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by Alan Bates, MD, ©2013, blogging at Gulf1

(Mar. 31, 2013) — Wishing  Christians worldwide a very happy Easter!   Guess what the most rapidly growing religion is worldwide?   Surprise!  Christianity—not Islam as many of you have been led to believe by the secular media.    Yet, in America and the Middle East, we see increasing persecution of Christians (and Jews) —in America by Left Wing zealots and their atheist friends who lick the feet of the Muslim Brotherhood, and in the Middle East (notably Egypt and Iran) by Islamists whose goal is to inflict death upon anyone who does not respect their doctrine—killing Coptic Christians in Egypt and stoning to death Islamic women who violate the medieval doctrine of Islam.  How ironic that the Islamists and the Muslim Brotherhood have no place for ‘gays’ and yet the Democrats pander to both gays and Muslims. That’s called having it both ways, but that is apparently OK  if you are a naive American Democrat who supports the current Administration.   Christians on the other hand respect life and the freedom of religious choice and expression as long as it does not violate human rights.

In America, the ACLU is the atheists’ primary legal spear, though—thanks to Liberty Counsel—they have failed miserably at trying to remove symbols of Christianity from American culture or when they persecute our children and their parents for  ‘violating the separation of Church and State’.  The atheists of the ACLU still fail to acknowledge that our Constitution PROTECTS religious freedom and states that the government “shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, OR PROHIBITING THE FREE EXERCISE THEREOF.”  Notice the Ten Commandments which God gave to Moses are still engraved at the top of the Supreme Court building.

The secular lamestreet media aside from FOX have no problem with the fact that the Democrat National Convention in Charlotte decided to delete God from their platform.  When a minority of delegates challenged that deletion, the Chair had a whisper from the Administration to pretend that a majority had voted to include God in their platform—the Dems’ attempt to cover up the reality that many who pull the strings of their party are atheists—hardly the group of God-believing men who framed our Founding documents.   Of course it  is their right to deny the existence of God (in order to corral the atheist minority vote), but it is not their right to remove Christianity from our schools and history books or prevent Christian groups from meeting on school property just like other groups are permitted to do.

It is high time that our Churches don’t confine their mission to operating a business within their buildings but implore their congregations to utilize their God-given gifts of  The Word and our strength in numbers to stand up and call out those who would disrespect us while endorsing the intolerant medieval doctrine of Islam as a rising force in America.   Our Creator endowed us with life and liberty and He has also endowed us with the power to defend His gifts to us—not passively sit back and hope that He will take care of the problem.  So today we celebrate the ultimate gift from Him—the sacrifice of His human form, Jesus, so as to wipe away our sins so that we may have eternal spiritual life after our physical death.   What do atheists have to celebrate today?

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