Colin Powell Proclaims the Eligibility Question on Mainstream Media

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by Sharon Rondeau

Gen. Colin Powell served as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under President George H.W. Bush

(Jan. 24, 2013) — On January 21, 2013, Gen. Colin Powell denounced “birther” “intolerance” on the part of Republicans on national television, stating that such “presentations” discredited the party.

Powell was apparently referring to the persistent allegations that Obama was not born in Hawaii and the resulting claim that he therefore might not be qualified to serve as president.  However, left-wing websites have pointed out that the Republican Party has typically “distanced itself” from claims that Obama’s long-form birth certificate is a forgery and that he does not meet Article II requirements as a “natural born Citizen.”

Also reported is that doubts about the image which Obama presented as his long-form birth certificate are “waning,” but a poll taken by Politico tells a different story, with a reported 36% of Americans and “64% of Republicans” reporting that they believe Obama might be hiding information about his background.  Another left-wing site agrees that a growing number of Americans have questions about Obama’s past, describing them as “professional conspiracy theorists.”

Having served in three Republican administrations, Powell was thought to have aligned himself with the Republican Party prior to his endorsement of Obama in 2008 when he said that Obama was a “transformational figure.”  Powell’s conversation with Sawyer do not resemble that of a right-of-center political philosophy, as evidenced by his advocacy of “everybody” voting and the Republican Party offering “new messages” to appeal to more members of the public.  In an NPR interview in 2011, Powell indicated his support for government-run health care and assisting people “in need.”

Powell was approached approximately 18 months ago by the now-defunct Birther Summit, whose leaders offered him $15,000 for a charity of his choice if he would agree to examine evidence of Obama’s fraudulent long-form birth certificate for a three-hour period.  In September 2011, Powell responded to the offer by telling National Public Radio (NPR) in an interview that the doubts over Obama’s birth certificate were “just conspiratorial nonsense.”  A written transcript of the interview removed Powell’s reference to the challenge he had received.

On March 1, 2012, the results of an investigation performed by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office in conjunction with an adjunct Cold Case Posse revealed that the team had found that there was probable cause to believe that Obama’s long-form birth certificate and Selective Service registration form were “computer-generated forgeries.”  A follow-up press conference confirmed that the Posse believed that the probable cause bar had been overcome and asked for a congressional investigation.

Credible evidence has arisen that Obama is using a Social Security number not assigned to him after two private investigators and a number of citizens performed database searches and found that an individual born in 1890 was associated with the number Obama is using.  The Social Security Administration refused to grant a FOIA request and subsequent appeals requesting documentation on the number having been assigned to a Harrison J. Bounel although agency policy dictated that the information was releasable.

Obama’s short-form birth certificate, originally stated to be the only one available, has been declared a forgery by a scanning expert.  While CNN gave the impression that it had obtained microfilm of perhaps both of Obama’s birth certificates, by Hawaii law it was prevented from acquiring it.

The media has not been aggressive in pursuing the claims that Obama’s documentation is fraudulent, but rather, has demonized “Birthers” and Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who delegated the investigation to the Cold Case Posse.

While on air with Sawyer, Powell said that Republicans should stop “demonizing” Obama and object publicly to “birther nonsense.”

Real estate developer Donald Trump has been labeled a “Birther” for asking Obama to release his college and passport applications, and Powell ridiculed him specifically in his interview with NPR.  Ridicule is one of the techniques employed by Saul Alinsky and his acolytes in pushing for “social justice” and “change,” which included intimidating company executives and church organizations into making special accommodations for minorities.

Alinsky’s organization included cohorts of Malcolm X, who Obama never mentions; Cesar Chavez, whose home Obama dedicated as a national monument in October; and the idea of “peaceful revolution.”

In 2008, Obama had advanced an agenda of “hope and change.

Dr. Conspiracy observed that Powell had mentioned “extremists,” which is a term used by government entities to describe returning veterans, citizens demanding their constitutional rights and honest government, and those who quote from U.S. Supreme Court cases.  However, Powell did not say the word “extremists.”

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, in conjunction with the U.S. Bureau of Justice Assistance, FBI, Southern Poverty Law Center and other agencies, produced a training program depicting constitutionalists and “Birthers” as “Sovereign Citizens,” grouping them together with murderers and circulating the program widely among law enforcement.

Various attorneys and citizens have filed lawsuits contending that Obama is not a “natural born Citizen” or is using fraudulent identity documents.  Two cases are scheduled for a conference of the U.S. Supreme Court on February 15.  Two others were rejected a hearing on January 8.  Other suits are pending in various courts.

Despite the many unanswered questions, no member of Congress has stepped forward to launch an investigation into Obama’s history and documentation, and no one objected to the electoral vote count on January 4.

In a recent interview, perhaps in response to Powell’s ABC News interview, Cold Case Posse lead investigator Michael Zullo extended an expense-paid invitation to Powell to examine the evidence he and his colleagues have gathered on Obama’s documentation over the last 16 months.

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