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March 28, 2011

Donald Trump speaking at CPAC last month. Photo: Gage Skidmore, Wikimedia Commons, CC by SA 2.0

Mr. Donald Trump
Trump Organization
725 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY  10022

Dear Mr. Trump:


Thank you for showing the courage to stand on principle and come out publicly demanding that Obama reveal his original “long-form” birth certificate which is allegedly on file with the Hawaii Department of Health, including this morning when you correctly stated on Fox & Friends that Obama has “spent millions” to hide it.

As you know, millions of Americans are concerned about this issue, and you are correct that a relative of Obama’s could have registered his birth in Hawaii and received a short-form certification even if he had been born outside of the country.

Obama’s eligibility or lack thereof is a matter of urgent national security, because if he is not eligible due to one or more foreign allegiances or citizenship, our military and every single U.S. citizen is in peril.  The opportunity for blackmail against a usurper acting as the chief executive officer and commander-in-chief of the U.S. Armed Forces is formidable, particularly as the Middle East has erupted in unrest and we are now involved in a new war in Libya in addition to Iraq, Afghanistan, and our servicemen and women positioned around the world.

I am editor of an electronic newspaper, The Post & Email, Inc., which began as a blog in August 2009 and was incorporated in the state of Wyoming in January 2010.  My hope is to grow the company into a full-service newspaper serving the American people and the world by reporting the truth about what is occurring in our government.  We also have provided a means by which the common man may report the news as he sees it without the bias of the mainstream media in keeping with the intent of our founder and editor emeritus, Mr. John Charlton.

Since our inception, we have conducted extensive research into the policies, procedures and responses of the Hawaii Department of Health (HDOH), which has claimed that it possesses Obama’s original birth certificate and that he was a “natural-born American citizen.”  However, no proof of that claim made by then-health department director Dr. Chiyome Fukino was ever offered, in violation of Hawaii’s own state law which mandates disclosure of documentation used to issue public statements.  Ms. Janice Okubo, the department’s spokesperson, has given out patently false information to the Associated Press in Honolulu and refused to correct the record while also refusing to answer our requests for information.

You probably know that shortly after his election in November 2010, Gov. Neil Abercrombie stated that he thought Obama’s birth certificate should be released.  Shortly afterward, Abercrombie reported that there is no original birth certificate held by the Hawaii Department of Health, contrary to the statement of his predecessor, Linda Lingle, and her health department director.  Obama, his half-sister and even the White House have identified two different hospitals where he was allegedly born in Hawaii, but neither hospital claims it was his birthplace.  In fact, recently a Hawaii state senator asked to see a letter which had allegedly been written by Obama upon the 50th anniversary of the Kapiolani Medical Center but removed from the hospital’s website directly after a news report was issued about it, and the state senator has been refused his request to inspect that letter.

The Post & Email agrees with your assertion that Governor Neil Abercrombie should be investigated along with all Hawaii officials who have played a part in what could be the biggest crime in United States history.  The Post & Email has recently sent Gov. Abercrombie a certified letter stating the research which shows evidence negating Obama’s claim of a Hawaiian birth.  We have received the certified receipt but no response from the governor.

It has been reported that some of Obama’s alleged Kenyan relatives have claimed that he was born in Kenya, and the Kenyan ambassador to the United States, Mr. Peter Ogego, affirmed that fact proudly in a radio interview he gave the day after the 2008 presidential election.  Additionally, members of the Kenyan Parliament stated on the record last March that Obama was not born in America, but rather, in Kenya, and they praised the American people for being so open-minded as to have elected a person who was not even a native of their country.

I have personally queried the U.S. State Department regarding Obama’s mother’s passport applications prior to 1965, and they refuse to answer in a direct and honest manner.  A lawsuit filed against the State Department for failing to release the information which should be disclosable under the Freedom of Information Act yielded information from 1965 and forward, but nothing from the years preceding.  The State Department has instead claimed that passport applications prior to 1965 were ordered “destroyed” by the GSA, although the GSA has denied that allegation.

I am possession of a letter from the State Department which states that it does not have the requested records while at the same time saying that it should.  Why is it that no one can obtain copies of Stanley Ann Dunham Obama Soetoro’s passport applications prior to 1965?  Is it because they would indicate that she traveled and gave birth to her baby overseas, contrary to Obama’s claimed birth in Hawaii?

All of the foregoing circumstantial evidence is compelling in and of itself.  This morning  you made it clear that you are aware that the online image posted during the campaign is of questionable authenticity, and several licensed forensic document examiners have as much.  Moreover, there were four successive versions posted on various websites as questions about its authenticity were raised.

However, an even more obvious fact which unequivocally disqualifies Obama from meeting the U.S. Constitution’s requirements for president is his foreign father.  While there are several theories about what was meant by the term “natural born Citizen” in Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution, one theory is that it referred to the “natural law” of citizenship being passed from a father to his offspring.  Since Obama’s father had British citizenship because he was a Kenyan national and at the time, Kenya was a colony of Great Britain, British citizenship was passed from Barack Obama Sr. to Barack Obama Jr.   Obama himself admits to having been born with dual citizenship, although he has never shown proof of any type of U.S. citizenship, whether “natural born,” a 14th-Amendment “native” citizen, or a naturalized citizen after having immigrated from another country.

Some constitutional scholars and attorneys have endorsed what is sometimes termed the “Unity Theory,” which states that  a “natural born Citizen” is one who was born on U.S. soil  with two U.S. citizen parents at the time of his birth.  Whether citizenship is passed down by the father alone by the “natural law” theory or the Unity Theory is the correct definition, Obama clearly does not meet the “natural born” criterion.  Four previous Supreme Court cases have produced rulings on the definition of a United States citizen and have supported the contention that simply being born on U.S. soil does not entitle a person to U.S. citizenship, let alone the higher standard of “natural born Citizen.”

As you are aware, Obama has hidden his college records, medical records, grade school and high school records, and Harvard Law School compositions.  As editor of the Harvard Law Review, one would think that his writings were prolific and widely available.  The New York Sun has called Obama’s years at Columbia “a mystery.”

Another definition issued by Rep. John Bingham, author of the Fourteenth Amendment, stated that a “natural born Citizen” is one born on the soil of the United States to two U.S. citizen parents.  Obama clearly lacks at least one of those requirements, and possibly two.

Recently, attorney and dentist Orly Taitz published a First Amended Complaint which contained documents appearing to be Obama’s Columbia transcripts which show that he attended for only one year rather than two.  If true, Obama has misrepresented his whereabouts for a full year of his life, 1981-1982.  Obama himself admitted that he traveled to Pakistan in 1981 when it was difficult for Americans to enter the country.  This begs the question, “On which country’s passport did he travel to Pakistan in 1981, and how long did he stay?”

Taitz has also completed extensive research into what appears to be Obama’s fraudulent use of a social security number issued previously to a man born in the state of Connecticut, where Obama never lived, worked, nor attended school.  Taitz claims that more than 30 social security numbers have been utilized by Barack Hussein Obama in various parts of the country.

Yet another complication which Obama has never explained is a school registration form bearing his name which states that his citizenship was “Indonesian.”  According to a highly reliable source who is an Indonesian native and naturalized American citizen, during the 1960s both a child and a spouse had to become Indonesian citizens to live in that country and for the child to attend school.  If Obama was given Indonesian citizenship, does he still possess it?  Did he ever renounce it?  If so, where is the documentation?  Where is the documentation that he was ever an American citizen, let alone a “natural born Citizen?”

Last December, a highly-decorated U.S. Army flight surgeon was sentenced to six months in Ft. Leavenworth for questioning  whether or not the orders he was receiving to deploy to Iraq for the second time were legitimate.  For two years, Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin wrote to his elected representatives, to Congress, and went through his chain of command to obtain an answer to his question so that he could uphold his sworn oath to support and defend the U.S. Constitution.  Instead of receiving an answer to which he is entitled by virtue of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, he was denied any discovery, broken on the witness stand by his own defense attorney, forced to confess to failing to follow orders, and sentenced to prison far from his wife and three young children where he sits today.  Would a legitimate commander-in-chief not have produced the required documentation to satisfy this soldier’s inquiry rather than allow his career to be destroyed and his income, pension and all benefits to be immediately forfeited?

Another soldier, Maj. Stefan Cook, challenged Obama’s orders to deploy to Afghanistan because of Obama’s questionable eligibility.  Rather than address the charges, Cook’s deployment order was promptly rescinded.  Cook lost his job and security clearance.  Of the numerous lawsuits filed against Obama charging that he was constitutionally ineligible to seek and/or occupy the office of president, not one court has been willing to hear a case on its merits.  It therefore appears that our entire judiciary, Congress, state governments, nearly all attorneys and U.S. attorneys have been willing to replace the U.S. Constitution with a rival government which supports treason because of its support for the usurpation the U.S. presidency.

A courageous woman named Theresa Cao, who was present during the reading of the U.S. Constitution by the 112th House of Representatives on January 6, 2011 and shouted out “Except Obama!  Except Obama!” when the “natural born Citizen” clause was read, has been brought up on charges of unlawful conduct and is facing six months in jail for speaking the truth:  that Obama is not a “natural born Citizen.”  While her action made national news, she has been purposely marginalized and libeled by the mainstream media, and the Obama-appointed judge for her case to date has not recused herself.

Mr. Trump, the constitutional crisis which Obama’s faux presidency has caused cannot be overstated.  Since Obama has never been eligible to serve, every single U.S. military member has been following illegal orders.  The upper brass of the military know and will say nothing; the Joint Chiefs of Staff know and evidently care more for their  paychecks, pensions and prestige than for the oath to which they swore allegiance.  More than two years ago, a criminal complaint of treason was filed against Obama with the full knowledge of the Secret Service and FBI, and nothing has been done.  More than 3,000 other such complaints have been filed with the FBI, U.S. attorneys, courts and judges across the land, but they have proven to be guilty of treason as well for failing to act.  Obama’s Justice Department continues to act against the states and people as it allows criminals to walk free and refuses to protect our borders from murderers, drug dealers, and kidnappers.

Obama has unconstitutionally seized control of the banking, automobile and health care industries, costing Americans their freedom to make their own choices, their source of employment or business, and First Amendment rights.  The media has been a complicit player in this debacle which has attempted to destroy the America which millions of us have known and loved.  You might be interested to know that an attorney working for a law firm with political ties to Obama had floated the idea of a Muslim, non-American-born person ascending to the White House and strongly advocated the abolition of the “natural born Citizen” requirement.

Before the election one constitutional attorney stated:

America is facing potentially the gravest constitutional crisis in her history. Barack Obama must either stand up in a public forum and prove, with conclusive documentary evidence, that he is “a natural born Citizen” of the United States who has not renounced his American citizenship—or he must step down as the Democratic Party’s candidate for President of the United States—preferably before the election is held, and in any event before the Electoral College meets.

If Obama indeed has usurped the presidency, potentially every military order he has given, every bill he has signed, every executive order he has issued, and all judicial and other appointments could be rendered invalid.  That includes two appointees to the U.S. Supreme Court who have failed to recuse themselves during conferences over Obama’s eligibility.

I would be happy to meet with you via telephone or in person to further discuss the evidence against Obama and those who put him in power.  As almost all of the American public is now aware that there is a problem with Obama’s birth story, history, and eligibility to serve as president, it would seem that this is the time to act.  There are tens of millions of Americans who will rally behind your methodical exposure of this systematic destruction of our nation.

Our America is depending on those of us who care about our country, the Constitution upon which it was founded, and preserving our unalienable, God-given rights for our children, grandchildren and beyond.


Sharon Rondeau
The Post & Email, Inc.
P.O. Box 302
Stafford Springs, CT  06076

Editor’s Note to Mr. Trump and Staff: This letter and all of its citations can be read online here.

Update, March 29, 2011: This letter has been sent by fax, email, and certified mail to The Trump Organization in New York City.

Receipt from letter sent by certified mail to Mr. Donald Trump in New York City on March 29, 2011

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  1. I think President Trump acquiesced to social pressure too easily when he stated that “Obama was born in the United States”. Giving President Trump the benefit of the doubt, perhaps he isn’t aware that mere birth in the U.S. does not suffice to be a Natural Born Citizen. As much as I support President Trump, I am still waiting for him to do something to bring Obama to Justice. It is noteworthy that Obama had links to the CIA, part of the same Intelligence community that has been, without a doubt, attempting a bloodless coup d’état against our legitimate President with the help of the previous illegitimate and faux “President” Barack Hussein Mohammed Obama, Jr. aka Barry Soetoro or whatever his REAL name is. Pelosi helped Obama usurp the Presidency and John McCain was also in on it. He too was ineligible. The CIA has been involved in foreign coups in the past. I am of the belief that they got so good at that skill that they are not trying to seize power domestically. The Intelligence community IS the deep State. They have turned on the United States. Sounds crazy you conjecture? Not in the least. Stranger things have transpired involving our government. I judge people by what they do, not so much about what they say. I know that President Trump has his hands full with all the deep State operatives attacking him. I hope that when he finally is able to take a breather and relax a bit, that he will revisit the infamous Obama Scam.,the Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organization faux “administration” of the usurper,fraud,traitor and spy that duped millions of people into voting for him. Biden is part of that scam. Biden is now proffering Michelle Obama as his possible VP.

  2. Sharon, thanks for updating this thread. Interesting reading my comments from when I was posting as Bob1943. This, which I posted 9 years ago is IMO still reason number one why it’s impossible to get anything done about Obama’s usurpation:
    “It is the personal involvement of many members of Congress in knowingly getting an ineligible person elected to usurp the office of president. ”

    Nancy Pelosi would be exhibit “A” verifying the quote above.

  3. The birth certificate posted on White House Gov for one barack hussein obama April 27, 2011 is not just a forgery but a bad forgery . I believe the birth certificate is an in your face, we don’t care about the US Constitution and the rule of law from the left in this country . The left only follows the US Constitution and the rule of law only when it is to their advantage !

  4. Reading all these posts makes me realize how terribly far we are removed from what our country has been about. How far we are lost for things to get this bad and still no one will move to stop it and prosecute the guilty parties. If nothing is done our lives will grow darker and darker until we are covered completely in darkness.i fear we have all ready gone to far in the wrong direction. What will become of us?

  5. Things to be considered.
    1. Back in 1961 people of color were called ‘ Negroes .’ So how can the Obama ‘ birth certificate ‘ state he is ‘ African-American ‘ when the term wasn’t even used at that time?

    2. The birth certificate that the White House released lists Obama’s birth as August 4, 1961 . It also lists Barack Hussein Obama as his father. No big deal, right? At the time of Obama’s birth, it also shows that his father is aged 25 years old, and that Obama’s father was born in ” Kenya, East Africa .” This wouldn’t seem like anything of concern, except the fact that Kenya did not even exist until 1963 , two whole years after Obama’s birth , and 27 years after his father’s birth . How could Obama’s father have been born in a country that did not yet exist? Up and until Kenya was formed in 1963, it was known as the “British East Africa Protectorate.”

    3. On the birth certificate released by the White House, the listed place of birth is “Kapi’olani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital.” This cannot be, because the hospital(s) in question in 1961 were called “KauiKeolani Children’s Hospital” and “Kapi’olani Maternity Home,” respectively. The name did not change to Kapi’olani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital until 1978, when these two hospitals merged. How can this particular name of the hospital be on a birth certificate dated 1961 if this name had not yet been applied to it until 1978?

    How does Obama explain these errors.

  6. Mr.Trump brings up a very important issue regarding BC’s – I congratulate him on the rising question. after looking up documents to compare fact from fiction, the certificate in question of the president it stands to show that there are 3 comparisons to what a Hawaiian BC actually looks like, here the the links… be your own judge…
    Page showing an Actual Hawaiian BC w/ Signatures : http://www.wnd.com/?pageId=105347
    Page showings Obama’s so called BC of Hawaii – Fact Check: http://www.factcheck.org/UploadedFiles/birth_certificate_2.jpg
    And finally and foremost a forged BC of someone to gain high ranks : http://www.obamaconspiracy.org/2009/01/hawaiian-birth-certificate-its-a-fake/

    Now do the ground stomping and all know, signatures on BC’s are required by the delivering OBGYN have to sign the form to make it authentic. End of Story. Either way you slice it or dice it,Trump is on a Roll and I commend his efforts made to get the story and proof RIGHT!

  7. Besides O’Reilly, Ann Coulter has also dissed the birth certificate issue. She was on Fox last night and she told one lie after another on the BC issue. She claims it is only LIBERAL web sites and media that even bring it up. She says they are keeping this issue going to discredit conservatives.

    I say it is only PEOPLE LIKE HER who discredit conservatives. I think it is partly jealousy. World Net Daily has done an absolutely GREAT job of researching this and following up on every lead.

    Since Ann Coulter is legal affairs correspondent for Human Affairs, it’s likely she just doesn’t like the competition of WND and the fact they have shown up all the other media by being one of the very few publications to keep us informed.

  8. Hawaii is NOT legally a part of the u.s. it was returned to the hawaiians in 2003 by bill clinton check with the united nations as the u.s. broke all laws when obtaining hawaii and the hawiian people did not agree in 2003 a decendant of the king was given his reign and to this day it has a KING obama is not a u.s. citizen even if he was born there

  9. How do we get info to Trump that Philip Berg has been legally pursuing Obama’s birthplace? It is:

    Philip J. Berg, Esquire
    555 Andorra Glen Court, Suite 12
    Lafayette Hill, PA 19444-2531
    Cell (610) 662-3005


    It seems that Barack Obama is not qualified to be president after all for the following reason:

    Barack Obama is not legally a U.S. natural-born citizen according to the law on the books at the time of his birth, which falls between “December 24, 1952 to November 13, 1986.” Presidential office requires a natural-born citizen if the child was not born to two U.S. citizen parents, which of course is what exempts John McCain though he was born in the Panama Canal. US Law very clearly stipulates: “If only one parent was a U.S. citizen at the time of your birth, that parent must have resided in the United States for at least ten years, at least five of which had to be after the age of 16.” Barack Obama’s father was not a U.S. citizen and Obama’s mother was only 18 when Obama was born, which means though she had been a U.S. citizen for 10 years, (or citizen perhaps because of Hawaii being a territory) the mother fails the test for being so for at least 5 years **prior to** Barack Obama’s birth, but *after* age 16. It doesn’t matter *after* . In essence, she was not old enough to qualify her son for automatic U.S. citizenship. At most, there were only 2 years elapsed since his mother turned 16 at the time of Barack Obama’s birth when she was 18 in Hawaii. His mother would have needed to have been 16+5= 21 years old, at the time of Barack Obama’s birth for him to have been a natural-born citizen. As aforementioned, she was a young college student at the time and was not. Barack Obama was already 3 years old at that time his mother would have needed to have waited to have him as the only U.S. Citizen parent. Obama instead should have been naturalized, but even then, that would still disqualify him from holding the office.

    *** Naturalized citizens are ineligible to hold the office of President.

    Origins: The minimum qualifications for the presidency of the United States specified in Article II of the Constitution are few and seemingly straightforward: In order to be President, a person must be a natural-born citizen of the United States, must be at least thirty-five years old, and must have been a resident of the United States for fourteen years.

    These qualifications aren’t quite so straightforward as they might seem, however. For example, what does the phrase “fourteen years a resident within the United States” mean? Can those fourteen years be cumulative, or do they have to be consecutive? Do the fourteen years of U.S. residency have to
    immediately precede the presidential election, or can they have occurred at any period in a candidate’s life?

    Likewise, the “natural-born citizen” requirement is not so straightforward either, because the Constitution didn’t define what a natural-born citizen was. (The definition of “natural-born citizen” was left up to individual states to decide until the adoption of the Fourteenth Amendment in 1868, but even that amendment has been subject to further interpretation.) What qualifies a person for natural-born citizenship status under U.S. law can be quite complicated, depending on factors such as where the person was born, when he was born, where he and his parents lived, and the nationalities of his parents.

    Some of these factors might seemingly come into play in the case of Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama. Although his mother was herself a natural-born U.S. citizen, his father was a Kenyan national, and his parents may or may not have been legally married in the eyes of U.S. law. Moreover, his parents split up when he was but a toddler, and his mother soon afterwards married another foreign national and moved with Barack to Indonesia.

    The item quoted above posits that Barack Obama does not qualify as a natural-born citizen of the U.S. because the law in effect at the time he was born specified that “If only one parent was a U.S. citizen at the time of your birth, that parent must have resided in the United States for at least ten years, at least five of which had to be after the age of 16.” Since Barack Obama only had one U.S. citizen parent (his mother), and his mother had not been residing in the U.S. for at least five years after the age of 16 when Barack was born (because she herself was only 18 at the time), then he’s not a natural-born citizen.

    The Fourteenth Amendment states that “all persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States.” Since Hawaii is part of the United States, even if Barack Obama’s parents were both non-U.S. citizens who hadn’t even set foot in the country until just before he was born, he’d still qualify as a natural-born citizen.

    1. The stipulation is “natural born” citizen, not just citizen. If Obama was born outside the U.S. (even though his mother was a U.S. citizen) he cannot be considered a “natural born” citizen.

      Wikipedia has a compilation of case law all of which show that it is place, not parentage, that determines natural born citizen status. Thus, if Barack Obama was born in Kenya and then his mother brought him into the U.S. at a later date, he is NOT a natural born citizen.

      Just for the record, the Certification of Live Birth which Obama offers up as his proof of elibibility was routinely, at that time, given to women who gave birth at home or abroad.

      Since women giving birth at home or abroad may not have had the advantage of documentation by a hospital at time of birth, this method was provided to document birth. It was VERY easy to obtain and required only the mother or a family member saying that such person was born to such parents. This is why the COLB is not a credible source to say someone is a natural born citizen.

  11. Mr Donald Trump aka Obama’s Birth Certificate:

    1. Look in Kenya anywhere you can, remember he said that it WAS his Homeland
    2. Look at his Mother’s Passport at the time of his birth — say 3-6 months
    before his birth & where she Traveled, he could of been born in any part of the
    World ! She got around, originally from Kansas-Hawaii-Indonesia…..this could
    give some Idea where she was at the time of Obama’s birth.
    3. Look at his Father’s Passport as well, maybe not as important
    4. Look to see if he was actually born before 1958 when Hawaii was not yet a State.
    5. I also read that in Hawaii at the time (1961) if one, or both Parents were not
    US Citizens their born child was not considered a US Citizen !!!
    6. His Mother was kinda eccentric & may have denounced her citizenship, therefore
    if the Hawaii story I read is True that would invalidate Obama as a US Citizen !!!

    LA, Ca

  12. Thank you for your letter, Sharon. The fact is that media ignored all red flags about Obama. Otherwise, he’d have NEVER been elected. I’m really hoping that Trump will also dig other issues that have been largely ignored, such as the extent of Obama’s involvement with ACORN. More to the point, I’m hoping he will demonstrate how Obama’s entire life has been dedicated to a class war agenda, and how there is absolutely nothing in his entire past, or the policies of his administration, that demonstrates any love for America or any respect for the principles this country was founded upon.

  13. I say to LTC Terry Lakin now in Leavenworth to keep the faith you will be out soon Donald Trump is not giving up on the issue of Obama being or not being a legal sitting US President . Mr Trump has got his people checking into all the evidence in Hawaii and in other places such as Kenya. I get the feeling that Mr . Trump is like a bull dog once he sinks his teeth into something he is not going to let go.

  14. It makes sense since to me that Donald Trump is asking that question. I did not see Obama’s birth certificate either. Was told about it. However, when I went to the DMV in Reno, Nevada to change my license from Hawaii to Nevada, I had to acquire and bring with me, a copy of my birth certificate. Even though I have a military ID, I was told that was not good enough. Even though since 199, I have been listed with the VA , and have a VA id too as a disabled veteran. Is the President above the laws? I re-call Dwight Eisenhower was asked; If he were a Republican or Democrat. His response was , He was an American. I find it odd that it is demanded of the citizens of the United States , like myself a 100%, Disabled veteran that we have to follow the law. Personally having lived in Hawaii I have to agree with Donald Trump. Look into how many monopolies exist on Oahu. Look at how they run their politics there. There is a high level of corruption on that island that journalist are to afraid to report. I did state that as a United States Senator one would think that the FBI did a back ground check on President Obama since he would have access to sensitive materials that would relate to National Security. In that light I find this all quite amusing. But, At the same time, I do agree since we are talking about someone having autonomy with, the worlds strongest military forces and Nuclear weapons at their disposal; that this nation should take every caution, and ensure the people this person is what they claim to be.

    1. Gary Dubois:

      Was that your “long form” birth certificate? What year was that? Did you see on television the interview on MSNBC where the former director of the Hawiian Dept of Health claims that no one gets their long form birth certificate? She said that anyone requesting their birth certificate from Hawaii gets the short form and that the long form is the property of the Hawaiian government and is never released.

      Of course, I don’t believe this for a second. If that were true, Obama would have no reason to send his lawyers to court to oppose the various law suits that have demanded he provide his long form birth certificate. Why go to court over something that is a moot point?

  15. Regarding my previous comment. What would be even better than “producing a longform”, would be to have him sign a waiver to the state of Hawaii authorizing the release of his longform to whomever requests it. That way he can be sure it is an “authentic” release from the state and not another printed out fabrication.

    1. Under freedom of Information act, The President does have to allow us access to those documents. He is now a Public Person, not a private. He surrendered his rights as a private citizen when he took public office.

  16. Trump should put Obama on the spot. He should publicly announce that he will donate 1 million dollars to Obamas favorite charity if he can produce his certified longform form from the state of Hawaii within a week ( to think a President couldn’t get his longform from Hawaii within 1 week if he wanted to would be ludicrous. Trump got his from NY in a day ). What would people think if Obama ignored the offfer ?

  17. Trump speaks for the silent majority who is tired of political correctness and not attacking the issues.

    If Nations resent us, let’s stop giving them our hard-earned money. Let’s create our own energy resources in oil, gas, coal, solar, etc. and start exporting to China, Russia, India and the world, making us independent of hateful Muslims and others and creating a trade surplus.

  18. Has Mr Trump made any statement regarding the fact that mr Obama is not a “Natural Born Citizen” due to his foreigner father and that he therefore owes his “allegiance” from birth to the country of that father?

    It’s just great that he’s raised the “missing” Birth Certificate repeatedly, but I would have expected him to have “got up to speed” on the “missing” * 2 * Citizen parents by now.

    1. “It therefore appears that our entire judiciary, Congress, state governments, nearly all attorneys and U.S. attorneys have been willing to replace the U.S. Constitution with a RIVAL GOVERNMENT which supports treason because of its support for the usurpation the U.S. presidency.”

      Under The District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871 a private corporation named, “The District of Columbia”, was formed. It trademarked the names “THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT”, “United States”, “U.S.”, “U.S.A.”, “USA”, and “America”.
      Is this the reason why Barack Hussein Obama, AKA Barry Soetoro is NOT concerned about his eligibility to be President of the United States of AMERICA, because he was elected to be President of the United States? Can anybody shed some light on this?

  19. Sharon, i have come to the believe, as frightening as it may be, that the reason why so many in Washington and outside Washington, with powers that can stop this usurper, such as congress and others, fear what the usurper will do. Their fear is so great. I believe so many have waffled on the subject back into his corner, back defending him, sympathizing with him, not wanting to embarrass him. They are backing away from the issue in droves. Why? Because they fear that what he is capable of doing, at his hand, on his watch, could be destructive to us, the U.S…He has the potential to destroy us, any upset to this usurper could be damning to the lives of millions. He has his finger on the switch, and this I believe they all fear, could possibly be his revenge, if anyone tries to throw him out…They are hoping to resolve this with votes and rid him, w/o making him angry, defensive or retaliate…My guess, so many refuse to bring this out and will not take a stance against this injustice. I hope the Donald fears NOT!!!!!
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: I rather think Congress is more self-serving than anything. However, we cannot afford fear. Fear of the government has brought us to this place in history which is indeed a defining moment.

    1. “NUTS” — General Anthony McAuliffe

      “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself” — President Franklin Delano Roosevelt

      “Damn the torpedos full speed ahead” — Admiral David Glasgow Farragut

    1. The portion of the video clip of Barky saying he was born in Kenya is a fake. It was debunked when first posted to YouTube, maybe a year ago. Sorry…

  20. There is a video on the internet with Obama stating that he was born in Kenya and that he was not born in America…. ….speech given in 2008. Shows his Uncle in Kenya watching him on TV…. amazing video.
    It will blow your mind. So how come Donald Trump doesn’t talk about it.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: I have checked with two experts who have said that the video is a fake.

    1. That video is very cleverly edited. If you watch closely you can see how his lips are concealed from viewing on key words in his statements.

  21. Wow! Sharon, What an absolutely magnificent letter to Donald Trump! You covered every point succinctly. What a coup for you if he agrees to an interview. For sure, he now has all the correct talking points if he stays on the talk circuit. His release of two different birth certificates has made fools out of the Left who attacked his first one for not being a real birth certificate. They quickly vetted the hospital version as not being a real one because it wasn’t issued by the state. Hopefully, the next time Trump is interviewed he will know the importance of the requirement of Natural Born citizen. The BC would only prove if Obama was born in the U.S. and who his real parents are. We already know he isn’t an NBC because of his alleged father being a British subject.

  22. Not to throw water on anyone’s efforts to get some mainstream-media attention regarding Obama’s ineligibility but, rather, simple to point out how deaf the mainstream-media is — during the past couple years ProtectOurLiberty.org. has run numerous full-page ads in The Washington [DC] Times detailing all the reasons why Obama cannot be a “natural born Citizen” as well as ads supporting Lt. Col. Lakin et al military personnel who have suffered at the hands of usurper Obama…all to no avail.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Then THEY can go down in flames while we rise from the ashes!

    1. Freedom Is A Burning Thing
      And It Makes A Fiery Ring
      Bound By Wild Desire
      We Lit Up A Ring Of Fire

      They Fell In Our Burning Ring Of Fire
      They Went Down, Down, Down
      And The Flames Went Higher

      And They Burned, Burned, Burned
      Inside Our Ring Of Fire
      Our Ring Of Fire

      They Fell In Our Burning Ring Of Fire
      They Went Down, Down, Down
      And The Flames Went Higher

      And They Burned, Burned, Burned
      Inside Our Ring Of Fire
      Our Ring Of Fire

      The Taste Of Freedom Is Sweet
      When Minds Like Ours Meet
      They Would Take Freedom Away
      Oh, But We Rose Up Today

      They Fell In Our Burning Ring Of Fire
      They Went Down, Down, Down
      And The Flames Went Higher

      And They Burned, Burned, Burned
      Inside Our Ring Of Fire
      Our Ring Of Fire

      They Fell In Our Burning Ring Of Fire
      They Went Down, Down, Down
      And The Flames Went Higher

      And They Burned, Burned, Burned
      Inside Our Ring Of Fire
      Our Ring Of Fire

      And They Burned, Burned, Burned

      Inside Our Ring Of Fire

      OUR Ring Of Fire

  23. One other thing you should mention to him since this comes up alot, especially bloward O’Reilly on Fox – the newspaper birth announcements. The newspapers didn’t get the info from the hospitals, the got it from the DOH. Thus just because an announcement is in the paper doesn’t mean he was born in a hospital in Honolulu. The DOH statistic can come from filings done in person, such as those for at home, delayed, out of state. It is confirmed by the Honolulu Star-Bulletin :


    1. gaim:

      Gary Dubois:

      Was that your “long form” birth certificate? What year was that? Did you see on television the interview that

      Anybody can put a birth announcement in the paper. All you have to do is have the money to pay for the ad.

      I guarantee you I could call my newspaper right now and put a birth announcement in the paper, and all I would need is money. No documentation or authoritative source is required. It’s no different than putting in an obituary or a wedding announcement. And O’Reilly says “It would be IMPOSSIBLE for that birth announcement to have appeared in the paper if Obama were not born in Hawaii”. Rubbish!!

      I think another very troubling fact that has come to light over this whole eligibility issue is that Hawaii is VERY sloppy when it comes to handing out U.S. citizenship. It has been verified through numerous sources that the Certification of Live Birth was given to anyone who went to the Hawaiian health dept. and said “I had a baby at home” or “I had a baby overseas” and they would be provided with a COLB. No documentation or witnesses were required. From that point on, that person can claim U.S. citizenship for their child (or anybody’s child).

      In other words, anyone can very easily become a U.S. citizen by going through the state of Hawaii because it appears they hand out birth certificates like penny candy.

      Is it any wonder Hawaii is considered THE MOST liberal state in the country?

  24. Organize well Judy. Get all the best minds together for a good meeting to iron out the road forward. The topic of eligibility has been fractured through misunderstandings, half truths, speculation and is in need of focus. As I see it there are two separate issues. One the Seeking of a supreme court clarification of who is a NBC and the other is how this status is perfected before the public.

    Every day there is progress and every day we learn more and become better for it. Thank you for your great work.

    1. Watched the video… Note how Trump thinks the BC is an issue, but not the biggest issue. We have an undocumented illegal president… what could be more important than that?

      I get the feeling CIA propaganda front man Bill “I have seen the birth certificate” Oreilly will discuss China, Libya and the Arab League with Trump, but you watch, Oreilly will let Trump ramble on about the BC issue for a minute or so, rudely interrupt him, state that Obama was born in Hawaii and accuse Trump him of taking up a kook issue and should drop it.

      1. As suspected… O’Reilly instead of discussing the issue/facts, only lowers and shakes his head when the subject of an Obama BC comes up. Then follows with the biggest propaganda liar Karl Rove in an attempt to discredit Trump and states that this is only a right wing base issue. Is it really politicians are the problem, or the anti-constitutional talking heads not conducting real journalism to keep in check our government?

        Not sure about the rest of you… but I’m an independent voter and make no claim to any party and refuse to follow the sound of a flute blowing from the media pipers.

  25. Quote:

    “J. Elgar says:
    Wednesday, March 30, 2011 at 10:42 AM
    > The capitialization of Citizen in in a different place than it is in the actual Constitution.

    Isn’t Jedi Pauly the only one who claims capitalization has any special meaning, given that all nouns in the Constitution are capitalized?”

    I don’t know if the capitialization difference is meaningful ot not, just pointing it out as a difference between the actual Constitution and the wording in Boozman’s letter to me.

    May mean nothing…then again, maybe it does………

    1. Almost all of the nouns in The Constitution are preceded by capital letters. The rare exceptions were due to such reasons as not having room to fit in a large capital letter or just human error.

      However, it is extremely important to always write ‘natural born Citizen’, as it appears in The Constitution, in order to emphasize the necessity of following the ‘original intent’ of The Framers –
      ‘original intent’ as originally written.

      If you use modern norms, such as ‘natural-born citizen’, then you are stating that it is alright to revise The Constitution by popular whim.

      This is what Chiyomi Fukino, Director of Health in Hawai’i, did in her notorious press release. She wrote that Obama was a ‘natural-born American citizen’. This term has nothing to do with the ‘original intent’ of The Framers, as originally written in The Constitution. The novel term ‘natural-born American citizen’ could mean whatever Fukino wants it to mean.

      1. > The novel term ‘natural-born American citizen’ could mean whatever Fukino wants it to mean.

        I think she was just trying to make it clear, lest someone said “she said ‘natural born citizen’, but not of which country”.

        > If you use modern norms, such as ‘natural-born citizen’, then you are stating that it is alright to revise The Constitution by popular whim.

        Then you’d have to write “chuse” also, lest you be misunderstood for someone who does not respect the Constitution.

        I don’t think we should disqualify anyone who uses modern spelling as someone who is not a constitutionalist. I don’t write it “Citizen” either, yet I’m 100% with you on the other issues.

  26. The more I think about this the angrier I get.

    Can you imagine any of these cowardly members of Congress volunteering to join
    General Washington in a crossing of the Delaware River on Christmas Eve to mount a desperate assault on British forces at Trenton?

    I challenge you to give me the name of one member of the current congress with that kind of courage.

    These people in Congress are a disgrace to our nation.

    1. Just trying to imagine it makes me laugh. Boehner crying in the boat…McCain trying to pull his turtle-looking head down into his coat to hide…LOL!

  27. Contrast Sharon’s letter to Mr. Trump with this letter from my Senator, John Boozman’s office. This is the current official stand on Obama’s eligibility by a member of Congress and this letter represents, as far as I can tell, the stand of all 534 members of Congress.
    If you want, make a little list of things you find odd about this effort to convince constituents of the eligibility of the putative president. I typed this exactly from the letter I received from Boozman’s office yesterday:

    Thank you for contacting me to express your concern over the question of President-Elect Obama’s citizenship. It is always good to hear from you.

    As you may know, Article II of the U.S. Constitution says, “No Person except a natural born citizen, or a Citizen of the United States…shall be eligible to the Office of President.” Acts of Congress in 1790 and 1795 clarify that “the children of citizens of the United States…shall be considered as natural born citizens.” In June 2008, Mr. Obama released an electronic copy of the certificate bearing the seal of the State of Hawaii Department of Health showing that Barack Hussein Obama II was born to mother Stanley Ann Dunham in Honolulu, HI at 7:24 p.m. on Aug. 4, 1961. While there are some concerns over the validity of that birth certificate, Hawaii state health director Dr. Chiyome Fukino and Alvin Onaka, the registrar of vital statistics, examined and vouched for the authenticity of the President-elect Obama’s birth certificate. The document has also been reviewed and deemed authentic by experts at the University of Pennsylvania’s Anneburg Public Policy Center. In addition, the Supreme Court has denied hearing any of the cases brought before them regarding this issue and President-Elect Obama was certified as the 44th President of the United States on January 8, 2009.

    Again, thank you for contacting me on this very important issue. Please be sure to visit our website at http://www.boozman.senate.gov. I look forward to you continued correspondence.

    1. My independent Senator in CT went so far as to say that the lawsuits were dismissed because the accusations and information were false!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Bob1943-

      At least you received a response. Congressman Bilbray will not even respond to me. I have no idea what logic he follows or what he believes about the eligibility controversy. He remains silent. He votes “present”. Where do we find such men?

      1. David,

        If Bilbray answered your letter today it would be very similar to this letter. Words taken from the April 2009, Jack Maskell Congressional Reseach Service Document sent to all members of Congress, and twisted a bit for maximum effect

        When you read the letter from Boozman’s office notice the weasel wording:

        !. No mention of Obama’s father…at all.

        2..Saying natural born Citizen requires citizen parent(s), but then ignoring the fact that Obama’s unmentioned father was never a U.S. citizen.

        3.The capitialization of Citizen in in a different place than it is in the actual Constitution.

        4. Leaving out some of the wording in the citizen requirement quoted from the Constitution

        5. They say Obama “released” his online BC?….any proof of that?

        6. The document, (Obama’s COLB) has been reviewed and “deemed” authentic by the leftist organization that Obama used to be a part of, the Anneburg Foundation. It was “deemed” authenic, not proven as one might expect for presidential eligibility, but deemed the same way Obama was deemed president. “Deem” from Webster’s dictionary: “Think, believe, judge”………no prove there anywhere.

        7. It doesn’t say anywhere that the online COLB was released by the HDOH, or what is was the HDOH members examined, but according to Governor Abercrombie it was not Barry’s long-form Hawaii BC, as one does not exist.

        I’m sure there is more.

        I am not the best at this but someone who really knows there stuff should take this letter apart piece by piece and inserts facts, and point out the weasel wording and post their findings all over the net. I sent Sharon a copy of the actual letter in an e-mail attachment.

      2. > The capitialization of Citizen in in a different place than it is in the actual Constitution.

        Isn’t Jedi Pauly the only one who claims capitalization has any special meaning, given that all nouns in the Constitution are capitalized?

  28. Some of the comments have offered opinions on why so many, including politicians and officials remain mute on the eligibility issue.

    One of the things I learned in my many years in law enforcement is how a criminal will try to compromise honest law enforcement by enticing the officer to “get dirty” with the crook and participate in the crook’s criminality. Once the officer is compromised, the crook has the officer “in his pocket.” This is what happened with the usurper. He enticed masses of people with his smooth talk, beguiling attitude to sign on to his fraudulent criminality. The payoff may have been to maintain their public popularity and avoid being labeled a racist or otherwise to buy protection from the strong arm thuggery of Obama’s goons. Now, all those politicians, MSM, judges, etc., etc., are “in Obama’s pocket” and there is no way out because they are complicit in his criminality. All the corrupt facilitators to this monsterous criminality that has so seriously damaged our great Country need to be sent directly to the slammer and the keys thrown away.

    1. Challenger – you hit the nail on the head!

      All those who participated in this frightful scheme are complicit, and they all must be held accountable. The only way to describe them is as you said – they are “dirty”. We have hundreds of names of people at the highest levels of our government, the judiciary, the Congress, and the mainstream media who are dirty. They must all be rooted out before this is over.

      Those with the greatest burden of responsibility are firstly, the person who signed the election documents that made this massive fraud possible – Speaker Nancy Pelosi; secondly, all those members of the United States Congress who, by virtue of their oath of office and their explicit constitutional responsibilities, represented the first line of defense against a fraudulent election; and thirdly, the various federal judges who failed to insure that the law provided a remedy to the denial of the vested legal right of the people to have a constitutionally eligible president.

      The members of the media also failed miserably to perform the function assigned to them under the guarantee of a free press granted to them by the Founders. I believe that once the Congress is restored to an institution comprised only of of individuals loyal to the Constitution, then a major congressional investigation must be conducted with public hearings to find out how this unprecedented failure by a professional press could have happened. There is something very wrong in this country, and it must be exposed and corrected if we are to survive as a free people. .

      This is a Hall of Shame with many names. Every name on this list must be remembered by the people. The individuals on this list can be considered nothing less than traitors. Every one of them must be held to account for the incalculable harm they have inflicted on our great nation. .

      1. That’s going to be a long list of people. Everyone in Congress, the Senate, the Obama Adminstration. Right now the ones who have raised questions are either in jail or dead. These people are like roaches, they breed corruption.

  29. thank you Sharon, this is Claudia in Reno, (we talked on the phone a long time ago) and of course I have been following and reading all the things you post, and I am so happy you sent this letter to Mr. Trump. You nailed everything I would have said to him, and I was thinking and trying to find an email address (at the urging of my friend) so that I could have sent him something, but you stated it so much better than I could have. Thank you from the inside middle of my heart, that may now have a bit of hope. I really hope that Mr. Trump actually gets the letter and then reads it, and fully realizes what the total severity of Obama’s ineligibility causes this Nation and US citizens and what it does to our standing in the world scheme. Hopefully Mr. Trump will actually force something to happen to save America. Thank you for putting it all down concisely.


  30. Outstanding job, Sharon! Your letter has the pertinent facts, the ring of authenticity and knowledge, and the sense of urgency for action now. I pray God that Donald Trump will rise to the occasion to save this country by unmasking the usurper,

  31. Great work, Sharon!

    It’s concise & to the point

    If The Donald spends some time going over it he’ll understand the constitutional crisis we’re facing.

  32. The TV show Inside Edition (NBC), on March 29, 2011 showed Donald Trump’s Hospital Birth Certificate and Obama’s Certification of Live Birth, then made a big deal out of how Trump’s was not an official birth certificate. This is after Trump’s New York City Department of Health birth certificate was released by Trump and posted on the ABC news website. Talk about incompetence (or deliberate feigning of ignorance).

  33. Thank you Sharon. I am so elated you sent a letter to Mr. Trump. I signed up on his website the other day. Shouldtrumprun.com

    Thank you for all you and your staff do for us.

    Thank you Mr. Trump and I will vote for you. Newmax pll this am said 92% would vote for Trump!!!

  34. To be the President of the USA, the Constitution of the United States indicates clearly that the POTUSA must be “a natural born citizen”. To be a natural born citizen, the POTUSA MUST meet the following 2 conditions:
    1) The POTUSA must be an American citizen who was born in the USA.
    2) The POTUSA must be born of two parents who are American citizens.
    Both conditions are required!
    1) has NEVER EVER been met so far, as Obama NEVER EVER provided a LONG-BIRTH CERTIFICATE (with hospital name and doctor’s signature).
    2) IS IMPOSSIBLE TO MEET, as Obama’s father was NEVER EVER an American.
    Conclusion: Obama is NOT eligible to be POTUSA!

    2 sites where there are useful information on this lack of eligibility of Obama to be president of the USA:
    1) Attorney Mario Apuzzo’s site at http://puzo1.blogspot.com/
    Several excellent articles with a legal perspective on Obama’s lack of eligibility.
    2) The main articles on WorldNetDaily at wnd.com on Obama’s lack of eligibility are at http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=98546

  35. A great Letter!! Donald Trump is a HERO! He is a National Treasure and should run for President. If only other candidates for Pres. follow his lead ! All he is asking for is the TRUTH. Obama is not truthful and has spent millions to hide all of his records. The truth will out, however……. (McCain, during the 2008 election, had the golden opportunity to ask Obama for his birth certificate after Obama & Hillary asked brazenly for McCains! He NEVER did! THAT was the fatal mistake — McCain absolutely blew it!!) Why are the Senators silent? Why is Congress silent?
    Donald Trump is what we need for President — a no-nonsense person, with facts and figures. He could save this country………………………..

    1. toa. / mccain did not make a mistake or blow it. his actions were intentional and part of the plan because he was given a pass on his ineligibility. mccain needs to be charged with treason right along with soetoro / obama. he knew all during the 2008 campaign that obama was not a natural born citizen.

    2. Here is my standard answer to “Why is Congress silent?”. Maybe it’s a bit oversimplified, but I firmly believe it is THE main cause for Congress’ refusal to do anything.

      It is the personal involvement of many members of Congress in knowingly getting an ineligible person elected to usurp the office of president. The complete truth would send a lot a powerful people to prison. These people believe they can manipulate the law, the courts, the media and the American people to keep themselves out of meeting Bubba in the Big House.

      Unfortunately, so far they have been correct.

  36. With all due respect, this is a void issue, it does not matter where Obama was born, the mere fact that he states ,and it is supported, that his Father was a British Subject when he was born classifies Obama as a naturalized Citizen and not a Natural Born Citizen.

    To Be a Natural Born Citizen, as determined by several Supreme court rulings on this issue, the Father MUST be a US Citizen before Birth, there are newer rulings that state Both Parents must be US Citizens, but the Qualification that the Father Must be has never been revoked or changed.

    Therefore this is where we should be focusing our attention, as it is public Knowledge and not hidden behind $2 Million in lawyers. I do Applaud Trump for bring this forward, but this is not the true battle, we should be focusing on the fact that he does not meet the Naturalized Clause by the mere fact that at Birth he was a Dual citizen and his father was not a US Citizen.

  37. Strength, honor, courage, truth, tenacity, Patriots, these are words that come to mind when I think of Mrs. Rondeau, the Post & Email, and staff. Thank you for staying on point and seizing this incredible opportunity to provide Mr. Trump with the relevant factual information that he needs to effectively expose the usurper. Thanks for all you do!

  38. A Trump/Bachmann ticket may very well be a winner. Michele would better serve us as VP as she would preside over the Senate. Those people need a lesson in “Constitution 101”.

    Anybody could be president. The last half dozen have proven that.

  39. Sharon, I could not have asked for a better birthday present! Thank you for all you do, but especially thank you for this wonderful letter to Donald Trump, a man who has gained more respect from me in the last week than anyone could in any other way.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Well, happy birthday, madam!

  40. The best way for most of us to contact Donald Trumph is


    This allows us to directly send him an immediate note. It is very simple. This location should be passed around everywhere on the internet and encourage everyone to write to him daily supporting his work to bring light to this issue.

    The Trump organization ha s requested we use this method of contact.

    For upper level contacts like Sharon she should go more direct. But for regular comments of support we can easily go to the method setup by Donald for contacts.


  41. Sharon,
    God gives each of us talents. It is so obvious what yours are! There are so many things happening, and it will take everyone working together to restore our country to its original place. Thank you so much for your hard work!
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: You’re welcome, madam.

  42. Right now I am watching this program. from Boston Basic Black.


    you can watch the program. There are 4 nice black people having a conversation. This woman who is a teacher on the right side in red clothes begins to talk about people who are part black and white and embracing their black. She says Obama is not even African American because his father is Kenyan. But they like him because he embraces being black. All the other black people there are in full agreement on Obama.

    Now that is interesting. The black community recognizes that Obama is not African American and therefore can not be NBC. They know he is illegal. They are not going to riot when the truth comes out. They all know he is an usurper. They just dont want to admit it. But here all of them slipped up. It went so fast they simply were saying their truth.

    1. The fear of African Americans rioting if Obama is finally exposed as the usurper he is not IMO the reason why Congress, the media, etc., will do nothing to right the terrible wrong being done to America.

      It is the personal involvement of many members of Congress in knowingly getting an ineligible person elected to usurp the office of president. The complete truth would send a lot a powerful people to prison. These people believe thy can manipulate the law, the courts, the media and the American people to keep themselves out of meeting Bubba in the Big House.

      Unfortunately, so far they have been correct.

  43. The “Law of Nations” ,which is incorporated by reference in the US Constitution itself (Art. 1,Sec.8) defines a Natural-Born Citizen as “one born in a country of citizen parents”.

    Parents with an “s’.

    The same treatise cites that the Father is the one upon which citizenship is passed down. While it states that a person’s citizenship is passed along by the Father,what kind of citizenship is it? If the Mother is not “of the country” which the Father is of,there is dual citizenship.,which is NOT Natural-Born status.

    The definition of an NBC still includes the mandatory standard that a “Natural Born Citizen”,have Parents who are BOTH citizens of the country AND that he/she be born on US Soil.

    1. American soldiers frequently marry women they meet in war zones. The Wife is a foreigner unless she gets naturalized. If a child is born of this couple before the wife gets naturalized the child will have dual citizenship and not be eligible to be POTUS. If the Wife naturalizes before the birth of the child then both the Father and Mother are citizens and the child,if born on US Soil would be an NBC. If that child was born off US Soil,he would NOT be an NBC even though BOTH parents were citizens.

      In the case of a American Woman soldier who marries a foreigner,if that foreigner naturalizes as an American before a child is born,the offspring IS an NBC.

      If the Foreign Man does NOT naturalize as an American,even though the Woman is an American,the child is NOT an NBC.

      In Obama’s case a Foreigner “shacked up with” his Mother,who was American (Obama,Sr was still married to Keziah Obama,in Kenya,when he “Married” Stanley Dunham).Insofar as
      Senior never naturalized as an American,Junior was born a Brit.

      If Obama’s mother was a Brit and His Father an American,he would still NOT be an NBC since BOTH Parents must be citizens. Obama would have an American Father but would not be an

      All of these scenarios are copacetic with the Law of Nations and Unity,which are essentially
      the same premise.

      1. > If that child was born off US Soil,he would NOT be an NBC even though BOTH parents were citizens.

        So you are saying the Founders wanted to exclude the children of US soldiers born on duty from becoming POTUS? As an ex-Marine, that sounds like a horrible suggestion to me. “Yeah, thanks for being willing to die for our country, but as for your children born abroad, tough luck, dude! Second-class Americans, nothing more.” I don’t think so.

  44. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Sharon. Your letter is so concise and to the point with all the facts and substantiated information. So many of us have contacted our representatives, senators, conservative media personalities, etc., with no answers, other than form letters, or no answers at all.

    We’ll pray your information gets to Mr. Trump and that the interview will be scheduled.

    God bless and thank you again for writing what all of us would want to impart to Mr. Trump.

  45. Posted on Tuesday, January 18, 2011 1:20:48 PM by rxsid

    “Strunk v Paterson (Obama): First time in the USA since 1824; Judge has opined on what Natural Born citizen is; Concludes Obama is not a NBC.

    Via Chris Strunk; The first time anywhere in the USA since 1824, that any Judge has opined on what Natural Born citizen is and concluding that BHO Jr. is not NBC.

    This affidavit will be notarized tomorrow and duly served by two days mail upon Justice Schmidt and the State in regards to the appearance on a personal and confidential basis with the intent that Plaintiffs understanding of the record of the hearing be entered into the court record enabling further action by Plaintiff when the Order shown as Exhibit C is entered and forwarded by the State to Plaintiff.

    That I am producing a duplicate for Dr. Orly Taitz Esq. so that she may forward it to the SCOTUS in her action presently there.

  46. Of all the people I am aware of at this present time, my vote would definitely go to THEDONALD!! I doubt that anything overwhelms him. He has been verbally attacked by people much more intelligent and with more resources than the media or politicians can muster up!! GO, DONALD, GO!! YOU HAVE MY VOTE!! Is Hussein Obama even a citizen of the United States of America?? I have to wonder about the whole situation.

  47. Excellent letter Sharon… thank you for all your efforts to keep the issue alive and forefront.

    I love how no one in the media dares to label him a Birther. Perhaps Trump can use his power, wealth and prestige to keep the media can-of-worms open long enough for congressional subpoenas to be issued.

    Side note… my opinion that the CIA’s propaganda front man Bill “I have seen the birth certificate” Orielly does not have the guts to interview Trump on live TV about the “BC” issue.

  48. Brilliant, Sharon. Just brilliant.

    And it appears that Mr. Trump has the staff and direction needed to help with the research to look at the irrefutable facts truth you offer, unlike some well-staffed TV notables that we hear from every day about the sanctity of the Constitution.

    Keep up the great work here Sharon, and all you readers should consider a monthly PayPal donation to this great publication, The Post & Email.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: That would be wonderful, as we are looking to expand. An announcement will be coming shortly.

  49. Sharon,

    Excellent Job.

    Keep the pressure and information advancing on all fronts. You and thepostemail.com are doing yeoman’s work. Give Mr. Charlton my regards.


    Wm. Pugh

  50. Mrs. Rondeau,

    Gullibility and Stupidity are terrible afflictions. Fraud and Treason are very ugly crimes.

    Your letter is coherent, concise, complete, and cogent. Let us pray that it’s brilliance provides Mr. Trump with a clear road map through, and around, all the chaff, distortions, and obfuscations that the Usurper’s merry band of fools and traitors have scattered about.

    Unfortunately, right now, Mr. Trump seems to be operating under the dangerous misconception that being a “Natural Born Citizen” requires merely being born in the US (only). He hasn’t once mentioned the critical factor of: “WHO is the father?”

    Let us pray that he is inspired to use your powerful reference tool to effectively address the evil calamity that has stricken our Nation. He does have access to a very big soapbox and a vast audience. Consequently, if he gets all his facts straight, then he won’t embarrass us, or the cause.

    As you probably know, there is a powerful, old negro hymn which contains the words, “I got a harp, you got a harp, all God’s children got harps, hallelujah ….”. May God continue to bless you and P&E. I sincerely believe that HE has big plans – and a mission – for YOU.

    “Praise the Lord, and pass the ammunition.”

  51. Looks like all the superlatives have been used up in describing the latest masterpiece by Sharon. Wonder if Whoopi Goldberg still would kid herself and deem this compilation of damning evidence as a “dog mess.”

  52. Sharon,

    It is possible for you to go to New York to personally deliver your letter to Mr. Trump as a personal telegram regarding critical and vital information about the eligibility of Barack Obama? Someone should also advise Donald Trump that under no circumstances should he entertain an interview with anyone affiliated with the FogBow forum or Reality Check Radio. These are top attack dogs to the birthers and if Trump interviewed with these entities, there is no doubt he would be unmercifully attacked on his position as we saw with Mark Hatfield from GA.

  53. Ms. Rondeau,

    I hope you sent a copy of your dead-on superb letter to the National Enquirer with a strong demand for an expose by them. Why are they ignoring this?

    In addition, I would like to see you lead a…website?…blog?…that unites ALL birthers from Facebook, conservative media,Tea Party, etc. into ONE movement, and get everyone, group or individual, who questions Obama’s eligibilty onto one site. With a mass movement, we can unite everyone, and your website carries the credentials to do this. Are you in?

    With respect and gratitude for all you do,

    Kari Johnston
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Certainly the goal is to unite everyone, including those without computers. In the past I have urged everyone to join the U.S. Patriots Union (www.patriotsunion.org) because it already is set up to accommodate millions of people. At present The Post & Email does not have the staff nor the software to organize such an undertaking, although we are looking at a major expansion of the newspaper if it proves to be financially possible.

    1. Thank you for your thoughtful reply. Will you address the refusal of the National Enquirer to report on the facts of your letter and prior proof of Obama’s ineligibility to serve in their weekly paper?


      Kari Johnston

  54. Thank you Sharon, great informative letter.
    Upon listening to Atty Mario Apuzzo and CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret) on the Peter Boyle Radio Show on KHOW 630 in Denver CO – Monday 28 March 2011 @ 8 a.m. EST.

    It was stated by Mr. Apuzzo that he has indeed contacted Mr. Trump and offered any assistance that might be needed.

    Once again Sharon and The Post & Email, we thank you.

  55. Great letter Sharon! I just heard Donald on FOX NEWS and it sounds like he’s been doing more homework and he’s sounding quite strong about his belief that Obama is NOT eligible. I posted on his Facebook page referring to the P&E and your invitation to do an interview. Lots of comments. Keep up the heat!!!

  56. Mrs. Rondeau,
    Wonderful letter. Thank you for all that you have and are doing. If Mr. Trump will talk with you, we can get even more information about where he is going with this. I still worry about his lack of comment about Natural Born Citizen though.

    TSGT USAF retired

  57. If Mr. Obama had a birth certificate that would qualify him to be president he would have provided it by now. Why would he spend 1.8 mil to seal his records? Just how dumb does he think we all are? I support Donald Trump in his effort to uncover the truth.

  58. Great work Sharon. It looks like we are finally going to pull the lid off of the illegal fraud in our White House. I think Trump has been reading some of the blogs on Obama’s lack of a B.C. and the questions surround his lack of documents, and his sealing of his documents.

    Many of us have worked so hard on this since ’08 and are encouraged by this new interest in our fight to save America for foreign usurpers, as stated in the Constitution.

    The left is scarred of Trump, and I loved the way he slammed Behar and Whoopie when they tried to chime in. The look on their faces was one of what do we do now??

    Yes I think it won’t be long now before Obama will finally be forced to release his records, unseal his documents and be forced to resign in disgrace. Now that is a nice days work.

    Thank you Sharon for all of your hard work, and your great journalism. Something we don’t ever see on any TV.

  59. Mrs Rondeau this letter is fantastic!!!!! I hope he will respond in a positive manner!!! You are a true patriot!!! Our founding fathers would be very proud of you!!!

  60. We should respectfully request the Mr. Trump speak out about the fact that BHO is not a NBC.


    If we take BHO Jr. at his word then there is no doubt that he is not a Natural Born Citizen of the United States as required by the Presidential Qualifications Clause of Article II Section 1 Paragraph 5 of the United States Constitution. The Constitution requires that to be the President of the United States, a person must be born in the United States of two parents who are citizens of the United States. By BHO Junior’s own admission his father was a British/Kenyan subject (citizen) at the time of his birth. Thus BHO Jr. is disqualified for the Presidency.

    There is a clear, concise definition of the term “Natural Born Citizen” in Vattel’s Law of Nations which was the principal legal reference book used by the Founding Fathers in writing the Constitution.

    “The natural-born citizens, are those born in the country, of parents who are citizens…it is necessary that a person be born of a father who is a citizen; for, if he is born there of a foreigner, it will be only the place of his birth, and not his country.”

    There have been innumerable United States Supreme Court Decisions that have referenced Vattel’s Law of Nations as a resource in interpreting the original intent of the Founding Fathers when writing the Constitution.


    Now what part of Vattel’s clear and concise Definition of a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN do Communists, Socialists, Liberals and Democrats not understand?

  61. What a great letter, Sharon, you go!

    To get in touch with the Trump Organization, you can write to 725 Fifth Avenue, New York, New York 10022. You can also call them at 212-832-2000 or fax them at 212-935-0141.

    About a week ago, I faxed all 5 letters from http://www.stamppeeve.com under the link “Presidential Eligibility”. Feel free to use any of the letters posted there or write your own, let’s make sure the Donald gets TONS of info on this issue!

  62. Dear Sharon,

    Your letter has a ring of history to it, and let’s hope that Donald Trump will heed it. Who knows, maybe 50 years from now this letter will be recognized as the one that changed the course of history.

  63. Would I be correct to assume that this letter was sent certified mail to Mr. Trump?

    Please advise us when you receive the certified receipt.

    Thanks for your unwavering commitment to this issue.

    For God and Country
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: It was faxed today and will be mailed certified tomorrow.

  64. My gosh this gives me chills! I’m so hopeful that this is about to come to a head. I will never be able to thank Mr. Trump enough if it does.

    Sharon what a wonderful and thought-provoking letter. Well done!!!

  65. Wow! What an awesome letter, Sharon. Thank you, thank you for your hard work, attention to the facts and your effort to share all of this info. with Mr. Trump. Thorough job of delineating the facts for him. He obviously needs more info. than he has, and it is apparent that he has been looking into this information, so your excellent letter and timing is perfect:o)

  66. We shall now see what kind of man he is, and whether he loves our country as much as he has claimed.

    There are many people in a position to take action and proclaim the truth, but they cower in fear or feigned ignorance. Donald Trump could certainly gain massive support by refusing to shrink from the shills of the main stream media

    Of course, Miss Rondeau, you and your ” POST & EMAIL, ” deserve much credit for your continuous and endless effort to keep those who do care about the truth well informed.

  67. Mrs. Sharon Rondeau, your letter to Mr. Donald Trump is a masterpiece in clarity and factual documentation; thank you for the effort, and if Mr. Trump doesn’t find it substantially important to our survival, then that’s fine, I sure do appreciate it, and I’m sure most intelligent, American’s appreciate it greatly too.

  68. God Bless you …. Sharon

    I pray every day for Lt.Col. Lakin’s safety and mental well being.

    If you get to meet with Mr. Trump please tell him what ever he needs from us to just say the word and we are there. Tell him we love him and please do not give in to the pressure that he must be getting.

  69. Sharon,

    Great great letter! Let’s pray he reads it because being as “smart” as he is, he will absorb it all. And you had all of it in there.

    Jeff Lichter

  70. You should contact Mario Apuzzo and Charles Kerchner as well as persons at WND to see if you get your letter closer to Donald Trump or to seek an audience with him. This is a volatile story and I really think who can get to Donald Trump first will determine where this story goes. Donald Trump is the “Trump” card we have been holding out.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: I did offer to interview with Mr. Trump, or him with me. The Post & Email will stand on its own strength and solid reputation to obtain that interview with him. My hope is that he can see that the research is unassailable.

    1. I hope you can get an interview. Perhaps there is something you can offer in good faith or as thanks if Donald Trump should interview with you.
      Mrs. Rondeau replies: I offer my time, the investment of thousands of hours of work at almost no compensation, and my oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution. The Post & Email can use the support of every reader right now.

    2. I object to the phrase “seek an audience with”. as if Trump is a King. We don’t want Kings in America. Obama is the one who believes that his meetings are “audiences”.

  71. Great letter, Sharon.

    I hope he responds. He needs to have all the facts as he moves forward.

    Thank you for taking the time to contact him.