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by Sharon Rondeau

Gen. Colin Powell served as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under President George H.W. Bush

(Jan. 24, 2013) — On January 21, 2013, Gen. Colin Powell denounced “birther” “intolerance” on the part of Republicans on national television, stating that such “presentations” discredited the party.

Powell was apparently referring to the persistent allegations that Obama was not born in Hawaii and the resulting claim that he therefore might not be qualified to serve as president.  However, left-wing websites have pointed out that the Republican Party has typically “distanced itself” from claims that Obama’s long-form birth certificate is a forgery and that he does not meet Article II requirements as a “natural born Citizen.”

Also reported is that doubts about the image which Obama presented as his long-form birth certificate are “waning,” but a poll taken by Politico tells a different story, with a reported 36% of Americans and “64% of Republicans” reporting that they believe Obama might be hiding information about his background.  Another left-wing site agrees that a growing number of Americans have questions about Obama’s past, describing them as “professional conspiracy theorists.”

Having served in three Republican administrations, Powell was thought to have aligned himself with the Republican Party prior to his endorsement of Obama in 2008 when he said that Obama was a “transformational figure.”  Powell’s conversation with Sawyer do not resemble that of a right-of-center political philosophy, as evidenced by his advocacy of “everybody” voting and the Republican Party offering “new messages” to appeal to more members of the public.  In an NPR interview in 2011, Powell indicated his support for government-run health care and assisting people “in need.”

Powell was approached approximately 18 months ago by the now-defunct Birther Summit, whose leaders offered him $15,000 for a charity of his choice if he would agree to examine evidence of Obama’s fraudulent long-form birth certificate for a three-hour period.  In September 2011, Powell responded to the offer by telling National Public Radio (NPR) in an interview that the doubts over Obama’s birth certificate were “just conspiratorial nonsense.”  A written transcript of the interview removed Powell’s reference to the challenge he had received.

On March 1, 2012, the results of an investigation performed by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office in conjunction with an adjunct Cold Case Posse revealed that the team had found that there was probable cause to believe that Obama’s long-form birth certificate and Selective Service registration form were “computer-generated forgeries.”  A follow-up press conference confirmed that the Posse believed that the probable cause bar had been overcome and asked for a congressional investigation.

Credible evidence has arisen that Obama is using a Social Security number not assigned to him after two private investigators and a number of citizens performed database searches and found that an individual born in 1890 was associated with the number Obama is using.  The Social Security Administration refused to grant a FOIA request and subsequent appeals requesting documentation on the number having been assigned to a Harrison J. Bounel although agency policy dictated that the information was releasable.

Obama’s short-form birth certificate, originally stated to be the only one available, has been declared a forgery by a scanning expert.  While CNN gave the impression that it had obtained microfilm of perhaps both of Obama’s birth certificates, by Hawaii law it was prevented from acquiring it.

The media has not been aggressive in pursuing the claims that Obama’s documentation is fraudulent, but rather, has demonized “Birthers” and Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who delegated the investigation to the Cold Case Posse.

While on air with Sawyer, Powell said that Republicans should stop “demonizing” Obama and object publicly to “birther nonsense.”

Real estate developer Donald Trump has been labeled a “Birther” for asking Obama to release his college and passport applications, and Powell ridiculed him specifically in his interview with NPR.  Ridicule is one of the techniques employed by Saul Alinsky and his acolytes in pushing for “social justice” and “change,” which included intimidating company executives and church organizations into making special accommodations for minorities.

Alinsky’s organization included cohorts of Malcolm X, who Obama never mentions; Cesar Chavez, whose home Obama dedicated as a national monument in October; and the idea of “peaceful revolution.”

In 2008, Obama had advanced an agenda of “hope and change.

Dr. Conspiracy observed that Powell had mentioned “extremists,” which is a term used by government entities to describe returning veterans, citizens demanding their constitutional rights and honest government, and those who quote from U.S. Supreme Court cases.  However, Powell did not say the word “extremists.”

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, in conjunction with the U.S. Bureau of Justice Assistance, FBI, Southern Poverty Law Center and other agencies, produced a training program depicting constitutionalists and “Birthers” as “Sovereign Citizens,” grouping them together with murderers and circulating the program widely among law enforcement.

Various attorneys and citizens have filed lawsuits contending that Obama is not a “natural born Citizen” or is using fraudulent identity documents.  Two cases are scheduled for a conference of the U.S. Supreme Court on February 15.  Two others were rejected a hearing on January 8.  Other suits are pending in various courts.

Despite the many unanswered questions, no member of Congress has stepped forward to launch an investigation into Obama’s history and documentation, and no one objected to the electoral vote count on January 4.

In a recent interview, perhaps in response to Powell’s ABC News interview, Cold Case Posse lead investigator Michael Zullo extended an expense-paid invitation to Powell to examine the evidence he and his colleagues have gathered on Obama’s documentation over the last 16 months.

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    1. While his elitist “holier than thou” attitude is an indication that his driving force is more akin to Obama’s than Constitutional citizens’.

  1. OPOVV, The Death penalty is still the penalty for committing Treason. As a Usurper Obama IS a Spy under the UCMJ as well as a Traitor under the US Code and the Constitution. Obama has given and continues to give our enemies aid and comfort in time of war. Obama IS a traitor,he stands accused of treason by the requisite (2) people (and many more). If he is convicted he should be hung by the neck until dead or shot to death by a military firing squad. Execution of traitors in time of war and the concept of “Just war” is recognized,even by the Catholic Church,as societal self-defense.
    See 18USC,Part 1,Chapter 115,Sec.2381 and the UCMJ at Sec.906,Art.106.

    See also: “There is NO ‘President’Obama” in the P&E Archives

  2. All these weakling RINO’s should indeed pay a price for their TREASON. It was this very same reckless thoughtlessness that swept Hitler into power with 60,000,000 people dead – pretty stupid Colin Powell, look at the facts.

  3. Powell is showing his true loyalty to color rather than his uniform and country. He’s not half the man allen west is. It looks like powell was a “qouta”. Officer rather than a man true to his duty like west who earned his title. Powell is a flip flop like too many others that can’t admit the truth on identity fraud and usurpation!

  4. Another thought: If he continues to aid and abet, Colin Powell can and will be charged as Co-Conspirator, when “Obama” is brought to justice.

    Both these men will have made [terrible] history – and in so doing, disgracing the African Americans they purport to support.

  5. Powell knows very well what went down and he is part of the cover up. We need to go to DC and drag them all out on their arses, lock up their offices and throw them in jail. A million man march is due and due now.

  6. Part III… I have an ongoing case pending in the Appellate Division of the NY Supreme Court in Albany,NY. In this State dominated by Obamatoid Democrats as well as RINO officials,it is an uphill climb. But it is a climb that I want to climb. I recall that in 2008 that at the precise time during the Electoral College vote tally,wherein VP Cheney was supposed to ask for Objections,that Pelosi disrupted the tally by raucus clapping. Some Congresmen stated that they HAD objections but were not recognized. Did this happen AGAIN?

  7. … That Proof exists of several forged documents proffered by Obama is evident that Obama HAS broken the Law and is NOT bona-fides. Adolph Shicklegruber aka Adolph Hitler did the same thing that Obama has copy catted. Schicklegruber went to a cemetery annd commandeered the name of Adolph Hitler.Only History knows what the real Hitler may have been like. He may have been an honorable man but Shicklegruber defamed that poor soul’s name with his identity theft. Obama is now doing to Mr.Bounel,what Shicklegruber did to Hitler. Obama is not being “Demonized” nor is he being criticized unjustly. Obama is a traitor,fraud,usurper and a criminal deviant who has chosen for HIMSELF to follow demonic/satanic ways. Obama is responsible for his evil ways. It has been said that Malcom X aka Al-Malik Shabazz may be Obama’s real Father. Their resemblance on facial comparison is uncanny. It is NOT “Extrem[e]” to stand up to our government if they are wrong or acting illegally. In fact,it is our duty to do so. Powell has shown himself to be alligned with America’s enemies,Obama for one, and should be very ashamed. The TBI,FBI and SPLC have been duped by the faux Obama “administration” or have voluntarily acquiesced to Anti-American sentiments by labeling real Americans as Extremists and “Sovereign Citizens”. “We the People” have a RIGHT to a free Republic. The current situation is SO Grave that it is evident how far the USA has sunk below the standards of Liberty and Freedom that we have taken for granted for 236 years…

  8. Powell has evidently chosen to be on the side of the Usurper,Traitor and Fraud Barack H. Obama. That is Powell’s Choice. However,due to that choice Powell has now joined the ranks of Misprisioners who have covered-up for Obama for years. Powell is wrong. “Birthers” are not discredited by pressing the isue of Obama’s ineligibility to be President. That birthers are “intoleran[t]” is nonsense.Our Duty as Citizens says that a Traitor and Fraud must NOT be tolerated. We need NOT tolerate traitors. Mere birth in in America is insufficient to be President. One MUST also have been born of Parents who were BOTH Americans at the time of One’s birth. Powell is a smart man. It is inconcievable that he does NOT understand such a simple premise that a NBC is “One born in a Country of ParentS who are Citizens”. Powell is an military officer. There is no “Birther” conspiracy. The facts are,on their face,evident that Obama IS NOT a NBC. It is evident that Powell does NOT respect the Immigration Laws OR the Constitution…

  9. Poor Colin Powell. Talk about your “mentally challenged voter”, Powell is, no doubt, the epitome of “a person in total denial” as someone “who needs our pity and understanding” as he slips into “old age, surely inflicted with dementia”.
    I mean, really now, how difficult is it to understand that the Birth Certificate issued by the White House is a fake?
    Or, if that’s a little too difficult, how about the stolen Social Security number that the cheap suit Obama/Soetoro is trying to pass off as “legally issued to him by the Social Security Administration”? How difficult is that to understand?
    My next door neighbor’s grade school daughter has shown her parents (“We don’t vote so it doesn’t affect us”) HOW and WHY the Birth Certificate is a fake and now, Surprise!, they are now aware that, indeed, what’s happening affects them and the future well-being of their child.
    Maybe I’m not a Christian after all, for I just can’t find it in my heart to forgive Powell for being a traitor to his country, my country.
    There was a time where we used to put traitors up against a wall and shoot them.

  10. Actually, by his continued, callous, and willful deceit of the American Electorate, a.k.a. Obama is the one doing the discrediting- of the Democratic Party!

    As for ‘demonizing’, all we are doing is calling “Obama” on his deceit. If that’s demonizing, so be it. In fact, to ‘demonize’ a liar is absolutely accurate – for Satan is The Father Of Lies.

    Does our esteemed Secretary of State & Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff deem it appropriate to use his platform to promote political evil-doing? If so, IT IS HE WHO DISCREDITS REPUBLICANS.

    God forgive you, Secretary Powell.