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by Sharon Rondeau

(Aug. 24, 2019) — On Saturday morning, author, radio host and host of “Life, Liberty & Levin” Mark Levin tweeted a real-estate promotional image of the $15 million property on Martha’s Vineyard which Barack and Michelle Obama reportedly intend to purchase as their “second home” with the comment, “Cashing in on the presidency.

But was Barack Obama ever truly eligible to serve as president? That is a question which Levin and other “mainstream” legal scholars and commentators have avoided for more than a decade.

In 2007, during an interview with former Nebraska Sen. Bob Kerrey, MSNBC host Chris Matthews stated declaratively in a discussion about the Democratic primary that Obama was “born in Indonesia” and came from “an Islamic background.”

While no religious background would preclude anyone from seeking the presidency, one’s birthplace is understood to be a significant, if not paramount, component of the “natural born Citizen” requirement in Article II, Section 1, clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution.

Last year, the lead investigator of a 5+-year investigation into an image the Obama White House contended represented Obama’s “long-form” birth certificate revealed that two U.S. intelligence agents, both with long-term service, informed him that it is “an open secret” that Obama was not born in the United States.

Could that be the reason that a forgery was published on the morning of April 27, 2011 at the White House website “with the intent to deceive”?

Further, is a person born to a non-U.S.-citizen parent a “natural born Citizen”?

Not only did lead investigator Mike Zullo discover the birth certificate image to be fraudulent, but also Obama’s purported Selective Service registration form, an issue the Selective Service System (SSS) declined to investigate when then-Maricopa County Sheriff Joseph Arpaio, who commissioned the probe, and Zullo brought the matter to his attention.

Are the Obamas “cashing in” on a presidency that should never have happened? Did the Electoral College electors cast votes for an ineligible candidate? Did tens of millions of voters in America do the same?

Further, are ineligible candidates again seeking the office of the nation’s chief executive by ignoring the Article II citizenship requirement?

Why has the mainstream media refused to raise these questions?

Zullo’s investigation focused on the fraudulent birth certificate image yet also uncovered conflicting narratives surrounding the man considered to be America’s 44th president. Even prior to the time Matthews made his surprising statement on air, many Americans had already discovered that credible, mainstream sources had reported Obama as having been born in Kenya or Indonesia prior to the announcement of his presidential candidacy.

In May 2012, Breitbart News, which by a disclaimer reminded its readers that its founder, the late Andrew Breitbart, “was never a ‘Birther,'” discovered a promotional booklet for Obama’s first book which reported him as “born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.” When confronted with Obama’s claim of a birth in Hawaii, the former literary agent responded that the printed statement was “nothing more than a fact checking error by me.”

If Obama never qualified under Article II for the presidency, why is he being allowed to “cash in” on his time there?

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  1. Thomas Arnold, The Joint Chiefs of Staff was contacted when I wrote President Trump last year. The FBI, Congress, Every Justice on SCOTUS for the last (11) years. Obama once worked for the CIA as an interpreter of Arabic in the Afghanistan wat with Russia. The whole (expletive deleted) government, indeed the whole world knows that Obama is a usurper and fraud. They simply don’t care. The U.S. has obviously been overthrown by anarchists masquerading as our government. They seem to all be ignoring their oaths of office. Hyperbole? I don’t think so. Eleven years has past since 2008. Obama is free as a lark. At least five others have attempted to repeat his treason and espionage by attempting to usurp the Presidency. Everyone and his uncle have been apprised of Obama’s crimes. What other conclusion can be drawn from their nonfeasance in bringing him to justice. We are now a banana republic or on the verge of becoming one. Endless investigations, the results of which never result in the imprisonment of the big name criminals like Obama,Pelosi,Clintons,Soros,Comey, et al. The nation is in trouble. It can be saved with the proper care and attention but it has to be done soon. Once freedom is lost, it is extremely hard to recoup.

  2. What we have here is scam of gargantuan proportions where the belief system of what we consider to be right or wrong is a figment of someone’s sick joke, but he joke isn’t on us, it’s on them, and I’ll tell you why.

    Many years ago there was this one man who had all the right answers. He managed to go through life without causing any harm and he treated others as he too would wish to be treated. News of his extraordinary courage and good deeds spread far and wide. He spoke of established religions and established governments of being superfluous, that we all had the ability to live an “examined” life; meaning we had the intellectual capability to live without avaricious.

    They crucified him; they had to, they couldn’t compete with honesty. That is not to say to go through life stupid, or poor, or not protecting yourself and loved ones, your community, your country and your civilization. He never said you have to take it the lies, mistreatment and the double standard where Hillary and Lois Lerner aren’t thrown in jail for violating their oath to the Constitution, or Barry Soetoro – aka Barack Obama – escapes living the rest of his worthless existence in a cell down in Gitmo, for being an imposture, a Muslim plant sent to destroy our Republic.

    No, we’re not buying into the double standard where the rich and powerful laugh at the proletariat; where the likes of Nancy Pelosi and the Federal Reserve refuse a public audit even though (they say) they have nothing to hide. No, the joke is on the Fake News and those who bought into the Russian Hoax; the joke is on those who turned their backs on the Veterans and the memory of the Veterans who, without them, I wouldn’t be able to write these words or you wouldn’t be allowed to read them.

  3. “Why is he (“Obama”) being allowed to ‘cash in’ on his time there?” That is, on his constitutionally ineligible time in our country’s oval office and command of our armed forces..


    Too bad, though, I doubt we’ll be getting any honest answers.

    Will our constitutional republic under God be able to survive this misprision if not in fact treason.

  4. Levin is a fraud. While I do like his show on Fox, he’s no constitutional expert. He has been lazy, dishonest and downright ignorant when it comes to his take on Natural Born Citizen. I exposed him in my 2016 article in his OWN WORDS no less:

    FYI: I never did a Part Two. Too much material to transcribe.

    Mario Apuzzo and I took up Levin’s on-air challenge to debate the issue. Despite repeated calls top his producer, Levin obviously was fearful of being exposed.