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by Sharon Rondeau

Scanning expert Douglas Vogt has reported that he knows who created Obama’s fraudulent long-form birth certificate and that it is someone working at the Hawaii Department of Health.

(Mar. 31, 2013) — On April 27, 2011, Obama spoke at a press conference referencing the posting of what was purported to be his long-form birth certificate in an effort to quell speculation that he was not born in the United States and therefore not constitutionally eligible to serve as president.

Analysts familiar with Adobe Illustrator and other graphics programs have stated that the long-form birth certificate contains “nine layers” indicating that it is a forgery. Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely stated that “ten out of ten” former CIA agents who analyzed the birth certificate affirmed that it is a forgery.

An analyst who released a video bearing the title “Obama Birth Certificate NOT A FRAUD” dated April 28, 2011 set out to prove that the image was authentic, but after almost three minutes of saying, “um, ah..um…I don’t know why that’s there…” admitted that it was “doctored up.”  The analyst had first called people who concluded that it was a forgery “wackos.”  His own conclusion was, “It’s wild.”

No one has gone on the record to affirm that the image is authentic other than the Hawaii Department of Health, although a researcher investigating the information released from Hawaii stated that the registrar, Dr. Alvin Onaka, “admitted ‘by omission’ that whatever record is held by Hawaii is not valid.”

A Cold Case Posse which launched in its own investigation 18 months ago declared that the birth certificate image was a forgery in two press conferences last year.  Lead investigator Mike Zullo is now seeking to bring the evidence to state-level public officials who he said would be compelled to take action if the evidence he possesses is made available to them.

In the first part of an interview published on March 23, 2013, scanning expert Douglas Vogt told The Post & Email that the FBI would “have no problem” obtaining the records purportedly held by the Hawaii Department of Health for Barack Hussein Obama if they chose to.  “Policing agencies and government entities have a right to get copies of all of this stuff, and since this is a national security issue, if a federal marshal showed up at the Department of Health and Onaka refused to show it, he’d be arrested,” Vogt said.

Vogt has sent a 22-page report on his analysis of the birth certificate concluding that it is a forgery along with a criminal complaint of treason to the FBI without a response.

When we asked Vogt if he believed a federal investigation were ongoing into Obama’s documentation, he said, “You would never know if they’re doing an investigation.  I have sent numerous things to Holder, the agent-in-charge in Hawaii, and U.S. attorneys.  So you would never know, and I understand why you’d never know.  They’ll never tell you.  At some point, I will present this information at a formal meeting here in Seattle, because Perkins Coie and Robert Bauer are located here, and Seattle officials would have jurisdiction for some of the case.”

Vogt provided information on two occasions to the Cold Case Posse on his analysis of Obama’s long-form birth certificate.  He stated that questions over “chain of custody” arose over the image posted on the White House website on April 27, 2011; therefore, he obtained a copy from 12NewsNow, an ABC affiliate.  “They were at the news conference; there was a clear chain of custody,” Vogt said.

Regarding how the purported birth certificate was acquired from Hawaii, Vogt told us:

The governor ended up saying that Fuddy witnessed the copying of the original birth certificate from the book onto the copy machine onto the security paper, and then two copies were made and it said that Alvin Onaka, the registrar, put his stamp on it, dated it, put the department seal on it, and then it was sent by Judith Corley by hand, supposedly, to Washington, DC, to arrive there on Monday night or Tuesday morning, and the news conference was on Wednesday.

There are a lot of problems here.

I have the whole news conference text on that page, and I’ve highlighted some of it in red.  That news conference was a classic setup of plausible deniability for the leader.  In the news conference, a newsman said, “Gee, people are just going to say that this is a copy; they were asking why they didn’t see the seal.  Anybody could have made this thing up.”  And it says, “Well, are you going to give a copy of this to the president?” and Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer said, “Absolutely not.  We’re not going to leave a copy here; it’s not going to be here at all.”

Keep in mind that Obama just spent from $8,000-$10,000 to fly the lawyer from Seattle to Hawaii to pick it up and then from Hawaii to Washington, DC – probably last-minute tickets, which are expensive – the lawyer’s time, maybe $300 or $400/hour, and you’re not going to get one copy of that?  It’s implausible.  Then Obama gave his speech an hour later and never mentioned the long-form birth certificate that was just presented; he only mentioned the short-form that was released in 2008.  That’s plausible deniability.  Every cop, district attorney and every detective who is reading this knows exactly what I’m talking about.

He could say he never saw it.  But it won’t work.  The only one who benefits from that birth certificate is him.

This is the best part, which shows the complicity between the White House and the media.

The form is on a green, plain security paper which shouldn’t be called “security” because I bought a ream of it for $35.00.  We have legitimate birth certificates that we got from the Department of Health which has ultra-violet threads about a half-inch long.  On top of it, the federal statutes state what you should have on them, which most of the states have, such as intaglio printing and threads.  But Hawaii doesn’t do any of those things; it’s as if they want forged birth certificates.  They want them; they don’t care.  And it’s well-known on the street; Mike Zullo said it was easy to get a forged birth certificate from the state of Hawaii.  It’s a regular cottage business going on there.

Did Obama “choose” that state?

He didn’t have to choose it; his parents lived there; that’s historical record.  Communists and others had used the place to buy birth certificates.  If you look at the population percentages at the turn of the century and now, it’s very obvious that a lot of Japanese people have been given false birth certificates so it would look as if their babies were born in Hawaii when they weren’t.

Going back to the news conference, Savannah Guthrie, who worked for MSNBC as a legal adviser was permitted to see one of the birth certificates.  She photographed it on her Ipod and produced a low-resolution picture and attested that she felt the department seal.  The reporter said he couldn’t see it.  Why?  Because almost all copy machines use a green light as the light source.  Well, that’s the dropout color.  If you have a green background, the green is going to drop out so you don’t see it.  So what happened was the latent image that was on the green pattern disappeared totally.  An embossed seal literally breaks the paper.  It’s part of the paper.  I have examples in one of my exhibits of seven or eight other birth certificates, legitimate ones, where even when I make a copy of a copy, you can clearly see the seal because it breaks the paper.  What they inadvertently did was prove there was no seal on the paper.

On my website I’ve  listed 26 or 27 points of forgery.  I obtained them from the reporter’s copy we used for the typewriter stuff and the errors we found on the PDF. It’s also evidence of manipulation and fraud.  It was done in Photoshop and pulled over to Illustrator to strip out much of the evidence that it was done in Photoshop and then a PDF was created from that.  The last layer, which is really layer 10, crops roughly a quarter of an inch around three of the edges and a little bit less on one of the edges.  When you print from Illustrator or Photoshop, and you point it to a specific printer, the printer driver has what its limitations are to the edge of the paper.  You can’t print to the very edge; you can’t do a bleed.  That’s why there’s that light space as the last thing.  They did a print file, and that’s how they did it.  That’s why the tenth layer is the light space, the cropping around it.  That also gave it away along with everything else.

Who was the reporter from whom you received the document?

12NewsNow.com.  It’s an ABC affiliate.  I’ve downloaded their work, so if they’ve removed it, it’s too late.  They say where they got it and when, so there’s a clear track of custody of the evidence.  It told us a lot of things.

Paul and I actually typeset our own birth certificate from scratch and we used typewriters from that era.  We ended up doing all the testing, including copying on seven or eight copy machines, the shading, and everything.  That’s done by a diffuse speckle; the copy company uses a different algorithm to create it.

We know about everything there is to know about the document.  It is a raving forgery, and the thing that gave it away was the certificate number.  All the stories that were on Reality Check and the others that this stuff was alphabetized at the end of the month…they were getting about 1,450 birth certificates per month. Can you imagine a bunch of bureaucrats at the end of the month alphabetizing 1,450 birth certificates and numbering them?  It can’t legally happen.  If you read the laws, acceptance is done right then and there.  You have to end up dating it, which is the same time they put the number on.  If you know the number, you can tell within a couple of days when the registrar stamped it.  If you know the registrar date, you can tell within a few hundred numbers; maybe even fewer, depending on how many births occur in that state.  I have a several birth certificates reprinted in the book.  The ones that are 9 or 11 days off you can figure out why.  One was after Christmas; the other was after Labor Day, so they may have bundled a whole bunch.  But there are explanations for them.  But on the forged number ones, which are 25 days off:  forget it.

We bought and got other birth certificates in Hawaii who volunteered or we paid $100 to get them.  They were original long-forms.  We found out everything we needed to know.

The name of the hospital, Kapiolani, was correct, but the certificate number gave it away.

Did you find a difference in how The Daily Pen blog explains the numbering of the birth certificates?

There are three articles that were trying to prove that the numbering was due to their sorting the birth certificates at the end of the month, and also they were different zones.

The articles were written by Pen Johannson and Dan Crosby, who some people say are the same person.  When you look up “Pen Johannson,” it’s supposedly a lawyer in Mombasa, Kenya, and when you read his biography, it’s a parallel to Obama’s.  Is Obama’s narcissism so great that he created an alter ego?

The dates of the articles are February 9, 2012; February 29, 2012; and April 29, 2012.

The latter is entitled, “OUT OF ORDER:  Obama’s Certificate Number Is Based On Geography, Not Chronological Birth Order!”  That’s the one thing they’re trying to hide and protect, because the Nordyke twins prove his number is out of sequence.  I actually spotted that immediately in early May 2011, shortly after he put out the certificate and I wrote the first paper.

He has a table here, “Chronological Birth Registration Numbering (Not Used)” and he has a bunch of other people’s birth certificate numbers with the name, address and date of birth, and he can’t get that from the Department of Health with certificate numbers after it.  Of course, it’s wrong, because he shows only three births on August 3, but the average was 46 or 48 births per day in Hawaii.  So he’s making it up, but the question is:  Where did he get the numbers? He juggled the numbers around also. It’s preposterous.  You have to remember that the only thing that they’re trying to protect is the sequence of the certificate number.  They didn’t count on somebody actually reading the laws, as I did, to know what the law is nationwide.  But somebody in the Department of Health knew that was the mistake they made; they put “August 8” instead of “August 11” or “August 12” for the registrar’s stamp.

Whoever was doing it didn’t think about it.  We believe they took Virginia Sunahara’s birth certificate number; she was born on the 4th and died on the 5th.  But you still have to make a birth certificate and match it up with the death certificate.  They stole her number and gave it to him.  It’s as simple as that.

That is what our researcher had suspected also.

It’s logical.  There were 700 or 800 stillbirths or births that terminated within 1-2 weeks, and I have a feeling they have sold them all:  illegal aliens or whoever had the money.  Mike Zullo said that it was on the street:  you could buy a birth certificate with no problem.  It’s illegal.

The articles on The Daily Pen were bogus from Day One.  It’s called “disinformation,” and they’re good at it.  It is a coordinated effort.  If they’re involved in the forgery, even without getting paid, it’s a felony.

 [Editor’s Note:  The Post & Email has reported on Pen Johannson on a number of occasions.  A book by the author contains a wordy summary and no preview.

In the February 9 article, Johannson writes:

Soon, the vast and shocking truth about Obama’s otherness, based in part on evidence revealed in this report, will begin to rupture the constructs of Obama’s massive deception.

In a June 25, 2011 post, Johannson mentioned “the truth about Obama’s identity.  Later on in the post, he addresses American blacks as “my black brothers and sisters.  He later states, “Let’s recap the reasons why Congress must investigate the identity of Barack Obama.”

Did he say that “Obama” is actually someone else, as individuals close to the Cold Case Posse have suggested in references to “identity fraud?”]

Do you think the forger is a member of the Obama disinformation website groups?

The answer is, “She’s not part of The Fogbow.  If you’re a bunch of conspirators – imagine you’re the mob, or a communist group.  Are you going to go to any forger outside the family or the very small, trusted group?  This is so deadly and so vital a thing you’re asking this person to do.  It wasn’t a professional forger.  It wasn’t a real, high-quality graphic artist.  It was someone within the tight group or family that they could trust and was a fellow traveler, and this person did it.  So that’s it.  But I do know the connection.

The agenda of the three articles is very simple.  Most of it was to cover up the number and protect the birth certificate.  They made two major errors.  The first one was the date on which they released the short form, but no one seemed to know it because there weren’t any birth certificates to compare except for Patricia DaCosta’s, and hers was out 199 days.  It was very suspicious, and on the face of it, it was a forged number.  The other one was when they released the PDF copy, the forger did not flatten the image, and all ten layers were visible, and there were different components that made up the document as a whole.  We know how it was done.  The thing that’s really damaging for Onaka is a recent case that Orly had in Mississippi, and Scott Tepper was the administration’s attorney.  I have a copy of the letter that Onaka signed, and he certified it with the old seal on it and he said, “Included is a copy of the PDF copy that was released by the White House.”  But it wasn’t.  They had deliberately changed the RGB values to try to erase the white halo around the type and the lines. They altered the PDF, which means they had to have access to the original Adobe Photoshop file.  So there’s a connection between Alvin Onaka and the forger.

There’s another connection that’s even better, but I’m not going to divulge it now.  I don’t see how Onaka can get out of being a principal.  Even the departmental seal was not on the two copies that came from Hawaii.  Savannah Guthrie never felt any real embossed seal on it because the reporter’s copy had no evidence of a seal on it.  The seal embosses the paper and damages it, and there was no evidence of that whatsoever.  It just totally disappears.

Onaka never spoke up and said he didn’t do it.  Fuddy, the director, said she witnessed him stamping and sealing it, but it wasn’t on there, and he never said he didn’t do it.  I’ve written Onaka a registered letter, restricted delivery, and he never responded to me regarding his registrar’s stamp and the certificate numbers. He has a problem, and he’ll have to answer it one day:  why this stuff?

Almost every single forged document we’ve seen with a forged number on it had something wrong with his registrar’s stamp, which is supposedly an embossed stamp.  It can’t have any errors on it; it can’t, but we almost always see something wrong with it.  Something was off, damaged letters…it’s as if a deal has been made between Alvin Onaka and the forger such that there had to be something wrong with the registrar’s stamp so that he could have plausible deniability and “it’s not his seal.”

So that he could say, “I never stamped that birth certificate”?

Correct.  That’s why I sent him a letter saying, “OK, is this yours?” but he never answered it.  Someday he’ll be forced to answer to the FBI.

What disinformation does is say some things that are true and some that are false, and it wants the false ideas to stick in your head.  But the main thing they are hiding is the certificate number; they knew they had the greatest exposure there.  Once you break through that, it’s over with, and you know the whole thing is forged.

Do you know anything about the birth certificate of Stig Waidelich?

That was a puff piece done by CNN released the night before Obama released his.  His number was off by 13 days.  He was supposedly born August 4.  It’s a short-form, so we don’t know when the doctor signed it.  The registrar stamped it on August 8.  His number was 10920. that’s over 300+ digits off.  It’s an average of 13 days and an average of 46.9 births in that month up to that point.  His number would be for someone whose certificate was stamped August 21, not August 8.

Do you think Mr. Waidelich has any idea that his birth certificate contains the wrong number?

Probably not.  They interviewed the mother.  We don’t know what her job is or who she works for.  They had to have approached her at least two weeks beforehand.  They had to send a film crew out; they had to write a script.  They had an interview with the governor; it takes a couple of weeks to do that.  CNN knew about this news release at least two weeks, perhaps three, before they did it.  They would be culpable.  Whether or not the mother knew the document was a forgery is up to the FBI to determine.

Hawaiian law requires that a birth be reported within seven days.  They don’t follow it all the time.  There is an exception when it comes to adoptions, but I already know about all of those and that’s not the case for the other forgeries they made.  The only one who has access to get into the database to change information would be the registrar or deputy registrars.

I know a lot about document imaging systems because I used to sell them, and there are audit trails that say who logged on, on which machines, what they searched for, what they printed, what they called up, so there may be 17 or 18 different points that the database would store.  And that would tell you for sure who did what, and they have to keep those records by law for at least three or four years.

But that’s really it.  Their problem is it’s such an easily-provable forgery, and you don’t have to go beyond the forgery itself to know that they’re toast.  They’re toast.

Do you think the same person forged the short-form as the long-form for Obama?

No.  The short-form is merely database entries in their database program.  It has to be done from within the Department of Health.  It was an employee of the Department of Health, and you can guess…It could be a number of people.  The ones who stamp it and date it are the deputy registrar and registrar.  The database will have an order trail of who did what.

Would you call the short-form birth certificate a “forgery,” or was it truly generated from the Health Department’s database?

I don’t know if it has ever happened in history where a Department of Health is behind forgeries.  We don’t know.  They’re technically creating a genuine abstract, which is what the short-form is called.  They’re creating a genuine one and making it legal by the fact that they’re putting a seal and stamp on it.  But is it correct?  No; it’s still forged because they’ve changed the data. But it’s an inside job.

It’s going to be a U.S. attorney to decide how they approach this thing.  Obviously, it’s a forgery; they’re behind forgeries. If you alter existing records in a database to produce an altered number, that would be a forgery.  When you read the federal statute on the certificate numbers by replicating it and doing it differently but it’s the state itself doing it, a U.S. attorney will have to settle what it is:  Was it genuine or are they all forgeries and are we going to have to audit the Hawaii Health Department?

I’m the one who convinced Duncan Sunahara to file the lawsuit against the Department of Health to force them to give the long-form microfilm copy of his sister’s birth certificate.  During the trial, the Deputy Attorney General, Jill T. Nagamine, who was defending the Department of Health, wound up saying to the judge, out of the blue, “You know, Your Honor, this is all about the Obama case.”  There was nothing in the pleadings whatsoever that said anything about Obama; it was merely the state statutes and regulations that said he had a right to get the birth certificate and also that the Department of Health deliberately broke the laws and the rules by giving Duncan a short-form instead of a long-form.  They had no right, nor did they ever apply to change it with the state legislature, and they changed it anyway.

I recall reading the outcome of the case, and the Health Department stated that it had the “right” to decide in which form a document would be generated to a requester.

You’re basically right, but that’s not what the law says.  If Duncan can prove that they’ve stolen his sister’s certificate number, they can sue them for a lot of money. Duncan can sue a whole bunch of folks.

Has the case been dropped?

It is actually on appeal at the Appellate Court in Hawaii.  He has the right to do it.

 It seems that the policy of providing a short-form changed after questions were raised about Obama’s birthplace and documentation.

Yes.  I read the regulations on the State Department on providing a birth certificate, and it says that it has to be the long-form to get a passport.

If you’ve noticed, The Daily Pen hasn’t published anything new since November 16, 2012.

Everybody who was involved in this conspiracy has dropped out, except the main ones such as Dr. Conspiracy and Fogbow.  They’re really there to clean up the mess or try to answer whatever comes up.  In the future, they won’t be able to answer certain things; they’ll just run and hide.  I know very well that one of them could be a principal in this thing and not just an accessory.

Vogt told Mark Gillar of the Tea Party Power Hour that he believes Alvin Onaka “is very nervous” about the forgery of Obama’s birth certificate.  “He knows someone’s after him,” Vogt said.

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  1. I sense the time of this “official active denial” or complicity in providing “cover” for the ineligibility and other crimes is coming to an end. Elected officials terms will be ending and inroads on this issue have been and are being made by Sharon,Orly and others!When the logjam breaks,we will all be in awe as justice is metered out to the many guilty of many crimes from treason on down. I can’t wait!!

  2. Heads up for butterdezillion, we have correspondent with each other for a number of years now. She has a wealth of information by her dealing directly with HDOH!!!

  3. Outstanding report by Sharon Rondeau. I hope that she calls in on Pastor Carl Gallups’ raido talk-show, ‘Freedom Friday,’ on Friday, April 5th. I saw a Facebook post that Detective Zullo will be a guest on the show and that they will be taking phone calls at (202) 225-0600. I hope that Sharon Rondeau can be in the court room in Alabama when Atty. Larry Klayman presents the evidence before the Alabama State Supreme Court. Perhaps she should write Chief Justice Moore now for permission to attend the historic proceedings. I know that you charge for thepostemail.com, and I shall renew A.S.A.P., but this particular article you should really link to obamaballotchallenge.com, obamareleaseyourrecords.com, wnd.com, westernjournalism.com, FaceBook.com, etc…, etc…, etc…, and ask Aaron Klein to be a guest on his radio talk-show. This article needs to be shared with all Americans who would defend the Constitution.

  4. Ok, we know Obama and his minions are criminals in oh so many ways, but how about our so called representatives of WE the people??? THEY KNOW Obama is a complete fraud and dangerous enemy to our country and they do not care!!! At all. Truly we must be in the dawn of the end times when judges, senators, house members simply go on their merry way luxuriating in their publicly supported lifestyles ignoring the cries of real citizens to tell the truth…the truth! The love of money (which means power) = the root of ALL evil.

  5. Excellent – and encouraging – reporting by Sharon Rondeau. It is only a matter of time. Even if the thug is not exposed until after he leaves the White House, he will be exposed and disgraced. Once he leaves the Oval Office he will no longer have the power to intimidate anyone, and people will start to talk. As soon as a prosecutor with courage steps up to the plate things will start to happen. Faced with jail time, people will eventually spill their guts in the witness stand. (I hope.)

  6. I donated 200 dollars to the cold case posse within recent weeks and I am glad I did as they are funded by donation only. I would like to know how they are doing financially. Have enough people stepped up? Do they have a comfortable surplus of funds so that funding is not a limiting issue?

    Mrs. Rondeau, regarding his nativity story, the web of deceit spun by aka obama and his minions is vast and hopefully will eventually trap most of those who helped to spin it. The case of aka obama’s identity fraud is a true conspiracy, the scope and criminality of which dwarfs the likes of Watergate. The coverup has been reactively laid on over time like so many spotty layers of haphazardly applied paint. This undoubtedly makes seeing through to what really is at the bottom underneath all the layers of lies problematic at best, so it is understandable that there might be several reasonable theories about how all the layers got there and whatever truth lies underneath.

    In the past you have interviewed Nelly of butterdezillion’s blog and thus are aware of the tremendous effort she has put into research and into sorting out the shenanigans perpetrated by the Hawaii Department of Health. Please take a look at her recent blog postings or her summary reports over on Free Republic. You will note that her interpretations of the basic investigative information (known BC examples and HDoH rules and procedures and various records of correspondence) leads her to several significantly different conclusion about the details of aka obama’s identity crimes. She has done a lot of good work and it would serve the truth best if she and the cold case posse could get together and full share and compare their work and the logic leading to the conclusions they each have reached. Perhaps you and The Post & Email could provide the catalyst to make this happen and report to your readers how their differences are resolved (or not).

    Take care and best regards. — tw