Guard has to come to religion and make a choice: the Constitution or the Deep State. And then he told me a story.”

“Please share his story with us, Henry.”

“He said that in the time he stood guard, back in the day, he always chambered a round and kept the safety on, although not all of his weapons even had a safety. He wasn’t supposed to even have a clip in, but he wanted to be ‘on guard’ while he stood guard.”

“That makes sense.”

“Sure it does, to you and the rest of the world, but to the military it doesn’t.”

“You mean to tell me they have soldiers and sailors standing guard with, basically, props? It’s like someone breaks into your home and you say, ‘Excuse me while I get my gun and load it?’ Never happen in the real world.”

“You’re telling me. And that’s the joke: our military is but the laughingstock of, not only of the world, but of us American citizens as well. We’ve been in Afghanistan for decades; and for what? Look, we are never, but never, going to change any ‘hearts and minds’; we are never going to bring ‘equal rights’; and we are not going to push any ‘animal abuse’ legislation down their throats; trust me.”

“Now that I agree with.”

“So, we come full circle back to the Joint Chiefs of Staff not upholding to their Oath to protect us from domestic enemies. Why, they’re so anti-Constitution that they’ve allowed people in the military that hate the Constitution, hate our country and hate us. Now if you can make a lick of sense over that, please clue me in.”

“I can’t; heck, I won’t even try.”

“Here’s the straight skinny: in the future conflict regarding Israel, any Muslim in our military sure won’t side with the Jews against the Arabs; that you can take to the bank. Look, America’s weak link is what’s to be found in the Pentagon. You can’t blame the politicians forever; why, they’re just politicians; they’re expected to lie. But our military needs to take a stand, send a company of Marines into Washington, DC, and, like the colloquialism they used in Vietnam, ‘take names.’”

“You mean ‘kill.’”

“If it comes to that, but it shouldn’t, should it?”

“It wouldn’t if all the cops were ex-military.”

“Which is why none of them are.”

“Good point, which is where we’ll leave the audience. Thank you for watching, so I’ll be wishing you all a goodnight: Goodnight.

“Good show. Burger time: my treat.”

[*Oath: we do NOT follow illegals orders, no matter who issues them.]

Professor Wert

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  1. Professor,
    Do you see signs which say the active U.S. Military will refuse to take orders from Joe Biden, who I believe is illegitimately occupying the office of America’s president after being put there by a stolen election, or orders from the Constitutionally ineligible V.P. Kamala Harris when she soon takes-over from the failing Slow Joe?
    After seeing what the Military did and didn’t do when the ineligible, identity fraud con-artist Barry Soetoro was pretending to be president and commander-in-chief it seems likely they will take orders from anyone, even if the military knows those giving the orders are illegitimate……………Am I wrong? The military is not allowed to make decisions on, for example, Constitutional eligibility, so they depend on “others”. When our enemies own the “others” we get “Obama” and now Kamala Harris as V.P…………….
    The only real “stand” I saw from the U.S. Military while Barack Hussein Obama was pretending to be president was a lot of people in the military who had intended to stay for at least 20 years, getting out instead……….Some officers spoke out about Obama, but none I can remember went after his ineligibility. Those who did speak out often paid a price for doing so………..

    1. Bob68;

      I’m sorry, but I must’ve missed something along the way. Did I hear you say that the military has no ‘dog-in-the-fight’ when it comes to “Constitutional ineligibility’?

      I suggest you 1) research the findings of the Nuremberg WWII Military Tribunals and, 2) LTC Terry Lakin.

      It all boils down to each individual’s conscience, is what. Look, I was in the military and, well, long story short, I had a choice: follow orders to surrender or fight. I choose to fight and, when it was all over, the powers-that-be had a choice: charge me or honor me. They did neither, which was just fine with me.

      Anyway, getting back to the point, you’ve got to have been on Mars not to be aware of the TOTAL ELECTION FRAUD. Just because the Deep State, CNN and the Joint Chiefs of Staff don’t give a hoot about the Constitution, does not mean that active duty military stop thinking and not take responsibility for their actions.

      And just because the VP Mike Pence stabbed Trump (and us) in the back (by taking on the role of a real true-blue Judas), does not mean that we have to lie down and take it.

      Look, your Commanding Officer, or maybe even the President himself, gives you a direct order to throw the baby in the air and catch it with your bayonet, does not mean you have to follow that order. There is no law that compels you, or anybody else, to follow an illegal order*, it is that basic/simple/obvious. LTC Lakin was 100% on the right side of the law in questioning Barry Soetoro’s (aka Obama) eligibility. The people who shafted him – the military court and the Joint Chiefs — were on the wrong side of, not only the law, but of history as well.

      My God, man, where will it end? Where does it end? Haven’t we learned a darn thing about Freedom and our responsibility to use the brain that the Good Lord gave us? From where I sit, it looks as if each and every active military person just laid down his or her honor and integrity to traitors, and for what?

      I’ll tell you for what: so the military – National Guard — can march down our streets, force their way into our homes without a search warrant (or maybe it’ll be an ‘All Purpose Warrant’, or a ‘John Doe”) and confiscate our guns. That’s what we’re looking at in the near future. Welcome Hitler’s Germany and today’s Venezuela, where only the government and the lawless – an obvious oxymoron — have the guns.

      [*illegal order: we’re talking about obvious here, okay?]

      Professor Wert

      1. Professor Wert,
        OK, this is the truth. I read my comment and was going to save it for changes later, or just not post it. Instead, I was in the editing mode and pushed cancel, meaning to me I wasn’t going to post it, except, (senior moment), it really meant to the system….. post it. No delete button. I’m not surprised at your response and I apologize. With that said I guess it means I need to stop posting for a while, which I have tried a few times to do. I was following what happened to Terry Lakin when it was happening and he was and is an American hero in my book. Actually, I was and have been for many years trying to follow pretty much everything and at this point I really do need to take a break.
        The continued efforts by our government to weaken our military are damaging their our ability to do what the job they were created to do.

        Anyway…sorry about that. It was my first mistake. :-(

        1. No No No No! Bob68, you’re fine, heck, we all make mistakes. As the Bard, said, ‘to err is human’, so don’t worry about it.

          Look, think maybe someone out there thought the same way you did before you wanted to hit the ‘do over’ button, so they read my comment to your comment and…


          They get religion and become a Trumpster and believe in the Constitution and LTC Terry Lakin. Heck, I’ll even throw-in The Lone Ranger, Hopalong Cassidy and Matt Dillon.

          Think maybe ONE person on our planet got the message, then you just saved a soul and that’s got to make you feel better about yourself.

          I feel better about you already, because I know that you’re on my team, or maybe not ‘my’ team, but ‘America’s’ team, that doesn’t include Biden and all the other lying low-life crooks and treasonist nitwits and jerks.

          Welcome to the Old Folk’s Home, Bob68, you’re more than welcomed and I know you’ll fit right in with the rest of us, those who, after they put their foot in their mouth, is honest and mature enough to admit their mistake and move on down the road.

          Thanks for sending your comments: very much appreciated.

          Professor Wert, in association with ‘Pulse’