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(Sep. 13, 2020) — “Prelude Op. 28 No 7 in A major” (1:16)

“Our Father, we beseech you in this time of great need.

“That’s right, we are requesting the impossible; the unfathomable; in short, we are begging for a miracle.

“We do not ask for ourselves but for the generations of Americans to follow in our footsteps, hoping they don’t have the same conglomeration as those we now have in Congress.

“I know we are asking for the impossible to give a tad of understanding to the Dems and RINOs (concerning our Constitution*, but maybe you could try just a little bit harder; I mean, will you just look at Hollywood? What happened? Did they all take the Looney Pill at the same time? How come they’re so utterly deranged with Trump Syndrome? It’s downright embarrassing, is what it is.

“Starting in the first year of high school, we would like firearm safety courses taught, so upon graduation, every girl who receives her diploma will also receive a lightweight .357 Magnum revolver. We would also like the Draft reinstated for both men and women to serve at least two years in our military or civilian corps — in some meaningful capacity — where, if nothing else, they’ll learn citizenship and the history of our Constitution, starting with the Ten Commandments.

“We are asking you to give New York Jews a bit more love for Israel, just as we are asking you to give a bit more looking-out for the God-fearing, hard-working-middle-class in the Democratic-controlled cities and States under siege.

“And as long as I’m on the soapbox, maybe you could make it that anyone who falsifies a vote be locked up for ten years in a federal penitentiary.

“And another thing, speaking of the riots: give the incompetent mayors and governors (who didn’t nip it in the bud) the self-awareness to admit their errors and resign. Please allow law enforcement to do their jobs by using equal deadly force against those who use deadly force against them. If a ‘peaceful protester’ throws a rock, brick or Molotov cocktail at the Thin Blue Line, allow the cops to shoot back; if a protester sets fire to a building, allow the police to use deadly force against the arsonist; if a protester topples a statue, allow the cops to use deadly force to protect public and private property.

“Now I don’t have to tell you, but this BLM is nothing other than a Communist Uprising whose goal is to replace the Constitution with some other system of law and governing. And another point: any newscaster who knowingly reports fake news grows his nose a little bit each time, as in what happened to Pinocchio whenever he told a lie.

“Now, as far as our front-line troops go, protect them from the crazy murderers out there who ambush them for no reason other than some warped perceived belief that they are promoting a Biden win. Now as far as Biden goes, I call it elder abuse, and they had no right to put him in such an embarrassing position where his cognitive skills are put to question; he should have declined the offer to be his Party’s nominee for president, but even if he didn’t, his wife should have declined on his behalf.

“We are a God-fearing and just nation, and if the Muslims don’t like it, either you smite them for us or we will, with your blessing.

“These are the things we ask of you in His name, glory be to God the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.


[*Constitution: The 2020 election is all about the Constitution. Trump is for it; Biden is not. End of story.]


 “Happy Trails” (2:57)

Rook Dunkin


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  1. The fervent prayers of the righteous will avail. If they are fervent enough, and if there are enough of them. Somehow I get the feeling that otherwise this great experiment in self-governance will fall apart. Seems to me one of our Founding Fathers said just that.