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by Sharon Rondeau

(Nov. 1, 2019) — On Friday afternoon, an individual visiting The Post & Email from an IP number belonging to the law firm “Perkins Coie” accessed an article focusing on misinformation reported in 2016 by The New York Times about the alleged retrieval of Barack Hussein Obama’s “long-form” birth certificate from the Hawaii Department of Health (HDOH) in 2011.

In April that year, Corley, also of Perkins, was acting as Obama’s “personal” attorney when she allegedly traveled to Honolulu to pay for two certified copies of Obama’s original birth certificate, which for months then-businessman Donald Trump had pressed the White House to release in order to assure Americans that Obama was eligible to the office he occupied.

By mid-morning on April 27, 2011, the White House released what it said was a PDF scan of one of the certified copies showing that Obama was born at the Kapiolani Medical Center for Women & Children on August 4, 1961 at 7:24 p.m.

Just before the public release of the image, Perkins Coie founding member and then-White House Counsel Robert Bauer vouched for the authenticity of paper reproductions of the image handed out to reporters in an off-the-record meeting.

The firm also defended Obama in a high-profile case brought early in his first term challenging his constitutional eligibility to serve as president and commander-in-chief given reports that he was born in Indonesia or Kenya and not Hawaii, as he claimed.

Perkins Coie has long represented the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and specializes in “political law.” In 2016, on behalf of the DNC, the firm paid Fusion GPS to obtain derogatory information about then-Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and Russia, a task Fusion carried out through subcontractor, British citizen and former intelligence agent Christopher Steele.

The unverified “Steele dossier” was eventually used to obtain four FISA warrants on former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page, whose communications were monitored by the U.S. intelligence community for approximately a year.  Those communications, Page told investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson in March, likely extended to Trump’s inner circle and possibly even Trump himself.

The Post & Email’s article which Perkins accessed was published on August 28, 2016 and titled, “The New York Times Claims Obama Attorney Sent to Hawaii to ‘Find’ Long-Form Birth Certificate.” It points out the erroneous claim in The Times‘s article, “Inside the Six Weeks Donald Trump Was a Nonstop ‘Birther,'” that “The White House counsel dispatched someone to Hawaii to find the president’s original long-form birth certificate from 1961.”

The Times, which has proven itself vehemently opposed to Trump both personally and as the current chief executive, wrote at the time:

Mr. Trump’s eagerness to embrace the so-called birther idea — long debunked, and until then confined to right-wing conspiracy theorists — foreshadowed how, just five years later, Mr. Trump would bedevil his rivals in the Republican presidential primary race and upend the political system.

In the birther movement, Mr. Trump recognized an opportunity to connect with the electorate over an issue many considered taboo: the discomfort, in some quarters of American society, with the election of the nation’s first black president. He harnessed it for political gain, beginning his connection with the largely white Republican base that, in his 2016 campaign, helped clinch his party’s nomination.

“Birther” was the pejorative the mainstream media affixed to anyone questioning Obama’s birthplace and life story as well as the lack of a more detailed, or “long-form,” birth certificate containing the signatures of an attending physician and/or nurse, the mother, the parents’ addresses and occupations, and their respective places and dates of birth.

In June 2008, an unknown party released a “short-form” birth-certificate image said to have been obtained from the HDOH by the Obama campaign.  The HDOH never confirmed that it produced a paper document underlying the image, which was posted at Obama’s campaign website, The Daily KOS, and mainstream news sites.

Contrary to The Times‘s reporting, Corley’s trip, documented by the Obama White House in a letter dated April 22, 2011, was not billed as a mission to locate Obama’s purported birth record.  “I am writing on behalf of my client, President Barack Obama.  Enclosed please find a letter from my client requesting two certified copies of his original certificate of live birth and authorizing me to act on his behalf in completing this request,” Corley wrote to then-HDOH Director Loretta Fuddy.

Corley’s letter was accompanied by one from Obama, to which Fuddy responded on April 25, 2011:

I have reviewed your request for two certified copies of your original Certificate of Live in Birth. As the Director of Health for the State of Hawaii, I have the legal authority to approve the process by which copies of such records are made. Through that authority, in recognition of your status as President of the United States, I am making an exception to current departmental policy which is to issue a computer-generated certified copy…

Enclosed please find two certified copies of your original Certificate of Life Birth. I have witnessed the copying of the certificate and attest to the authenticity of these copies…”

I have reviewed your request for two certified copies of your original Certificate of Live in Birth. As the Director of Health for the State of Hawaii, I have the legal authority to approve the process by which copies of such records are made. Through that authority, in recognition of your status as President of the United States, I am making an exception to current departmental policy which is to issue a computer-generated certified copy…

Enclosed please find two certified copies of your original Certificate of Life Birth. I have witnessed the copying of the certificate and attest to the authenticity of these copies…”

Fuddy died in December 2013 following a hard water-landing of the small plane in which she had been flying with eight others on official state business, and Corley is now retired.

After a number of computer professionals quickly declared the birth-certificate image problematic, the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) authorized an investigation to purportedly “clear the president” and remove any suspicion that the image was not authentic.

Several days later, lead investigator and former detective and private investigator Mike Zullo reported to MCSO Sheriff Joseph Arpaio that his team was unable to clear the image as having originated with a real, paper document.

What became a 5+-year criminal investigation led Zullo, and later two forensic experts brought in to render their opinions, that the birth-certificate image is a “computer-generated forgery.”

In 2016, another Perkins Coie member and former Justice Department attorney Michael Sussmann met with then-FBI General Counsel James Baker to allege that a Trump Tower computer and that of a Russian bank were in communication. The revelation was made during Baker’s closed-door testimony to members of Congress last year as part of their investigation into the origins of the Trump-Russia “collusion” probe, which promoted the false narrative that Trump and/or members of his campaign conspired with the Kremlin to gain an election advantage.

At the time of Baker’s testimony, his counsel revealed that he was under investigation for possibly leaking sensitive FBI information to the media.

DNC emails released by WikiLeaks in July 2016 show Perkins Coie lawyers Bauer, Marc Elias and three others discussing a “strategy” with the Clinton campaign as to how to derail the candidacy of Clinton’s primary challenger, Sen. Bernie Sanders, law.com reported.

Bauer continues to maintain that Trump is a “racist” because of his questioning of Obama’s eligibility. In a May 2019 editorial at The Atlantic, Bauer wrote:

Trump repeatedly hawked the lies that Obama was born in Kenya, had hidden his real birth certificate, and had manufactured the one he publicly presented. And if there was any chance that this was not true—and Trump left little room for that possibility—he questioned whether Obama had traded on his race to gain admission to elite educational institutions. With this one, ugly political stunt, Trump managed to display both of the ugly character traits that his former lawyer singled out for the House: the conning (i.e., chronic lying) and the racism.

This was not dog-whistle racism; Trump was shouting it out. As The New York Times argued, Trump was waging nothing less than a “campaign” around these lies, and it was impossible to imagine that this line of attack on Obama “as the insidious ‘other’ would have been conducted against a white president.” And because Trump was getting the attention he wanted, he kept going. He was able to command a national audience, and the press he craved, for a barefaced lie encoding a racist message.

Trump did so well that in April 2011, the White House obtained and released additional documentation: the “long-form” birth certificate. At the time, I was serving as White House counsel and was charged with coordinating the acquisition of the form. It was not the “official” birth certificate the Obama campaign had publicly posted years before. Long forms contain more information, such as the ages and birthplaces of the parents and the name of the hospital, but they are not more authoritative than the official certificate in confirming the date and location of birth.

By acquiring and releasing this document, the White House might have been taken to be conceding that what it had previously put out was not adequate or reliable. It was not conceding anything of the sort. But it faced a problem: Reporters had begun pressing for the White House to find and produce the long form, as if this were the response that the president reasonably owed his accuser.

Somehow it was thought foolish to ignore the lies and the message they conveyed. No responsible observer or member of the press doubted the official birth certificate, and there were other pieces of corroborating evidence, such as the birth notice that had appeared in the Hawaiian press. This was, perversely, deemed insufficient. President Obama supposedly needed to do more to quiet the birthers and their most vocal national spokesperson, Donald Trump.

That same month, Bauer left Perkins “to devote more time to his teaching at New York University School of Law and his writing and speaking on contemporary topics in constitutional law, legal ethics and political reform.”

In August of last year, Zullo revealed that two experienced U.S. intelligence agents informed him that it is “an open secret” in the nation’s capital that Obama was not born in the United States and cannot meet the “natural born Citizen” requirement in Article II, Section 1, clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution reserved for the president and commander-in-chief.

In recent interviews Zullo has said he believes that in regard to the birth certificate, “all roads are going to lead to John Brennan,” Obama’s last CIA director.  This month Brennan and other former high-ranking members of the U.S. intelligence apparatus were said to be under scrutiny by the Justice Department’s investigation into the origins of the Trump-Russia “collusion” probe.

On Friday The Washington Examiner reported that Brennan and former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe “say they are willing to cooperate with [John] Durham,” the U.S. attorney Attorney General William Barr designated in May to lead the “investigation of the investigators” who spawned the Russia “collusion” narrative.

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  1. If verified/validated documentation exists as to the nativity credentials of the purported POTUS #44 that occupied the White House from noon January 20, 2009, through noon January 20, 2017, then the results of this verified/validated documentation would cause this character and those that enabled his presidential usurpation to be incarcerated for life at GITMO.

  2. I think everyone is missing the truth, Obama was not born overseas and BHO Sr is not his father, Frank Davis or Malcolm X are the father and that is what was hidden. Also when they put out the fake Long From Birth Certificate it was easy to see it was a forged document but no one had the courage to say so. Then to make everyone forget about the fake BC, they announced a bigger lie; OBL was killed to totally distract from this. bin Laden was already dead, had nothing to do with 9-11 and was just a person to blame for what happened 9-11-2001.

  3. Barry Soertoro was hatched in Kenya Africa and if you look at a map of Africa up in the north east there is a place called Hawaii. I have a copy of his birth certificate stating what hospital he was hatched in Kenya.

  4. Ten years ago, I frequently commented about Obama’s ineligibility to be president, on a site called:

    “OpenGov-Open Government Brainstorm” a site sponsored by the National Academy of Public Administration. There is a large archive of Comments about Obama’s eligibility. It outlines a comment made by now retired San Diego Superior Court Judge Gary Kreep, Esq. He said that Obama paid Perkins-Coie over a quarter million dollars to “Find a way to evade article II”.

    The link is still active:


  5. The Democrat Party personal law firm Perkins Coie is up to their fake legal necks in this. But they are only another tool in the Satanic cult of the Democrat Party. One day Obama will have to stand before the true judge and righteous King of the Universe, Jesus Christ the Lord of lords and King of kings, and I hope he is able to stand in only the righteousness of Jesus Christ, because, like all of us, we have nothing of worth to stand on our own.

  6. Here is a blast from the past and some connection to Perkins and Coie. Check out the article
    entitled: Why The Natural Born Status of Obama Has Not been Investigated: Reasons


    1. Fear of Vast Social Unrest
    2. Fear of a Legal Avalanche
    3. Fear of Tipping the First Domino
    4. Fear of Disclosure
    5. Confusion about the meaning of the Natural Born Clause
    6. Creation of the term “Birther”
    7. The effect of unbelievability
    8. Nearly complete avoidance by the media
    9. A general lack of understanding of concerning Constitutional law:

    Here check out: PRESIDENTIAL ELIGIBILITY CHECKLIST Here Obama gets a pass.
    Also check out: What IS REQUIRED TO CONFIRM ELIGIBILITY? Again Obama fails.

    10. My reasoning, the Congress and Senate knew Obama was dirty and his team had dirt on
    all of them or they have been threatened or they didn’t want to “rock the boat”.
    Additionally, all the media had been given orders not to speak of Obama’s scam or pay a
    price. What will those as Hannity, Rush, Fox, and like news outlets say should the
    usurpation of Obama is fully exposed?


  7. He may have been born in Hawaii or maybe not but there is no doubt he represented himself at some point as being born in Kenya. It’s why his college records are sealed. He used that status to enter as an exchange student. That’s fraud if he was American born and punishable by law. If he was born in Kenya it will be the biggest, most horrible scandal in the history of the United States.

  8. Arizona Sheriff, Joe Arpaeo had two of his retired detectives investigate that long form computer copy of Obama’s birth certificate. It was forensically examined by an independent Italian forensic computer lab used by Interpol. They found it to be forged with 100 % certainty. The results were simply ignored.

    Other discrepancies as noted by readers in your comments section above such as the name of the hospital being changed are also noted. A good deal of speculation regards sealed records simply query whether Obama applied for foreign aid or admission advantage. This type of visa, or passport fraud could have been used to gain financial aid or entrance aid, or may lead us to birth fraud entirely.

    There is also the matter of his Connecticut SS# although he has never ever lived in Connecticut. How would that have happened? And finally, it has to acknowledged his grandmother, the responsible adult who kept the family in poi and rice worked for the SS administration local office. Of course she could have provided whatever documentation she thought he might someday need.

  9. If the current coup investigation turns up evidence of criminal activity in the Obama administration by appointed government officials, as well as other government employees, there would be justification for investigating if there was other illegal activity going on by the Perkins Cole law firm, which could date back to the Obama birth certificate incident and even before.
    There was never an official government investigation that I’m aware of.
    There were numerous documents such as old school records which were sealed by courts, and if there was evidence of systemic wrong doing, there would be justification to petition the courts to unseal any and all relevant documents and also to expand the investigation to other countries including Kenya, where there were actual documents such as an Obama birth certificate, however I’m not aware of the authenticity of such documents personally.
    I do know I had to go to the vehicle license office this past week to upgrade my drivers license to “star” status if I want to fly on airplanes in the future, so documents of identity are becoming much more rigorous to obtain.
    There might be issues to determine if Obama is a US citizen at all, if he had citizenship in other countries such as Indonesia where he was apparently adopted by an Indonesian who married his mother.
    There were things that happened that involve the legal system when he was a minor so perhaps he was a “dreamer”, but still, he should have the same requirements to get his documents upgraded and citizenship authorized or legalized as everyone else.
    If he was President, and wasn’t even a citizen, would it make any difference now?
    Probably not. I think the courts would uphold his Presidency as being legitimate, however he would have personal accountability.
    If there were lawyers involved in obtaining manufactured or questionable documents however, such as Perkins Cole, they should be accountable, perhaps lose their legal status, a fine, or a court determined level of accountability.

  10. Funny the Kauikeolani Childrens Hospital was the name in 1961 and didn’t become the Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children mentioned on his Certificate of Live Birth until 1978..guess they had tremendous foresight in 1961

  11. Screaming ‘racist’ does not enhance the authenticity of Obama’s contemporary computer-generated birth certificate. Obama may well have been born in Hawaii; but he certainly didn’t supply strong evidence of this. And for future reference, Congress needs to define standards of proof (and schedule) for candidates to demonstrate compliance with Constitutionally-mandated qualifications.

  12. I surely hope that Trump has plans to immediately initiate investigations on Obama and Hil-LIAR-y when he wins his second term, and that “we the people” will actually see these two convicted of all of the criminal activity they are/were involved in before Trump’s second term ends.

    If it happens, conservatives better be ready because the left will kick off a political war, not unlike the civil war.

  13. Crime in, crime out.

    Now Michelle from Helle says many people around the world see Barry Obama II as “their president”. She is right about that, because he was never my presIDent. How could he be as an nbC-make-believe?

    Also, it looks like a federal judge swept away local protests and the $500,000,000 Lie Barry Liebrary [now morphed into Presidential Center] will now be constructed in one of America’s leading murder centers, Chicago.

    Crime in, crime out.

  14. Guess it’s time for Perkins Coie to spit out Long Form Birth Certificate (Rev. A) for the foreign interloper, aka Barry Soetoro. Then, send it to the printing press for multiple copies. Barry needs replacement wallpaper and tidy-wipes for his Martha’s Vineyard outhouse.