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by Sharon Rondeau

(Jan. 7, 2019) — Shortly before 6:00 p.m. EST on Monday, an individual using a “US Senate” ISP opened The Post & Email’s 2016 article on the topic of “natural born Citizen” with specific references to Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-HI) and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX).

As it happens, both senators were re-elected to a second term in the 2018 midterm elections from their respective states.

Our article, published on March 24, 2016 and titled, “If Sen. Mazie Hirono is a Naturalized Citizen, How is Ted Cruz ‘natural born?’” was written during the height of the 2016 Republican presidential primaries wherein then-businessman Donald Trump and Cruz sparred bitterly for the nomination.

Cruz noticeably did not endorse Trump at the party convention in July that year.  Rather, he said, voters should “vote their conscience up and down the ticket” in November.

On several occasions in 2016, Trump raised the question of Cruz’s constitutional eligibility to serve as president, were he to be nominated and elected, given his birth in Canada.  At one point, Cruz responded that because Trump’s mother was from Scotland,  there could be a question about Trump’s eligibility.

Trump’s mother was naturalized as a U.S. citizen in 1942, four years before son Donald was born in Queens, NY on June 14, 1946.

After The Dallas Morning News released in 2014 an image it said was a reproduction of Cruz’s Canadian birth certificate provided by Cruz himself, Cruz claimed to have been unaware that he possessed Canadian citizenship to that day.  Eight months later, he formally renounced it.

Born December 22, 1970 to a Cuban-citizen father and presumed American-citizen mother, Cruz was considered a Canadian citizen at birth.  The Morning News reported Cruz as having been born “an instant U.S. citizen” because of his mother’s U.S. citizenship.  “But under Canadian law, he also became a citizen of that country the moment he was born,” the article continued.

Cruz’s father, Rafael Bienvenido Cruz, was a refugee from Cuba when he arrived in the U.S. during the Castro revolution which overthrew Fulgencio Batista.  The elder Cruz was said to have taken Canadian citizenship while he and his wife resided in Calgary working in the oil industry.

Neither the U.S. government nor Canadian government will release citizenship documents, citing “privacy” concerns, even for a public figure.

At a March 2016 rally, Trump said of Cruz, “He was born in Canada, lived there for four years. He was a citizen of Canada 15 or 16 months ago…Can you believe it?  He became a United States Senator, and then he said, ‘I didn’t know I was a citizen of Canada;’ lyin’ Ted, lyin’ Ted. He didn’t know. He was a joint [citizen]; he was U.S. and he was Canada. And, you know, that’s not the way it’s supposed to work; you’re supposed to be born, like here, here, here…”

Just after the 2016 Republican primaries concluded with Trump the victor, The Post & Email was told by a reliable source that Eleanor Darragh Cruz also became a Canadian citizen while residing there, although the year of her alleged change in citizenship was not available.

The “natural born Citizen” requirement contained in Article II, Section 1, clause 5 of the Constitution for the presidency became front-and-center for a number of Americans in 2007 after a little-known, first-term U.S. senator from Illinois, Barack Hussein Obama, declared himself a presidential candidate amid credible reports that he was born in Indonesia or Kenya.  As Obama’s campaign progressed, The Honolulu Advertiser amended an article it published in 2006 stating that Obama’s birthplace was Indonesia, claiming an error generated by a hasty internet search; and NPR altered an article in which it reported Obama’s birthplace as the East African country of Kenya.

In June 2004, the AP, whose article was reproduced in the Kenyan “Sunday Standard,” reported Obama as “Kenyan-born” as he ran for U.S. Senate against Republican Jack Ryan.

In addition to questions about his birthplace, Obama claims a father who was never a U.S. citizen. Entries in the Congressional Globe, precursor to the Congressional Record, indicate that members of Congress believed a “natural born Citizen” was one born in the United States to U.S.-citizen parents.

In 2011, Trump demanded that Obama prove his eligibility, and several months later, the White House released what it said was a scan of a certified copy of his original birth certificate from Hawaii.  Less than a year later, a six-month criminal probe declared the image a “computer-generated forgery.”

Other aspects of Obama’s purported life story are inconsistent and remain unexplained.  In a 2008 interview, former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson described Obama as “an immigrant” who would advocate for newcomers to the U.S.

Some say that a simple birth on U.S. soil is enough to confer not only U.S. citizenship, but also “natural born” status.  However, others label a child born on U.S. soil to two alien parents an “anchor baby” whose U.S. citizenship is erroneously bestowed by a misreading of the 14th Amendment.

Hirono, 71, was born to a U.S.-citizen mother and Japanese father in Japan.  She describes herself as “an immigrant” to the United States whose background made her an “unlikely” candidate for the U.S. Senate.  Hirono previously served as Hawaii’s lieutenant governor; as a Hawaii state representative for a decade; and three terms in the U.S. House of Representatives.

With a U.S.-citizen parent, a foreign-citizen parent and a birth on foreign soil, Hirono is reportedly a naturalized U.S. citizen, raising the question as to why and how Cruz could be considered a “natural born Citizen,” as he claimed during the presidential race.

Cruz’s presidential campaign declined to respond to The Post & Email’s request, sent by certified mail just after Cruz declared himself a candidate in March 2015, that he release documentation proving he met the eligibility criteria for the presidency.  He was previously called upon to expose Obama as ineligible for the presidency, a request he ignored.

In the waning days of the Republican primaries, Cruz’s wife Heidi characterized her husband as “an immigrant.” On April 11, 2016 NBC News’s Pete Williams reported Cruz to have been “naturalized.”

A requirement to serve in Congress is for the candidate to be a “citizen of the United States,” which includes naturalized citizens provided they meet the seven- or nine-year residency requirement.  However, it is almost universally understood that a “naturalized” citizen is not “natural born.”

Despite numerous open-records requests sent to the State of Texas, where Cruz was admitted to the State Bar and served as Solicitor General, The Post & Email was unable to acquire documentation containing any questions about citizenship to an applicant for the public-service positions Cruz held.

Update January 8, 2019, 10:41 a.m.:  The “US Senate” has returned to read this article:




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  1. The fraud and usurper barack hussein obama is still in DC trying to bring down a Constitutionally LEGAL sitting US President Donald J. Trump . November 9, 2016 liberal/socialist democrats in the US government went into a PANIC because President Donald J. Trump won the 2016 presidential election and are still there as of this post . Hillary Rotten Clinton was supposed to win according to the lame stream media and the polls. Hillary Rotten Clinton wins the popular vote but loses the Electoral Collage vote( President Donald J. Trump’s 306 electoral Vote to Hillary Rotten Clintons 238 electoral . We The People for over Two Hundred years elect a US President by ELECTORAL VOTE and not by popular vote .

  2. Happy to see The Post & Email still dishing the Truth. I continue taking a stand and hopefully reminding President Trump of his duty to Preserve, Protect, and Defend the U.S. Constitution.



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    Don’t Stop… till you’re on top!
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    #Justice #ObamaGate #BirtherBus #Birther #Utah #utpol #jeepwrangler @realDonaldTrump

    Side Note: The Proposed Executive Order delivered August 11, 2018 is on scribd and now has close to 5,000 reads.


    It seems an amazing job for Google, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Scribd to continually altar numbers, but they continue to do it quite successfully from the “Public Eye” seperating iphone and computer reads but the count on iphone is 4,330 today, with 502 being the count on Computer Screens.

  3. The details matter. It was Pelosi who changed the nomination language on 49 of the states for DNC “duly nominated” candidate Barry Soetero. The Hawaii nomination form retained it’s original language. J.B. Williams documents this very well back in 2008.

    Of utmost importance to all citizens, if the Deep State can install an impostor using forged documents to occupy the Oval office with zero accountability we have in reality the illusion of a Republic for, by and of the people. The scenario of Hillary email scandal, Uranium One, Russia gate, the fake dossier, Mueller, Comey, Brennan, etc. all reveal the internal collapse of any moral fiber to uphold a Constitutional Republic.

    The present administration must press relentlessly to the hard facts- we had a usurper planted as POTUS. The test run worked with all out cooperation by media, Congress, and sheeple drinking the KoolAid. Time is of the essence.

  4. Message to all U.S. Senators as-well-as all U.S. House of Representatives:
    You can take the Congressional Research Service (CRS) explanation of who or what is a natural born (U.S.) Citizen ‘to the bank’. Reference: https://fas.org/sgp/crs/misc/R42097.pdf After the bank teller has politely told you that your sunglasses should be removed upon entering the bank, the bank teller will tell you that the CRS explanation has no value.

    But, to redeem your website, your very own CRS, aka Library of Congress, has on file a PDF (Portable Document Format) version of Vattel’s book – Law of Nations – that explicitly explains who or what consists of a natural born citizen. Reference: https://www.loc.gov/rr/frd/Military_Law/Lieber_Collection/pdf/DeVattel_LawOfNations.pdf See Book 1, Chapter XIX, Sect 212. It’s some heavy reading and a heavy computer file too, consisting of nearly 94 MBytes. But hey, it ain’t heavy, it’s our brother of the U.S. Constitution of this Constitutional Republic.

    Now, don’t all of you guys and gals (and no-one in between) in the U.S. Congress feel like a bunch of fools after allowing a non-documented person to usurp the highest office and Commander-in-Chief position of the United States of America plus a Canadian citizen to run in a Presidential Primary for the 2016 general election?

    Foolishness was also displayed by the U.S. Senate on April 30, 2008, when they passed a non-binding Senate Resolution (SR) 511. SR 511 was based upon a repealed, superseded, or nullified (your choice) naturalization document used to – you guessed it – naturalize non-citizens to make them ‘naturalized’ U.S. citizens (aka plain-vanilla citizens), and not used to define who or what a natural born Citizen is. More fun in the U.S. Senate at the expense of the U.S. Constitution and the citizens of the U.S.A.

    Your CRS copy of Vattel’s Law of Nations has an Editor’s Note. To wit: ”The Law of Nations, though so noble and important a subject, has not, hitherto, been treated of with all the care it deserves. The great­er part of mankind have, therefore, only a vague, a very incomplete, and often even a false notion of it.”

    The fact that a natural born Citizen is not defined in the U.S. Constitution, gives liberal-minded individuals carte blanche authority to give it any explanation they want in order to achieve their evil goals. The sheep in the audience will be nonetheless overwhelmed by your designer self-authority on the matter.

    Blackmail or ignorance is not your best friend.

  5. NO BORDERS “natural born Citizen” [NBC] :

    Thief-in-Chief of the Theft Left, multi-citizen UFO Barry Soetoro-Obama II (SO2)

    Lyin’ TED the Undocumented FED; a secret Texas-licensed attorney-criminal

    alamaK “Oh, No!” Harris = NNBC

    Even SOS Hillary failed the original intent of “natural born Citizen” because, while she passes the original PEDIGREE of NBC, she flat out fails the original PHILOSOPHY of NBC:

    PEDIGREE = born on American jurisdiction of two American citizen parents

    PHILOSOPHY = America First sensitized brain thinking from cradle to coffin

    original PEDIGREE + original PHILOSOPHY = “natural born Citizen”

    Hillary was born in America to two American citizen parents, BUT her life-sensitized invisible thinking became that of a FUGITIVE FELON: pay-to-play RICO schemes as SOS, “What difference, at this point. does it make!” Benghazi Massacre and Cover-up, Uranium One sell-out to the Russians, private SOS emails tapped by foreign actors, a RACKATEER CAREER of lying, lying, lying.


    NO CITIZENSHIP BORDERS = BORDERLESS U.S. GOVERNMENT (= out of control with a life of its own!)

  6. “Ted Cruz entered the U.S. Senate as a Canadian”-Sen. Bob Dole. In other words, Cruz wasn’t even eligible to be a US Senator