by Rook Dunkin, ©2021

(Jan. 17, 2021) — “Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport” (3:04)

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘The Pulse of the Nation,’ the place to hear it here first, or used to be. Used to be because our TV studio was burnt to the ground as Chicago’s finest stood by and watched; the General‘s house is bombarded with cars going by honking their horns whenever we’re on the air; and so our last point of refuge is the printed word in The P&E. I will address you as if you’re in my church down on Hawthorn Street.

“I stand before you today as a broken man, a man who did his best but his best wasn’t good enough. The other day I received a question from Miss Molly Bernard, a teacher in Ormond Beach, FL, who asked how we could expect her to teach her students honesty and good citizenship when adults lie on the news and cheat on elections. The bottom line is you can’t; you can’t teach by the example of bad examples; you can’t say, ‘Do as I say but not as I do.’ Kids watch and that’s how they learn. We have taught our kids that the Constitution is a ‘flawed document’; that hard work and honesty is the secret of a successful life, but then look at Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, look at how many millions they accumulated by lying and cheating.

”The Bible says that we shall reap what we sow, and what we will have sown is unemployment and inflation through the roof, resulting in an exponential increase in rapes, child molestation, white slavery, theft and murder if Biden-Harris are allowed to steal the election. Our men and women in blue will continue to follow orders from deranged mayors and governors; our military will have an impossible task of fulfilling recruitment requirements; our health system will deteriorate to the point of any Third World Country.

“In short, because we accepted falsehoods as truths, we don’t particularly adhere to any restraints on bad behavior. You can’t trash something that’s already been trashed, as our Constitution has been raked over the coals and turned into nothing but ashes and dust. In the Biden-Harris administration, anybody caught with a copy of the Constitution will be convicted as a domestic terrorist.

“The truth being exposed will be as meaningless as someone who accepted illegal votes: so what? The double standard is alive and well. Covid-19 was set loose to defeat Trump and allow the CCP to take charge, which they will do. They’ll go after our guns first.

“I would like to address the subject of being ‘brainwashed.’ Wearing a mask is a symptom of being brainwashed, as if a face mask, ‘social distancing,’ or Plexiglas barriers is a defense against a cold, flu or Covid-19 virus.

“Let us contemplate the hype by the Dems to fake an election. Isn’t it interesting, when a Dem says Trump is ‘working against democracy,’ they never produce an example; when they say he is ‘un-American,’ they never produce proof; and when they accuse him of any wrongdoing, they never offer an illustration because there isn’t any, never has been and, I venture to say, never will be. But then the Dems still believe in the ‘Russian Collusion’ hoax, the ‘Ukrainian phone call,’ or anything else Pelosi & Company can cook up to destroy a president who only wanted to Make America Great Again: what does Pelosi have in store for us? I’ll tell you: not good, not for you and not for me.

“Which brings us to the subject of ‘minding your own business.’ What I believe has nothing to do with you, or you with me. However, what I do and what you do does concern me. If you wish to believe that a mosquito rules the universe, all the power to you and, conversely, if I wish to believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ, that’s my business and has nothing whatsoever to do with you, even in your wildest imaginations.

“And that’ll bring us full-circle of the brainwashed among us. We don’t want people in our country who are against free speech; we don’t want ignoramuses around to spoil the debate, as in accusing someone of being Islamophobic when all they want to do is to draw attention to planes flying into buildings and the persecution of Christians. We have the ability to deport each and every unwanted person from within our borders; all we lack is the brains to see the truth. As a survivor of the Holocaust once said, ‘If they say they are going to kill you, believe them.’

“In the movie, It’s a Wonderful Life,’ there’s a line that describes what the Chinese Communist Party is doing to us. The Biden-Harris team will go right along with the program, giving away the farm by borrowing trillions. The line that I’m thinking of is this: ‘Potter’s not selling. He’s buying,’ and that’s just what the CCP is doing to us: the CCP is buying our Treasury Notes so they’ll own us. Imagine if the CCP calls our loan and this is what very well may happen: in order not to go bankrupt, we’ll let the CCP have control of the Seventh Fleet, all of our Navy in the Pacific Ocean. Our sailors and Marines will be taking orders from a CCP Admiral. Sayonara Taiwan, South Korea and Japan because they’ll be under the CCP’s umbrella.

“Biden-Harris and Pelosi will destroy America. I recently talked with a Vietnam Veteran who said if Biden-Harris get sworn-in then the sacrifices of all those who have died for our country will have died in vain. For what, so we can open our doors to Muslims, people who will never assimilate and only want to kill us; so we can be slaves to the Chinese Communists?

“I wish I knew President Donald J. Trump personally, because I would like to tell him that he’s my friend but, even more than that, I’m his. And to go one step farther: I’m Trump’s best friend, whether he knows it or not. I love my country; I went to war and came back to stand side by side with Trump and not with lowlifes like Biden-Harris, two who have already sold out.

“I pray that Trump will serve four more years without the backstabbing Pence, and that’s my eulogy for America.


Moonlight Mile” (5:52)

Rook Dunkin  

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    Mr Rook Dunkin,
    Hi, I’m your newest fan. This article you wrote really got me to stand at Parade Rest! With my chin tucked in and my pectorals flexed and stuck out (not nearly stuck out as much as Larry Scott’s, the first Mr Olympia winner 1965, God rest his soul) but stuck out far enough to get a charlie horse because I need to start hittin’ the iron like I used to. I try to follow and read the Post & Email but I believe this is the first article by you that I’ve read. Luvin’ it! So I clicked on a past article of your’s, enjoyed it and then clicked on that “Summertime” song by Doc Watson…thank you, because now I’m a Doc Watson fan.
    I was in Communications and an 82nd Airborne Paratrooper in Army, no war-time, 1981-1984, only the little Granada situation happened and my room mate’s team deployed, my team stayed at Bragg on 24 hour alert. Not bragging about my C130, C141 & Huey chopper jumps at all but now that I feel like I may be visiting the USA nazzi gas chamber like the poor Jews suffered, and like at Basic Training, I ask myself why? I jumped out of a perfectly good airplane as low as 1200 feet? For WHAT? For barry’s fake birth certificate? For hillary’s NOTHING BURGER? So that hair plug Biden can take Trump behind the gym and “WISH” he could whooop his behind? For deep state gorgoyles? Can somebody please tell me what for?
    Again, thank you for being a brave Warrior with your pen. A blessing is coming your way…my gut just told me!

  2. To be honest at this point the country isn’t worth saving. After 50 years of slaughtering unborn children we have have right to preach to anyone. Add 5 years of homosexual marriage and you have a very sick society. The question is will the US lash out as it declines.
    Separate or war!

  3. You ain’t broke, bud. I read words strong coming thru this laptop screen I’m reading them on – they ring good & true and I thank you for them.

    Full disclosure: I’m not all that religious but honor the faith of those who are – if that helps them choose always good over evil & right over wrong. I rely on my own judgment tho stumble often still. I must take responsibility then, & do attempt amends while … hoping God forgives a fool. ;-)

    Time will tell but in the mean time, I thank, “the man above” for guys like you Rook Dunkin, as I trust you’ve enough faith for the both of us.