Of Presidential Eligibility, Doubling Down and Linguistic Torts, Part 3

“DICTA…PURE AND SIMPLE” by Joseph DeMaio, ©2012 (Feb. 24, 2012) — [Editor’s Note:  This scholarly essay is Part 3 of 4 by Joseph DeMaio discussing how the CRS memos, authored by Jack Maskell of the Congressional Research Service, and in particular, the third memo (CRSR) obscure information from the reader indicating that jus soli, or […]

Constituent Letter to Congress: It’s a “Very Poor Forgery”

IS THE DAY OF RECKONING INEVITABLY COMING? July 12, 2011 Dear Editor: The following letter has been sent to my U.S. congressman and two senators along with a copy of Ron Ewart’s recent article, “Obama, You Leave Me No Choice!”  I encourage all Americans concerned about the usurpation of the presidency and the underlying corruption […]

Regarding “natural born Citizenship”

IN A CLASS BY ITSELF by Packrat1145 (May 3, 2011) — I cringe every time I see “ship” tacked onto the term “natural born citizen.” In my humble opinion, that should never be done! It only serves to further confuse those who do not understand that the status of being a natural born Citizen has […]

Arizona Governor can force Obama to prove he’s eligible…or not!

INSTEAD OF A LAWSUIT, FIGHT BACK WITH A DEMAND FOR QUO WARRANTO Dear Editor:  The following email was sent to psenseman@az.gov, Governor Brewer’s press secretary: July 11, 2010 Dear Mr. Senseman, As you know, there are many unanswered questions about Barack Hussein Obama’s constitutional qualifications to act as President of the United States.  Governor Brewer, […]