by Sharon Rondeau

(Jun. 3, 2018) — On the June 1 broadcast of “Freedom Friday,” host Carl Gallups recounted the appearance on his previous show of Mike Zullo, lead investigator for the probe concluding that the “long-form” birth certificate image posted on the White House website in 2011 is a “computer-generated forgery.”

In a soliloquy lasting approximately 20 minutes, Gallups reminded listeners that on May 25, Zullo had said that his findings, gathered over more than five years, led him to believe that “all roads lead back to John Brennan” in regard to the birth certificate forgery.

Brennan was Obama’s final CIA director.  In March 2008, when the State Department passport breaches of the files of Sen. John McCain, Hillary Clinton and then-Sen. Barack Obama occurred, Brennan was CEO of The Analysis Corporation, one of whose employees was found to have been involved in the breaches but was reportedly not fired.

On March 22, 2008, The Washington Times reported:

Two of the three contract employees had been fired before The Washington Times first reported Thursday on security breaches involving Mr. Obama’s passport records. The furor expanded yesterday to incidents involving the passport records of Mr. McCain and Mrs. Clinton.

The third employee, who has not been fired, worked for The Analysis Corporation (TAC), which is headed by John O. Brennan, a former CIA agent who is an adviser to Mr. Obama’s presidential campaign on intelligence and foreign policy.

The TAC employee is the only individual to have accessed both Mr. Obama’s and Mr. McCain’s passport information without proper authorization, a State Department spokesman said. That employee, who was not named, triggered an electronic alarm system, officials familiar with the probe said.

[Video courtesy of the PNN News and Ministry Network (ppsimmons.com).]

In September 2018, one contractor was reported charged with a crime in connection to the passport breaches, but an ABC News report does not say for which contracting company he worked while at the State Department.

Within the first two minutes of the June 1 show segment, Gallups said that “most” of the information Zullo gleaned from the investigation has not yet been released.

Gallups said that the revelation about Brennan was one of two new pieces of information Zullo divulged on May 25.

Just after the 3:00 mark, Gallups said that in his opinion, it would take “good, clean, legitimate” courts, Congress, FBI and Justice Department to credibly investigate Zullo’s findings.  At a final press conference stemming from the probe held on December 15, 2016, then-Maricopa County Sheriff Joseph Arpaio, who authorized the investigation, said that the totality of evidence collected would be turned over to “federal authorities.”

Zullo has previously said that the FBI and DOJ were “compromised” and therefore could not be trusted to act on his conclusions that the long-form birth certificate image, as well as Barack Obama’s purported Selective Service registration form, are fraudulent.

Gallups said the goal, as he sees it, is to have “the truth” made public.  “We are out to preserve proper rule of law, proper investigation, proper cooperation between legitimate, clean federal authorities like it should have been from the beginning,” Gallups said at 7:38.

He then declared the media “complicit” in covering up the birth certificate forgery.

At 8:47, Gallups issued a warning to “anybody that’s listening that might wish to do Mike Zullo harm, thinking if we can do some harm to him or Sheriff Arpaio then this thing can be hidden, it’s way too late for that.  All of the information of this investigation has been scattered into the hands of very important, trustworthy people who understand the importance of this…”

At 9:33, Gallups reminded the audience of Zullo’s revelation that “the investigation is in possession of hard-copy evidence that back in 2011, just prior to that birth certificate being released on the White House website…url trails and everything else, that the CIA was breaching the Department of Health records in Hawaii as well as the Department of Health historical records at the University of Hawaii as well as pulling information from those sites, sending that information to Jakarta, Indonesia to another CIA server, and then that information was transferred right into Washington, DC out of Jakarta.  And then, boom, lo and behold, there appears a long-form birth certificate on the White House website…”

Following a break, Gallups said (13:56) that if “federal authorities” were to investigate Zullo’s evidence, “then they will discover what Mike Zullo believes he knows:  that all roads lead back to John Brennan.”

The second new item Zullo declared on May 25, Gallups said, was the discovery of a “latent fingerprint” on one of the multiple “layers” comprising the birth certificate image.  “You can still identify people with a partial print,” Gallups, a former Florida deputy sheriff, said.

Gallups cited a May 23 article from The Daily Caller which reported that FBI agents wish to be subpoenaed by Congress in order to “reveal the bureau’s dirt.”  The article explained that the agents reason that they can avoid agency retaliation if they respond to a congressional subpoena to testify rather than act as whisteblowers.



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  1. Trump 44

    To answer I’d say the next ineligible person to run for president will get a pass and a warm welcome. Nothing the many complicit in the Obama fraud would like better than to finish off the Constitution’s requirement for natural born citizen with still another ineligible president. Cruz and Rubio, among others, may run again. If the Obama fraud just fades away it will then become close to, if you can spell,”citizen”, you are eligible. The Democrats won’t object to an ineligible Republican because they will not want to bring up Barry’s ineligibility again. As the Congressman in Glenn Harrison’s post said, “water under the bridge”.

    I’ve asked the same question in my comments before…if we allow barryboi to get by with it, will the next person who does it get a pass also?

  3. Glen Harrison, When you had Cruz in 2016 saying ” If Obama did it why can’t I”? and he and Rubio actually running for POTUS (neither are eligible) then we are still in danger as a Nation.

  4. For whatever reason, links to what Mike Zullo reports about the evidence aren’t convincing people so far. But if Mike Zullo released the evidence directly, We The People could distribute the evidence far and wide for him.

  5. About two months ago US Congressman GT Thompson of PA attended the local Republican Committee evening dinner at the Forth Worth Restaurant located in Clearfield County, PA.

    At the end of this function I approached GT about the issue of Obama being a fraud. Over the past several years I spoken to him a handful of times as well as with his staff and I had sent several letters (on USURPER Obama) and Sheriff Arpaio’s Kit.

    At the dinner GT stated to me that issue of Obama was water under the bridge. I am hopeful and I think because of Arpaio’s investigation and Trump being in the White House the tide could turn. The dam up river will break and the truth and evidence will cascade down stream causing all involved in the cover-up to be swept away.

    Therefore, we have to continue to keep the faith and stay in the fight… Let’s continue our efforts to expose the fraud.

  6. Here are a couple of links I left on The Gateway Pundit, (I don’t do social media),…but they would be a lot more effective on social media. Here is my post today from The Gateway Pundit:

    Mike Zullo of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse says all roads lead from Obama’s 100% proven forged BC lead back to John Brennan and the CIA.
    And this today, from Orly Taitz, says the road to Obama’s stolen Connecticut Social Security number leads back to Rod Rosenstein . The weasels Brennan and Rosenstein are trying to protect themselves from being found guilty in the mother of all crimes against our Constitution, which installed and covered for the ineligible, identity fraud con-artist Barack Hussein Obama to usurp the presidency and severely damage our nation with the help of many others, including most of Congress. Orly says Devin Nunes is interested in the information on Obama’s stolen Social Security number:

    And this link is to The Gateway Pundit, which has some great articles:

  7. Since time is of the essence, making any effort to spread the information is better than no effort at all.

    If the MSM can’t be trusted, alternative channels could be used, and it will go viral!

    1. One thing each reader could do is post links to the articles published here on social media. That would multiply their reach exponentially. You can do the same with Gallups’s radio shows.

  8. What good reasons remain for not just releasing all the evidence to the public?

    You could get a ground swelling of public support which would force official investigations. Just sitting on the evidence accomplishes nothing.

    Why no Gallups’ interview of the Fortlabs people or the Hawaiin guy?

    Keeping it all secret and doling it out in drips and drabs makes no sense.

  9. @Ole dog grunt ,

    If Sheriff Arpaio and Mike Zullo tried to release all their info to we the people, they couldn’t reach enough of us because 90% of the MSM would not broadcast it.
    Time is of essence, yet time will tell.

  10. Who is out there to effectively report the TRUTH to the masses? Just look how the media is pushing back with a vengeance on the current FBI, DOJ, IRS, NSA scandal currently percolating. Half the population, if not more, is in the dark – completely ignorant or in denial – most actually believing the anti-Trump, anti-American propaganda being spewed 24-7. Couple those dishonest efforts with a corrupt and complicit Congress and you have a recipe for continued opacity, lies and injustice. Something has to give if America is to survive. It’s obvious that there are only a VERY FEW in government that are invested in the truth and seeking justice under the law. Those who visit this website regularly know full well that Trump has the knowledge and the power to expose the corrupt Obama regime (including Barry’s phony identity and usurpation of the presidency) and the Clinton Crime Cabal for what they are. Question is when if ever does Trump lay his cards on the table?

  11. If the FBI, DOJ, Congress, and the Courts are compromised, then Arpaio and Zullo should release the information to We The People.

  12. Since ( not “if” ) the FBI and DOJ are compromised, is it really logical to assume that supplying this information to members of Congress will do any good? The vast majority of Congress is just as compromised, if not more so. They have the information, had it for a while, and like Jeff Sessions they sit on their butts collecting perks and doing nothing to earn them.

  13. MUST READ: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-06-03/modern-civil-war-being-fought-without-guns-so-far

    So, by these two articles herein, we are in a civil war of the Obama-Jarrett-Brennan black-muslim Demoppression versus Trump’s Constitutional Republicans; hired dictatorial government-citizens versus taxed Constitutional private-citizens; Theft Left versus Righteous Right, and other raw mind-controlling polarities that readily foment a civil war.

    The first weapons to arrive on any battlefield are differing points of view.

    TRUMP: money business as OBAMA: monkey business

    TRUMP: P&E Knowledge Patriots as OBAMA: Bull***t Bolsheviks

    Knowledge is power, harnessing brain over brawn, and right now, P&E, with its unique 9-year carefully archived fingertip-accessible knowledge-files, if ignited, is power enough to send three subversive floor-praying muslims, Obama-Jarrett-Brennan, et al, to jail (with no presIDential liebrary).

    When some 323,000,000 presIDential-knowledge-robbed American citizens finally know that their smiley-faced teleprompter tyrant, Soetoro-Obama II, never-was, never is and never will be American’s 44th Constitutional presIDent, the war between the states of mind, 08-28-08- 2018 (“America’s Decade of Decadence”), will finally be won.

    The only thing humans control in their visible real world is their invisible thinking, because everything else is God-provided/God-controlled. From cradle to coffin, it’s all about CONTROL of the invisible thinking within the private bedrooms of your mind, don’t you think?

    Of some 7,500,000,000 living human brains on planet Earth today, it will only take the invisible thinking of four clear seasoned adult brains to arrest-prosecute-punish Thief-in-Chief Obama-Jarrett-Brennan, et al, for our grandchildren:

    Knowledge Patriots have sufficient 1NF0-War knowledge, and now must convert it to power!

  14. Connecting the dots one discovers that John Brennan is a Wahhabist Muslim.
    Imagine that?
    It is, indeed, a small world, especially when even more dots are connected tying Obama and Valerie Jarrett to C.A.I.R. and the Muslim Brotherhood.
    Meanwhile, our Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, sits on his duff and does nothing to protect the citizens of the USA from enemies both foreign and domestic.

  15. The fact remains that both of Obama’s parents were NOT “U.S. Citizens themselves” . Incontrovertible proof that Obama was born in the Lincoln bedroom would not help Obama. Birth in the U.S. does NOT suffice to be a “natural-born citizen”. This definition of a “Narural-born citizen” has been affirmed at least five times by the U.S. Supreme Court. A “Natural Born citizen is one born IN the United States to parents who are BOTH U.S, Citizens themselves.

    See: The Venus; Dupont v U.S; Minor v Happersett and Wong Kim Ark., U.S. Supreme Court.
    These four SCOTUS determinations were left undisturbed in Laity v. NY, Obama and Laity v NY, Cruz, et al.

  16. A lot of brain-dead and duped Roman Catholics and a lot of white-guilt Caucasians ‘voted their conscience’ and twice voted for the unConstitutional and illegal alien, aka HUSSEIN Obama. Father Murphy is anxiously awaiting these sinners in the confessional.

    HUSSEIN Obama is the root cause of all that is currently wrong with those in authority in this Constitutional Republic. He and his complicit criminals nearly trashed this country. Because Obama is not a natural born U.S. citizen, he is a fake, a fraud, and a forger.

    Brain-toting U.S. citizens stopped the bleeding by electing the corrective action called Donald John Trump and sent Hillary packing who was to be the final act of ‘fundamentally transforming’ this country into a Stalinesque system.