by Sharon Rondeau

Rosslyn, VA skyline (Photo credit: Lluck002 at Wikimedia, CCO)

(Jul. 10, 2018) — On Monday The Gateway Pundit and America First Media Group (AFMG) founder Matt Couch announced that a press conference will be held Tuesday revealing to present an alleged witness to the murder of 27-year-old DNC Data Director Seth Rich exactly two years ago today.

Rich was believed to have a bright future in Democratic politics when he was shot twice in the back in the early morning hours of July 10, 2016 near his Washington, DC apartment. Couch and a Republican lobbyistradio host and attorney, Jack Burkman, were originally working separately, with Couch having engaged former FBI agents and NYPD expertise to investigate the unsolved murder, and Burkman operating The Profiling Project, a volunteer group tasked to assemble a profile of Rich’s killer or killers.

As of late April, The Profiling Project is now called The Profiling Investigative Center.

In a Periscope broadcast on Monday, Couch, who recently was in the hospital for 11 days, explained that while he cannot travel to Washington for the presser, Frank Whalen, a retired 25-year retired NYPD homicide detective and now a private investigator, will attend in his place.

In late March, Seth Rich’s brother Aaron filed a lawsuit against AFMG and Couch personally as well as The Washington Times and businessman Ed Butowsky for alleged defamation.

The presser will commence at 1:00 p.m. EDT at the Rosslyn (VA) Holiday Inn, according to Burkman’s Twitter feed.  It is unclear if the presser will be broadcast on Periscope, Facebook Live or by another means in real time or later.

In January, Burkman suffered an attack by a man emerging from the passenger side of a dark SUV after Burkman returned home from a quick trip to buy dinner.  According to The Washington Post, “The man yelled an obscenity at Burkman, struck him in the head and, as Burkman screamed and stumbled, got back inside his SUV and drove off. Burkman said he wasn’t sure if there was another person in the car.”

A second incident which injured Burkman occurred in March, when a “hit-and-run collision” occurred, according to police as reported by The Post.  The attack was allegedly caused by Kevin Doherty, who had been hired to work at The Profiling Project. The GP’s article reported that the witness has outlined connections between Doherty and the two assailants the witness will name on Tuesday afternoon without previous knowledge of the attacks on Burkman.

Burkman has offered a $155,000 reward for information leading to the apprehension of Rich’s killer or killers.

According to The GP and Couch, Whalen located an alleged witness to the murder who will be coming forward to say that two federal government employees are the perpetrators. The witness will reportedly wear a disguise and be accompanied by armed guards, as he fears for his safety and life.

Burkman tweeted that at 6:30 PM Tuesday, there will be a “candlelight March” in Rich’s memory beginning at the hotel.

Update, 12:59 PM EDT:Matt Couch is just concluding a live address on Periscope through his Twitter account in which he said that the witness will not be identifying any perpetrators by name at Tuesday’s presser.

Live-streaming is here:



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  1. “Matt Couch announced that a press conference will be held Tuesday revealing to present an alleged witness to the murder of 27-year-old DNC Data Director Seth Rich exactly two years ago today.”

    Apparently he is not a witness to the murder but rather overheard some guys talking about it.

    Also apparently he did not talk to the House Intelligence Committee, even though that is what he said.

    The Plot Thickens