by Sharon Rondeau

Obama has the support of “The Fogbow,” which seeks to “debunk the lies of the birther movement”

(Feb. 10, 2013) — In a forum post at The Fogbow, an Obama support group, character assassination and the divulging of personal information which may or may not be accurate is carried out regularly against Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III, this writer, and many others.

They have established individual pages for numerous citizens who have questioned Barack Hussein’s eligibility and identity while using screen names themselves.

The post at the bottom of the link referenced above is too obscene to be reposted here, but a screenshot has been taken:

Screenshot of defamation perpetrated by members of The Fogbow, specifically “Sterngard Friegen”

The Fogbow was an outgrowth of the now-defunct Politijab and seeks to prove the legitimacy of Barack Hussein Obama’s de facto presidency.  The group has also targeted Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio, whose Cold Case Posse is conducting an investigation into Obama’s documentation and identity, having declared his long-form birth certificate and Selective Service registration to be “computer-generated forgeries.”

The Fogbow reported in 2008 that “a rumor” began to circulate at that time that Obama was “born in Kenya.”  However, in 2012, evidence surfaced which appeared to show that Obama himself had said he had been born in the eastern African nation until April 2007, when his official biography was changed to say that he was born in Hawaii.

The issue over Obama’s eligibility has not been whether or not he is a U.S. citizen, but whether or not he meets the requirement of “natural born Citizen” as required by Article II, Section 1, clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution.  However, doubts about his even being a U.S. citizen exist.

The Cold Case Posse invited Gen. Colin Powell to inspect evidence which its lead investigator, Mike Zullo, stated has not yet been made public regarding Obama’s history after Powell told major media outlets that the discussion about Obama’s birth certificate is “birther nonsense.”

Along with the birth certificate Obama claims as his own, the Social Security number he has been using since approximately 1980 appears to have been issued by the state of Connecticut, where he never worked or lived, according to his official biography.

The Obama regime has been called a “criminal enterprise,” and Obama has the support of the Communist Party USA.

Many members of The Fogbow are believed to be attorneys located in Southern California, although at least one appears to live in Minnesota.  One is said to be a defense attorney involved in a case brought by Atty. Orly Taitz.  A North Carolina newspaper reports that the group has a “global reach” and features a photo allegedly supplied by William L. Bryan, the site owner.  Bryan claimed responsibility for the large deployment of police officers, FBI agents and SWAT teams on April 20, 2010 in Madisonville, the county seat of Monroe County, TN involving Walter Fitzpatrick and Darren Huff, who is now in federal prison.

During Huff’s federal trial in October 2011, he was a frequent topic of conversation at The Fogbow.  The author of the Raleigh, NC newspaper article, Josh Shaffer, describes Bryan’s and others’ comments at The Fogbow as “wildly funny attacks.”

The First Amendment gives everyone the right to speak his or her mind short of defamation, false statements, threats, or shouting “Fire!” in a crowded theater when it does not exist.  Political speech and the media are protected “from government interference” by the First Amendment.  The media was intended by the Founders to be independent of political influence.

While ABC, CBS, NPR, NBC, and AOL display a left-leaning agenda, The Post & Email will not be controlled by politicians of any party, and we never endorse candidates for office, despite Fogbow’s speculation over whom we would endorse in 2012.  We endorsed no one.

Members of The Fogbow have left numerous comments at The Post & Email in the same vein as detailed above.  Several of them are currently paid subscribers.  Some have perpetrated subscription and Paypal scams.  Fogbow members are suspected of hacking this website and keeping it offline last January as well as issuing death threats against this writer which were reported to law enforcement and then abruptly stopped.

While they have the right to support Obama, they do not have the right to infringe on the rights of others.

The question is:  What will they do when Obama’s ship sinks, as it undoubtedly will?  Will they be charged as criminal co-conspirators in the largest hoax ever to be carried out against the American people, or are they simply misinformed?

Why do they care so much about what The Post & Email publishes, anyway?

If Obama’s supporters have such low standards, what does that say about their Dear Leader?

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  1. A very insightful story recently by Drew Zahn about a former FBI specialist in Islamic affairs stating that Brennan had converted to Islam in Saudi Arabia a while back. If one listens to Brennan’s earlier “spiel” about Jihad, careful inspection does seem to allude to a discourse style reminiscent of “brainwashing,” not unlike that of some cult adherents. It was unsettling originally; after reading this piece about his supposed “conversion” it begins to be understandable. The apology for “jihad” is highly suspect. One wonders if Lindsay Graham is not losing his powers of cognition, as he is stating he WILL vote to confirm Brennan AND Hagel. “When the foundations fall, Who SHALL STAND?”

  2. Fogbow has attempted to harass me in the Past. They have failed miserably. Like spoiled children wanting their way when they can’t have their way. The only “way” that they will get from me is The American way.

  3. On Gretawire Blog, taken down when it became All Birther All the Time (it was quite dynamic..too bad Greta seemed to be embarassed by it!) Fogbow/Foggy et al, were on at ALL HOURS of the day/night to immediately bully anyone questioning Obama’s eligibility.

    It is so well coordinated that one could imagine easily that Obama himself might be linked to the network of minions.

    They RARELY, however, base any “support” for Obama upon anything except denigration, ridicule and misrepresentation of facts.

    Their great effort shows DESPERATION, not any solid support for Obama; quite the opposite, almost an intense fear that the Obama “thang” is crumbling with absolute certainty.

    Thanks for this story, Sharon!

  4. All these storm troop groups belonging to obama’s creepy communist/black muslim based power teams are the bottom of the barrel but are effective in keeping eligibility decoy’s hot for bari’s continued power/money grabs. This is the biggest money laundering scam team in. American history.

  5. IMO, many of the FogBow members are Communists. They are operating as a loosely organized (or maybe if we knew all the details a not so loosely organized) Communist cell on a specific mission or “campaign”. The owner, Foggy, even sports a red ball cap with a Hammer & Sickle on it. Other teach the writings of Karl Marx. I believe many in the group are Communists and/or Communist sympathizers who are running an organized “campaign” of disinformation and gaslighting techniques against the public and the constitutionalists in particular. Google on the term “Communist Party Campaigns” to learn more about how communists organize in campaigns to practice disinformation and gaslighting to undermine a group or person. One member of the FogBow group, Professor Rockwell of CT University who goes by RC or RCR, is a training Sociologist skilled in disinformation and gaslighting techniques. According to his online postings, he also uses the writings of Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals in some of his classes. He with Foggy run the Reality Check Radio Show on BlogTalkRadio where they routinely spewed out their disinformation and gaslighting “campaign” to the unsuspecting public. These people are not just nasty, they are purposely organized to be nasty as part of their campaign and mission. JMHO.

    1. Oh yes, one more point. They are targeting you and your newspaper because you are effective in exposing Obama and his crimes and fraud, and them for what they are. Since you are effective they target you with a disinformation and gas lighting campaign to try and discredit you. That is one of the tactics in Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. First ignore opposition, then ridicule them, … and if that don’t work then target them with disinformation and dirty tricks operations. With Saul Alinsky and them anything goes if you become their target. Their aim is to win at all costs and no dirty trick or nasty technique is off the table with them. It is the way of the communists and also the Chicago Way. JMHO.

  6. Nastiness manifests the evil one’s possession of a soul. As the soul executes the commands of its dastardly master, it sinks into ever deeper depravity. Deceit, ELECTION THEFT, character assassination, lies, obfuscation, manipulation, machination, spin, fraud, forgery, contempt for the rule of law, contempt for all things American, WORSHIP OF ANTI-CHRIST FIGURES – all evidence demonic possession.

    And here is the irony: these saddest of sacks think they are in control of their lives!

    We The People must separate out those possessed by evil, from the Libs/Democrats who are just plain foolish. It is these evil-doers we must vanquish. They have commandeered the Democratic Party and use its base with great strategic malice. Once gone, America can return to a true balance.

  7. I, OPOVV, have been the target of “THE FOGBOW” on numerous occasions. I have been called some pretty nasty and bad names, have had my integrity assassinated, and my honor questioned, especially concerning if I ever was in the US military and, if I was, did I REALLY voluntarily enlist, rather than wait around for the draft or run to Canada.
    During the last couple of years I’ve actually written to “THE FOGBOW”, attempting to initiate a dialog between us rational earthlings and the LGM (Little Green Men, supposedly from “Out of this World). Unfortunately, all I have to report is my total and utter failure to communicate with them.
    I say “Birth Certificate”, they quip back with “Racist!”.
    I say “Stolen Social Security Number”, I hear a retort of “Bigot!”
    I say “Father wasn’t a US citizen”, they say “So what?”
    I say “Your CHEAP SUIT (Obama) is an illegal immigrant” and they say “Who cares?”
    I say “You know, of course, that the elections of 2008 and ’12 were rampant with voter fraud”, and they say “You lost, we won, Na na na na na”.
    So this is how I look at “THE FOGBOW” and other anti-American, anti-Constitution, anti-Civil Rights, and anti-Freedom websites who mention OPOVV, The Post & Email, and other websites who champion the cause of individual freedom for all, and for “all” I’m including ALL women: I think of it as a “Badge of Honor,” just as those who were on Nixon’s “Enemy Hit List” were recognized as a viable threat to the enemies of our country.

    1. In passing, something I forgot to mention, and that is, actually, FOGBOW in reality did me a positive service, once. FOGBOW quoted me, but I never wrote it, so, after some checking, it seems that a person, or multiple people, have made comments to blogs and on FACEBOOK signing “OPOVV”.
      Although I am somewhat flattered that people read me, I am not in the slightest amused nor do I approve of anyone, other than Yours Truly, using “OPOVV”.
      Allow me to repeat: I have NEVER written to, made a comment to FACEBOOK.
      The REAL “OPOVV”