by OPOVV, ©2019

(Mar. 21, 2019) — Picture the bridge of a spaceship with a giant throne and one wall a viewing screen where we see earth getting larger and larger. Zyklon enters and motions a subordinate for the telephone.

“Zyklon calling Henry, please pick up.”

“O Exalted One, Henry here at your service; your command is my desire; your whims are what I live for.”

“Can it, Henry, don’t be a bore. I read your report and calling about your conclusions which, I must admit, confused me somewhat.”

“Yes, I anticipated that, so I wrote a disclaimer and another conclusion. Would you like to hear the disclaimer?”

“No, I would not. Read your new conclusion, please; maybe it’ll clear some things up for me.”

“Very well, Magnificence. The conclusion is in two parts: Part 1: Nobody has ever proved that Socialism is a viable condition for people at any time and in any conceivable condition. Part 2 explains why the Australian Aboriginals are at the forefront of interrupting reality.”

“Hold it right there, Henry. Please explain that in depth, thank you.”

“It’s a matter of perception, Exalted Magnificent One. Look, since you read the report I won’t rehash it; I’ll get right to it. People who watch television are, in a way, inviting the characters they watch into their homes. Are you with me, Very Wonderful and Powerful Ruler?”

“Yes, people watch television and, by the very act, invite some mighty disreputable, despicable and dishonest people into their homes; go on.”

“Very well, my ‘Ruler of All That I see and Hope to See.’ In this alternate reality, those people are really in their living rooms, and when they change the station or hit ‘O-F-F,’ the reality changes to whatever it was before the television set was turned ‘ON.’”

“No kidding? So how do they separate truth from fiction; democracy and free speech from the utopia described by Bernie Sanders as Socialism; and common sense from outright bananas, as spouted by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Elizabeth Warren?”

“They don’t, I’m sorry to say.”

“But how?”

“They lost their way years ago; they’re still lost.”

“But why?”

“Because they believe in the lies that are pushed 24-7 by the mainstream media (read: “Deep State”). They believe in tall tales; they believe in something for nothing because they don’t have a work ethic and don’t even know what work is; they disrespect the military because they never served – truly a caste system in place in the United States, where illegal immigrants have more rights than a legal citizen. They believe in the destruction of their own country to be replaced with a nightmare that they haven’t thought about and are unable to comprehend, even as the live-feed is fed into their living rooms direct from Venezuela.”

“Are they stupid?”

“Beyond your wildest dreams, AND they’re crooked beyond belief; the lobbyists love each and every one of them, trust me. The dumbest ones seem to be the producers of the TV shows: look what FOX NEWS did to Judge Jeanine for reporting the truth.”

“What is truth?”

“Truth is the difference between being the victim or the executioner. The executioner can make up a million and one fairytale reasons they choose for the excuse to murder, while the victim knows only one truth: death; so I ask you, which one has a greater understanding of reality?”

“Are you going to reference the Golden Rule now?”

“Yes, matter of fact, I am. Your reality better coincide with mine or there’ll be conflict.”

“You mean like the conflict between Muslims and everyone else on the planet earth?”


“So why do people put up with it?”

“Because stupidity is a deadly disease. You want an example of stupid? The rabbis of America instructed their congregations to vote for the Muslim Barry Soetoro to be the de facto president – twice – and then again for Hillary.”

“You saying they did? The Jews voted for a Muslim?”

“And it gets even worse: there are Muslims in Congress, in the FBI, DOJ and all through the government of the United States; they are an integral part of the Deep State.”

“Excuse me while I fly off.”


Fly Me to the Moon” (2:28)


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