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by OPOVV, ©2020

coyot at Pixabay, License

(Apr. 12, 2020) — “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘The Pulse of the Nation,’ the place to hear it here first. I think people are getting a clearer picture about the coronavirus flu bug, so we’re over in Professor Zorkophsky’s office located on our university’s campus to ask him about Creeping Sharia and other things. Welcome to the show, Professor Zorkophsky.”

“Glad to be here on such short notice, Roving. By the way, you can call me ‘Zork’ since we’re in my rather unique office, to which I’ve just added a rather interesting gadget that I’m sure will get your attention. If you would please look over here and feast your eyes on the painting on the wall.”

“Why, I don’t believe it, but that looks like the real honest-to-goodness painting by Renoir titled Two Sisters that I saw last Thanksgiving at the Art Institute of Chicago. It sure looks real.”

“It looks real because it is real. It is a digital photograph of the real thing and the screen is one of those zillion-enhanced-3-D giant televisions, which makes it look so real, including the frame. And, look here, I just hit ‘menu’ and choose the painting I want from a list of over thousands. Pretty neat, don’t you think?”

“I can’t believe how real it looks. Do you have any Norman Rockwell’s?”

“Over three hundred of them. Now let’s get to the theory of never letting a good crisis go to waste and taking advantage of fear, misinformation and circumventing the Constitution in the name of expediency*. I have received a number of requests to explain the difference between an officer of the law and a military person.

“The most obvious difference is that a policeman is, in the eyes of a military person, a civilian. As a civilian they are subject to the whims of their boss, the mayor who, in many cases, is nothing more than a back-stabbing lying politician who has no respect or regard for the history of our country and its laws. For proof, look no farther than sanctuary cities, the Occupy movement and going after the First, Second and Fourth Amendments.

“But there’s another overwhelming difference between the two. For a cop, it’s a job, whereas for the military it’s a life; for an officer of the law it’s getting home safely whereas for the military it’s following orders; for a member of the court it’s retirement, whereas for the military it’s doing the job that needs to be done, irrespective of the circumstances.

“In my first example I mentioned sanctuary cities, those places where the police are told to dishonor the law by doing whatever their boss tells them to do.

“In the second example I cited the ‘Occupy Movement,’ when the police were told to disregard city ordinances of loitering, overnight parking, litter, and obstructing the right of way for pedestrians/vehicular traffic, to name a few.

“In my last example look no farther than the mayors throughout America closing down drive-in church services, closing gun stores and arresting or giving fines because the police can act as Gestapo goons and get away with their un-Constitutional antics because they can (with the full cooperation and backing of City Hall).

“The police go along with the illegal orders for job security, not because it’s the right thing to do. The right thing to do would be not to FOLLOW ILLEGAL ORDERS in the first place, and if any policeman would honor their Oath to the Constitution they would have arrested the mayors or their Police Chief for issuing illegal orders, and THAT’S the difference between a civilian cop and a military person.

“A service person’s only boss is the Constitution and not any General, Admiral or president. Generals, Admirals and presidents come and go but we’ll always have the Constitution, that is if it weren’t for mayors that couldn’t care less about illegal orders and it goes right downhill to the cop on the beat. Money talks and it’s pretty hard not taking drug money to look the other way, but then Judas looked the other way, too, now, didn’t he? But they all do it, right? Don’t whine about it, get another job.”

“Gee whiz, Zork, calm down.”

“I’m sorry; I tend to get a little worked-up about our Constitution being trashed by no-accounts like the mayors of Baltimore, Detroit, New Orleans, Seattle, New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles and a slew of others.”

“You’re certainly not the only one getting worked-up. You know, there’s one question that I always wanted to ask but never really had the opportunity. I don’t remember you on any talk shows, I mean late night television ones; why is that?”

“Past my bedtime? No, seriously, I need to answer a question and not hand out sound bites. President Trump answers questions, and I like that, but he has to give press conferences: I don’t.”

“Okay, how about an example of an illegal order by the military?”

“Picture two destroyers commanded by two Navy Captains and they play chess via semaphores and one of them accuses the other of an illegal horse move so he orders the helmsman to ram the other ship.”

“Gee whiz, Zork, you get off on the wrong side of bed this morning or something?”

“Look, Roving: pay attention. We’re in a war, a real war with people dying. The Deep State wants the Constitution out the door while at the same time Muslims want the same thing. We’re being attacked from both sides, beneath and from above and we better start paying attention. The sleaze Ilhan Omar‘s up for reelection by the losers from Minnesota. I saw that interview with the Secret Nurse which just reinforced my belief that the Twin Cites is nothing more than a den of thieves.”

“Look, maybe we’ll cut this interview short since you’re obviously not feeling well.”

“I feel great. What you talkin’ about?”

“So anything to add since we’re near the end?”

“About these coronavirus masks: some mayors want them permanent for the time being so some entrepreneurs got wise and are coming up with veil/hijab/burqa-like things, for women only, you understand. Creeping Sharia is coming to your neighborhood.”

“I’m sorry, but I see by the clock on the wall that we have to sign off.”

“But let me show you one more thing before you leave. I’ll push this button and eight more wide-screen TV’s drop down and now look.”

“Why, it’s a life-size copy of The Night Watch. My, oh my, I’m really impressed. Thank you, Zork. Okay, now I really must sign off, and so we’ll be wishing you all a goodnight: Goodnight.

“Good show. How about coming over to my place for burgers: my treat.”

[*expediency: this I’ll say, 10% — more or less – of government employees are honest and hardworking.]

The Green Berets” (2:36)


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  1. When the Truth Hurts, just remember one thing, The Supreme Law of the Land, the Supreme Court, “MUST OBEY THE CONSTITUTION OR BE UP FOR TREASON.”
    Time is of the Essence, Right Here, Right Now.

    God Bless America Amen