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by OPOVV, ©2019

Photo credit: paulbr75 at Pixabay

(Jun. 12, 2019) — “Zyklon calling Henry; do you have the ‘State of the Earth’ report ready?”

“But it hasn’t even been two months since your last visit. I thought time slowed down in space travel.”

“It does, but we had it in reverse by mistake.”

“Oh, that explains it. No, I don’t have the report ready but I have the next best thing: the Roving Reporter (RR) just happens to be at Madam Shylock’s Fortune-Telling Emporium and I’m sure he would consider you a major scoop.”

“Henry, I’ve been called many things in my life, but being a ‘scoop’ is not one of them.”

“It’ll be fine; won’t hurt a bit. Land on the pond and you can alter your appearance to anything you want in my pad.”

“I was thinking about being a giraffe, a grazing animal that are kind to kittens and chipmunks, but there’s a crazed woman out there who kills them to satisfy some primeval urge to murder helpless animals. I ask you, how in the heck is a giraffe supposed to protect itself from a slug fired from a sneaky location hundreds of yards away traveling at a thousand feet per second that’ll make a small hole going in but a large pizza-sized hole going out? Not fair in the slightest.”

“Good thinking. Disguise yourself as a human.”

“Then how about Chairman Mao?”

“Killed too many people.”

“Ted Kennedy?”

“Murdered two people.”

Mary Jo Kopechne was pregnant?”

“We’ll never know: her body was immediately cremated. Let me choose for you: how about being Frederick Douglass?”

“He’ll do, but not as an old man with the beard and the white hair. Oaky, let’s go see Roving.”

Photo of Frederick Douglass: National Archives, public domain

Henry hops across the street followed by Zyklon (who is masquerading as a Frederick Douglass lookalike), walks up the stoop and knocks on the door. The next scene takes place in the room with the crystal ball.

“Excuse me, please, that’s Henry’s faint knock. Be right back. Roving, you’ve previously met Henry.”

“Hello, Henry.”

“Roving, I’d like to introduce my boss, Zyklon.”

“How do you do, Zyklon? Weren’t you just here about two months ago? I have a thousand and one questions for you, but first let me ask you this: are there other intelligent forms out there?”

“If you consider what you have here on earth ‘intelligent,’ then you’re in for one rude awakening. Let me explain: how many times does it take to prove that President Trump is not a Russian agent? How many times does it have to be proven that there was no obstruction of something that didn’t happen? Any number other than one proves my case, so there.”

“You got me there, Zyklon. So how are we doing in the Middle East?”

“You mean the part about ‘Changing Hearts and Minds?’

“I guess you just answered my question.”

“Why don’t you ask me why the United States Army became a moving company for whole villages of Somalians and for thousands of Iraqis and Afghanis who will not assimilate into mainstream America? These ‘immigrants’ will NEVER accept the Constitution as the law; rather, they’ll keep their Sharia Law. Wait and see: we’ll have separate courts where in one the Constitution rules while in the other ‘Women’s rights’ is an impossibility. Please, Roving, don’t make me laugh at America’s ignorance.”

“So how about spelling it out for our viewers, Zyklon? What’s in store for us?”

“Why ask me when we have a world-renowned fortune-teller sitting across the table? So, what say you, Madam Shylock?”

“I say that Professor Zorkophsky and I have collaborated on a new book to be on the shelves in time for the 4th. It’s all about all the words and phrases that Hillary has given us, words like ‘BleachBit’ and phrases like ‘Private Server’ and ‘Pay for Play.’ There’s also chapters on ‘defying court orders,’ ‘destroying evidence,’ and the difference between ‘out-and-out lying’ verses ‘lying-through-your-teeth.’

“Back to what Zyklon was asking you?”

“Well, if I didn’t hawk the book Zork would accuse me of wasting a golden opportunity. Oh, one more point: some think that Hillary’s top aide, Huma Abedin, learned when and where Seal Team 6 would be, then Huma told Valerie Jarrett who in turn told the Muslim Brotherhood.”

“No way.”

“Yes way, because the bad guys knew the time and the route, so the ambush was 100% effective: the surface-to-air missiles hit on the sides, which means that they were ready and waiting for the whirlybirds to fly by on the prescribed heading and altitude. Anyway, back to Zyklon’s question: what’s in store for us? As long as we let the enemy use our laws to do us in, we don’t stand an ice cube’s chance in Hades, as they say.”

“How’s that again?”

“They say ‘religion’ and we bend over backwards when we should be saying ‘hogwash’; they say ‘peaceful’ when we should retort with ‘honor killings’; the Muslims say ‘moderate’ and we should answer, ‘Since when, in the past 1,400-year history of Islam, is there one iota of evidence of anyone ever being a moderate?’

“So what’s the deal?”

“The deal is that our politicians are selling us short, or out.”

“Why are the politicians selling us short, or out?”

“Because they’re afraid of being accused of ‘Islamophobia,’ is why.”

“But why would that matter? It’s not like a Democrat-Republican thing.”

“No, but it is an educational thing. I mean, some have it and some may forever remain ignorant and, therefore, responsible* for what may happen if we let the Muslims get their way, and none of it is good. Let me end my answer with this: the camel’s nose is in our tent.”

“That bad?”

“I’m afraid so. Can’t trust them, you know. They even say that lying is acceptable behavior if it advances their agenda of subjugating everyone to their way of thinking.”

“Just as I was saying: it’s a question of education. If the truth offends you, well, you become one of them. Look, I’m tired of answering the same questions day-in and-day-out. Make it mandatory, for those who want abortion legal, visit a clinic and hold the scissors, okay?”

“And then she gets up and walks out. Well, Zyklon, I think you pushed her button.”

“Yes, Roving, perhaps I did. You people are on a collision course with your conscience, especially of all the different methods of contraception that seemed to be ignored.”

“To ask loonies to take responsibility for anything is a waste of time. So will Trump win in 2020?”

“No doubt about it, as long as the other side keeps on their collision course with the center of the whirlpool. Listen: the enemy of Socialism is the middle class, and as long as the middle class prospers under Trump, the Democrats haven’t a prayer. 401Ks are doing well and the economy is good, although this illegal immigration and allowing Muslims into the country will backfire at some point if you don’t deal with it in a supportive manner.”

“Supportive manner?”

“Deport them. Look, I don’t wish to appear rude, but I need a nap. Henry, please escort me back to your pad.”

“And off they go and off we go. And so, on behalf of the crew and Madam Shylock, I’ll be wishing you all a goodnight: Goodnight.

“Wow, finally got to talk with Zyklon. You know, he reminded me of a young Frederick Douglass. Burger time: my treat.”

[*responsible: read “The Witness“.]

The Weight” (2:52)



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