by Sharon Rondeau

(Aug. 12, 2018) — On Sunday evening, America First Media Group (AF-MG) founder Matt Couch tweeted, “BREAKING: Two High Profile Level Washington D.C. Elites were at the Hospital at almost the same time, or within minutes of Seth Rich’s arrival via ambulance.”

Couch’s organization has been independently investigating the murder of 27-year-old Rich on July 10, 2016 near his Washington, DC apartment which remains unsolved by the Washington, DC Metro Police Department.

“We’re giving these people one week to come forward, before we name them,” Couch’s tweet continued.  In a second tweet in the string, he wrote, “Let’s just say these two individuals swing to the left…”

As indicated in his third tweet, Couch has said that the investigators assisting in the investigation are all “LEOs,” meaning law-enforcement officers” of one kind or another.

On the second anniversary of Rich’s murder, AF-MG held a presser in suburban Washington, DC which Couch was unable to attend due to a recent hospitalization.  Hosted by attorney and lobbyist Jack Burkman, the conference featured an AF-MG source, “Luke,” who said he overheard two federally-employed individuals who appeared to have intimate knowledge of how Rich was shot, when, where, and for what reason.

Members of some mainstream media companies attended, including The Washington Post and Yahoo! News, both of whose reporters expressed skepticism at Luke’s claims and requested documentation to substantiate them.

The mainstream press, including The Post, have made a concerted effort to discredit anyone questioning the Metro PD’s narrative that Rich’s killing was the result of a “botched robbery attempt.”

Disappointed with the format of and response to the July 10 presser, AF-MG held a second, two-hour-long internet broadcast with Luke during which he provided more details as to how he allegedly acquired the knowledge that Rich’s assailants are government employees.  He described the manner in which they allegedly tracked Rich on his way home in the early-morning hours of July 10, 2016, then shot him twice in the torso.

The men reportedly wanted a thumb drive which Luke said Rich always carried with him, the contents of which Luke said he is unaware.  He said, however, that within approximately 30 minutes of their brutal attack on the young man, the two perpetrators provided the thumb drive to a computer professional with whom they were acquainted.

A theory the media wishes to quash is that Rich supplied WikiLeaks the tens of thousands of unflattering emails, with their attachments, prior to their release in July 2016 just before the opening of the Democratic National Convention.

Last year, after Sean Hannity began to investigate Rich’s murder, left-leaning media groups such as Media Matters and The Huffington Post demonized him, taking aim at his advertisers until he was silenced on the issue.

Rich’s parents and brother reportedly do not wish the murder to be publicized or investigated by anyone other than the Metro PD, despite their reported lack of leads and public statements on the progress of their alleged investigation.

Rich did not die at the scene, according to police, but rather, was taken to a hospital, where he died while in surgery.

Referring in his third tweet to two lawsuits filed against his organization and himself personally over his investigation, Couch wrote that “naming names isn’t going to do anything. We will include this in the frivolous lawsuits filed against our team.”

In late March, Rich’s brother, Aaron, sued AF-MG and others for allegedly defaming him.  On August 2, an earlier suit naming Fox News and associated parties was dismissed, as was a second suit brought by former Fox News contributor Rod Wheeler.

To this writer’s knowledge, two lawsuits remain active against Couch, his media organization and several other parties collectively.

“We know what we’re doing,” Couch ended the tweet string.

At approximately 9:35 p.m. EDT, Couch tweeted:

An earlier broadcast in which Couch spoke of the upcoming midterm elections and the Rich investigation.  “You were both in the waiting room that night,” Couch addressed the two alleged “elected” individuals mentioned in his tweets.




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  1. “The men reportedly wanted a thumb drive which Luke said Rich always carried with him, the contents of which Luke said he is unaware.”

    This part never made any sense. How why would he always carry the thumb drive? If he jnew it was that valuable wouldn’t he make copies? And if he made copies what would be the point of trying to get the copy he always carried with him?