by Bob Russell, ©2020

(Dec. 29, 2020) — With all of the vote FRAUD that has been shown to have been committed to steal the election for the mentally-deficient and very corrupt joe biden I believe the truth will prevail and that Donald Trump will be sworn in to begin serving his second term on January 20, 2021. I continue to believe that prayers will be answered and that Almighty God will intervene to ensure that justice is done for We the People. The radical left is threatening everyone even remotely supporting President Trump with everything from prison to execution, to burning the nation down, and violence against the families of supporters. The amount of hatred and vitriol from the left, politicians, media hacks, democrat party Brown Shirt thugs antifa and blm, and others is appalling beyond imagination. It is “Give us our way or we will attack you and destroy everything this nation stands for.”

We the People went to bed on November 3, 2020 with President Trump holding a comfortable lead in every area of the nation but woke up the next morning with the situation reversed, even when no votes were counted during a three-hour period that night.  In Pennsylvania counting was stopped with Trump leading by more than 300,000 votes, but when counting resumed the next morning biden held a nearly 400,000 vote lead.  How does a 700,000 vote swing occur when counting has been stopped for three hours?  The left says, “Move on; there is nothing to see here,” but they go to extreme measures to make sure no one can look at the “nothing to see.” 

There is video showing republican poll watchers being removed from counting areas in handcuffs by police, windows being blocked to prevent even long-distance viewing of the counting process, boxes of ballots delivered in the wee hours of the morning by vehicles with biden campaign placards all over them, boxes of ballots being pulled from under tables after watchers were ushered out of the ballot-counting areas, and voting machines switching votes to biden from Trump.  The Trump campaign has hundreds of affidavits, sworn statements punishable by prison time for lying under oath, relating the illegal activities people witnessed with their own eyes. 

In another example of blatant FRAUD the “down-ballot races” tell the story of criminal activity designed to throw the election to biden.  In every election in my lifetime the presidential vote had a corresponding effect on House, Senate, governor, and state legislative seats, called the “coattail effect” of a presidential election.  This time, in 2020, biden supposedly won a landslide victory while democrats lost ground in every other level of political races.  The “mandate” the left crows about biden being given is severely undermined by the fact that the gop picked up numerous seats in the House of Representatives, flipped several state legislatures without losing a single state, flipped a governorship, and pretty-much broke even in the Senate.

The democrats expected to pick up multiple seats in the House of Representatives and make substantial gains in the Senate that would give them a veto-proof majority, but that didn’t happen because voters don’t want democrats to be in control of any aspect of government.  Democrats have made it very clear that their ruling would be a death sentence for liberty in our nation and throughout the world.

The overall scope of national losses the democrats suffered is encouraging to me because it shows a national repudiation of the globalist dictatorship goals of the democrat party.  We the People have sent a very clear message to the democrats that their evil agenda will not be accepted by citizens.  Democrats know citizens reject their globalist dictatorship agenda and that it must be forced upon us by criminal means if it is to be implemented. 

I saw a video of joe biden bragging that he had the most sophisticated and complete voter fraud organization ever assembled that would guarantee he would win the election.   They tried this in 2016 to get hillary clinton elected but underestimated the support Donald Trump would garner and it failed, so while spending immense effort at undermining President Trump with lies for four years they also ramped up their cheating mechanism to ensure they would not come up short again.

The worst part of the effort to overthrow our Representative Republic by democrats is the complicity of the gop establishment and the refusal of judges, especially the supreme court, to honor their oath of office to protect, defend, and uphold the Constitution of the United States of America.  The TREASON committed by the democrat party and their Pravda/Goebbels propaganda arm called the media is bad enough, but when those who are supposed to be the opposition and those who are supposed to be apolitical arbiters of the Constitution are complicit, all hope for the future is gone.  America faces a very dim future if this travesty is allowed to stand.  President Trump should have arrested people after the 2016 debacle but thought, erroneously, that he had defeated the forces of satan and that they would just go away, but he was wrong.  Instead of going away they gathered even more money from satan’s cabal of globalist billionaires and ramped up their subterfuge against We the People.  President Trump stated during the witch hunt to depose him that they are after the people and he is just in the way.  That is a very true statement and if they are successful at deposing Trump We the People will very quickly see the results of the satanic agenda of the democrat party, their propagandists and their Brown Shirt thugs.

The only hope Americans, and by proxy the rest of the world, have is Divine intervention.  I have seen statements by people that say they will never vote again if biden is allowed to take office.  I understand they mean their statements as defiance but the reality is that if this criminality stands We the People will never have the opportunity to vote in a free and fair election again.  IF there is ever another election it will be a Soviet-style “election” in which the chosen candidate will get 98% of the votes, just as we saw when Stalin was the Soviet dictator.  Stalin stated that it matters only that there is an election; who votes doesn’t matter; the only thing that matters is who counts the votes.  We are seeing this play out before our eyes today.  Voters are being disenfranchised by criminal activity purposely designed to throw the election to the chosen candidate of satan, joe biden, and the very people who are supposed to protect the sanctity of the electoral process are either subverting the process (the democrat party and the media) or, as in the case of the gop and the courts, neglecting their responsibilities to ensure a free and fair process. 

In his farewell address President George Washington warned against political parties, stating that a party would work for itself rather than for the interests of citizens.  This has become increasingly more clear as the last four decades have passed.  It is very clear to me that the gop has no more interest in the well-being of American citizens than the democrat party does.  Republicans bleat and blather about liberty but do absolutely nothing to stop the criminal activity of democrats.  The amount of corruption within the gop establishment is disgusting.  The gop wants Trump gone as much as the dems do because he is dismantling the deep state apparatus that both political parties have created.  If the gop truly stands up against the democrats they know their own TREASON will be revealed. 

I will never acknowledge joe biden as president regardless of what the ruling-class political elite says.  I have never accepted barak obama as president because he was not eligible and did not legally hold the office.  I never referred to him as president because he wasn’t.  I always refer to obama as fuhrer because that is what he was, a dictator interested only in personal wealth and power just as hillary, biden, and the rest of the democrats are.  To be president one must be eligible according to the Constitution and be legally elected under the same.  Many criticize me for my views but my views are based on the founding document of our nation and I will not abandon it nor my faith to please satan’s minions.

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, the Father, Son Jesus, and the Holy Ghost, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

Bob Russell


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  1. It is BAD when our leaders commit crimes.
    It is WORSE when those same leaders, and others, cover-up those crimes.
    Yet, the WORST crime of them all is when “the good guys” (AG Barr, FBI, Congress et al) REFUSE TO PROSECUTE THOSE CRIMES!

    In God We Trust Trump-Pence
    In Fraud We Trust Biden-Harris

  2. Well said Bob, I remain positive this will be resolved and President Trump will remain in position. After which our election system will necessarily require a massive overhaul and photo voter ID must be front and center. It is clear rabid politicians and their hired help are far too eager to commit fraud on their fellow Americans since the political division is so vast.

    Washington was right, the parties have made a mess of things and we are going to have to clean it up. Many of us have been trying but the apathy and lack of spine have been a major problem for those who are hired and empowered to solve these issues like Secretary of State and Attorney Generals, many of who are so gilded in political bias they are useless to the common man.

  3. Barack Obama is a traitor and a spy. Biden and Pelosi are complicit with that treason and espionage. Biden has compounded his previous complicity with Obama’s treason and espionage by now facilitating yet another usurper to gain access to the oval office.,Kamala Harris.

  4. Actually, this election has had a lot of divine intervention. Amy replaced someone who just died is only one example. Several tens of thousands of affidavits have been produced. The way things work between the mortal and divine when the Judicial, the Legislative, swing state Executives have become non functional is for the President to fill the void with military investigations, arrests and military trials.

    It is for Trump and the VP to use the Powers given to the President at this time to save the Country. Lincoln did so and He is celebrated still. The only action that will save the Nation is either VP voids the bad electoral votes or Trump moves to militarily remove the Executive officers of the swing states, State & Supreme Courts, FBI and DOJ.

    This largely was the Divine Intervention method of Lincoln and this is the action the Divine expects presently from Trump.