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(Jan. 2, 2018) — “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘Pulse of the Nation,’ the information show that reports the truth and what you make of it is your business. Since it’s just too darn cold to be out, we asked our contact in the nation’s capital if he had anything to report and he said maybe he did, so here goes.

“Professor Zorkophsky, we’re on the air. We’ll go to split screen now. Hey, we’re on split screen; how about that?”

“Do you know that men have walked on the moon, Roving? The split-screen technique is not new nor is it novel. I’m sorry; I don’t have a lot of time; I’m scheduled to attend the ‘Mental Health Fact-Finding Commission Conference’ in the next hour. The idea is to determine the percentage of those in Congress who could be Certified Bonkers in order to concoct plausible deniability in case he or she gives a press conference and forgets the key words that they’re suppose to say. And before you ask I’ll give you a really good example. Why, just last month, one of the senators was in front of a bank of microphones and cameras and had a free 30 seconds in which to say anything. At no time, believe it or not (believe it because we have it on tape), did she say the word ‘Russians’ and the phrase ‘undocumented guest worker,’ but, to her credit, she did mention ‘open borders’ and the benefits of having ‘sanctuary cities.’

“Hold it. Excuse me for interrupting, but what possible benefit is there in a sanctuary city?’”

“Why, absolutely none, especially for the legal inhabitants, but the Democrats figure on votes from the illegals, besides the felons and the dead.”

“For real?”

“Of course for real. Look, there’s no patriotism any more in Washington, DC, and I’m not convinced there ever was, at least since 2009. Christians are being attacked on all fronts; the truth is banned from college campuses; law enforcement and the military are derided; and the news is basically fake.”

“So is there a solution to America’s slide into the abyss that the — what word did you use to describe people who are incapable of processing facts?”


“That’s right. As I was asking, what’s the solution to stop America’s slide into the abyss that the ‘bonker’ unfortunates buy into? Is it ‘Socialism,’ or perhaps a Totalitarian form of government, otherwise known as Sharia Law?”

“What’s to stop it is the Draft: unless we have an army of civilians, from all the stratas of our society – and none of this ‘deferment’ nonsense* – there’s no known way to teach patriotism from a book. A person must be re-Socialized (Boot Camp, anybody?) in order to be an effective member of a cohesive fighting unit, based on common shared experience, which is why the president of the United States must be of the USA, unlike Obama** and his Muslim-loving ways.”

“So you advocate the Draft?”

“Everyone must serve at least two years, no exceptions. If you’re handicapped, maybe you could answer a phone somewhere. Men and women serving their country and, when separated from active duty, take their weapon home and be on call in case of a national emergency. Maybe you don’t like the idea; maybe you’re a conscientious objector: there’s lots of phones that need answering.”

“Here’s a question for you: is ‘bonkers’ another one of your ‘accepted psychiatry medical words’ or is it something you make up as you go along?”

“Accepted, for sure. What a dumb question; I am, after all, the author of many best-sellers and a screenplay, I’ll have you know.”

“Oh, sorry. You mentioned ‘sanctuary cities’ earlier. I know you have clearances and are privy to a lot of secret information, but could you maybe elaborate just a little about how harmful they are to our country?”

“I’ve got to run so I’ll give you the quick answer: very harmful.”

“Wait; you can do better than that.”

“I’ll try. The drug cartels are calling the shots, okay? But the cartels are not only into drugs, but also stolen cars/trucks/planes, and people. The young girls (that they force into prostitution) they grab (kidnap) as the girls are crossing the border, at a truck stop, or just off the street. Look, I’ll make it really clear; well, I guess I won’t because ‘Pulse’ is a family show, so I’ll just say that these ‘undocumented guest workers’ frequent brothels, and these brothels are run by the cartels which have a free pass in sanctuary cities. I’m not mentioning the possibilities of law enforcement being paid off for fear of any possible repercussions, understand?”

“So there’s a lot more going on in sanctuary cities than we know about, besides the theft, rapes and murders?”

“Stolen money, vehicles and lives: bad, very bad. Picture your 13-year-old daughter, walking on her way to school, in your nice neighborhood; a van pulls up, three men jump out, grab your daughter and she’s never seen again, ever. Not a word, ever. Not a clue, ever. Her body will never be found: ever. Let me say one more thing, give you the definition of ‘human trafficking,’ and I’ll have to run.

Human Trafficking: Young girls either sold, as Islam encourages (child ‘brides’), or kidnapped and used for the sick gratification of males who have no regard, respect or reverence for the welfare of another human being; on the contrary, these males view females as nothing more than an object to do with as they wish; a kidnapped girl has no human rights whatsoever; these girls are sold for any purpose for which the (mentally deranged) male is only restrained by the limits of his imagination.

“And that’s all I want to say on the subject; as I said, ‘Pulse’ is a family show, so I’m off. Nice to have been on your show and Happy New Year to you, Roving, your crew and all the people in the office who have made your show as popular as it is, especially your editor. Goodbye.”

“Goodbye, and thanks for taking the time off from your busy schedule to talk with us. That’ll do it for this episode of ‘Pulse’ and so, on behalf of the crew, I’ll be wishing you all a Happy New Year and a goodnight: Goodnight.

“Good show. Burger time: my treat.”

[*deferment nonsense: the way the government ran the Draft during the Vietnam Era was a disgrace; the way the government ran the Vietnam War was a disgrace; and the way the government is keeping us citizens of the United States safe from Muslims killing us is a disgrace.]


The Day the Trigger Died” (4:02)



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  1. An excellent article here. As a veteran, I enlisted as a volunteer as a duty to serve our
    wonderful country. To a degree, I put my life on hold and on the line while many others could care less. But, I served for them too.

    Others who object to direct military service shouldn’t get a free ride and as the article indicated they should also be required to do some other related required service.

    As the saying goes: freedom isn’t free. War / conflict isn’t pretty. At times it requires force,
    destruction, injury, and loss of life.

    We must be vigilant and responsive and wisely use force as needed. Freedom isn’t free,
    it is costly and requires payment one way or another.