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by Sharon Rondeau

(Aug. 15, 2018) — At Wednesday’s 2:00 p.m. press briefing, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders read from a prepared statement from President Trump stating that in the interest of national security, he was revoking the security clearance of Obama CIA Director John O. Brennan.

Brennan has been particularly vociferous in his criticism of the administration and Trump personally, accusing him of treason after his press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin on July 16.

In his statement, Trump said it is his responsibility “to protect the Nation’s classified information, including by controlling access to it.”

In further justification of his decision, Trump’s statement reads, in part:

Mr. Brennan has a history that calls into question his objectivity and credibility. In 2014, for example, he denied to Congress that CIA officials under his supervision had improperly accessed the computer files of congressional staffers. He told the Council of Foreign Relations that the CIA would never do such a thing. The CIA’s Inspector General, however, contradicted Mr. Brennan directly, concluding unequivocally that agency officials had indeed improperly accessed congressional staffers’ files. More recently, Mr. Brennan told Congress that the intelligence community did not make use of the so-called Steele Dossier in an assessment regarding the 2016 election, an assertion contradicted by at least two other senior officials in the intelligence community and all of the facts.

Brennan was quick to react to the news in a telephone interview with his new employer, MSNBC, stating, “I do believe that Mr. Trump decided to take this action, as he’s done with others, to try to intimidate and suppress any criticism of him or his administration…If Mr. Trump believes this going to lead me to just go away and be quiet, he is very badly mistaken.”

On Twitter, Brennan wrote, “My principles are worth far more than clearances.  I will not relent.”

As might be expected, former Vice President Joe Biden defended Brennan with, “If you think it will silence John, then you just don’t know the man.”

But what would Brennan say if he were asked about the “long-form” birth certificate image posted in 2011 at whitehouse.gov which a five-year criminal investigation found to be a “computer-generated forgery?”

According to lead investigator Mike Zullo, the findings ultimately caused him to conclude that “all roads lead back to John Brennan.”

Despite Zullo’s very public discoveries announced at three press conferences over the life of the investigation, the U.S. intelligence community, of which Brennan was an integral part, never launched a probe into how a fraudulent government document was uploaded to the White House website on April 27, 2011 “with the intent to deceive,” according to Zullo.

In a radio broadcast earlier this summer, Zullo said that he has personal knowledge that although he no longer publicly discusses it, Trump, the first public figure to raise Americans’ awareness of the questions surrounding Barack Obama’s presidential eligibility in 2011, has not forgotten about the issue.

Brennan has been accused by Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani of having led a vigorous effort on the part of “a coalition of government officials” to circulate the Russia “dossier” in an attempt to prevent Trump from becoming president.

The contents of the dossier, commissioned by Democrat operatives through Fusion GPS and former MI6 agent Christopher Steele, have never been verified but were used to procure four surveillance warrants on former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page.  The dossier was also reportedly used as the basis of the ongoing investigation led by former FBI Director and now Special Counsel Robert Mueller, a probe Trump has decried repeatedly as a “rigged witch hunt.”

But what if Trump were to ask Brennan what he knew, when he knew it, and whether or not the CIA played a role in uploading the forgery?  Would Brennan maintain his bold, “relentless” stance or suddenly find himself at a loss for words?

And while he’s at it, perhaps Trump should ask Brennan about the 2008 “breach” of Obama’s passport records.  After all, at the time, Brennan was CEO of The Analysis Corporation, whose employee reportedly accessed the file within the State Department.

“Why?” Trump could ask Brennan.

According to The Washington Post on Wednesday, a presidential historian and unnamed “security experts” called Trump’s revocation of the security clearance “unprecedented.”  But then again, so is a forgery presented as an official government document on behalf of a sitting president to an unsuspecting and duped American electorate.




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  1. John Brennan exudes evil. Just looking at him scares me to death. I believe as a muslim he has been practicing tyqiya (?). I also believe he is the one who ordered many deaths, such as the 2 choir boys Obama had affairs with, the person who hacked into the passport data base and Lt. Quarrels. Yeah sure just found dead in his police car. He very much enabled Obama run for Pres.
    Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden know that Obama was not eligible as they swore to a falsified affidavit. Brennan and the others need to be stripped of their clearances and be far removed from any office in our government. How many others will be murdered before these people go to Leavenworth? We are out of time.

  2. If Barack Obama, II’s father was indeed Barack Obama, Sr., then he was never constitutionally eligible to be president to begin with. The president must be, not simply a “citizen”, he/she must be a “natural born citizen”. Birth on U.S. soil + citizen FATHER + citizen mother = natural born citizen, so that there is no possibility of being a citizen of any other nation, through birth or foreign citizenship of parent(s), and no other nation that could possibly demand loyalty from him/her. SOLE allegiance to the U.S.! BHO was born with dual citizenship, and is not a natural born citizen. He wouldn’t even be eligible had he been born IN the White House.

  3. President Trump should ask Obama about the video uploaded to YouTube this past July 16th by Kenya CitizenTV in which, starting at about the 5:50 mark, Obama says: “Now three years ago, I visited Kenya as the first sitting American president to come from Kenya.”

  4. Trump should ask Brennan about Obama’s Passport since it was under his watch at The Analysis Corporation (TAC) in 2008 when an employee accessed Obama’s passport information. The employee was fatally shot…….

    Passports probe focuses on worker
    By – The Washington Times – Saturday, March 22, 2008

    Key witness in passport fraud case fatally shot
    By – The Washington Times – Saturday, April 19, 2008

  5. Yes, Sharon, Trump should definitely ask Brennan that question. I would not hold your breath waiting for a reply though. In my opinion, Brennan is a true communist and by far, maybe except for Holder, the worst of the evil,manipulating, ruthless and arrogant type of creature. He is utterly despicable and very capable of doing the very worst thing to and against the U.S.A.
    IF ONLY we had an A.G. that was worth his salt, he would be putting the screws on Brennan, just like Mueller/Manafort!. A close, long, hard look at Brennan’s history could well be very rewarding !

  6. Instead of negating regulations one at a time, pushing O’s ineligibility could wipe out all 8 years in one fell swoop … not just regulations, but appointments, etc…. and save America.

  7. The lack of a requirement for a background check to see classified information appears to be what allowed Obama to populate his administration with people who hate America as much as he does. I don’t believe “Obama”, himself could ever pass a background exam…how convenient he apparently never had to have one, either as a Senator or as the putative President, yet he had the ability to say who could, and could not see classified information. This from a CRS document on who has to have a security clearance, (i.e.background check), and who doesn’t, in order to see classified information:
    “Are Constitutional Officers (e.g., the President, Members of Congress) Required to Hold a Security Clearance to Access Classified Information?
    Security clearances are not mandated for the President, Vice President, Members of Congress, Supreme Court Justices, or other constitutional officers. The criteria for election or appointment to these positions are specified in the U.S. Constitution, and except by constitutional amendment, no additional criteria (e.g., holding a security clearance) may be required. Further, “by tradition and practice, United States officials who hold positions prescribed by the Constitution of the United States are deemed to meet the standards of trustworthiness for eligibility for access to classified information.”
    Additionally, as Commander-in-Chief, the President has the authority to establish the standards for access to classified national security information. This authority is typically exercised through the issuance of executive orders. Executive Order 13467, which covers suitability checks and security clearances for federal employees, applicants, and contractors, includes a determination of which executive branch individuals are covered and which are exempted.
    ‘Covered individual’ means a person who performs work for or on behalf of the executive branch, or who seeks to perform work for or on behalf of the executive branch, but does not include:
    (i) the President or (except to the extent otherwise directed by the President) employees of the President under section 105 or 107
    of title 3, United States Code; or (ii) the Vice President or (except to the extent otherwise directed by the Vice President) employees of the Vice President under section 106 of title 3 or annual legislative branch appropriation acts.”
    Link here, read page 7: https://fas.org/sgp/crs/secrecy/R43216.pdf

  8. This title sounds grotesque.

    Should Trump “ask” Brennan, or rather should Trump subpoena Brennan, or rather should Trump designate a special prosecutor of all aspects of fraud and usurpation by Obama?! Indeed Trump should! It’s his first duty, but he failed it since 2016.

    Which sense can it possibly have to ask Brennan about anything: that very Brennan, first a Commie then islamic sympathizer (and perhaps a muslim); Brennan – the Obama’s appointee?!

    Shouldn’t Trump rather ask Dr. Taitz and Sheriff Arpaio about Obama’s Birth Certificate?! Gee, why to ask: Trump could merely watch the last press conference of Sheriff Arpaio in December 2016 on the topic of the Birth Certificate, and watch later press conferences of Mr. Zullo! This was and remains Trump’s duty which he failed.

    The entire former “great nation” (the “beacon of humanity”) plays ugly farce pretending as though nothing extraordinary happened!.. This is the end of civility!..

  9. …Brennan has been accused …of having led a vigorous effort …to prevent Trump from becoming president….

    From the get-go, Brennan has been the noisiest of those clamoring for Trump, first to not be POTUS, and now, to remove him from the WH. Makes me wonder, did Brennan have a premonition that if Trump made POTUS, he would eventually probe obama’s fake BC and Brennan’s role in it? I think Brennan is in a panic right now.

  10. Thank you Ms. Rondeau for your relentless work in this cover up and forgery. Of Course President Trump Should ask the question. The response will be a pre constructed response of denial. Perhaps this is the first step when John Brennan realizes that Obama is not there to help him. Time for a confession John, it’s not too late. Save yourself.

    Mike Volin
    President WOBC Radio
    570 284 7477

  11. Thank you Sharon.
    Here is a question for anyone reading the comments here:
    None of the talking heads discussing this, including Hannity, will ask this question:
    Did John Brennan, (or whoever), ever have to have a background check to be given a security clearance?
    According to this from the Congressional Research Service, based on an Executive Order, 13467, signed by GWB in June of 2008 and mandated by Congress to be in effect by January 2009, (just in time for Barry), the answer is IMO likely to be “no”.
    Please go here and read page 7 of this CRS document. You may not realize that many people are given a security clearance, (i.e. allowed to see classified information), who are never required to have a background check.. Some of those people are the President, VP, members of Congress, Supreme Court Judges, some government appointees and even, “employees” of the president and VP. Please go here and read page 7 and tell me how you define what it says:
    It seems pretty clear to me, but is never talked about……..thanks.
    If I’m wrong…no problem I’d like to be corrected.