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(Jan. 23, 2020) — Former Obama birth-certificate investigator Mike Zullo told The Post & Email Wednesday that a January 19 article at The American Report makes “fabricated” claims invoking his name.

The article, written by Mary Fanning and Alan Jones, attempts to connect former CIA Director James Woolsey, who served during the Clinton administration, to Obama-era officials James Comey, James Clapper and John Brennan as allegedly having “worked in concert to frame President Donald Trump and President Trump’s National Security Advisor Lt. General Michael Flynn as ‘Russian agents.’”

The narrative is attributed to former NSA and CIA contractor Dennis Montgomery, who Fanning and Jones claim to be a government “whistleblower.”

As The Post & Email has reported over the last seven months, Fanning, Jones, radio host Dave Janda and others have attempted to paint Montgomery as a credible witness to alleged widespread government surveillance to include Donald Trump, members of his family, prominent businessmen, media personalities, and more than 150 federal judges through a super-computer named “The Hammer.”

While there is no doubt warrantless surveillance of American citizens took place based on former NSA contractor Edward Snowden’s June 2013 revelations to The Guardian, the evidence Montgomery told Zullo he possessed never came to light.  “That burden fell squarely on Montgomery, and he fell far short,” Zullo stated.

Zullo was able to verify some of the information Montgomery provided to the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office in 2013, Zullo said, but Montgomery’s sources remain unknown.

A federal judge reached a similar conclusion when in defiance of a court order, Montgomery said he could not produce the software at issue in the lawsuit Montgomery himself had filed.  The defendant in the case, author James Risen, wrote in his book, “Pay Any Price,” that upon conferring with Montgomery prior to publication, Montgomery failed to produce evidence that the software functioned as Montgomery claimed.

In July 2014, journalist Carl Cameron, then of Fox News, excoriated Montgomery for reportedly “insulting my intelligence with empty rhetoric instead of the data you promised for months.”

Last summer, Montgomery filed a false complaint against this writer for alleged “mental abuse.” In 2016, following Zullo’s oversight of Montgomery’s paid contractual work for the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) in 2014 stemming from Montgomery’s claim of illegal data-harvesting of county residents, Montgomery filed a frivolous complaint claiming that Zullo “threatened” him in a text message which was not substantiated through an Internal Affairs (IA) investigation.

In 2008, Montgomery claimed that then-Nevada gubernatorial candidate Jim Gibbons accepted bribes from Montgomery’s estranged business partner, Warren Trepp, which the FBI found to be unsubstantiated.

Montgomery is currently a defendant in a criminal case prosecuted by the Clark County, NV district attorney, with a January 13 scheduled hearing postponed to March at the request of Montgomery’s public defender.

The case has been ongoing for nearly a decade.  All criminal defendants are constitutionally innocent until proven guilty.

Last summer, Janda ignored Zullo’s request for an interview to provide details of his 2+-year interactions with Montgomery even though Janda later, out of context, quoted Zullo’s statements to The Post & Email to bolster his own promotion of Montgomery as unquestionably credible.

As a former government contractor, Montgomery has claimed since October 2013 to have participated in building “The Hammer,” a theme on which Fanning and Jones have expounded in numerous articles and interviews over the last 6+ months.  Whether or not “The Hammer” was used as a surveillance tool on unwitting Americans by Brennan and Clapper has not been confirmed, although Fanning and Jones state it as fact.

A voluminous and meandering article which invokes the names of former 2016 Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos, Russia “dossier” compiler Christopher Steele, and deceased Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, authors Fanning and Jones claim, without presenting any evidence, that “Zullo was in contact with former CIA Director Woolsey.”

That and a second claim, that Zullo spoke with Fanning and Jones on December 15, 2016, is “completely fabricated,” Zullo told The Post & Email on Wednesday.

“I don’t even know who Woolsey is,” was Zullo’s initial reaction after we contacted him about Fanning and Jones’s latest allegations.  He immediately said recalled that December 15, 2016 was the date of the third and final press conference concerning the birth-certificate investigation he conducted over more than five years which found the image posted at whitehouse.gov said to represent Barack Obama’s “long-form” birth certificate to be a “computer-generated forgery.”

Fanning and Jones wrote that Zullo “told these reporters late in the evening of December 15. 2016 that he was in contact with Woolsey.” In response, Zullo said, “I remember exactly what I was doing that night; it’s etched in my brain.  I didn’t speak to any reporters that night.  As a matter of fact, I don’t believe that either Fanning or Jones even reported on the December 15th conference.​  I’ve had no contact with her since March 2015, and I am now challenging her and Jones to bring forth the evidence to support their claim quickly. Of all the dates she could have picked to say I talked to her, why did she pick that date?  There are 30+ witnesses to my whereabouts that day from 7:00 a.m. until midnight.  At no time did I have a conversation with her about Woolsey.”

Following the presser, Zullo recalled, a number of those who attended later gathered at his home, including former Lt. Col. Terry Lakin, who challenged Obama’s eligibility based on his missing birth certificate and other open questions; then-Maricopa County Sheriff Joseph Arpaio; and specific private citizens, including Carl Gallups, who Zullo named.

Fanning and Jones further claimed that Zullo “admitted” that “The Whistleblower Tapes,” as Fanning and Jones have dubbed recordings Zullo made of Montgomery and Montgomery’s acquaintance, Tim Blixseth, about alleged government surveillance, “were never supposed to be made public.”  To that, Zullo said, “We didn’t know if there was any privileged information in what Montgomery was telling us.  Taking that out of context and trying to hold that as an admission of some type of guilt is outrageous.  The ACLU released them, not a federal judge or the Sheriff’s office or me. They were never intended for public consumption, just like the information obtained during that investigation. As for Montgomery’s claim of being ‘secretly recorded,’ we’ve already provided evidence that Montgomery knew he was being recorded and that he was open to me doing it at will; we didn’t have to keep asking his permission.  There’s more that hasn’t been released.  Fanning is wordsmithing this to give the appearance that because the recordings weren’t to be released, there’s some nefarious purpose behind them. To be honest with you, none of the Montgomery investigation was supposed to become public; it was the ACLU that leaked the tapes without permission of a federal judge.”

“This is clear and convincing evidence that Fanning and Jones try to propagate guilt with supposed association with no fact,” Zullo continued.  “It is also clear and convincing evidence that they lie.  This is a baldfaced lie propagated with a malicious intent. That’s what has been discovered in their ‘reporting’ over the years. It’s not reporting; it’s outright fiction. I am the guy who went after the​ Obama birth certificate; do you really think I’m a Deep-State player?  The only CIA contact I suspect I had was with the one who threatened my family and me.”

“The article is such a woven tapestry of nonsense that it can’t even be logically followed,” Zullo further observed.  “Here’s a really big question:  Who is paying Mary Fanning?” Why is Fanning lying? Why is Fanning disregarding a plethora of problematic information in the background of Montgomery? Why is Fanning the newly-minted PR person for Dennis Montgomery? Why does Fanning hail Montgomery as a victim and whistleblower and a standup guy when law enforcement and his own legal history say otherwise? What is in this for Mary Fanning?

“I can’t believe people actually read the garbage she writes. But today she got her foot caught in her own trap. She lied!”

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  1. The Dennis Montgomery addition to the fake birth certificate saga delayed seeing more information from the Sheriff Arpaio crew we anxiously awaited. These delay’s added frustration to those of us who were meeting with congressmen and fighting hard to get some investigative traction in the Congressional Judiciary then run by the republicans. Deep dark anomalies that further exposed even more evil from the Obama administration.

    Then, all that could be done was had and information given to our corrupt Federal Government what ever that is. I don’t mean to sound dismissive of the work Mike Zullo and his team provided, we just didn’t have any honesty or real Federal Government credibility in the DOJ or the FBI to do the right thing. The Cold Case Posse had no way of knowing our government was as corrupt as it really is to this day. Issa failed to move correctly on the evidence and we’ve been left with still no justice.

    So General McInerney does an interview with Janda and I listened closely. Not a single word was breathed about the Arpaio Cold Case Posse. That precluded everything and not a word mention the Holy Grail of the entire Cold Case endeavor. The Holy Grail being the proof Obama is and proven the fake and fraud we all know! I was livid! Again more obfuscation about the fact’s and man I had a hard time containing my irritation. I immediately contacted Dave Janda and explained there was a lot more to the story and he needed to speak with Mike Zullo about this wherein he responded about Zullo, “I am a fan”. I made some effort to make this happen but was unable to.

    Proving Obama was and is a fake and fraud has been frustrating and beleaguered with unimaginable problems. The worst being lack of interest by the left wing media and apathy of the right. Those of use who began resistance in 2007 building information contrary to the Obama narrative worked hard, spent valuable time building friendships, connections and compiling information. We used that information to meet with those we thought would move forward seeking justice in exposing this massive vote fraud. Now many of us who worked, financed and had an emotional stake in seeking justice have watched as justice seeking soldiers turned their fire on each other sadly.

    We aren’t finished! but after having a brief meeting with my local State Senator Jane Nelson after having met with my State Congressmen Tan Parker twice, US Congressmen Michael Burgess 3 times and Louie Ghomert once the task of seeking justice and exposing this corruption hasn’t lost it’s iron surface rusted deep with corruption. What is also iron is the desire to demand justice here. We can’t stop and I will say as I frequently do the President needs to open every record blocked by Obama’s pen and expose the Arpaio information now. Today as it was 6 miserable years ago no one is talking about the proven fake Obama BC resulting in the biggest vote fraud in history and that is unfortunate.