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(Dec. 29, 2020) — “On a Slow Boat to China” (1:49)

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘The Pulse of the Nation,’ the place to hear it here first. Our guest today, perhaps the most qualified to clue us in what the future holds (if the cheats Biden-Harris prevail), is none other than our own Madam Shylock. Welcome to ‘Pulse’ and we’re so glad to have you back on the show.”

“Couldn’t be more thrilled, Professor Zorkophsky, although I would have preferred a more pleasing subject matter. Really, now, what, actually, are we talking about other than a crook and a two-faced manipulator who has a documented track record of stepping on anyone who got in her way?”

“I hear you, but please, call me ‘Zork’ since I believe it makes for a more pleasing atmosphere.”

“I know why I’m here, Zork, so I brought my crystal ball to make sure I get it right. I know what you’re going to ask but first I would like to thank your editor for sending her private plane; it sure is convenient to bypass the busy airport terminal and land at your regional airport.”

“A necessary corporate write-off. What do you say we jump right on in and have you tell us what are we looking at in Georgia?”

“A stacked deck? I’m sorry; it’s an occupational joke, Tarot cards aside. I hate to sound so Harris-like (that would be mercenary), but may I have my fee before we proceed? Thank you. Now, let’s set up here at the desk; pull the shades, turn the blinds and close the curtains; lock the door; and dim the lights and I’ll tell you what I see.”

”I’m sorry but let’s get this commercial out of the way before you get started.”

“That was rather rude because I just started. Tell you what, throw in another $100 and you got yourself a deal.”

China Nights” (2:56)

“Take it away, Madam Shylock.”

“Very well. Ever see the movie, The Dead Zone? That’s what I see, what the visions were: the nightmare when freedoms are stripped; when the people are disarmed and there’s nothing but the goons – legal or otherwise – left to run roughshod over us all. To say our goose is cooked will be an understatement.”

“That bad?”

“Imagine Joseph Stalin plus Adolf Hitler plus Mao Zedong plus Pol Pot rolled into one and you’ll get the picture.”

“Why so many? I mean, really, now.”

“Because this is the age of the computer*; this is the age of tracking; the age of implants; the age of forced conformity. Take North Korean control coupled with Chinese Communist education and American Madison Avenue advertising and you end up with a Venezuelan country where zoo animals, then squirrels, rats and cats, and finally the family dog make as the main course or, as the French would say, pièce de résistance.”

“Is that what you see, right there, in your crystal ball?”

“And I see more but the first thing I see is that The Thin Blue Line just became the line of jackboots confiscating our guns, each and every one of them, from pistols to shotguns. No more hunting or target shooting; the movie A Christmas Story banned forever, even confiscated; goons ransacking every home looking for contraband such as the Bible and The Pentagon Papers.”

“You’re not kidding, are you?”

“No, I’m not. What it comes down to is this: our Constitution or the Chinese Communist Party; Trump is but a player. The Chinese already own Biden-Harris, but they don’t own Trump. Let me put it to you as simply as I can: the Deep State is the Chinese Communist Party.”

“So we’re looking at, what?”

“Call them ‘Indoctrination Centers’; ‘Reeducation Camps’; Concentration Camps; or ‘Death Camps’; the results are the same: bad news for freedom-loving people, people who believe in FREE SPEECH and the SECOND AMENDMENT.”

“So, Madam Shylock, the founding fathers never intended the right to own guns for hunting, but to protect ourselves from a tyrannical government?”

“Yes, they had it right from the get-go; forget hunting: think protecting the Constitution from the goons, the ignorant, the selfish mob: ANTIFA, BLM the SPLC and all the other anti-American factions, especially including the Dems such as Biden-Harris. And that’s what it’s been all along: protecting the Constitution. Barry Soetoro, aka Obama, started the dismantling of our government; Pelosi continues to push it along and now look at us, at the pinnacle of history: do we choose ignorance and slavery, or is it to be enlightenment and freedom?”

“What do you think?”

“I think there’s no place to run, which is why we have to fight. What Washington needs are people from the heartland to take control; no more beltway insiders calling the shots**, but it may be too late: we’ll see.”

“That we will, and I just like to say ditch the masks and let’s open up. And now, on behalf of Madam Shylock, I’ll be wishing you all a goodnight: Goodnight.

“Good show; have a nice flight back. Burger time: my treat.”

[*the age of the computer: they know who you voted for.]

[**beltway insiders calling the shots: Sessions and Barr are two good examples of manipulating the clock.]

China Girl” (4:20)

Professor Zorkophsky

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  1. I would like your input on the influence of the Pilgrims Society on the CCP (Mao was related) and the Pilgrims Society on our federal government which is now reaching down to the state level. This is information I got by reviewing older posts at Americans for Innovation and a related site aim4truth (older posts) on the Pilgrims Society (founded 1902). It occurs to me that the Chinese people and Americans have a common enemy in that our respective countries have been invaded by these monied interests.