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by Sharon Rondeau

Is this man an empty suit?

(May 12, 2011) — A document which has become part of a lawsuit filed by offshore oil-drilling companies states unequivocally that the image released by the White House on April 27, 2011 purported to be a certified copy of Obama’s Hawaiian birth certificate is a forgery.

The affidavits and accompanying exhibits are part of a Motion to Intervene in the Hornbeck v. Salazar lawsuit filed by attorney and dentist Orly Taitz.  The government defendants have opposed her Motion.  Taitz’s response to the government’s opposition includes her allegation that Barack Hussein Obama is using a fraudulent social security number and is not eligible to occupy the office of president.  She also alleges that Department of the Interior Ken Salazar is ineligible because he was appointed by Obama.

The analyst, Douglas B. Vogt, agreed with three other analysts whose reports have been published in recent days at The Post & Email in regard to the presence of multiple layers in the image.  Vogt has described a superimposition of text as a “cut and past [sic] job” (page 4 of 21).  He contends that the operation to create the image  involved more than one person and amounted to  “a conspiracy to defraud the United States” (page 5 of 21).

The document was notarized on May 10, 2011, in the state of Washington (page 6 of 21).

A second affidavit from the state of Florida by a different analyst states:

I observed that the birth certificate pdf file could be opened with Adobe Illustrator and the software revealed that this document has many layers of images on it.  This indicates that the document was not a true copy of the original birth certificate, but a recently created document using Adobe Illustrator.

On January 20, 2011, a former Hawaii Elections Office supervisor, Tim Adams, signed an affidavit stating that his supervisors had declared that it was “common knowledge,” at least within the Elections Office, that when Obama ran for president there was no original birth record on file at the Hawaii Department of Health or anywhere in the state. Although Dr. Chiyome Fukino and former Governor Linda Lingle had insisted that original birth records were kept on file with the Health Department, the department’s own Communications Director, Janice Okubo, had refused to corroborate their statements.  On July 27, 2009, Fukino had gone so far as to declare Obama “a natural-born American citizen,” although no one at the former attorney general’s office would corroborate that statement.

Also in January, the present governor, Neil Abercrombie, had set out to find Obama’s original birth record and then stated publicly that one did not exist.  Last month, current Health Director Loretta Fuddy stated in a letter that Obama’s attorney, Judith Corley, could obtain two certified copies of Obama’s original birth record on his behalf shortly before the April 27, 2011 presentation on national television of the image purportedly retrieved from her department.

The U.S. State Department has refused to release the travel records of Stanley Ann Dunham prior to 1965 as well as any travel information on Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetoro.

Did officials in Hawaii conspire to provide a cover for Obama’s foreign birth?  If so, what were they promised in return?

If there was a conspiracy to violate the U.S. Constitution and put Obama in the White House, how many people are involved?

In 2006, Sarah P. Herlihy, an attorney working at a Chicago law firm with ties to Obama, posited that a foreign-born president could serve the United States just as well as a “natural born” one, and that the “natural born” requirement of Article II, Section 1 was “divisive” and “discriminatory” (page 279 of text).

Herlihy also wrote:

Although it seems unlikely and has even been called ludicrous that a foreign power would conspire to place someone with foreign allegiances in the White House, some Americans more legitimately fear that a naturalized citizen will somehow try to change America by promoting his own culture to the exclusion of others.  For example, a foreign-born president could soften immigration policies towards immigrants coming from his “home” country, or allow his previous ties to a different country to influence foreign policy decisions such as whether to attack another country, when to issue economic sanctions against that country, or even to provide that country with American aid.  Although these concerns may appear reasonable, this argument fails to recognize that a person seeking to become president will face intense public scrutiny during the election process, making it doubtful that anyone would be able to come to the presidency with a hidden agenda regarding a foreign country.

Since entering the White House, Obama has spent $23,000,000 of taxpayer money to encourage Kenyans to adopt a new constitution which legalized abortion for the first time.  He has hosted Iftar dinners to celebrate Ramadan and hesitated when our military has had Muslim terrorists in its sights.

In January 2009, Obama signed a presidential determination appropriating  more than$20,000,000 to Palestinian refugees in order to establish an “Emergency Refugee and Migration Assistance Fund for the purpose  of meeting unexpected and urgent refugee and migration  needs, including by contributions to international,  governmental, and nongovernmental organizations and  payment of administrative expenses of Bureau of  Population, Refugees, and Migration of the Department  of State, related to humanitarian needs of Palestinian  refugees and conflict victims in Gaza.”

Many sources from around the world have reported that Obama was born in Kenya, and a criminal investigation has been launched regarding missing birth records from the early 1960s from the Coast Province Hospital in Mombasa, Kenya about which the U.S. Ambassador to Kenya was apprised in 2008.  The ambassador to the United States from Kenya, Peter Ogego, affirmed Obama’s Kenyan birth in November 2008, stating that his birthplace was “already an attraction.”

Obama’s first phone call after taking office was to Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority.

Obama’s step aunt, Zeituni Onyango, has been allowed to remain in the United States despite her illegal immigrant status for many years, during which she received public benefits while living in Boston, MA.  Onyango stated that she is entitled to U.S. citizenship despite her violations of U.S. immigration law.

With a British father, Obama was at best born a dual citizen, which could have been enough to disqualify him from the presidency.

Could this be why John Jay, who became the first U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice, suggested during the drafting of the section of the Constitution dealing with presidential eligibility:

Permit me to hint, whether it would not be wise & seasonable to provide a strong check to the admission of Foreigners into the administration of our national Government; and to declare expresly that the Command in chief of the american army shall not be given to, nor devolve on, any but a natural born Citizen.

Update, May 12, 2011: Dr. Taitz’s Motion to Intervene has reportedly been denied.






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  1. this is chilling. why is it the Republican Party hasn’t been all over this true story are they in the know. Why hasn’t every decent paper in the nation picked up on this and put it front page.these are my questions. thank you to anyone who is able to get this info out to us and try to do something about this travesty. chilling i say.

  2. why arwent the republicans all over this? Why isnt this reported in every decent paper in the nation? Chilling I say. I want that man out! Thank you for your actions to expose him.

  3. My response to any of this is WHY?? Has this fraud been allowed to continue wrecking America, OUR Constitution, & Bill of Rights? Why hasn’t our military been able to remove this man from the WH? Eric Holder must go also. He is as guilty as obama, as is the DNC chairman, nancy pelosi and the rest. They are all crooks! Thank you Orly for fighting for America. God Bless you and keep you safe. God Bless America!

    1. The 9th Circ stated in a recent hearing that anyone running for President in 2012 has standing and can challenge Obama’s eligibility. You will need to get someone who is running for President to bring the challenge to the courts before the election. This is the chance for States to eliminate him from the ballots. But someone running has to take action.

  4. A new alias used by Barack Hussein Obama — “Harrison J Bounel” (dated 11-2009).

    “Harrison J Bounel” lives at 5046 S Greenwood Ave., Chicago, with Barack and Michelle Obama.

    “Harrison J Bounel” also (like Barack) has a Connecticut S.S. number starting with ‘042-68’.

    See: — http://theobamahustle.wordpress.com/

    The PDF file of the People Search Results: —


  5. Even if Salazar had been appointed by a legitimate POTUS he would not be eligible for the position he now occupies; for he stands in violation of the U.S. Constitution’s Emoluments Clause

  6. Is anyone else ticked off about the blatant in-your-face mocking by the White House of this latest birth certificate. Has anyone talked to the media about the signature at the bottom U.K. L. Lee ? That is obviously a Hawiian ukulele (mini guitar) joke played on the American people. I bet there has never, ever been a person by the name of U.K. L. Lee who was employed by the health department as the local registrar. They might as well have put John Q. Public there. This is a sick joke! Where are the congressmen and congresswomen with integrity to call attention to this usurper’s arrogance?

    1. We obviously don’t have any congressmen/congresswomen that fill the bill!!! I don’t think any of them have integrity! Or nerve enough to demand to see proof of eligibility.

    2. U.K. L. Lee was a legit registrar in Hawaii. However, the other bc that list his name the child was born at a different hospital than the one Obama is purported to be born at. One would think he would have the same registrar listed as the Nordyke’s birth certificates being Obama was purported to be born at the same hospital as them not even 24 hours apart…

    3. There is no ‘Ukelele’ on the birth certificate(s).

      The Local Registrar’s signature on Obama’s LFBC appears to read: — ‘U K L Lee’ — where the first letter is definitely a ‘U’.

      Another version of the ‘same’ signature is on Edith Coats’ 1962 LF-COLB — as seen here:


      But hers reads: — ‘C K L Lee’ — with the stylized ‘C’ matching the right half of the letter ‘K’.

      If the registrar’s true name is ‘C K L Lee’, then the Obama LFBC was forged, and the forger misread the ‘C’, and traced-over it, putting a ‘U’ in its place.

      See this ‘comparison image’ of the two ‘U K L Lee’ signatures: —


      Someone has learned that: —

      …… “I think the real proof will be in the name of the local registrar.. The signature is found on the Edith Coats BC.. Not only is it nearly identical, it’s in the EXACT SAME SPOT on both certificates.. Like it was traced? .. The only thing is that Coats was born almost 30 miles away in another city and hospital [Wahiawa General Hospital] a whole year later.. If we can find that registrar and find out where he worked assuming that the local registrar was the same person who typed out the certificate, then we might have a smoking gun?”

      Another person wrote:

      …… “I was born in Hawaii in ’56.. U.K. La Lee is the Registrar’s name on my long form BC that I have had in my possession for 50+ years.”

      Let’s find this ‘Registrar Lee’ and learn his real name, and his place of employment.

      If he is ‘C K L Lee’, then Obama’s forgery will be self evident.
      Mrs. Rondeau replies: I believe Mr. Lee has since passed away, but I will have to verify it.

    1. If you are talking about Corsi’s new book I heard it is just a repeat of all the information at WND….is there something else planned that we are not aware of???

  7. Statement from Orly Taitz…

    Yesterday I had a an oral argument in Hornbeck v Salazar. This case deals with the fact that Obama administration de facto destroyed oil and gas industry in the gulf of Mexico by placing a moratorium and later, when the federal judge placed an injunction on the moratorium, Obama regime contimued destroying the oil and gas industry by refusing to grant drilling permits. Most of the rigs left the region and moved to Brazil. Recently Obama visited Brazil and congratuled them on their offshore deep water drilling and stated that US will be their biggest customer, showing him as the the most antiAmerican president this nation ever saw.

    My argument was that the damages suffered in the case at hand were rooted in the same problem: antiAmerican usurper in the White House, who got there by virtue of fraud and use of a forged birth certificate and invalid Social Security number, issued to another individual in another state.

    While it was a really long shot, I was able to get an oral argument. For the first time in U.S. history I was able to get into the official court record, a historic record of the Federal District court sworn expert affidavits, attesting to the fact that an individual occupying the position of the U.S. president, is there by virtue of forgery. this is a serious criminal offense, for which Obama needs to be removed from office immediately and criminally prosecuted.

    I will get a copy of the oral argument and will post it as well.

    Presiding magistrate judge Joseph Wilkinson let me speak for about 10-12 minutes.

    Assistant US attorney Carl Mansfield spoke after me and later David Rosenblum, attorney for Hornbeck offshore industries.

    Mansfield just submitted on the pleadings and Rosenblum stated that he did not oppose my intervention and did not file an opposition.

    While previously judges tried to keep this matter quiet, now they allow oral argument. I, also, noticed that before judges would keep all the ObamaFraudGate cases to the end, so that other attorneys and spectators don’t hear and don’t know those cases even exist. Judge Wilkinson did the opposite. He let me speak first. This way all the attorneys in this full courtroom could hear my argument and would go to their fims and report, that they heard reports, expert affidavits of forgery in Obama’s birth certificate, evidence that Obama is using an invalid Social Security number, whch was never issued to him.

    As the Assistant US attorney Mansfield entered the courtroom, I handed him my reply brief and could see him reading it and reviewing the evidence. I could see that he was not a happy camper, he loooked like he just swollowed a dead rat. When his turn came to speak, he didn’t say anything, he just said that he submits on the pleadings. I felt bad for him. it must not be pleasant, to be an assistant US attorney in a case, which shows, that his boss, occupying the position of the president, is using forged documents.

    Judge Wilkinson asked me, what happened in Carter’s court. i explained that originally Judge Carter stated on the record that there ios juridiction in his court, later when Obama’s defense firm attorney was placed as his clerk, Carter changed his position and suddenly decided that there is no jurisdiction. Wilkinson did not say anything, but just smiled, and by his face expression I could tell that he knew exactly what I was telling and what was going on.

    He asked me about the 9th circuit,m what happened there, whether I provided all this evidence there. I responded that i could not provide all this evidence in the 9th circuit, as Obama released his BC only 2 working days before the hearing, I did not have an ecxpert opinion yet and I was limited in time and in what was part of the case in the District court.

    I was able to argue the issue of the Social Security fraud, Selective Service certificate fraud and forged BC.

    One of pro-obama operatives was there. they always come to my hearings. This woman goes by a pseudonim Butterfly Bildeberg. She is one of a group of attorneys, posting on pro-Obama web sites, attacking patriots and helipng Obama in cover up of his SS fraud and elections fraud. Next to her name on fogbow there is a drawing of a beautiful young woman with a butterfly covering her mouth. She looked completely different from the drawing. She looked about mid fifties, short statute, about 5′2″-5′3″, she looked husky, wide build. she reminded me of Elena Kagan, but with darker and a bit longer hair. She was talking to the the US attorney Mansfield and it appeared they knew each other. Most of these attorneys attacking us, work for the federal government: US attorney’s office or as clerks in different courts.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Could someone provide a link for verification?

  8. Once revealed, the crimes of the barry soetoro usurped pResidency will make watergate seem like child’s play. the democratic party will be crushed and certain complicit Rinos will have their political careers end including certain former and current state government employees in Hawai’i.

  9. So when is Donald Trump going to up the ante or has he too been silenced by the LAME stream media with threats???

    This is totally out of control…..why in the world can’t we get this FRAUD out of the White House and all of the corruption addressed! Tells me we need a whole new government….these people are NOT who we sent to represent us!

  10. Any Military worth its salt, after reading this article would immediately put the Nation on DEFCON 1 Status, and arrange a Navy Seal Team to surround the White House and immediately arrest Obama – or whatever his name may turn out to be; or is that too logical a move for them???

  11. I do not have the capability but do hope someone out there does. I would like to know if dates of changes and or are there dates associated with these layers. In other words, the WH granted lawyers permission to retrieve the LFBC on Friday April 23rd. On Monday April 27th it was supposedly picked up in person by said lawyer who flew to Hawaii. Now of course one would not have to fly out to Hawaii to pick up a PDF file. So knowing the editing times of this file, if it can be determined, would be great….

    1. I suggest someone make a UIPA request for the financial transaction to procure the LFBC. Unless the HDoH waived the fee, the response should be “request denied per HRS 338-18.” If the HDoH response is “no records exist that meet your request”, then either LFBC was not issued by the HDoH or the fee was waived.

      Seems to me that O would want a record of the financial transaction to cover his backside.

    2. Correction, Greg: the WH published a letter that said it granted permission, and a letter from an attorney who said she’d be in HI, and a letter from the Director saying she provided two copies of a document and a receipt. You don’t know who went to HI, if at all. The Director didn’t say she was providing .PDF, nor in what form, nor did she acknowledge to whom she delivered two copies. And the WH didn’t publish a letter from the attorney saying, here – I went to HI and obtained two copies. Nor did the WH acknowledge veracity to any of this by having an independent third-party witness the handoff and receive a third-copy at the same time.

    1. Hopefully you are safe, Lucas. We have a mutual friend that has talked to us. Comanche Shamin. God Bless you for doing what you are doing. Have the Corsi book coming and am anxious to read it.